Stella Dimoko President Elect Tinubu’s Inauguration Programmes Will Be Out On Thursday


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Sunday, May 07, 2023

President Elect Tinubu’s Inauguration Programmes Will Be Out On Thursday

The Presidential Transition Council has said the activities lined up for the May 29 inauguration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, will be released on Thursday.

The committee disowned the programme of events for the handover ceremony in circulation, describing it as fake.

This is as the chairman of the committee and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, disclosed that preparation for the event had reached an advanced stage. He added that various approved events would hold from the week commencing Monday, May 22, 2023.

A statement on Saturday by the Director, Information, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Willie Bassey, said, “The Presidential Transition Council disowns the fake programme of events currently in circulation on social media.

“The approved programme of events would be unveiled at a World Press Conference scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2023.”
He cautioned the purveyors of fake news to desist from peddling falsehood in an attempt to mislead the unsuspecting public.

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  1. If Prof. Yakubu doesn’t go to prison, then we should forget Nigeria and democracy.

  2. I dont live in Nigeria, guys you need to her how our nation is bn laffed at all over the world. Besides all the allegations against Inec elect prez dey laff at the prep for inauguration despite the fact that the election is bn contested in court. The inec chairman is still walking day one dey vex me. I fear for naija

    1. Go and sit down jor. So we shouldn't inaugurate Tinubu again cos the election is being contested? As for me , I cannot wait for May 29th to come quickly. Long life our president elect, Tinubu.

    2. Just listen to urself. Abeg ur ignorance is showing, tuck it in. So a whole country of over 2million ppl shud have a vacuum, should not have a president because the election is contested??? Wow!!

    3. "Laughed at" all over the world indeed. Your definition of world must be different.

      While laughing, please get yourself English without tears. Phew!

    4. Nobody is laughing at Nigeria but Nigeerians, so this your generalization is a big lie....... You dont live in Nigeria? where exactly do you live that they are allegedly laughing at Nigeria? Story... that train has moved on.. you think these countries dont have election rigging or they care about Nigeria? U must be joking.. where did Nigeria learn rigging from? go figure and stop generalizing

    5. You're hearing voices. What do you know about the politics of India or the Zambia they you think people outside Nigeria should be fixated on the board games of your country? Are you even minimally informed about the politics of the country in which you reside? Is it Rishi who has egg on his face from the recent elections, Biden that is trying to sell his reelection post Hunter's laptop to independents or Macron that his people are protesting that will be wasting time with 84 out of over 13k polling booths in Lagos that Chinedu said was rigged or what?

      Please, elections are local. People in developed nations are too busy with their own political travails to carry your own on their head. Or when Peter left for the UK when you guys were insisting that Muslims must fast in Nigeria, did you see anyone laughing in the videos?

      Please, those of us living abroad including ask the major contestants should avoid confusing the desperately ignorant and uninformed about those left behind.

  3. This Nigeria under Tinubu will be prosperous for me, my family and all those who work hard and believe. Amen

    1. Yes it will no doubt cos you have been benefiting from his 'generosity' long before now. He paid your WAEC fees if my memory still serves me right about that comment of yours.

      When there was attacks on people and fraudulent activities on the election, you were found wanting in speech and condemnation.

      Tell me, you didn't know who gave the marching order of 'Snatch it, grab it and run away with it' and indeed it happened as they were instructed.

  4. Thanks Stella for lending your voice of reason.Allegations of rigging still persists about the the last US presidential election yet, President Biden was inaugurated.Nigerians, particularly those political illiterates will continue to drag their own country in the mud as if they have another country of origin.I am proudly Nigerian.I wear my "Nigerianess" on my sleeves,anywhere I go!God bless you Stella and all Patriots, irrespective of their political leanings.

    1. Yes, as you and Stella rightly said, rigging isn't Nigeria thing alone and I quite agreed but should we justify it?

      If we should tell ourselves the truth, Bola Amed Tinubu doesn't deserve to be swear in. He didn't meet the constitutional requirement to be declared a president elect in the first instance.

      That aside, do you know in Kenya, it took them just 14days to round up all the election cases and a winner emerged through thee court.

      Now ask yourself, why did the Nigerian constitution and its drafters stipulates 180 days for an election petition to be tried if not for their criminality and rascality?

      So that after inauguration, the incumbent will now truncate the judicial process.

      Nigeria is structured in fraud and criminality and I make no apology for saying so.


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