Stella Dimoko YesDaddyGATE - Publication Insists Audio Was Not Doctored After LP Candidate Peter Obi' Threatened Legal Action


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Friday, April 07, 2023

YesDaddyGATE - Publication Insists Audio Was Not Doctored After LP Candidate Peter Obi' Threatened Legal Action

The Peoples Gazette has said that it stands unflinchingly by its April 1, 2023 publication of a phone conversation between the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi and the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide and presiding Bishop of the Faith Tabernacle in Ota, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria, Bishop David Oyedepo.

The leaked audio conversation published by Peoples Gazette in which Obi told Oyedepo before the February 25 presidential election that the poll was a “religious war” has since its publication generated nationwide criticisms.

On Wednesday, Obi who had remained silent over the leaked audio conversation denied the audio, describing it as fake and the handiwork of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said there had also been pressure on him to leave Nigeria after the elections.
The former governor of Anambra state who came third in the presidential election also threatened to take legal action against Peoples Gazette over the leaked audio conversation to press a charge for defamation and libel.

But reacting to Obi’s lawsuit threat on Thursday, The Gazette’s Deputy Managing Editor, Boladale Adekoya, said the newspaper stands by its publication.
He said Obi wants to force them into revealing the source of the leaked audio at trial but that they will protect the source to any length.

Adekoya noted that the Obi’s leaked audio clip was sourced and properly authenticated in advance of running it.
“The audio and the context surrounding it were properly sourced and authenticated in line with journalism best practices,” he said.
Adekoya, who stressed that Peoples Gazette was prepared to go to any length to protect the source of the clip, said, “Finally, we maintain in no uncertain terms that we will uphold the principle of source protection to any length.”

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  1. Peter Obi is really pressing their neck. Atiku suppose to dey learn work from Peter Obi.

    People Gazzete will tell the court how they got the audio leak if they insist it's original. The NCC already disassociated themselves from releasing the audio.

    So how did People's Gazzete got hold of it? They will explain to the court and Nigerians.

    1. If Peter Obi said it is doctored, it remains doctored. Any one that did not want to believe him should knack his head on the wall. We are patiently waiting for the court case

    2. Falana has said that Obidatti statements does not violate section 37 of the criminal code, so snitches should go and cook another evidence

    3. Which neck I pray obi have the nerves to sue them he will be ashamed because he said it is fake and if it is fake why would they revile the source in law until you accept something is injurious to you no claim of anything obi must accept that it is not fake before he can ask for the source this is not emotions this is law ,he will be disgrace those that will tell him the truth has accepted including pat utomi and Kenneth and his aid that it is true but doctored so let obi sue them if he fit

    4. Which law are you referring to? No law in Nigeria protects anonymous sources. If they go to court, they must reveal the source. Journalistically, anonymity is an ethical professional requirement that has no legal protection unless you put it under contract law. If truly the followed journalism they were supposed to also get comments from Obi and his camp before publishing. Did they?

    5. Let obi go to court we are waiting nothing in Nigeria law that says you should revile the source of your information unless you claim it is injurious to you.Fake is this the call never take place or the two talking are not real so who will court award compensation to?QED

  2. They should go to court!Even a satchet of pure water has more value than that statement.

  3. Most of us know that Peteru Obi is a big time liar and it's no longer news
    Someone that couldn't develop Anambra and tame its numerous agberos? 😂🤣😹
    I heard that revenue collectors killed about 3 persons whilst struggling the wheels with Anambrarians cos of #50 and at most #100
    They are agberos and not revenue collectors
    Who does that?

    1. Oluomo threatened openly to deal with any one that will not vote for APC, he carried out the threat what happened to him?. Tinubu is a confirmed drug baron has been prosecuted?. Peter Obi cannot be bought and he will show the criminalities supporters that he is not a push over. Let una headache be mere phone call

    2. The length desperate go to bring down someone they perceive to be a threat.
      Fancy bugging some one's phone conversations.
      Imagine if Obi and Datti had been plotting evil for Tinubu and others.
      Imagine if Obi had a sex tape.

    3. When people are talking this one too wan dey flex muscles. As I said, na people wey think say you don change I dey pity. You kept numb when Oluomo threatened Igbos in Lagos and you are here running your keypads over Obi's matter. Continue. Let us hope you get rewarded for the good work you are doing here. Lest, I forget, you say PO is a liar but e sure me die say you no fit stand for where the man dey talk more of having and intelligent conversation with him, let alone lacing his shoes. Double faced individual.

    4. Anon 10:46,

      My greatest astonishment and what surprised me the very most was Peter Obi throwing a challenge to over 200million Nigerians to dig up any past wrong dealings of him before and after becoming a governor for eight years and he forgo his presidential ambition by stepping down.

      Do you know in a country as big as Nigeria with over 200million people, nobody was able to dig up a past about this man that was corrupt to make him forgo his presidential ambition.

      What manner of man will say a thing to you and force you to go and verify.

      I fear this man I swear.

    5. Before the elections, there was a leaked phone conversations involving Shettima where he said unprintable things against the Igbos. People turned deaf ears and blind eyes to what he said he would do to the Igbos.
      Come election time. His threats came to pass in Lagos and no one said anything.
      It is well. Today, it is Peter Obi. We don't know whose turn it will be tomorrow.
      My angst is with all those watching this evil and gloating instead of condemning.

    6. Peter Obi did tame the Agberos during his tenure and maintained environmental orderliness and beautification.
      How he transformed the notorious upper iweka to head ridge was amazing. All his efforts should have been sustained by the subseqtgivt. but that was not the case.

    7. Go and read Pandora report and the company that Britain closed down in 2021 ,all of the are scammers including obi

    8. Did you read the Pandora reports yourself?

  4. What's here to argue that isn't the truth?

    Okay, so you shoved Muslim Muslim tickets to people's faces, in a country of Christians and Muslims, so what should we call it then? If it's not a "Religious War" what then do we call it, please???

    You people are just reaching!

    When this fire that you are looking for start, don't run from the infano ooo.🥴

    1. You have options Mr man nobody forced you to vote for Muslim Muslim so why the upsets,

  5. Why protect the source of it's not sketchy.

  6. I am tired of all these drama when it's time let them please swear in the new president and let's see what he can do


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