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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Thursday In House News...

  Hailings oh...


I salute all of una....  I recommend the movie 'Fatal Defense''.. I watched it last night and was just shaking like a leaf...hehhehehehehehheheh

How the day dey go? Abeg relax and enjoy yourself, nothing do you....

Have an Interesting day........... Make I face this party Jollof rice wey dey m front so...



As you you know that POS is now a competitive business. You can come across 6-7 pOS stand in a particular street depending on how busy the street is let alone area, commmunity etc.

There is a guy closer to my stand who is also into this POS business. I could remember last year Dec(2nd week precisely), I got to my stand early in the morning and had a customer who wanted to withdraw 30k but I had 27k(why? because I planned going to bank that morning before the business of the day but she met me when I was trying to sweep the place.

Because I had no 30k but 27k, I quickly went to this guy to ask for 3k but he refused(someone I do give cash whenever people bring cash to me and I have excess because I have a woman who sells raw food stuff and she brings 200,300 at times 400k,. so, whenever she comes with 400k and I know I don't have that much, will just go to him and give him 200k just to transfer to my Opay account).

So, that day, I was so angry, because I explained why I needed 3k to him but he refused then I went back to my stand and told the woman to follow me, I used my opay ATM to collect 3k from him and paid my #100 charges and that was how I was able to do that transaction before going to bank that day. 

Since then, I had promised to pay him back(I know it's bad but just have to).
 Today, I had a customer who told me he needs 100k, so, I thought I could be able to get the cash but all to no avail, when I came back, I went to the client and lied that the cash is ready then he gave me his ATM(note: he is an old man and he trusted me so much,why? cuz I have his pin to all his 3Atm cards from different banks).

To cut it short, he gave me his card and asked me to remove my charges, he said he doesn't care about the charges, all he needs is 100k, then I went to a lady who is right beside this said guy, I told her I need cash and its 100k though she thought I was joking until I brought out the card but to my surprise, she said and I quote "I won't charge you because we do the same business and I can also need your help someday", the thing enter my body, she gave me 100k and only charged me 10k. I took the money and went back to baba, he was so happy but before I left, I told him I had to help him withdraw somewhere else but he didn't believe. Why because he knows 100k charges is more than 10k but I just laughed and that was all.
I did the withdrawal while this guy was outside his shop looking at me, later he came to me and told me " bros, Nawaoooo, you leave me go do transaction for my neighbor shop and we don dey together for long", sincerely, I smiled then told him how I feel about what he did to me last year. He was so cold and started begging me but me have done what pleases my heart and by the time all this cash issue get resolved, I'm not having business with him but the lady.

Do good cuz of tomorrow

You have had your revenge once and thats enough, you can do business with him and the Lady and also tell him that the lady does not charge you, if he refuses to do same then you can move over to the lady fully ...
Give him another chance....
We all need second chances as long as it does not spoil what we have going....



So e get this fine bobo wey get babe for Naija,  they were so in love before he traveled. And even in the overseas, they maintained the relationship. 

Guy made some cash and was ready to go marry his babe and bring her back with him abroad. She accepted, he informed his family and preparations were ongoing before his arrival.
Una no go believe sey, this babe after the guy traveled home all the way from the abroad, refused to marry him.  She already has someone in Naija and wouldn't trade him for an abroad boyfriend. 

The abroad guy is still heartbroken right now. Yet to return and is nursing his broken heart. I pray he comes out of it stronger. I been think sey na men dey serve women breakfast oh. He already told his guys he was going home to marry his babe.  But why the babe sef mek am travel home only to refuse marrying him? not good at all
  Maybe he's waiting to fall in love again and tie the knot before he returns 

The world is really changing, where I grew up, we see abroad guys as big trophy.  I rejected two suitors from the abroad and was seen as a 'witch'.  Yeah, because only witches reject good things according to them, them even want carry me go deliverance sef. To them, it is every woman's dream, my opportunity to travel out since I don't have the means and also make a name for my family, 'His/her sis is married to an abroadian'. Only few saw reasons and supported my decision

Today, I keep thanking God I didn't accept the proposals.

Ah ah bit what was her reason for rejecting him? Was she two timing him?



''Good morning blog visitors. So I read something about praying to God to reveal if someone is truly the one for you...As Christians', it's is important for us to pray to God to reveal the RIGHT ONE to us. But one thing we should also have in mind is that when you're in a relationship or you are in love with someone and you decide to pray for that revelation of if he or she is the one, it might be difficult for us to get the true revelation especially when the love is deep (you won't hear a NO, everything will sound or look like a YES). 

