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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

TUESDAY In House News...



How is everyone doing? I dey kampe!

Hmmm let me clarify something....... I offered to do passport for two people i saw the comments....I should help who get Visa? The only place i can help anyone go is to go to Dubai for a holiday and the person will return back to Nigeria but i didn't offer that because the route is now blocked and getting visa there is not as easy as it used to be...... Before all you needed was get an agent and pay for a ticket and you will be issued the visa, that's how how we got it for someone before COVID and i hear it has changed. I am allowed as a GermΓ‘n citizen to invite my family members to Germany but none of you here is my family so it wont be easy cos you have to provide proof of family ties at the embassy when you go for the Interview..... Getting a German visa is DIFFICULT.

I am also not willing to take that risk cos i dont know anyone here enough, you might come in and refuse to go back or go and commit something that i will be questioned for......... I offered to do passport so that you can hustle visa, visa is somewhat easier when you have passport nah, or can you have Visa without passport? Na help i been wan help but its OK that nobody wants...Nothing be by force... There are a lot of other things that you can use an International passport for.........
Moving on from this......

Has anyone tried for Schengen visa recently? which Country did you go through? I hear that the French embassy is the easiest Schengen you can get and its drop box and they give up to 3 years at once once they see ticket and hotel reservation..... Someone said they got 3 years this way....I didnt see proof though.

Yankee embassy has a stretch of interviews lined up, some peoples interview is next year sef......Japa to good places is not easy at all....

Plan well before you Japa..... if you have a good plan and route, please share it here with us for those planning to do so...
Getting to study in Grmany is a good way but you must pay the school fees first oh.....Google the Universities in Germany....
Have a great day and stay out of wahala...



''On my way back from the sallon last month, i met a man he asked me for my contact, i was a bit skeptical but choose to give him. 

Few days later, someone called me as early as to 7am and he was the one, talking about how he has a crush on me this and that, haaaaa. 

This man saw me at night, inside keke, so i was surprised with his lies not surprised though, on whatsapp he will send "good morning dear" i already sensed danger(assocation of ahewo). Long story short, this man was married and claimed he want me to be his friend, friend bawo? 

Few days later, he called and started his story of how he can't wait to see me and so on, i told him i can't be a friend to a married man cos i'm very much single and want a man of man own not a shared property. 

He said, afterall he didn't lie about being married and having a family, i told him i don't make friends with married men either. Naso i take discard am. Married men should leave single ladies alone and face their family, abi what are you guys looking for?''

Married men will never leave single Ladies alone unless the single ladies stop using them for ATM, depending on them and thinking they are the best way to a good life....



There is this neighbor I have, she is always coming to us to use somethings but that's not the case now. The issue is, she has a stubborn boy who is just 5years old. She didn't train up this boy well from what I studied.

She pampers this boy and the boy no even know when to say he is ok, also, he plays too much and very rough. His mum was to attend to somethings during the weekend and needed to keep the boy with someone at home. So, she had no choice than to take him to the flat in front of mine because the boy can't be in my flat (me dey beat pikin wey no dey hear word). 

I noticed each time the mum tries bringing him to my flat, he will start crying because I don't allow him to jump all around. make I no go je gbese.

She dropped her children with another neighbor (that's the one in front of my flat), I don't know how this boy did it, he damaged their LG 32" TV and he was flogged mildly but when their mum came back around 5pm to pick her children, the neighbor whose tv was spoilt didn't tell or inform her about what happened.

 Around 8pm, that neighbor whose TV was damaged knocked at my door to see me, then I asked her to come in. She explained everything that transpired above and said, she did not to inform the woman because she thought, what if it was her own son or daughter.
Fortunately, her daughter who is just 11years was playing with elder sister to the boy who damaged their tv, then she said "our mum said, we won't come to your place again because your mum flogged my brother just because of TV".

 I asked her to come show me the tv, when I got to her living room, hmmmmm, the tv was damaged beyond what I thought, the screen is broken and has to be replaced(that's about 30-40k). She said the boy was jumping from chairs to pole when he used his leg to kick the tv off the shelve.
I was just dumb founded , then told her not to react in anyway until the woman in question comes asking her why she flogged the boy or if she stops greeting her then we can trash it out. because me don't know what to do again, people wey don marry for like 6-7 years even before I thought of being responsible kan dey carry matter meet me.

