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Friday, February 03, 2023

Sisis Senaponi's Corner - Ringbearer Worldcup!


Kpoi! Kpoi! Una doh o! dey weather? I greet o!
The vulture and the ringbearer matter tire me abeg!

Person wey nor wear dross or bra suppose fight for public?!
As i find kudus, say make he follow me go drop the bag for this geh compound.

Na full grown man wey get blokos hol this nylon geh wey don naked!

Anor know say Ringbearer get action like this o!

She empty bucket of cloth wey person don soak since three days on top the vulture head!

The goat wey dem dey fight on top, lock door, increase music.

He nor answer them!

Choi! If una see marks wey full vulture fresh skin!

The man wey dey hold her, im wife tanda for balcony dey hiss and clap hand!

Her husband say make she throw wrapper downstairs, make he use cover her.

If to say eyes fit dig grave, bury person, the kain look wey that woman give her Orbii go bury am!

Na anoda single lady downstairs, carry wrapper give the nylon girl.

Ehn?! you wan come fornicate, you nor dey guarded! Una leave door open dey do bad things!

Na as their landlady senior brother dey try mediate the matter, wey the boy tell the man make he Gedifork!

The man say I'm old enough to be your father!

He jack the old man for neck!
Person wey jor come visit him younger sister wey be landlady o!

Now, he nor know say the man na retired uniform somebody!

The landlady don refund house rent give Aunty ring bearer as na she been dey pay on behalf of her babyman.

Babyman wey nor get job but sabi use blokos cause riot!
Landlady give am ultimatum, three days make he pack comot!

I reverse go tanda for my shop...mah nor go use head collect table!

The elderly man even dey nice,wey he nor lock am up!

I ask ringbearer say so as matter come be like this. Wetin remain?

She say shebi na because she carry her own rent pay for her boyfrend own, na why she nor quick see the one to pay her own!

She say she go pay her landlord and face front be that!

I say you nor go marry your man again? As una don post proposal for internet, to pepper una enemies?!

She say man wey make her chop slap from vulture!

Wey give her infection plenty times?

She say e do o! Not again biko!
The kain problem wey blokos dey cause these days ehn, na only God go hep us wey still be virgin o! *sideeyes!* *clearsthroat!**whistledeygo!*



  1. The kain wahala wey blokos dey cause these days no be small 不不不不不不

  2. Thank God say aunty ringbearer don borrow herself sense. Which kain nonsense relationship be that one? You dey pay houserent for man leave your own rent....some women no just wan get sense for this life wey dem come.

  3. Didn’t understand Jack

    1. Let me try small.
      A young lady who is engaged to a guy (ring-bearer) paid rent for her guy while her own rent has expired. She met her guy with another lady (vulture) in the house she paid rent and started fighting the girl. The said vulture was full naked while the fight was going on. After the fight, the landlady gave her few days to leave her house as she is tired of her issues. The poster asked the ring bearer what next with her relationship with her guy and she said she is done as she is tired of being infected by her guy


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