Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists - The liar That Is A Crier


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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday In House Gists - The liar That Is A Crier

Have you ever been in contact with someone like this? They lie and cry and people believe them and frown at you who is the truth sayer? You can also call them the crier that is a liar

Are you married to a spouse who is quick to cry while they are lying?
Are you the one who is quick to lie and cry at the same time?
Or do you have a friend who is a crier and a liar?
These kind of people can raise a storm and put the blame on you with their tears, they will cause you harm and wrong doing and cry their way out of it.
Some marriages  and friendships are being threatened by the lie and cry behaviour....

Lets gist!


  1. Just last week, I was in a situation like this. This one even swore that she will never find what she is looking for in life. To think she is an expectant mother. Omooooo fear catch me o. I immediately stopped arguing with her. We are now friends from a distance. This kind of a person can kill. I nor get energy for wahala

  2. I encountered 1 since 2021, Was fighting her verbally until God asked I leave everything to him.
    I jeje wrote out her name and her cohort, left them in my alter. After 4/5months, the results started.
    The family she works for have found out the truth, the old woman she is supposed to care for, who joined her in fighting me,started apologizing and asking I forgive her.
    Today, she has been deprived of all privileges, I heard she has been given time to vacate.
    You see this kind of humans ehen, no b ordinary eye dey dey use operate, just hand them over to God .

  3. Yes!! My daughter’s dad, very manipulative somebody. He looks so quiet and innocent, abusing me mentally and emotionally and when I react everyone will put the blame on me.

    I just cut he and his family off from our lives, they said I will come begging when I can’t fend for my child but it’s been 16yrs now and God has been supplying our needs

  4. I fear this kind of people ooooooo, they can act baaje..

    Na my on time dude be and d guy no dey interact again

  5. My papa, hmmm, my mother really tried. That man can lie against you with strong confidence.
    I distance myself from him just make sure I send him monthly allowance.
    My papa made me understand people don't change ,they can only adjust when the conditions are not favorable for their flaws and goes back to factory settings once conditions are in place.

  6. He goes out and drink to stupor, comes home very late and wakes me up from sleep throwing up all over the house and makes me clean up all through the night and still talk down on me

    I got really upset one night and I used pestle to pound his head that he almost lost an eye, thank God his nurse aunt lived close by, he went and was treated. Then they all came and was shouting that I want to kill their son not knowing how this guy has frustrated me.

    He only buys clothes for his daughter when he want to take her out just to prove a point.

    I left so as to not commit murder

    1. But you wan kill am naa. What the fuck are you talking about. You attack person that was helpless with pestle sote e nearly lose one eye and you are still claiming victim. You are evil and should be locked up in kirikiri for attempted murder.

  7. My sisters in law are comfortably sleeping on this table. Their eyes no dey waste time to bring out water. Thank God my husband know their tricks and developed thick skin.

  8. I don't know about crying but some peoples lies ehn can raise the dead.

  9. They are manipulative and evil.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I cannot stand a liar. Many ppl have lost their lives, livelihoods, respect and mental health because of liars. Never trust a liar and if you can, keep far away from them. Abominable creatures

  12. My brother's wife on this table.

  13. I know of someone she can even paint her sibling bad to prove a point, I can never believe her.

    She even swears while at it and her neice is a pro at it and they cover each other's lies

  14. I met a very sweet older friend. She's so nice but I never knew she was seeing shege in her marriage.
    From the time we met 8 years ago, I have over heard her husband complaining to her mother about her. I keep wondering in my heart, why a grown up man will be doing that.
    Well this last month, she decided to speak up for her self and was mind-blowing.

    Even her mother cried... She kept remembering all the times her husband has accused the lady and she always supported her per say not knowing that her own daughter was just swallowing everything for peace to reign.

  15. I have one lady that can lie, cry and swear even with her children lives. She is an unrepentant thief. If she goes to buy from people they do watch her closely before she will magnet. This lady went and stole Titus fish from someone's freezer. She was caught red handed and she was still lieing,crying and swearing. Abeg her matter no be here. At times I do feel she has been curse.

  16. It’s my fucked up husband, absolute narcissist. He is a great trouble starter and also the crier :)

  17. One colleague of mine he's a lawyer

  18. Hmm, may God relieve us from lies

  19. Met this lady beautiful lady she turns head everywhere she goes ... She even fell for me, I was like lucky me ... House ohhh this gal na cheerful giver on code, every guy she knows she don give am every guy work, school, even when she dey go church program she go shave everywhere, carry sexy undies wey me.her den bf never see . 1st dey I confronted her she promised and cried after denying but sdk don teach me FBI skills .she apologized that if I leave her she go die. House I travel come back she don shave kpekus I say since when she say it was b4 I left I say so for 2mths hair no show. As she sleep FBI action start. Morning she wake up I first nak am 2 rounds then told her who it Francis she shock dey deny . I said ok keep Francis I will keep myself. She dey cry say nobody is Francis I sad ok open Ur fone she no gree na so she cry go house oh 2days later came in tears I said madam I no do again she said check d fone I said Ur video even dey porn site u dey talk , I sent her d link from d guy she wan mad, Francis is a 19yr old boy doing gee on d low, naked a 27yr damsel graduate and posted it online. I no want again worst part I travelled for d 2months for marriage investigation and process d rites. Make she and franko sort am out .

    1. You are wicked. You didn’t have to tell us how you backed her twice. Shameless man.

  20. My brother's wife! She's an expert in that. I never met a better manipulative individual, joining family's head together and yet shed tears at ease. The whole family is avoiding her after seeing her true colour!!

  21. I am married to one.

    Issues come up at home and she curses me out and yells and insults my generation.

    when she doesnt get the desired response she calls my sister to complain and cry about it. Then m sis will call and give me shit. I used to be pissed but eventually everybody started seeing her for who she is.

    She finally packed and moved out with the kids. Reason?? I went to visit my sister.

    I am heading to the seminary.


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