Mother's should not always act on whatever their children tell them without confirmation because the children of now days can make you offend the unknown.

The mother should have gone to find out why her son was beaten and then apologise or fix the TV....
Some kids are so ill mannered eh that they can make you forget that you are not their parent and beat them well well....
That your compound sef is not where i would want to stay, the Amebo there is out of this world



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    I am complete in Christ! Nothing is lacking in my spirit, soul or body! I have everything I require for life; nothing needs to be added or taken out! The Word of God is working in me; it's working in my body, in my mind, and in my spirit.

  2. Greetings in this hard time.

  3. I really can't put down into writing how I felt that day but I know something wasn't right within me. So I turned around and saw one of the guys working with the man coming out and probably going on an errand.

    I approached him and explained myself to him and the reason I was there. He told me to give him some minutes to pick up some things and get back to me.

    When he was done, he told me all I need to know about the fortification process. I became more afraid. Even with the assurance that I was in the right place, I was still skeptical about it all. From the cut & mark on the body to been tested and all other does and don't to be observed.

    I made up my mind to leave.

    So I told the people sitting closer to me I'm coming back as I stood up to leave. I told them I was going to get something to eat.

    When I left that vicinity, I felt as if something was pulled away from my body. When I got to the junction, I asked the people around if I can get a hotel that's less expensive around. Luckily, I got one through the direction of a driver.

    I was tired already so I decided to have a short rest before the night. Around 6pm or so my phone rang and it was my friend from Enugu calling me. As we spoke, he said the baba told him he didn't see anyone with the description of me. He asked what happened? I already told him I've located the place when I arrived there some hours ago.

    So I told him I was tired and people were many waiting to see him.


  4. Don't start because it's easy. Start because it's worth trying. Don't stop because it's hard. Stop because you've tried your best."—ezuiequotes


  5. Welcome IHN. Stella pls I want the passport, I didn't apply cos you said you'll give it to a know BV or popular commenter.
    Pinky, let her neighbor know that his son spoilt her TV. So many spoilt brat and ill mannered children these days

  6. I can't imagine my child breaking a neighbour's tv. I'd fix it.

    1. Good afternoon everyone.
      Stella, please I'm interested in the passport giveaway. I didn't signify because I thought you were still thinking of how to select. I'm very much interested please

  7. Good afternoon good people
    How is you doing
    As for me, am good but is the issue of getting cash the is my wahala

  8. So I decided to go and come back the following morning when people would be less. He said okay, he will communicate with the man.

    All through the night I thought about it but my mind was made up never to go back there. So in the morning I sent a message to my guy and told him I'm on my way coming back to Enugu. I told him I have a change of mind. There was nothing he didn't say to convince me. He talked about how I would have lost money on transportation, lodging and the risk at road without achieving a result. I guess he didn't know I was solid in my decision.

    I left that morning and when we got to Benin our vehicle broke down. It took some hours to get it fixed.

    Finally, I got to Enugu at night.

    The next morning when we met, he said he knew I don't have mind and can never be a hard man. I couldn't explained what happened. Maybe my spirit didn't welcome it. He said Igbo people too fear that a child from his place is already fortified.

    Later that same day, he brought an armed band and a ring to me. That I should wear them always for protection. I laughed and said to him, ''Guy, all these things to master me ooo'' So I rejected it. He said something in Yoruba and walked away. We didn't stop being friends even though I noticed he wasn't happy that day.

    After my second year, I parked to a different location. I got an apartment at the Independence layout axis.

    One fateful night, around 1am my house was invaded by a notorious cult guy alongside two of his boys he called executioners all through the night we were attacked.

    That night, I had a visitor and a course mate who was passing the night in my house after partying.

    To be continued.....

    1. Bia Tj come and continue Biko , I am enjoying your story.
      Goodafternoon My Country people

      Mummy Anthony-Clever

  9. Sunny afternoon 🌞
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  10. "Married men will never leave single Ladies alone unless the single ladies stop using them for ATM, depending on them and thinking they are the best way to a good life...."

    Confirm yarnsπŸ’―..
    Na because she no like this one and he is probably not rich enough, na why she dey talk all these long story..

    That's how one babe won whine herself some years ago, she go screenshot as she para for one married man for her Facebook inbox send me, I come ask am why she dey send me the chat.. she was like "oh! Sorry it's a mistake, I wanted to send it to my friend".. *yimu*..
    I tell am straight say na lie,. Say at my level and knowledge, babe no fit use all those stunt manipulate me to make me look am like good girl.. say if na RMD send am the chat for Facebook whether she go para for am say na married man make e face him family or whether she go mistakenly screenshot and send me..

