Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 8 All Stars - Ike Becomes HOH And Chooses EX Mercy As One Of His BFF's + Other Gists


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Tuesday, August 08, 2023

BBNaija Season 8 All Stars - Ike Becomes HOH And Chooses EX Mercy As One Of His BFF's + Other Gists

Hmmmm, is Ike trying to sneak back into Mercy's heart by choosing her as one of his BFF's? Please answer me.....


Ike has emerged the head of house for this week.
He is immune from eviction and guaranteed one more week in Biggie’s house.
He chose CeeCee, Seyi, Mercy and Venita as his BFFs.



Housemates saved Frodd from eviction this week By nominating him four times in the Pardon Me Please (PMP) nomination.

Four housemates - Seyi, Mercy, Ike and Angel nominated him, making him the housemate with the highest PMP nomination

This is how the housemates nominated:

Frodd – Mercy

Angel – Frodd

Pere – Cross

Doyin – Adekunle

Kiddwaya – Alex

Venita – Adekunle

Cross – Kiddwaya

Mercy – Frodd

Seyi – Frodd

Uriel – TolaniBaj

Neo – TolaniBaj

TolaniBaj – Neo

WhiteMoney – Alex

Soma – Angel

Adekunle – Venita

Alex – Seyi

Ike – Frodd



Kiddwaya while having a conversation with lamented that none of the female housemates have exhibited 'wife material' characteristics.
He said, "I don’t want to even try and get into any entanglement in Biggie’s house. I have got a girl outside anyway. My girl is a million times better than all of them here. I haven’t seen anyone clean, I haven’t seen anyone cook. I haven’t seen anyone even show any wife material characteristics.”


  1. I'm soooo happy for Ike, honestly. I was rooting for him to win the HOH game. He's so interesting to watch.

    Let me get home and keep voting for Mercy, no time.

    1. congratulations to Ike and Frodd

    2. I really hope people put sentiments aside and vote for housemates playing the game and entertaining us.
      Yesterday’s HOH game, Mercy couldn’t even fix a single puzzle. She kept shouting “village people”
      What exactly are people voting her for???
      I’m really glad Ike won. He has been playing the game seriously, including Soma, Frodd, Neo, even Kiddwaya shocked me.

    3. In my view, Mercy isn't smart. Her previous strategy isn't working this season.

    4. My concern is, people thinking the BFF are not up for possible eviction. All the housemates are up for possible eviction except the Head of House and Frodd, who the housemates pardoned. Even Seyi that found the black envelope is up for eviction, he can only use the black envelope to access the gym.

      Vote for your faves please. I just say make I update una

  2. Congratulations IKE, a well deserved win, a graduate of Mathematics na your mate?. The housemates were sending him on errand looking down on him, that was a big surprise to them. I am happy that he picked Ceec, let her go and cool her brain, I hope she will not defending housemates and face her game. I like her for her responsible and reserved nature. Kiddiwaya thought that they brought girls for him to choose for marriage?. Kiddiwaya this season no be am at all he came in with a condescending attitude

    1. You dey mind Kiddiwaya. They give the bare minimum and expect so much in return. He dey find wife material, are you husband material yourself? Abeeeeegiiii

    2. Nobody was leaking his a=s like in his previous season. No lady there send him papa.

    3. Two years ago, he was busy telling the housemates that care to listen his rich men stories(with him papa money o) so I understand his frustration. Almost all the housemates this season have their own money so nobody to tell big tales.
      He should take a voluntary exit to meet his wife materials and keep his sorry tales to himself.

    4. What do you expect in a house he's been told he is just a Kid if not for his father's money? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      No attention from any lady this time 🤷‍♀

  3. Congratulations to Frood and Ike
    I am happy for Ike's win..

    Voting for Soma
    I want him to stay small in Biggie's house.
    His cry 😢 yesterday touched 🥲 me..

    1. Soma is annoying my life! My whole life! Did he think he wasn't ever going to be up for possible eviction? What's wrong with that boy? Why was he even crying?? Mtchewww abeg small thing can vex my life abeg

    2. Fidel dear,he don't want to leave Biggie's house early🤣🤣
      I followed him cry yesterday oo 😂😂🤣🤣

  4. The tears flow freely from the slow tiger face , I'm happy for someone said days back,he's the most neutral person in that house

    Wait wait fess,my bromance guys General Perez and Cross,two weeks running Perez has been saving Cross but Cross hasn't saved his friend! 🤔 I don't want any dent in this friendship when they will come out to see the clips oh

    Kiddwaya-waya Dem gang why not take a voluntary exit to go meet your fiancee that is a wife material 😏😏

    I love Ike selection of the BFF'S

    What's Uriel problem yesterday? See confusion for save me pls nominations 🤣🤣 that babe no well

  5. Someone that is looking 4 wife are you husband material.... Boy no time

  6. I think it's a mutual something, Ike actually asked Mercy if she's interested in the BFF and she replied in the affirmative unlike other that he just called their names.

    Hahaha, internet shildren don dey ask if Kiddwaya imsef na husband material, oshisco.

  7. Pele o, wife material detector. Be there forming detective. Awon low budget Jack Bauer.
    Are you a husband material yourself?

  8. Venita is beginning to irritate me.
    What did Pere take from her? It’s giving obsessed!
    She talks too much and talks down on her housemates. Adekunle walks ok egg shells around her.

    1. Adfekunle is liked and he should not spoil his game by doing gumbody with Venita. I like a solo Deks biko

  9. Stella Mercy too wants Ike. After all they said about each other.

  10. I'm happy for Ike. He's very serious about playing the game. He's one of the people that makes this whole show interesting. I don't want him to leave now



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