Stella Dimoko Actress Mary Njoku Talks About Her Friendship With Uche Ogbodo After Fallout With Anita Joseph


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Monday, April 10, 2023

Actress Mary Njoku Talks About Her Friendship With Uche Ogbodo After Fallout With Anita Joseph

Actress Mary Njoku (Founder of ROK TV) has responded after trolls bombarded her with tagging during actresses Uche Ogbodo and Anita Joseph fell out over an alleged r3pe brouhaha that didnt happen and was blown out of proportion. 

Uche too sides with the lady insisting that she did not try to blackmail the guy who claimed she tried to set him up with r3pe accusation... Anita took sides with the guy insisting the lady should be arrested, their different opinion led to the actresses unfollowing and blocking each on Instagram while their fans trolled..
This is Mary's response

I love friends who do not throw Friendship under the Bus in the heat of the social media moment...


  1. Way to go
    Peace does it better ✌

    Don't understand why uche and anita allowed their arguments escalate so fast

    1. I said here there is something special about Uche, meet her once in Nnewi 2007, girl's energy filled up the room, vibesss , positive, friendly, when other well known actors were acting up, she was in her element being her.
      Girl is sweet to d moon and back, her aura says it all.
      During her turbulence years with her then husband, different version was spreading in Enugu, u can't just make which is which, she pulled out of that rubbish strong, until that one relationship that broke her self esteem, then her other version which alot of pple tagged razz. Nwa nne was battling a lot within, it was very obvious, suddenly her now husband surfaced and the old Uche came right back. She is sweet .
      Not many women came out of depression same, strong and still sweet hearted. Not many, she did.

    2. Na the kind girl wey I love be this, she stands for 'friendship'. She won't destroy 'friendship' because of competition or any flimsy reason, there r few girls like dat...Adesua, Uche jumbo, to name a few I have been around... Great soul

  2. I like your personality, Mary. Keep it up.

  3. Who says money doesn't command respect.
    Uche's response to Mary was soft but with Anita "see finish" she was harsh.That got Anita pissed. To think Anita's birthday this year, uche sang her praises, for being her longest friendship of 15 years. Smh!

  4. I am not a fan of Uche Ogbodo but I stand with her on that issue of rape.

    I like Mary's response.

    I hope Anita Joseph learns from this. You may have a different opinion from your friend but friendship is friendship. Correct your friends privately. Don't follow the world to throw stones.


  5. Inciting not insighting.

    1. I was confused ooh for 1 sec LMAOOO she was in a hurry to stand by her "friendship"

  6. I hope tomorrow "them no reach" will not be "the friendship has ended. Issorite


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