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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Chronicles Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I'm a silent reader of your blog and I need your blog victors to look into this matter.

My ex fiancee just got married to my best friend.
So l saw blood coming out of my body, thinking say na my period, but this one come dey rush pass period. l became worried because this is not how my period use to be. Thou it's the same week l was suppose to see my period. 

As days goes by . I was still bleeding much. So, one night l told my mum that this my period is flowing much, My mum tried her best by giving me different types of medications, yet the blood didn't stop . My mum then called a matron that night and explain the situation of things to her. She told us to buy ********** with other drugs. Then it was already late to go out.

 So the next day. We got the drug and l was taking them as prescribed. Gradually, the flow reduced. The following week, l went back to school, and decided to run some tests after that. It was discovered that l miscarried a baby. I became shocked. I was looking at the test results.. I have to call my friend whom both of us are living together in a room near the school campus (uniport) to see what l'm seeing. 

 Both of us were reading the results. I now told her that l want to inform my fiancee now ex of what l just discovered. She refused, saying that my fiancée would think that l want to trap him down with pregnancy., I told her that l have discussed this matter with him before, moreover we are planning to settle down soon. So this is not a problem for him. This my friend insisted that l should not tell my fiancée, (only God knows what she has in mind then) .

My friend now asked me why do l want to get pregnant before marriage, that she can't do that rubbish, saying that why do l love this guy like this. she now said that next time l visit my ex that she will use the previous test to make it look like a recent one by changing the date. I refused. She said, why l too dey fear, that nobody will find out, l still stand my ground. And l told her that any day l visit my fiancee that l will explain everything to him and show him the test result, at least many people are involve in this matter, not only me, my parents are involved, the pharmacist where we bought the drugs are also involve, the patron that work in a Government hospital is involve, lab doctor, etc. She now said that she wants to help me but l am not willing to accept her help.

So after sometime my fiancée broke up with me over a little issue which we had, l tried everything within me to resolve the issue, l even told this my friend to talk to my fiancée, but he said it's over.. So my friend now said that l should tell my fiancée about the miscarriage l had , then l asked her, how do you want me to bring up such matter now, but you are the same person that discouraged me not to tell him about this miscarriage...why do you want me to tell him now that we ve broken up, moreover we are not talking to each other.

 Do you want to cause trouble for me. After some days l told my friend that l want to go and see my fiancée now ex. She said that l shouldn't go, that my fiancée is too wicked, she was cursing him with all manner of words, saying that if she tells me now that my ex is sleeping with many ladies, that it will look like a lie, everyday she keeps telling me, to forget about him, that he will embarrass me. that my fiancée is dating other women and not only me, she said within one or two months that my fiancée will get married to another lady.. 

l was just looking at her like zombie, Already my instinct has told me that my friend and my ex might be sleeping with each other several times, but l was doubting myself, becos this my friend is living with her sugar daddy , who owns the building where we live. 

The said man lives in another state, but visits twice in a month,  besides my friend has a fiancée that wants to marry her, the guy lives 2 hrs drive from us.

 This my friend also has other married men she sleeps with steady. Yes l said so, she has introduced some of this men to me, some of them are her friends husband. And l can't come and expose such thing. But you will never know and you can never catch her. Even her fiancée who leaves 2 hrs drive doesn't know what is happening. 

 So l keep wondering how this my friend will sleeps with all these men and still goes after my fiancée . She also tried to make me to adopt her lifestyle. But l told her that l will not live that kind of lifestyle, infact l made it clear that l will never go after a married man,. 

She has called me all sorts of name like, Holy Mary, sister 2nd virgin. Pastor etc. But l don't care. Everyone around the neighborhood knows that l had a miscarriage, my friend was telling them everything about me. They will still come and tell me. 

Well l didn't kill anybody neither did l steal. Because most of the married woman living there have also told me to leave this place, that l can't stay with my friend. That she is a runs girl. But l have not gotten a place of my own.

Infact when l found out that they were actually sleeping with each, thou my instinct has always told me that this people are sleeping together, another divine source also showed it to me like 3 good times even the cloth there were wearing it was shown to me. God cannot lie.

