Stella Dimoko Actor Alexx Ekubo's EX; Fancy Acholonu Says A Powerful Prayer On Instagram


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Monday, March 06, 2023

Actor Alexx Ekubo's EX; Fancy Acholonu Says A Powerful Prayer On Instagram


  1. I say amen to these prayers because I am at a point that I deeply regret ever being married to the man I got married to.. a man who has no understanding of what marriage, responsibility is. A man who at every given point in time feels that that a marriage between a man and his wife is that of servant-master. A man who because of the biblical stand on marriage,my family tried to broker peace between us but at any
    opportunity,he is the first to remind me " shebi na your people talk say dey no want divorce.."
    At any given opportunity people are always ready to advise me that as a woman,it is my duty to build my home...etc build a home with a man who feels very justified to cheat and I DARE NOT challenge him? A man who would gladly throw me under the bus before his people ,scold me like a baby but will never week my opinion on anything or listen to my suggestions. Please,I really want to severe ties with this man let me have my peace and stop these evil thoughts. We are currently separated for over a year now but I am still in pain and bitterness. I deserve better, throughout the union I only wanted the best for this man,to grow and have our own achievement but he gleefully sacrificed it all with affairs with other woman, flaunting it to my face and telling anyone who cares to listen that I am not submissive. Like I want to strangle him but God dey. I want to move on and be happy again. Thank God I am with my children.

    1. Your last words “Thank God you are your children” is indeed a testimony. See it ll take you a while to overcome this bitterness. In the mean time pray to God to help you forgive him. Try to improve yourself. Seeing yourself do better will help you forgive yourself easily. Divorce/separation is not the end of the world. Allow him access to see the kids for their mental well-being, you don’t have to tell them negative things about him. Spend time with good family and friends and avoid always talking about him because it ll stir up anger in you. Draw closer to God. It is well. You ll look back and testify.

    2. He is immature

    3. Thanks so Anon 18:37,I really needed that encouragement ๐Ÿค—. He speaks with his children. Where I have a problem is that he wants my 3 yr old son to go and stay with him on a visit. I refused because he is still small to be outside my watch . We stay in different states.

    4. E-hugs my dear.
      Bad marriage is like cancer.
      But, look at the blessings (the children)!
      I would suggest that you count your blessings and name them one by one, and it will surely surprise you what the Lord has done ( it is a song)
      Please stop feeling bad and defeated, draw strength from how far you have gone, I know baby steps, but it is still a plus.
      I sincerely pray that lines shall continue falling into pleasant places for you.
      You will surely eat the good of the land.
      I hope that your family are supportive cos you need them to hold you through this process.
      God be with you.
      You will surely triumph.
      Yes, you sure will.

    5. Only God can heal you. It took a year of daily morning mass for me to heal.
      In fact when I miss church daily, a panic attack starts to come on. Slowly but surely, healing came. Joy filled my soul and I let go of the bitterness.
      I pray healing into your life sis.

    6. Do women bother enough about whom they birth children with or is it just marry a curse and have your children as you are getting old, then say the children are blessings?

    7. Thank you all so much. Nnedi,that I have the strength to still come this far is because of my parents and siblings especially my mom,she has been very very supportive. I got a job so it distracts me a little. I am grateful for that. Baby steps it is๐Ÿ˜just really really want to pour out my pain through counseling. I feel it will help me move on faster.

  2. Amen darling. Thank you.


  3. Stella Nwanyioma, which one is Actor Alex Ekubo' s ex before her name? Lol. We know na.

  4. Anon 18:01
    You clearly need therapy. The man sef doge bullet , if you can’t respect the biblical stance on marriage why you come marry ?
    A year after separation even with the kids to keep you company you are still thinking of strangling the man . God forgive you . It takes two to tangle and obviously you have not learnt a thing about your flaws .
    You as a wife MUST be submissive and I dear say you are lacking in that regard. I can never support a man that cheats but you as a woman that understands what marriage and responsibilities are, you should not come up here and paint a picture like you were perfect. I pray for peace in your home but separation or divorce is never the solution.
    Always think of the children and make sacrifices that gives hope . #inowise #loveistheanswer #Goddey

    1. You are the one that needs help! Jeez! Are you human?

    2. You are mad . Is that all you cld deduce from her story . You are just like the husband .!!
      Mad man

    3. Must Evey marriage be about submission. Who trained these men. Gosh I'm disgusted. How about treat her like a human being. Like a partner. Respect the person. So you expect submission from someone who can't lead, who treats her like trash. No wonder we have men who lack empathy hiding under the guise of submission to torture a woman's life. It is well as I THINK YOU ALSO NEED THERAPY.

    4. I pray you marry a man like hers, and if you are already married, I pray your daughters marry a man like him. Amen

    5. I pray you marry a man like hers, and if you are already married, I pray your daughters marry a man like him. Amen

    6. Anon 21:35 - you don’t need therapy. You need a lobotomy as you are obviously very deranged. I advise you to start with therapy to understand what circumstances in your life has led you to have such awful opinions. Then I think you need to progress to psychiatry and then lobotomy or a straitjacket at the very least.

  5. Amen to pretty Fancy's prayer. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ God bless you dear.


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