    Dey play

    1. one babe this, one babe that, so take a seat

    2. 17:33, don't mind the ahewo boy. Always sticking his thing into any hole he sees. I can imagine the loads of evil spirits and diseases following him around. This his everyday rant sef, it might be as a result of the evil spirits in his system.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      As I dey always burst these babes format e dey pain them sha Lol..
      I understand 😌😌

  11. Good afternoon SDK and Blog Fam.
    Trust your day is going on well.
    SDK, I am interested with the Passport Only.
    Have a lovely day.

  12. She couldn't apologize rather telling her son not to play with them again, she encouraging the son to continue, the day he will spoil something of an inpatient person that day she go learn her lessons

    1. Pinky tell that your neighbour to go to her house and tell her that "sorry mummy ..... I flogged your son the day you brought them to my house because of this. I tried to control him but the boy doesn't hear stop, and this is the TV that he spoilt.

      She should not say a word again. Let her conscience disturb her small.

      Stella there are bvs that want the passport, pls select and help them. There are countries that are visa free. God bless u nwanyioma. I have passport, pls help some.

  13. Pinky, are you sure you want to raise your kids in that compound?

  14. I have tried two Schengen countries Czech republic and Netherland. Used agents for the two. That was before covid-19 when to Jepa has not been rampant. Agent ate my money. All is well. Hopefully it will happen soon .

    1. Prayerfully ask if that is GOD's destination for you

  15. Good afternoon my people. How is this country treating you?
    Let's keep our heads up, it will end in praise.
    Stella weldone maπŸ™Œ

  16. This world ehn...make I try sheghen visa sef..have trying Ed it once, that was 6years ago but over 800k wasted...

    Everything is a risk shaaaa

    We move

  17. Married will never leave single girls alone cos single girls are helping them keep their marriage. Yes, i said so cos the time, sex, attention, and respect most married men are getting from single girls their wives are not giving them that. Single girls should be wise and tell married men fuck off.

    Pinky that boy will not enter my house again at all, let him and his mother carry face up and down like anything and i don't care. A colleague of mine bought LG'' last year and she came to work one day with a terrible facial expression. I asked her what has happened and she told me that her neighbor left her son with him in her house. The boy use something to leave a lasting mark on the television, something she got for around 260k. Is not easy to train children but please parents should do well to use iron hands to handle their children.

    Things are very expensive for one to keep replacing things in the house. If that child cannot stay in one place please the child should be with their parent.

    1. Ta close ya mouth there, what useless time, sex and attention are you talking about@ excited courtesy. This your write up about that poster does it make sense to you?
      Do you think all wives are naΓ―ve of how to keep and make their husbands Happy? Go ask questions very well , first of all go and ask the Married Long throat men that specializes on chasing single girls , ask them your imaginary questions then come back and tell me their reply . You’ ll find out that those girls can’t even care as much as their wives do .
      Take Note!

      Mummy Anthony-Clever

    2. Excited, @your first paragraph, stop speaking from both sides of your mouth

    3. Entitled promiscuous men carry their habits into marriage, wandering eyes ,long throat and covetousness

  18. Sunny afternoon......
    Yard people,hope you're all doing great? Boya ke ni nice dayπŸ’–
    Work and hustu no let me see road

  19. Sign out meme so motivating. Happy IHN peeps

  20. Avoid people coming back from BANK, FUEL and PVC queue, na small thing dey vex dem 🚢🚢🚢

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
      Praise, go and repent

  21. Good afternoon Bvs,
    Hope you all are having a great day?
    Thank you so much @Phoenix, I love youπŸ₯°

  22. At Pinky, once you visit me and your children starts jumping on my couch that will be the first and last time you will come to my house. I just don't like stubborn kids.

    1. Same here

    2. Unruly children are unpleasant guests to have

  23. Why will married men leave their wives at home and ruin the lives of single ladies. As long as they can't put a ring on their fingers, then they shouldn't mess the lives of these girls for their future partners.
    Good afternoon.