 That was the day l packed my things and left the place. Only God knows what this girl wanted to do to me. l didn't ask her anything, even if l ask her she will deny it , whether she agrees or not, it's of no use to me. I'm no longer in that picture...of course she was with the main sugar daddy in another state, the very day l left the place. 

 l sent her and the sugar daddy WhatsApp message. That l was leaving, they were surprised.

Well l found out that within a space of 2 months my ex got married to another woman and also has now married this my friend becos he is trapped by my beloved friend, who may become the senior wife soon.., within a space of 4 months. My ex is married to 2 woman. Some people would not believe this.
Well, if you ask me, This is the hand work of God.

Some people may be wondering why am l writing this long story.
I never wanted to write this, before God and man . l have endured too much, but my ex and my friend have pushed me to the wall. My ex has cursed me, insulted me and my family on this blog time without number. I choose to remain quite, but they keep pushing me.

1. My ex write a chronicle last year 13th October 2022, calling me a A BIG LAIR. Initially l didn't know it was me, later l found out. I kept quiet.

2. Same last year my ex called me all sorts of names on this blog. He has been writing a lots of chronicles about me, insulting and shading me, for cooking for him, he openly said that he he used me for s#x. I didn't respond because l don't like trouble. Moreover, he is someone that l love and respect also. I was enduring the whole thing, enduring the breakup also, it was not easy for me.

3 On December, I sent him a message on the miscarriage l had, thou we are no longer together. He said he was sorry for anything he has caused me, knowing and unknowingly. I know my friend must have told him about the miscarriage.

4. Even this year, he has written more than 5 chronicles against me and my family. When l have chance l will also reply those chronicles.

5. After l left my friends house, mind you l didn't confront her. She was not happy that l left. Immediately she told my ex that l didn't have any miscarriage, she was fabricating a lots of lies against me in the neighborhood, some people called me to know what happened, but she was covering up with another thing, which l may wirte about another day. 

 She has threatening to send some boys to beat me up. She thought that l will expose her secret to some people, but l no get time for that. She told my ex that l was begging a nurse to write that l was pregnant, she also said that l have had a baby before according to what my ex said. I cannot have a baby in my home, my father will personally disown me and disgrace me.

If l have ever given birth before as my ex rightly said on one of the chronicles he wrote...
If l have ever begged a nurse to write that l was pregnant,
If l didn't have any miscarriage.
If I have ever been with another man s#xually, since l met my fiancée now ex til date.
But l if l didn't do any of this things listed above.

AMEN..... Please send me a link to all the Chronicles so that i can see if they are related or not...
So your ex is a BV and will see this? Do you know for sure or you are imagining it? May you find healing in Jesus name...


  1. Replies
    1. So sorry for the pain you are going through or have gone through, may God heal you. In Jesus name

    2. More than serious. It is well with you lady, give yourself some times, you'll get over them

    3. You are rambling and I can tell that’s because you are hurt
      These people did not love or care for you
      They say befriending a mad dog that barks at other people will eventually bark at you
      What makes you think she was only going to honest with you? When she slept with other peoples spouses.
      This is why making friends in adulthood is difficult because people have already been shaped by the things they have experienced, most of my closest friends are from childhood or teenage years.

      That being said, all these shalaye isn’t necessary, they will eventually get tired of each other because two bad people cannot stand each other. Be grateful you have moved out… so move on

      So y’all are out here fornicating without protection and having the audacity of telling your parents? … wow 🤣
      Happy your mum could help
      But una no Dey fear

      Push up (original)

  2. Just move on. Like you’ve decided, let God judge them.
    This betrayal thing hurts really bad.
    As for your ex, do not contact him ever again. He is bad news.
    Any man that can sleep with his girlfriend’s friend is WORTHLESS.
    Stay away from them.


