Stella Dimoko Imo State Gov Uzodinma Announces N40, 000 As New Minimum Wage + Reveals Other Plans


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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Imo State Gov Uzodinma Announces N40, 000 As New Minimum Wage + Reveals Other Plans

 Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma, on Saturday, July 15, 2023 announced N40,000 as the new minimum wage for civil servants in the state.

According to the governor,the increment is to reduce the impact on workers due to fuel subsidy removal.
His administration is also planning to establish Imo State Marketing and Commodity Board (ISMCB), which will ensure food items are sold at normal prices. 
He is also planning to build a low-cost housing estate for the low-income salary earners in the state and introduce a Scholarship Education Board for brilliant students whose parents are poor to train them in school.  


  1. Stella,last week the entire Orlu didn't open their shps,go to school,go to market or go to church,an entire week. Orlu is one of the largest zones in Imo State. Young adults have been leaving the area and there's mass migration,stealing and killing is the order of the day.
    A sitting governor shouldn't be mute on the happenings in a state that was thoroughly peaceful till he assumed office .
    The people of Imo are sad,forget political beneficiaries who would come out to whitewash the happenings in Imo State,half of what happens doesn't get into the news and because you are not here and not aware this governor comes to post all these "good" things.
    He should sort out our land...the bloodshed is beyond baffling,the killing is so terrifying, people can't go home,once you get there you don't sleep there,you don't a fresh car there,you don't even dress so good to the village,his boys are ready to hunt down anybody and he is doing nothing about it.
    Banana junction is empty
    Orlu building materials market open today close for 1 week
    This governor and his team aren't doing well.

    1. He's allegedly the one sponsoring the unrest in the state according to a House of Representative member in his state.

    2. So true about orlu...see him enter unrest on a daily...sometimes feels like a war zone

  2. My aunt is a civil servant and she has not been paid salary for close to 1year now. Someone was telling me that the only people owed are those that has no "Imo number" but my aunt has, she showed me and I verified it online. My other uncle's wife hasn't been paid her gratuity since over three years of retirement even though she has the "Imo number " My uncle too, no pension for a long time now

  3. Let the governors in the east come together and solve the insecurity in their part of the country first

    1. Just as the people in the north should come together to solve the book haram, herdsmen wahala, ba? Dey play. You know you mustn't comment on all Igbo related posts😏

    2. Anonymous16 July 2023 at 14:14
      Do you have a thinking faculty or it has been eroded by fatty tissues?
      Someone is talking about the East,you re mentioning the North. Do you want 'your East' to become as bad as the North?
      You this particular anon is fond of mentioning the North anytime someone makes a comment, suggesting a solution regarding the East.
      You are clearly not exposed

  4. Dirty murderer.

  5. Not even Lagos state can afford this minimum wage of 30k and not owe. Nigeria by itself is poor, broke and in debt so we need to tell ourselves hard truths as we contend with the realities of past economic sabotage for the past 60 years at the personal, familial, communal, local, state and national levels.


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