Stella Dimoko Senator Shehu Sani Says EX Gov El Rufais Wife And Children Insulted Him For 8 Years


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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Senator Shehu Sani Says EX Gov El Rufais Wife And Children Insulted Him For 8 Years

He says that EX Gov El Rufai's wife used to make a jest of his hair... What is wrong with his hair?

He Tweeted
''The now retired Kaduna Governor abused and insulted me for eight years,even when I left the Senate,you didn’t caution him.His Children made it a habit to insult me for eight years,you didn’t advice them.His wife repeatedly made jest of my Hair whenever she attends to audience in Kaduna,you didn’t preach to her.I’m not an Apostle.I don’t turn the other cheek.I return a slap with a proportionate slap''


  1. Stella you say? 🤣😅

  2. Mr Sani and Mallam Rufai have something else going on. Few things bring to fore this kinda feeling!
    1. Woman
    2. Politics/money
    3. Business/money

    From the time Mr Sani lost his Chamber seat over 8years ago, he tweeted everyday.

  3. His hairline needs to be studied

    1. You are exactly what he is talking about. THE PROBLEM. NOW check this out. Your level of poverty needs to be studied. (How do you feel about that )

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Anon 13:56 baddo🙌, your vawulence is not Belgium, na tear rubber, follow come. It's in you!

  4. O yes 👏 return the slap back. Your hair is lovely.

  5. Nothing wrong with your hair, they just hated you because you didn't support Elrufai when he came to the denate for loan approval.
    Elrufai is the worst Governor kaduna ever had,we are still traumatized.
    BTW your hairline needs to be studied.its lovely.

  6. That woman definitely has a thing for the man's hair. Always going for his hair. She will leave all his other body part but will mention his hair every damn time. She's obsessed with with the man's hair/line or his other hair or something.

    Obi for president
    Wizkid FC
    Proudly Tiv

  7. Sen Sani doesn't mince words. Abeg return the slaps in double dose.
    Nothing wrong with your hair, don't mind them.

  8. Return the slap sir, you are even free to double the slap by leaving a scar on the face. Your hairline is sweet, that is why that woman can't do without mentioning it.

  9. Dunno what to say here 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Handsome Shehu Sani. Your hairline is perfect.


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