  24. What is the price of naira to naira in your location?

    Here it is #3,000 for #10,000

    1. 2000 for 10000 in some parts here but in my area, it is 1000 for 10000

  25. AHH!
    I joined one Instagram live now to do aproko, na so the 'person😌' talk say she go give oshiomole hot slap for complaining about buying a litre of fuel for 1k..
    Omo,. Na so I carry myself run commot for the live oh.. my hand no deyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  26. All of a sudden the governors and legislatives have the interest of the masses at heart. They are now suing Buhari because of the naira redesign and it's effect on the masses. They now hold meetings daily, tweeting daily on the issue. It is this same NIGERIA where ASUU went on strike for 8 months. Snake swallowed money, rat eat money, People are being killed and kidnapped daily on Nigerian roads, constant fuel scarcity, high cost of living. No senator or Governor tweeted about it. Non thought about it's effect on the masses. Nigeria is a cruise. It is only important when it affects them.

    1. 1. Most of them no get heart
      2. No conscience
      3. Arrogant
      4. Not bright
      5. Very insecure
      6. Greedy
      7. Selfish

  27. Person wey I wan surprise for Valentine day, he don dey snub me

    Miracle no dey tire God😁🀣🀣

    1. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  28. Hi I'm this ihn today!
    Take care guys
    Japa is not easy anymore, it takes lots of encouragement & prayer.
    We go still move.
    Single ladies will always get pursued by married men till Christ come, just choose your own way and be firm

  29. We did not come to the world to fear the future, we came to shape it.

    Never forget that there will always be sacrifice, risks and pains.

    Ensure you stay alive anyways.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekπŸ€—

  30. Good afternoon Stella. Pls I'm interested in the passport. Didn't apply before cos I wanted to give others chance. But since none showed interest, me I'm interested pls.

    Like play like play before the end of the year, I fit don become international ooo. So this might be the voice of God.
    I don answer.

  31. Me I'm interested in getting an international passport.

    I'm so tired today. Since morning I've been looking for where to withdraw Kai, it was by 1 I could withdraw 5k. People are getting frustrated in this country. God help us.!

  32. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.


  33. Good afternoon here
    @pinky...u see dis our kids ehn
    .. sometimes they will make u question ur u are not doing enough...dats y I DNT allow my son go to peoples house except I am there with him..

    I no wan hear say na Pelumi spoil dis or dat...May God help us in training them well

  34. Good sunny afternoon

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. If only person dey know ahead. Nobody anticipated all this brou ha ha here and there. My sis Trad come go fall for this kind time. Babe has travelled home now shouting that we shld all come back with cash o. Hian !!! Where you see the cash kwa nu ? She said to withdraw 5k pos transaction is #1500 chargeπŸ₯²πŸ˜­
    Pls how will someone cope like this ???
    Over the weekend I ran into an Atm queue with few customer ( people neva get info say the thing dey pay else...) Na so I rush join o. But the funny thing that turned up was that the bank staff was standing right beside the machine πŸ™„ you slot in your card, enter your pin And the Lady will punch 3k for you omo it's 3k or nothing else o. I carry the 3k enter market , the rest they say is history ...
    O ga dinma !!!

  37. Pinky, I think you should have advised your neighbor to call the mother of the child to come in and see the damage her son did. She is playing the victim now because the main victim(whose TV got damaged) refused to take the necessary steps.

  38. "Married men will never leave single Ladies alone unless the single ladies stop using them for ATM, depending on them and thinking they are the best way to a good life."

    No, married men will never leave single ladies alone unless the married men learn self-control and self-discipline and do not chase after temporary pleasures that will set them on the path of destruction.

  39. Lagos Mainland Girl7 February 2023 at 16:28

    Hello Madam Stella,
    I'm interested in the Passport Only.

    Nigeria situation needs prayer,if you don't have shock absorber this country can frustrate you.What can we say? Peace be upon our country.

  40. Pinky's story
    Parents , raise your child well so that he will not give bring wahala to you in future. I f I were the TV owner, his mother must repair that TV or we split the bills , maybe that will make her to improve in her child training

  41. Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

  42. I am very much interested in getting a passport...I don't have any...never done before...if the offer is still available...pls I am interested....

  43. Your child breaks my TV,we share 70/30 to repair ni, Yoruba says "one can't stay in his or her house and break hand"

  44. Hello Stella. Pls I'm interested in the passport. Today was my birthday but for the first time in my life, I was tired of this country.

    1. Happy birthday πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ‘. May God give you reasons to smile in this new year. God bless you


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