Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - Married To An Abuser/ Dating An Abuser?


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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Saturday In House Gists - Married To An Abuser/ Dating An Abuser?

Are you Male or female and married to someone who abuses you physically, verbally and emotionally?
Stop pretending that everything is OK and talk about it before you die in silence oh!
What is it like living with this person? what is it like dating this person and why are you still in the relationship?
Lets gist ad you just may find help in the comment section of this post....


  1. Na they English to use oooooh I have some people I know that are in such relationships one left in January 2023 with her children

  2. Nobody should abuse me when the time comes o.

    1. Lol. You better buckle up.


  3. I almost married one ohhhh, but God delivered me…
    Honestly, My story is long…..

    I remember back then, when an old friend saw me with him….
    This guy pulled me aside, and told me how my ex used to beat his previous wife till the lady would faint.
    Infact, the lady had to run away while pregnant with their first baby!!
    My people, I foolishly told this guy what my friend told me and next, he asked me to keep away from that guy, saying how people don’t like to mind their business…
    Anyway, the day he tried that shit with me…
    The after effect was unbearable for him,
    Haaaa, I even went as far lying to the police how I saw him with human headπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    The guy was shocked ohhhhhhh!!!!
    Useless werey

    1. Extremely foolish of you.
      Instead of you to do proper investigating, you went to tell him what his friend said.
      So you were actually expecting him to say yes he beats his wife to stupor???

  4. This morning, I read a story that made me really sad. How can you do that to someone you claim to love?
    This man suffered abuse for 20 years from his wife.
    Let her go and enjoy her 4 years jail term.
    Her kids are not even safe with her, someone that does not mind hurting her child to get to her husband.
    I’m really happy that man is free from that evil woman.


  5. Where do I start from? It's an abuse of 8 years. Emotional, verbal, mental, phycologucal.
    Was physical sometime back until I took him to police station. He slept over in the cell and had to sign an undertaking. That was when he stopped the physical. (A sin him and his entire family swore not to forgive me for and punish me in other ways for it).
    He made me resign work in our firsts years of marriage.
    So I depend on the meager he releases to me on his good moods day.
    I haven't left cos I can stand on my home to pay accomodation etc.
    My family is poor and expect from me
    What I need is job that comes with accomodation anywhere and that will be my freedom forever.

    1. Demonic family
      Pray that the evil pattern dies pass on to your children

  6. Lagos Mainland Girl11 March 2023 at 16:58

    Nah,non of the above

  7. He stopped me from working for a long time and when he finally agreed, ((after years of begging including family begging too) and then, the jobs weren't coming again.
    Despite agreeing, he kept saying no one will employ me and I shouldn't bother applying.
    I noticed his aim is to ensure I am financially dependant, so he can continue his maltreatment.
    What I have is not marriage. As a maid is more respected and treated nicer than me
    Every day, he tells me how he did me a favor marrying me and no one will look at me twice, talk more of marrying me.
    He talks me down daily and much more I can't type all.
    What I need is a job anywhere I'm ready to relocate. Ihave many years work experience in different fields and position. Most recent is HR &Administrative.
    I'm a fast learner and highly professional.
    Academic qualification up to MSC.
    Pls if you can help, I will be super grateful.

    1. This is a very sad story. I don’t think any man who genuinely loves you will stop you from working. You married a very wicked man.
      Where are your parents, siblings? Is it not time to hire a bus to come get you?
      I pray you get a job so you can leave that loser and move on with your life.


    2. Pls drop a number so I can contact you. Will follow this story.

    3. Do you mind relocating abroad, I can help you out

    4. Thank you everyone for your kind response. It's really soothing.
      Thank you super much Anons for the intended help.
      I think Stella has some restrictions on posting contacts.
      So maybe you can contact me through her.
      I Will send her a mail.
      Thanks a million Stella for your platform. I appreciate

  8. I am presently living with one at the moment. Always verbally abusive. It comes anytime she is angry. I wouldn't say she is a bad person. A prophetess oo. Spirit filled. Her fault is anger. She said so ministers have told her that her problem is anger. This kind of person cannot change. It's either you accept her that way or you leave her. When we first started I didn't see the red flag.i only saw the good side. You cannot know a person character until you start living with the person. My advice is that one should date for a long time before marriage.if possible leave with the person to know the person character. Christianity no dey for this one oo. That's why most marriage end in the divorce. I have decided to leave her because she doesn't even accept she is wrong. I can't continue like this

    1. Deliverance sessions will help her while therapists work on her temperament.
      Ndo nna.

    2. So what happened to for better for worse?
      Go and read war room.
      Make sure your hands clean and you are not involved in any unclean thing.
      Take her out to a nice serene place where she can have a nice meal.
      Speak to her humbly and from the heart why she needs to change in 2023 and don't forget to drink coconut oyel.
      It is well with you.

  9. If you are with an abuser just know it that soon you will just kiss the world good bye. Abusers never change, they will keep on promising you change but will never change.

    1. For the ones who even accept they have a problem

    2. If you have brothers with heavy biceps, bring them closer to your marriage, they'll reset his fingers so he'll keep his miserable fingers to himself.

    3. Gbam! This was what saved me! I just got tired of hiding it (he is a Pastor)! After a particular incident I informed my brother. My brother didn’t beat him up but the warning was something else! My brother promised to make sure that his church knew the type of person he is. Over 2years now, no beating again oh!

  10. 😭 I don't think I believe in love anymore. Okay maybe Agape.

    1. My dear love yourself.
      And make sure anybody who claims to love you does so at the level you love your self or preferably even more.
      I can't even tolerate anybody shouting at me, talk less of shouting.
      By the time I'm through with the man na im go run.

  11. I'm currently living with one of them. Whenever he's angry, he picks anything on me. I'm planning to use fully funded scholarship abroad to run away and never return.

  12. I usually abuse my wife verbally buy she do abused me physically. What. Can I do?


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