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Friday, February 10, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Acrobatic Horseband

Una doh o...Esidike pipo dem dem! ya area?! I greet o!

Aunty obi say she don see husband...we follow and celebrate that year.

Na im christmas time, her obodo oyinbo husband tell her say, he dey come Nigeria for holiday. She happy no be small.

Na as she dey price corset, na im she dey buy new new dross!

Person nor need handfan inside heat if na close radius person dey to her eye latchis!

Na im she go village, as her man too say he go first go him mama village, then come her own village, to do informal introduction of who him be to her.

Aunty obi come back New year,squeeze face like Atiku wey jam starch inside water!

Wetin happen?!

She say her obodo man nor pick her call. Say when he pick, he say make she dey go lagos, say he go come meet her for house and replan how dem go meet her people.

I say how long una don dey together?!

She say na shopping mall dem meet, wey he say that night na im flight go back the abroad, as na only two weeks he come spend for Naija!

Dem dey do video call etc and the love don grow strong!

I say issoraite.

Aunty Obi come back Lagos, na im obodo husband show with big jeep and driver! She happy nor be small.

We sef join go greet our inlaw! He share money give we dey friends of the bride!

Na Ten taasan reach my side, fresh notes wey dey gum body!
That time wey my akant balance be like Alarm clock! *poverty na bastard!*

Na so he tell Aunty Obi say when he reach him mama village, him mama don arrange wife for am! Say but he put his foot down say NEVER! He don get love of him life! *clearsthroat*

Na im the man stay from beningi of January reach end of month! Wey na as Aunty Obi dey wash cloth, cook, clean, dey knack day and night!
*To show am say na wife material full yard with linning she be!*

End of month reach, na im Aunty Obi from salon, branch market, to buy ingredients for Afang soup.
She reach house, obodo husband don clear load disappear!

She call the number sotehhhh...he nor gree pick. We sef join use our nunber call him. Small time the number comot for reachable!

Na as we dey use bucket pack tears, na im we dey use wheelbarrow carry Aunty Obi from house go clinic!

Choi! She say if we see as this man use him blokos scatter her under!

She say she nor ever believe say plastic surgery go fit fix am!

She say as he dey hang her leg for ceiling fan, na im he dey use belt wipe am say na nutty geh she be!
Woman wey don almost enter 50, na im he dey wipe like small pikin! *anevasi*

*I say no wonder her west don bend go one side within how many days wey broda come!*

She wey dey like wear apola slippers, shift go flat slippers!

*I say person nor fit even endure that kain punishment under man at that age, make body no squeeze! Mba!*

The matter pain her reach the point wey she follow one Aunty go church.

Na im dem tell her say the man nor even get paper talkless say he wan reach airport! Choi!

*So all the headwarmer video call wey he dey do with her, wey he go dey whisper say na work him dey! So na inside one room for somewhere inside this same Nigeria he dey! Ololoooo!

Make people dey fear God o!

Dem give her option say wetin she want make dem do the man. She say make dem leave am, say na God go judge between them


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha Wife material full yard with lining 😆
    Her waist even bend go one side.
    Women and abroadians.
    Make we dey take am easy.


  2. Please, let's be intentional about having pure intention towards people. Never take people smile away. Never leave them more damaged than you met them

    We are leaving this earth with nothing. So, why so intentional about hurting people. Don't let the devil uses you to bring pains to another

    The devil can only have access to a dark heart.

  3. 419 pro max. Person need to shin e eyes well well. May God help aunty to heal completely.

  4. Na wa for this kind man,e good as she leave am for God to judge

  5. Hahahaha I go follow her cry ooo. This one bad upon all the knacking and styles Obi give am.

    Foolish man 419

  6. Let's be honest with ourselves, if they didn't have sex, the heartbreak would be minimal. My sister is also dating a
    Nigerian doctor who's based in the UK but we found out that the marriage would not work. How did we find out? My mom and my sister did series of prayers and charity asking God to show them if he's the right one. Turns out that he's not. At first my sister was a little hurt, just a little, but now she feels sorry for the guy and doesn't even know how to breakup with him (cos he's so into her).
    The lady is even lucky that she didn't get STD or pregnant. There's too many evils of fornication, I hope more people would make the decision to practice celibacy till marriage like the Bible has commanded us to.

    1. That's how you people will carry your insecurity and scatter a match made in heaven. Issorite

    2. That's how you people will carry your insecurity and scatter a match made in heaven. Issorite

    3. See you happily typing out your mischievous deeds. Now she's out of a relationship because of your imaginations i'm sure you're very happy, Miserable bunch!

  7. Nawaooooo,the heart of man is truely evil .

  8. This na wickedness na wahooo

  9. Chai wetin umunwanyi dey see.
    Abeg make we dey use sense o

  10. Aunty Obi sorry o..... Josaria

  11. May people with good intentions find people with good intentions.

  12. Sisi I love your grammar die🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. As long as sex is possible outside marriage, men will always seem to have the upper hand.

    If all women would zip up and withhold sex till after marriage and within marriage as ordained by God, a lot of yanmayanma stories driven by libido will stop. Men will value women more. They will strive to marry earlier and strive to make it work, there will be no one to cheat with, children out of wedlock won't be an issue, abortions among singles won't surface.

    But wokeness will not allow people have sense. It's all about freedom that enslaves and cheapens value.

    God's way is always the best. Strive as much as possible to always be on it.

    1. Wow!
      You aptly nailed it D'Arc Ed.
      Thank you!

      Sisi eeh, your narrative and humour is outta here 😂😂😂😂😂😂


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