I don't pray to God to reveal to me if he's the one because it doesn't even work for me (it might work for you). What I do is that I pray to God to end the relationship if the person isn't the One. 

It has worked for me twice, now this relationship that I am in presently...he isn't my type. A good guy to the core and at times I wonder why I entered the relationship in the first place. He said he had prayed about it and I decided to pray for revelation. 

For weeks, I saw nothing. I told God to end this relationship (I prayed this prayer fervently and fasted because I didn't like him that much and I wanted it to end without hurting his feeling). Relationship no gree end o. Now I am so in love and we're engaged already. 

The bible asks us to decree, and ask for whatever we want. Telling God to end the relationship is giving him a direct permission to put an end to it and trust me, the relationship will end if it's not God's will''.

Why is it that it is only Nigerians that pray this kind of prayer for soulmate?
and why is it that some who have prayed this prayer still make the same mistake with those who didnt pray the prayer?



Is it the groom or bride's family that picks wedding date? My partner and his family are trying to "impose" a date on me and it's not convenient.

I think its both that chooses a date that is convenient for everyone involved.. why are they trying to impose a date on you? if its not convenient for you, tell them , i hope that it does not mean that the relationship will end.



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am a member of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones. I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ. In Him, I live, move, and have my being. Sin and death have no power over me. The Lord has given His angels charge over me; thus, no evil shall befall me.

  2. Battles and struggles are ending for you! It’s your turnaround time!—coybarker


  3. Beautiful afternoon to you all💕

    1. Good afternoon Ada, how is your day going?

    2. Good afternoon beautiful people 💜 💕 💖.

      Nigeria red now. But I know that God will sustain his people.

      Keep calm my people. Hope is near.

  4. I say make I update Una.

    Wife material no dey cook with gas,na firewoods

    Wife material no dey use washing machine,na hand washing

    Wife materials no dey use Ac na handfan, fan the man too when he's feeling heat

    Wife material no dey use pass 2k cook 2 weeks soup

    Wife material no dey wear turkey wears,na okrika

    Wife material no dey use bone straight,na all back

    Wife material no dey enter Uber, she's customer to all okada men in the area .

    To safe money so our intending hubby can build houses is our priority.

    1. Hahahaha. The man will use the saved money to follow non wife materials.

    2. Mbok,I don't want to be a wife material. This one na suffer head

    3. 🤣🤣🤣 abeg I don't want to be wife material o. Soft life no forbid me na🤣🤣

    4. You are joking, right?

      But some of us just like poking at men.

    5. Jump and pass
      That is suffer head promax

  5. Good afternoon,lovelies.
    I haven't had any reason to queue in the bank up until this cash crunch ish.
    It's well even in the well.
    The banks aren't dispensing cash plus the POS operators are nowhere to be found due to lack of money.
    I literally am exhausted.
    I have left the bank with no tiny little bit of cash with me.

    1. We are in God's hands in this country, a colleague went out a few minutes ago to look for money and came back with a new that
      POS personnel said 700k for 2000k
      Could you imagine,.
      Money one suffered to get and saved in bank is what you want to
      collect bank with heavy duty charge

  6. Some persons are still accepting the old 1000 and 500 notes here in Port Harcourt. I just bought something with the old 1000 bill and the lady didn't say anything but gave me balance. I intentionally bought something not because I needed it. Just wanted the money to go out of my hands.

    It's a cold afternoon here.

    1. I don't have old bills and I refused to accept. Most people will regret ignoring bụbu last last.

    2. Me I still have old 1k note o thinking of how to spend it. A whole 1k fa☹️☹️

  7. For my place na wife dey give date ooo

  8. Pinky, me I won't do business with such person again. Call me petty but once bitten, twice shy. I will never give you the opportunity to bite me twice.

    Poster with the wedding date question. What is the family's business in wedding date? You and ur spouse are supposed to come together and choose a date that works for both of you. I'm even surprised at the question sef.

    1. Me too. Once bitten twice shy. Never joke with anyone who jokes with your business.

    2. I tire.
      Man and wife business, family Don dey choke mouth.
      She should calmly speak with her man. Wisdom is needed.

    3. Joy I'm surprised at the question too. The man and the woman are the ones to pick a date and communicate it to their respective families. That is what we did , also my friends and other relatives that got married. This is a first.

    4. What if the date chosen is not convenient for the parents of both parties or one set of parents.?

      One method doesn't work for all marriages.

