Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 8 All Stars - Frood, Mercy And Angel Discuss About Venitas Love For Adekunle


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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

BBNaija Season 8 All Stars - Frood, Mercy And Angel Discuss About Venitas Love For Adekunle

Big brother Naija season 8 all stars housemates Mercy , Frodd and Angel are seen in a video having a conversation about how Venita told them to put Adekunle up for pardon instead of herself.

Mercy said Venita asked her who is likely to be safe between herself and Adekunle , she said she had to tell her that it’s her, says “na you na , na you strong pass” , because she’s not sure how Venita expected her to know who is strong.

She said they initially wanted to give NEO but Venita said no that they should give Adekunle.
Meanwhile Mercy said she almost came to Frodd to come beg him to put Adekunle but she had to tell her not to, considering that she defaulted in their plan last week by putting Adekunle instead of Frodd as proposed.

Frodd- She self know say she no fit try am. When she and this guy meet self wey things dey like this , e never reach 3 weeks o.

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  1. I love Mercy and Froid's unique friendship. They got each others back and are naturally loyal and good people.
    Mercenaries, vote for Frood and Ike.
    Alex fans, please cast your votes for Seyi and White Money and Dekss. Bikonu.

    1. Add Soma please

    2. I want Mercys kind of heart back, I used to have something like that, say 70%. But now, all I see r pple scheming, jealousy, hatred. Mercy is so obvious to such traits in pple.
      I want that meek, free spirit again. Honestly it just draws pple to u naturally.
      So beautiful to watch

    3. Stella bring Cross and White money's advise, Venita eavesdropping on Cross and Ile's Convo. Those 1s off me

    4. kontinu! delete seyi from that list jooor

    5. Mercy’s heart is gold, like to find her kind of heart in this generation is wonderful
      She’s top tier
      She’s a friend friend.

      Venita on the other hand has a lot to work on, I am sometimes tempted to hear her exes side of the story because this woman is unbelievable

      Push up (original)

  2. Omo Frodd’s response to mercy when she asked if they should pardon Adekunle sweet me 😂
    Frodd: ain't giving him shit 🤣

    Venita is just a bitter soul. She couldn’t cooperate with the girls and vote Doyin 🥴

    1. He even said he rather give Neo than Ade
      In his voice I will give her brother instead if she like make them no dey talk

  3. I love how men stay faithful to themselves and place their careers first. Ven pardon Adekunle wey no pardon am. Same way Tbaj pardon Neo wey no pardon am...😁

    1. Leave them.

      Women will never learn. Nigerian men DON'T RATE YOU unless you are a means to their end.


      That's why I respect Mercy's game. The lady is VERY VERY focused and VERY COMPETITIVE.

      This BFF she chose, each one was for a specific reason.

      Tolani ban that was eliminated 1st week abi 2and week in her season, instead of her to pick a strong strategy, she day fall on Neo like dandruff. The Neo sef will be the first to ensure she's out if she crosses his game.

      If you went home early in your season and have the luck to be selected again, you should make sure to do things different. I'm not saying you should be crying every Monday like a 30 year old toddler or sitting on every guy's lap, just do things differently.

      All these smello pick mes that always come in here...either they just attach themselves to one man like fungus eg Lilo or they don't have a mind of their own.

      I mean look at Princess na, first to leave last season, first to leave this season. Confirmed boringo.

      I have zero feelings for Mercy, but you see that 100% intentionality, laser focus in betweenall the jokes and banter? Mad mad respect 🙌.

    2. The jury of the first week had 2 ladies which was an advantage. How I wish they voted Princess. Seyi would have been out, and then Princess probably out the next week. Uriel would have been saved cos she had content. But naah, they went with Seyi who still had something to say about one of them soon after she saved him lol. The second jury week had two men, I assume the two men saved their Seyi as usual and the cycle continues.

      Yeah I also respect Mercy, at least her head is always in the game, she no dey lose focus and she tries for the ladies. And she is mature enough to stay cool with Ike regardless of their disagreements. That babe deserves to win for real. Instead of the Double Wahala ladies to alliance with each other since every set is doing the same, they are there carrying face. Meanwhile, Tobi is married with a kid, his career is booming, and his beard well moisturized. Toh!

    3. LMAO @ 'his beard well moisturized.'
      You see that her focus ehn and the way she tries to blend with everybody while establishing boundaries?
      No carrying airs, no raising shoulders, no announcing whether she has Benz or truck, no fighting over man or trying to knock one head with another, no need to do that anymore, she don pass that level. I'm no saying she's perfect. And I don't care to know her to be honest. But the one I see and I can learn from, I will quickly grab and keep it moving.
      Double Wahala ladies no get sense, fighting over a man who has left them chaku chaku in the dust.

  4. Those saying Frod left his wife at home to go hustle for money wey him no go win

    Hope you heard him saying his baby is how a celebrity and before 6months pampas and other brands will be signing baby Elena that it was a calculated attempt

  5. Venita is a disgrace! Look at her putting Adekunle over her family Neo. Yet, she frustrated Vee when the tables were turned. I still don't understand what Neo did to her that is making her act so petulant.

    1. Both Venita and Neo understand this game well. As usual, the viewers will pick sides and be fighting one another. They know how y'all think. There is no fight anywhere. If you believe that, you'll believe anything.

    2. Chika(hello iya boys)15 August 2023 at 17:07

      Abi ooo I thought of it self..
      Abeg me am enjoying Frood and Mercy platonic Friendshipppp💋💋


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