Stella Dimoko NBC Threatens To Shutdown TV Stations Airing Programmes That Threaten The Peace In Nigeria


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Saturday, March 11, 2023

NBC Threatens To Shutdown TV Stations Airing Programmes That Threaten The Peace In Nigeria

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has threatened to shut down broadcast stations, whose activities are capable of undermining peaceful co-existence.

According to the WillNigeria, Spokesperson for the Commission, Ekanem Antia, in a statement on Friday, said NBC’s Director-General, Malam Balarabe Ilelah, issued the threat at a meeting with broadcast stations on the coverage of the February 25 presidential and National Assembly elections.

“The NBC is giving its last warning to broadcast stations and will not hesitate to shut or revoke the licence of any when convinced that its activities are capable of undermining the peaceful co-existence of the country.

“Any further breaches of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and Act will no longer be tolerated,” he warned.

He said the Commission monitored the coverage of the elections by some broadcast stations and noted how they availed unpatriotic individuals their platforms to make subversive, hateful, and inciting utterances, particularly post-election.

Ilelah commended the media for their efforts in ensuring peaceful pre-election coverage, especially for their selfless service to keeping the citizens informed.

He noted, however, that the coverage of the elections and post-election matters, were “marred by unguarded statements, divisive and dangerous comments’’.
Ilelah stressed that the media has a role to play in ensuring national development by publishing or broadcasting narratives of national reconciliation and healing in these unsettling times.

He called on broadcast stations, in particular, to avoid the promotion of negative conversations, which were not only dangerous to democracy but posed threats to Nigeria’s corporate existence.

He acknowledged that using broadcast platforms to incite supporters or create enmity would not help in deepening the nation’s democracy.
“In as much as the Commission believes in the freedom of expression, it is also seriously constrained to act decisively on any broadcaster that exploits the fragile peace of our nation,” he stressed.

Ilelah appealed to broadcast stations to abide strictly by laid-down rules of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code, the Act and other extant laws guiding broadcasting in Nigeria.

He stressed that the media has the responsibility to ensure that national issues discussed on the airwaves were done with decorum, civility, patriotism and a sense of fairness


  1. Abi they are indirectly trying to gag the media.
    NBC make una just dey play o.

    1. NBC hates hearing the truth, they want to shut down the stations that expose the Government's wickedness

  2. Election cannot be rigged and you try to silence the voice of dissent.

    All this is coming up cos people are lending their voice to the manipulations and irregularities filled with the conduct of the election.

    I encourage people to speak out and condemn what everyone saw as rape on democracy but they should do so in a civil manner devoid of hate speech and inciting violence.

    When the time is right, no one not even this threat can stop a revolution.

    You don't threaten aggrieved persons rather you look into what led to their grievances and agitations and address it.

  3. If they are talking to Arise TV they should be clear about it. That’s how they veil their fear for complete freedom of speech; ‘threaten peaceful co-existence indeed’.


    1. Ojy Okpe better watch it.

      The programs' editor of Arise TV should not approve some of the videos reposted on their morning news show.

      The ones someone forwarded to me lately, the contents are hair-raising.
      They should exercise caution please.
      The whole world is watching.

  4. They’re targeting AriseTV. Stella is like you don’t know these people

  5. Replies
    1. And they will fail! Arise is the only TV station worth watching in Nigeria at the moment.

  6. Trying to free speech. Yet MC oluomo that boldly and openly threatened the safety of voters if they didn’t vote his candidate is still walking free till today yet it’s tv stations broadcasting reality of the depth that corruption has eaten deep in govt parastatals that is threatening the peace of the nation.

    It’s so sad to see how money (I wonder how much they even paid you), has made you to sell your conscience to these evil people. It’s even more sad that even the exposure of living in abroad has not really done much in improving your IQ nor EQ.

    Even CNN that was so anti trump was not penalised.

  7. People have the right to air their views and be heard. Broadcast station should not be liable for someone's opinion. You are indirectly telling them not to allow people speak their mind.

    If I may ask, which national unity are you talking about? Arewe united??

  8. If they are done shutting down TV station, they should come and shut down the internet, that's the Koko

    Ada ohafia

  9. Yes videos showing drug use and almost nude show all the time

  10. Probably, APC must have paid them to do this, after rigging the elections, they don't want to hear the truth. So this is how they will rule Nigeria. After shutting down TV stations, next might be social media . Nawaoo

    Iicious babe

  11. This NBC don't deserve a response.... it is people saying what happened at the election that is threatening the peace? Those who stole election boxes and threatened people are baking cake abi? What about CBN Naira policy, it is frying akara abi? The thunder that will fire all of you is doing warm up before it roasts you and your generation.

  12. Una go soon use vpn dey tweet again 😂. Una never see anything


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