  9. Good afternoon SDK and bvs
    My fellow bvs, how is this country treating you all? Pls just be patient, it will pass by God's grace.
    My daughter did not go to school today after what happened yesterday, protests here and there. I'm glad that everything is calm today, in my location at least. How is your location today?

    1. She's not on mid term? Thought all schools in Ilorin are on midterm. It's well with us o. Stay safe

    2. Omeh not all school o. Some will get theirs next week. You know they don't all resume on the same date. There must be a week difference

  10. Personally do not believe in the prayer to find soulmate or partner. Yes, it might work for some but fact that majority unions are seeing one shege or the other, you wonder if they took no for yes after the prayer and went ahead to marry.

    To me, it's to find out if one can accommodate each other's idiosyncrasy, deficiency, short comings, hygiene etc.

  11. Good afternoon Stella and bvs, revenge serve cold @pinky

  12. Hello everyone
    Welcome IHN 💜

  13. Beautiful afternoon to everyone. My husband and I chose the date of our wedding, we just communicated it to our respective family members.

  14. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs. Enjoy your rice Jewelu.

  15. The bride's family are in the right position to pick a wedding date but it is important for the intending couple to deliberate and agree. It's after they agree that the bride's family will give the date to the groom's family

    1. I agree with Ennie. But you need to ask your man why his family are insisting on their date. There may be something behind it.

    2. Thank you Ennie. The bride and groom to be must agree first

  16. Yes its never too late to be who you want to be. Dont look at your age.

  17. ihn loaded. good afternoon dearies

  18. Fine afternoon to you all 💕

  19. Uncle Pinky if you live your life leave that man and focus fully on the woman.
    Once a snake bites you once, do not go back to grooming it so that it can grow enough strength to swallow your head and kill you off finally.
    I do not give second chances.
    I take people exactly how they have shown me the FIRST time.
    Leave second chances to comic books and cartoons.
    I lead with integrity, honesty and humanenss.
    If you are not responding with that same energy the fcuk the eff off

  20. The things that is happening in Nigeria at the moment is frustrating and sweet at the same time. I am pained because things are hard for majority of the masses especially those that need medical attention but cannot access it due to cash issue.
    I am happy because juggle has finally matured. PMB regime has touched the high and mighty especially those who imposed him on us
    See how most of our so called wicked governors are running up and down. So it is possible to get supreme court injuction on an issue that affects the masses in Nigeria within a week. People were mascared daily, No governor raised alarm. Governors now use twitter daily to lament on the sufferings of the masses.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The so called politicians that hide palliatives from the masses. . PMB suddenly remembered that Nigerians are suffering because of his own personal issue.. Any politician that wants to organize protest should stay in front, put his children behind then we the masses will be in the middle.

    1. As in ehn.. very selfish people. I just pray those boys they use Will have sense.

    2. *Junle nne’’m

    3. Zaram suddenly the governors are now civil rights advocates🤣🤣

  21. I don't think that I know what to do with myself anymore. I have tried to get a job but it isn't working. Maybe it is the age factor, I can't tell.

    I have tried my hands on various businesses but none seem to be working out..

    My rent is due this Feb and I haven't completed it yet. The moment I pay my rent, I won't be able to feed cos I'll be left with nothing.

    Dear God, you know that I'm not a lazy woman, after loosing all the millions, it's been a struggle getting back on my feet again. Please come to my rescue. I just need one spot and I'll be fine.

    Your daughter,

    1. This is me blowing you some kisses 😘😘😘😘 and praying help comes your way soon.


  22. The reason why it's important to carry God along in every area of your life (not only the marital aspect) is because only God knows the end of a thing from the beginning. He knows when and where we would have battles to fight. His guidance is needed to help us overcome. The fact that God leads you to someone to marry or to make an important decision doesn't mean you'd have it all smooth. It's so that He can lead us on how to overcome challenges along the way.

    Living your life according to God's leading helps you to avoid certain pitfalls and mishaps. Instead of falling into satanic pits, He leads you to either go around them, jump over them or avoid them totally. Sometimes, God reveals certain events to you beforehand and teaches you on how to handle such situations.

    Bottom line, just be prayerful - in good and bad times.

  23. To the bride to be, it’s the bride’s family who gives a date not the groom.

  24. Good afternoon all, harmattan is not smiling.

  25. Please I can't keep calm ohh
    this orange bank just stole my 5k from my account without any trace whatsoever.
    My heart is just doing bim bim , I can't breathe well.
    Please what can I do please!!!
    I will go to the bank tomorrow because,it too late already.
    Can I recover my 5k please 🙏

    1. For 5k???
      Calm down.
      First make sure nobody around you withdrew using USSD and then deleted the debit alert
      The time, fuel and energy you use to go there nko?
      Buzz them on Twitter, they respond faster when they are publicly called out.
      WhatsApp message I sent them since 19 gwogworo is still there.