    1. Just move on. U have dodged a big bullet. Cut them both off and move on. I know it’s hard but try. Ur ex is even childish to be writing chronicles up and down. U don’t need such a man. Good luck dear

  3. Onichabor Christopher16 February 2023 at 15:21

    This is serious

  4. Focus on your grammar poster and leave the traitors alone. God will come through for you.

  5. I can understand your pain dear so sorry for what you've been through.

  6. Bvs always check your mental health e get why

  7. Just move on. God saved you, going forward choose your friends wisely.

  8. Girrrrrrl! So with all the warnings on social media about friends, you still went to put your friend smack dab in the middle of your relationship? Especially this one that you know has no qualms sleeping with married men. It most likely means you also have no issues with the things she does, or live the same life as she does. now she has used the lifestyle to wound you.

    Well, sorry. Hopefully your next relationship doesn’t end in betrayal

    1. Nah, I don't completely agree with the social media stance on friendships.

      I have nothing against having and maintaining friendships. I'm still good friends with girls I met in class one, class 5 etc. I am however against being friends with people that live a lifestyle, and have a mentality that is very different from my own.

      In the poster's case, she has painted herself as someone opposite from his former bestie, so I am surprised they were even friends. Someone was introducing you to the married men she constantly slept with and you thought you were exempt?? You said yourself that these men were married to her friends. So, if she had no issue betraying them, why would you think your situation with her would be any different??

      If your friends are into drugs, prostitution, sexually promiscuous, fraud etc. and you are's better to distance yourself before you are lumped in with them (ie. "birds of the feather flock together"). Reputation carries a lot of weight these days, and it's almost impossible to scrub yourself of a title you have been publically given.

    2. @SMH… I also have bosom friends, but I would be foolish to tell a runs-girl friend all my relationship secrets. And then take every of her advice concerning my relationship. Am I off my rockers?
      Poster played into her hands by hiding stuff from her man while putting everything in the hands of her friend. Only God knows how the friend went to twist the story to the man.

      This is why I advocate not having secrets in relationships but Mama Stellz say it’s better to keep things secret. This is the result.

    3. Please don't blame madam Stella.
      Poster was told by her doctor, that the issue was not a problem, also she should have told her ex, that's the mistake she made. But her friend used this avenue to fabricates a lots of lies against her to get her ex.
      It's well.

  9. All these friends wahala, that's why I don't have any thing best friend, I am Man alone, I no fit shout abeg

  10. Replies
    1. Poster stop trusting people. Someone told me how bad boys almost entered her room at night, it was the intervention of her neighbour that saved her life. After the whole thing. She learnt that her Madan and one other boy living in the same compound were involved. my people things are happening.
      The Bible said that the heart of men are deliberately wicked.
      Poster, hear word! hear word!! hear world ooooh and stay away from bad friends.
      They are angry at you becos you found out.

      Remember what happened to Uriah in the Bible after King David slept with Bathsheba his wife. How David planned the death of Uriah.

  11. Ignore both of them and move on. They will be tired of each other soon. When people betray you and you are innocent you will notice in the long run they will also turn their backs on each other.

    But don't say your ex was using you for sex. You decided to engage in fornication so accept your blame in the situation. I don't know why you all that fornicate always try to exonerate yourselves when the negative effects of fornication stare you in the face.

    1. Some of us just like to blame men. But when it turns out well, we congratulate ourselves for being smarter than all including the man we are involved with as per "he wan chop clean mouth, but I hook am".

      Let us take responsibility for our actions.

      Poster was living with a dangerous person yet she didn't expect to be affected.

      Poster be thankful that your "friend" did not M you. For all you know that your medical challenge was induced by your friend.

      Live with a fraudster, he will dupe you.

      Live with a runs woman, she will run your man.

      Live with a gossip, you will be a topic.

      Live with a murderer, you will be a victim or an accessory before/after the fact (help cover a body).

      Amos 3 v. 3
      The Bible is constant in all circumstances

    2. Anon 17:10 poster said she couldn’t afford to move. What should have done

    3. 17:50,
      Comments made @17:10 are experience based personally and professionally.

      20 years ago, I accommodated a towns man and old school mate involved in wires. He borrowed from me when broke after he left my home. He never paid even when he had money I was always afraid when driving with him in his car. He was eventually gotten by his people who accused him of duping them. Thank God we had parted ways.

