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Sunday, March 05, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Destructive Vices

When you find out that a loved one is abusing substance, try as much as you can to find help for them

. It can be very painful and draining but help them before they become violent and cause havoc.

It was a beautiful quiet Saturday morning and I was outside the gate waiting for the water truck when I saw people running into one compound. I have promised myself never to run after such crowds so I waited patiently for those that went in.

Turns out that the street Crack head was at it again, I don’t know why his mother has refused to take him to a rehab instead she takes him to prayer houses.

This time Crack head locked the doors and beat his mother like a thief, all her body was swollen and tooth shaking. Neighbors went to hit the door and he opened trying to leave but the mother was on the floor holding unto his legs and he kept booting her head.

He was dragged out by a Strong neighbor and another removed his mother’s hand off his legs. He ran to the neighbor’s house and came out with a big kitchen knife running towards his mother but the Strong neighbor blocked him and others jammed the door so Crack head started stabbing the windows and broke it.

The mother made a call and some fierce looking men came, they tied Crack head like a goat about to be roasted, they beat him silly and poured water on his head. He passed out and they bundled him inside a bus and took him away. The mother cried.

Landlord came out clapping and smiling raining abuses on the Mother and there on the spot he told her to leave his house when their rent expires. Hnmmm

But why did Crack head start today again? His Mother found his stash and took it so he went crazy.

It is well o


  1. My niece is on drugs and alcohol. The siblings keep hiding it from the rest of the family. It was only when she almost died and money was needed for treatment that they got on touch with us to help out. She is so loving and gentle. I don't know how to go about talking to her and seeking for help. I want to get off the habit.

    1. I hope she is not masking trauma or treating a background psychiatric illness. May God help you guys to help her.

  2. Oh God let our kids bring blessings to us

  3. This type of thing is not well ooo. May God come through for the woman because substance abuse is one of the hardest things to break.

  4. Substance addiction and abuse is the worst thing ever.

    I remember when I was partially in the world, one time, i ate some stuff baked with weed, weed is blaaaaaaah and much ado about nothing. It makes one weak and sleepy. It does not make me high. I tried it once and once was enough. Cigs is somewhat better especially some brand and when a man smokes it. I don't fancy women smoking it. It is rare for me to abuse substance or get addicted or even like it. I don't see the sense in taking alcohol, weed, cigarettes, tramadol and all that trash.

    I am naturally high all by myself. Imagine if I add substance ontop of my natural highness, that is it.

    I don't touch cigarettes, weed or whatever. It makes no sense. I take alcohol once in a long while like once in 3 years or so. Not my thing and I don't find it interesting.

    Using substance to drown pain makes no sense. I let myself feel the pain and I cry when I need to and as regular as I should cry. If I am hurt and I need to cry one billion times, I will and I would. When it's time for me to be healed, I accept it.

    Using substance for inspiration or confidence makes no sense. It is good for us to allow ourselves to be who we are with all our quirks and all. We are a working progress.

    I pray everyone battling substance abuse receive their healing.
    I pray that life never gets us to the point of using substance and even abusing it.



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