      Did you get a debit alert? Or you noticed your account balance just shifted?

      Imagine 5k missing in 100,000 people's accounts? Calculate that.
      Especially those that have millions that they won't notice.

      You see how tiff dey tiff ba?

    2. GeeTeeBee? I get urgent 2k for there ooo. Hmmmn.

    3. Yes ohh
      For 5k, that's a very big money for me ohh .That's my face cleanser money 😭😭😭
      Nobody used my phone I have been with my phone all through today!
      I didn't get a debit alert, the account balance just shifted!
      No trace at all!
      I am going to the bank to fight tomorrow 😭😭
      It's them @missaboki
      My chest!! 😭😭

    4. You don't need to go to their banking hall. They have a WhatsApp number that you can reach out to them on

    5. I have tried contacting them via WhatsApp but my messages are not been read

    6. 5k is a whole lot my dear. Abeg go to the bank or drag them on Twitter as suggested up there.

    7. Geebeetee bank?? Hehehhehee.
      Courage say dem get Whatsapo number 🤣🤣🤣🤣 e be like say na foreign bank you been dey use mai dia...

      Aunty print out your statement of account, I think they even send it free to customers. Then proceed.

    8. Not my bank acting a damn fool! God abeg

  26. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    Harmattan in February 🧐🧐🧐

  27. Cold and sunny day....phew
    I don't understand this harmattan o.
    We were told that the midterm break will commence from 22nd Feb to16th Mar,I thought this was supposed to be for tertiary institution student? Whatever the decision is,we move..... I'll even have more time for me.
    Midterm test ongoing.

    Excellent day folks.

  28. Pinky, I don't give people the opportunity to hurt me twice. I love the fact that you told him what he did.

  29. The weather this afternoon is some how joor.
    Baby geh had her induction yesterday. Omolomo jus dey grow tall like wetin I no know. Make we dey consider Basket ball or Modelling join our career🙄.

    Pinky you've had your revenge and I'm sure he go don learn lesson.
    Jewelu that your party jollof is making me salivate here oo

    Pleasant afternoon ❣️

  30. Good afternoon everyone
    Pinky,sounds like what I can do. I hate selfish people.
    God should be involved in EVERY decision of our lives, even down to the food to eat. See when you experience the Holy Spirits leading, nobody will have to cajole you to let God be involved in your life.
    Marriage date should be picked with all parties involved carried along. It should be a convenient date for all.

    1. Your last paragraph is true

    2. 15:15
      Thank you on the marriage date topic.
      Na "my right, my right" dey quick spoil marriage.
      Bride's family will give date not convenient for the groom's family or vice versa?
      For example, groom's mother has been looking for an important visa for two years. Will bride insist she accepts a marriage date coincidening with the visa interview date as per say na bride's family dey fix date? The example may be extreme. But it shows the absurdity of insisting on traditional small matters at the very beginning of a marriage.

  31. SDKville gooday everyone, Pinky I like the you treated that guy.

  32. I will personally not do business with the POS operator guy again. No second chances in this area.

    Wedding date poster, I hope this is not a sign that your husband to be people will be detecting for you guys in your marriage o🤷

    1. Rather, it shows a communication gap between the intending couple. It also shows both may not be able to manage either family interference in the planned marriage. Or it shows both man and woman are rigid - one is seeking to control the marriage, the other is resisting. What is in fixing a date agreeable to all.

  33. Life becomes so beautiful when you live and walk in love.
    Good afternoon.

  34. Revenge served cold ✌🏿do not do business with him again Pinky but if you must, make sure you charge him. DO ME I DO YOU is sure for me.


  35. The intending couple are supposed to come up with a date and inform their respective families,then if there is a change to be made,it should be discussed between the families.

  36. the wedding date should go with what the church have, the couple should also think pick a date that are convenient for them. Next is to discuss the date with both families with everyone in consideration. Bride do not allow the date to stress you or spoil your day, please. Just find a way to balance everything.

    Pinky stop business with that guy, do not give him second chance. Some people are heartless. Do business with the lady is better.


  37. I.J that abroad guy and his Nigerian fiancé story hmm... It's not ordinary o. The girl didn't do it with clear eyes. They should check the Nigerian guy that she sleft her fiancé for . The guy didn't come empty handed. He is not innocent atall.

    They did same thing to my cousin here o. Long story that I will share someday


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