      I worked with a brinksman to get legitimate quick results in bureaucratic matters. He duped me. As he helped push files, he also took money due to even load carriers. Once a government official say to help with your file, the official will dupe you.

      If live pushes a person to stay with a bad person. The stay must be brief, very brief.

      The Bible is ever true. I have seen it with my own eyes.

  12. Know the kind of friends you keep. Personally I do not believe in "here say" until I get a direct confirmation or confrontation. @poster how can you keep such a friend that does runs, I am sure a lot or persons would have tagged you "birds of a feather" Concerning your ex, he is immature.

    1. I think the poster said she has not gotten a place of her own, that's why she was leaving with her friend, it's a pity.

  13. Poster is imagining things. May God comfort you 🙏

    This is the chronicle on 13 October 2022

    1. She may have been wrong about the date? On the other hand, the man she wrote about does not read like a man who will spend time writing the mentioned plenty chronicles.

    2. Anon who sent that chronicle? Poster or snatcher?

    3. The poster is 💯 right, but want to give peace a chance by minding her business.

  14. How do people live in the neighborhood of this amount of drama?

    Be grateful you escaped a dog and do not have to live with his child.

    Change your environment, turn a new leaf and see how you forget in a hurry all these stupidities

  15. I doubt if the past chronicles you claimed was from your ex are actually related to you.

  16. Nawao. This is too much

    So sorry dear for all you've been through.. just leave them to God

  17. Hope you know the friends you keep is a reflection of who you are and the values that guide your life. Couldn’t even continue reading after you finished describing your friends lifestyle.
    Don’t even know the essence of the chronicle.

  18. This is a lot

    Poster just forget about everything yours will find you

  19. You keep friends with a lady that sleeps with peoples husband steady and you think she won’t sleep with yours. Sorry the chicken has come home to roost.

  20. See bad grammar, instead of you to concentrate on your studies as a student you are getting yourself entangled in rubbish, from nonsensical relationship that added no value to you, to unprotected sex, pregnancy, miscarriage and stupid purposeless friendship and gossips.

    If someone had come earlier to preach to you now about involving in this type of life you would have screamed at them. Enjoy your mess

  21. Also...
    Did you mean "comment", instead of chronicles? We are in the 7th week of the year, and I don't think we have even had up to 5 chronicles written in by what are you referring to? The 13th Oct chronicle was from a woman who targeted a rich man to escape poverty, and was now using a fake pregnancy to get him to marry her. How does this pertain to your life?

    Lastly, fiancée is for a woman and fiancé is for a man.

    1. Yes, she is very sure 105%
      But wants to mind her busines henceforth.

      Who will believe that Judas will betray Jesus Christ.
      This life is too deep.

  22. People should know that a wayward person should never be trusted.

    Ah ahn! she has been your friend for long and you know her kind of person. I had not read up to the place where you wrote that she sleeps around before I thought to ask you her kind of lifestyle. Obviously she must have displayed some immoral traits before you on several occasions yet you still trust her to the extent of asking for adviser from her? Someone who has no fear of God one-bit? How can you trust a devil with your happiness? A Devi l has no truth in him/her.

    I would have pitied you if you did not ask advice from her and she still went ahead and did this damage to you;and would have pitied you more if she lived a decent lifestyle and still had the guts to plot this evil against you. (cos those are the people we call wolves in ships clothing not this your friend because obviously your friend never pretended to be a ship) Thank you.

    1. Don't mind her..

      They're the ones that would come and tell me I attract my kinds when I come here to school them on how to become something of value to themselves..

      Shameless lots..

      Just see the kind of person she calls her best friend..

