Stella Dimoko Abia State Gov Otti Reportedly Sacks All Civil Servant Employed By Ex Gov Ikpeazu


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Saturday, September 02, 2023

Abia State Gov Otti Reportedly Sacks All Civil Servant Employed By Ex Gov Ikpeazu

Is Gov Otti at war with ex governor Ikpeazu?

The Abia State Government has sacked all the public servants recruited towards the end of the immediate past governor, Okezie Ikpeazu’s tenure.

The state Head of Service, Joy Maduka, stated that the affected public servants were recruited from December 2022 till date.

“Following the on-going reorganization in the Abia State Public Service in line with the provision of the Public Service Rules in Abia, I write to advise you that His Excellency, Governor Alex Otti has ordered the disengagement of all staff employed from December. 2022 til date.

“However, any further directive(s) of His Excellency on this matter shall be communicated in due course.”
Speaking on the development, the governor Chief Press Secretary, CPS, Kazie Uko said the directive was a decision of the State Executive Council.

He described the employment as campaign recruitment by the past administration.


  1. That would be very wicked if its true

  2. This country is on a long thing. Every okoro comes in with their clownish self.

  3. You won't see many comments because this was done by an LP governor.
    The hypocrisy of those so called activists that claim to be fighting for a new and better Nigeria.
    Watch this space when the Federal government or a state governed by another party takes some cost cutting measures

    1. Theirs is a hypocrisy that I can't fathom

    2. Oh please! I support his actions. Go and check the number of people employed by the Ikpeazu administration from January till May, then you will understand. Man knew he was going to lose the election and went on an employment spree although he never published any vacancy advert so that the average Abian could apply. He left 3 month's salary unpaid to his so called core civil servants and for people like teachers he left more than a year's salary unpaid. Even for some of the people he employed at the tail end of his administration , he didn't pay even a month's salary.
      Use your tongue and count your teeth and you will understand the game he was playing. So Otti should now spend the entire state's revenue paying salaries and clearing the plenty arrears left by Ikpeazu, okwaya? So people who are not civil servants will not at least enjoy dividends of democracy, ba?

      He told us that he will clean up the civil service, he is doing that. He has paid the 3 months arrears within a space of 3 months of his being sworn in, he has started paying teachers. He has gone after ghost workers to cut them off the system. I am sure he will employ people after all this but in a transparent and fair manner so that the average Abian will have a fair shot at being employed. Yes, he feels our pains but must do the right thing too.Otti is working, leave him alone.
      For ndi isi gate at Umuahia, Otti is coming oo. You guys should not start crying when he comes to chase you away from that place. He has left you people to buy and sell for these months. Don't cry when he comes to do the needful. Abia must be great, again!

    3. If what anon 13:21 wrote is true, then I support the Governor's actions. We should endeavor to see past politics or political parties.

    4. Anon you are correct. Oti is doing the lord's work. How can kerosene seller employ people few months to the end of his rule.

      To the cry cry anons ntoooor. Oti is on the right track and it is my state. Am happy with what he is doing

    5. Anon 13:21 thanks for replying. Those ones up there will not use their sense. Everything to them is political party, they can never reason beyond that. When you criticize anything in this country, they always find a way to lump it to party rivalry. With people like this, this country will remain backward.

  4. Sad☹️ governor please rethink.

  5. I see nothing wrong with this as most of these appointments are not on merit. In fact most appointments in civil service is not on merit, which is why government workers have been mediocre for years.

    Besides, why would the past governor make those appointments towards the end of his tenure?

  6. Ah ah but even if ,take pity on the staffs employed, they need the job forgusake

  7. This na real meaning of enjoy it while it lasts.


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