Stella Dimoko IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Replaces Illegal Sit-At-Home On Mondays With ‘Economic Empowerment Day’


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Sunday, August 06, 2023

IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Replaces Illegal Sit-At-Home On Mondays With ‘Economic Empowerment Day’

The detained leader of the pro-Biafra group, the Indigenous People of Biafra IPoB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has abolished all forms of sit-at-home in the South-East and declared that every Monday in the region be observed as Economic Empowerment Day, EED.

This was disclosed in a statement by IPoB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, on Saturday.

Explaining, IPoB’ statement read, ”Economic Empowerment Day, EED, connotes a day set aside for mass mobilisation of Biafrans to devote their resources and means towards reversing the sharp and unprecedented decline in the economic, educational, and social needs of our people occasioned by the prolonged sit-at-home.
“During the EED exercise, the people of Biafra were encouraged to embark on massive deployment of their resources for the empowerment of the educationally disadvantaged and poverty- ridden population of our people.

“Sit-at-home exercise was initially adopted by IPoB as part of its agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra, but variously it became abused by other variants of Biafra agitation, including the most condemned version of Simon Ekpa.

”Following the total cancellation of all forms of sit-at-home in the entire South-East, as clearly and unequivocally encapsulated in Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s handwritten letter which was recently published by special counsel Barrister Alloy Ejimakor, widely trended and deservedly celebrated, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has as a follow up to the recorded acceptability and massive compliance with the directive, further directed Umu Chineke , to henceforth, set aside every Monday as an “Economic Empowerment Day, EED, in the entire South-East.

“During this exercise, Biafrans are encouraged to embark on massive deployment of their resources for the empowerment of the educationally disadvantaged and poverty ridden population of our people.

“Through education, employment, health services, sense of identity and community, our people and indeed, the Eastern region can begin to thrive and grow.
“There is an urgent need to reclaim our lost glory by embarking on empowering Biafrans with the resources they need to live beyond mere subsistence as our people are known globally for hard work, resilience, and great achievements.

“Also, the implication of this Economic Empowerment Day, EED, is that Biafrans are expected to devote significant time to adhere to their routine calendar schedule template strictly and uninterruptedly with a view to making up for the humongous time lost to the activities of misguided enforcers of unsanctioned Monday sit-at-home order.”

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  1. Dike!!!!!


    I can't love you less. When we tell them the man you are, they thought we don't know very much of you.

    God bless you. Even in incarceration, you still command respect.


    1. I tire for who no tire for you Teejay! Na wah for you. For
      a man you talk too much. Do you know Nnamdi Kanu ? Do you know his plans for east! Why are you such a blind follower?? Do you know how many people died in the Biafran Nigerian civil war???

    2. Anon, is it your love? Why e dey pain you say I love my brother? Abeg carry your hate get out from my comment. If you and anybody no happy about my comment, go and hang transformer with high voltage.

    3. He commands respect from your likes, not from me or my family.

  2. Better. Enough of the meaningless sit-at-home.

  3. I laugh in Okigwe. I can't make any meaning out of this write-up.

  4. As long as akpurians keep their killing in the south east, nobody really cares.

  5. Teejay is SDK's version of FFK or Reno. Somehow Stella and a number of blog visitors enable him.

    1. See them crying😂😂😂😂

      Sit at home order, you guys complained. Now it has been abolished and replaced with economic masterplan, yet you guys are still pained and bittered. The plan from you people is to see the East destroyed. So this news hit you guys badly and you all felt disappointed.

      Una never dey cry here. Continue.

    2. Are you really comparing the intellectually sound Reno and FFK to him?

    3. 10:28,

      Thank you. Those 2 are intellectually sound; even when I have opposing views about their posts, it is not for a lack of mental stimulation.

      This fellow here on this blog on the other hand.......

    4. Economic master plan indeed.

      When we warned against the futility of the sit at home orders, they countered by saying that the South East controls Nigeria's economy and that the economy will soon take a tumble. Hahaha. After 2 years, they now realise that the approach was not only wrong but also amounted to self immolation. While the South East was harming itself, the rest of the country took no notice. IPOB has come with a new one, they should enjoy destroying themselves as was predicted will happen when they get their biafra.

  6. Chei! See as dem command these people and everyone will troop out? If they obey the instructions then the purpose of Biafra is meaningless! I thought Igbos thought Nigeria can't do without them? Ordinary detachment on Mondays the whole SouthEast is feeling it! For how many years? Make una try am for another one year now and let's see who will lose. Truth is, nobody should feel dispensable. I remember the purpose of the sit at home, it ended up hurting Igbos more than any other tribe in Nigeria. Just imagine the repercussions of pulling out...smh

  7. "Sit-at-home exercise was initially adopted by IPoB as part of its agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra, ".

    Clear self-indictment.

    Nnamdi invited and instructed this economic genocide and mass murder of his people because he was pissed about being smoked out of hiding by the money he sold his people for. Their blood and poverty is on his head and he needs to pay for being the ultimate Fulani herdsman to his own people.

    Which money is he donating to the widowed and those who lost their parents and livelihood to his criminal shenanigans during this empowerment BLA BLA BLA? How many of the guns he distributed is he looking to take back from the drug addled illiterates he empowered against their own kin? ? What is personally he giving for rehabilitation of those the animals he empowered raped? When will he take the path of honor that the warriors of old took when they have lost the plot and made the lives of their people worse than before?

    Like Ojukwu who ran away like a toddler when his recompense came, leaving his shame and the destiny of his people to Effiong, to live a skirt chasing soft life in exile, Kanu has sent a letter, an older form of communication unlike then when he would spew ignorant nonsense on the airwaves. Little sit at home don tire small boy, he wan come out.

    It is left for Igbo people to better learn the hard lessons this second time around before another crazy DJ has a bad idea.

  8. E be as if na only me waka come O, I don't understand this EED write up biko

  9. They think FG have time for your sit at home nonsense? If the sit at home affects other tribes or the Hausas or the Yorubas, I bet you Simon Ekpa would have been arrested in Finland. Do you think arresting Ekpa is that difficult? He was only enjoying the fact that his stupid sit at home is only affecting and punishing his people. Who cares when say you are going hunger strike, who cares. Yet they would be claiming to be the smartest tribe in Africa. Nothing but BOI's.

  10. That's how the so-called Biafrans have been opening mouth wide to vomit threats, give FG orders and beating Ur chest that u will do and undo. Thinking that Ur region was some economic centre. That when u shut it down Nigeria economy will collapse..... On the contrary na only Una dey suffer. .. with Ur region reduced to an animal zoo killing yourselves where a man in a foreign land is controlling you like robots.


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