      I wish that friend comes here to open her yansh

    2. I was looking forward to your comments 😂😂😂


    3. I have never been with a married man neither did l get involve with any other person, becos, l have always believe in one man one woman. I have never been with another man till date after my ex, yes, I'm taking my time to get it right this time around. This my friend l met her in the school, and she has always told us that she lives with her Uncle, so when l had accommodation problem
      I called her. she gave me direction on how to locate her residence. When l got to her place, l met the said uncle, who later left and went back to his base that very day. I spent 5 months and few days there. My friend didn't want to open up to me, it was after some days when l saw people calling her Oga's wife that l asked her again who is this man to you. She now told me that the man is her sugar daddy. who wants to wife her, but l didn't judge her, moreover polygamy is accepted in some places. So l was minding my business till l saw other sugar daddies. I asked her what if the wives of this men get to know that you are having affair with their husband. What will you do, becos l ws telling her to follow only one man. She said that nobody will find out, but even if they find out, that she will denie it or she will ,xxxxxxxxx the person's marriage if the person wants to disgrace her.
      I didn't come here to paint my friend and my ex bad. No, Someone that gave you accommodation. Why will you be ungrateful to that person, even God will not be happy with you. Bvs, the more you look, the less you see. If l tell you people other things that happened to me in that place.
      You will know that l was leaving with my enemy right from day one, l didn't believe that my friend will ever want to harm me, l also didn't believe that my ex will agree with someone to hurt or destroy me. I'm still shocked.
      Let me stop here. I have learnt my lessons in a hard way

  23. Poster save yourself from stress and move forward. I don't know why my gender will never learn to keep to themselves. Telling your mum about 2gqt happened to you would have save you all the stress,what was the need of telling your friend?

    I hope you have learnt your lesson never to trust anyone. Next time when you have relationship you will keep it away from your friends, stop discussing your personal mattes with friends.

    You need closure, I will say you should forgive your friend with your ex and face forward. You will be alright last last.

  24. Move on dear and avoid your friend and your ex as much as need to find healing,renew your mind and be ready to love again because the right one will surely find brave and strong.the lord is your strength.

  25. I don’t know why people are Saying move
    She has moved on. They are ones who keep insulting her and telling people things about her

  26. I made a comment yesterday about "these people" always supporting every bad and evil things until they become a victim and then they begin to cry, play the victim card and form a pity party..

    It's them that'll make excuses for Yahoo boys until they play them, they'll make excuses for prostitutes, now they're the one making excuses for gays more etc etc...

    You're not serious..

    Enjoy the nonsense you were supporting..

    PS: for entertainment and judging purposes, kindly gather all the links to your ex comments and chronicles, and a breakdown down story of all your dealings with you and your best friend so we can enjoy and the sensible girls here can learn one or two lessons from it

  27. Poster I am sorry about what happened to you, how can you be friends with a girl that sleeps with her friends husband and expect her not to do the same to you I pray you learn from this, sorry dear and take heart

    1. I don't know how people keep such a bad friend and expect them not to be affected, directly or indirectly.
      I cant imagine a pastor having an armed robber as a best friend and they are both living together peacefully.

  28. Also...
    Did you mean "comment", instead of chronicles? We are in the 7th week of the year, and I don't think we have even had up to 5 chronicles written in by what are you referring to? The 13th Oct chronicle was from a woman who targeted a rich man to escape poverty, and was now using a fake pregnancy to get him to marry her. How does this pertain to your life?

    Lastly, fiancée is for a woman and fiancé is for a man.

  29. Move on, but I noticed you are only blaming your friend, who you think he trapped your man but exonerating the man, like he is a saint.
    You dodged a bullet, that man is a disaster in waiting.

    1. No, l'm not exnoratering my ex, l also didn't believe that my ex would wake up one day and goes after my friend.... it's unbelievable.

    2. @poster, you carry so much of the blame, neither your bestie nor your ex. You hid stuff from him which your bestie took advantage of. Your ex was only manipulated with what your bestie presented to him which you thought you were hiding

  30. So sorry to say this but this poster is so childish. Any constant blog visitor should be smarter than this I guess.
    All the previous chronicles are not just for entertainment,we ought to learn from them.

    I love reading comments from this blog because lots of bv are so smart and intelligent. May you be wiser in your dealings with men and friend.
    And please go for scan and ensure there is nothing left in your uterus after the miscarriage.


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