Stella Dimoko Big Brother Star Phyna Rants On Snapchat


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Sunday, October 01, 2023

Big Brother Star Phyna Rants On Snapchat



  1. Rubbish! Excuses! Is there any perfect family? For your family to even come to the finale to celebrate with you says a lot about them.
    I saw through you but most Nigerians didn't that was why you fooled them.
    You are the problem!
    You think those fake friends will stay with you when the money finishes?
    Ordinary how much , you abandoned your family?
    What if they beg you for money, so what?
    That doesn't mean you should abandon them.

    1. Anon 13:15, don't mind her. Parents say that to their kids all the time, especially when those kids are aggressive and hot-headed. Yoruba parents, while beating you. would tell you if you died in the process, they would give birth to another child. Of course they wouldn't harm you to that extent. Did this girl's parents feed her and provide medical care?Yes! I don't like the fact that the father did not refer to the car she had given,but to vilify your parents like that is horrible.

    2. Re-read the excuse the father gave for liquidating his business and type excuses there too.

    3. @13:42 You did not watch the interview where she said she grew up with her Aunty? Why are you making it seem like the parents were so loving and sweet?

  2. 100 million is not 100 billion

    I guess out of excitement, she made promises she couldn't meet up with. Let her do the one she can and face front. My only issue with her is asking the father to sell his cars. It is wrong.

    The demand placed on African children by relatives can be unbearable.

    Imagine granting an interview to press. Sad.


    1. Xoxo,.

      This isn't relatives oh..
      Father and mother shouldn't even be discussed, so long as you have the money and they were the ones that trained you, them expecting is not entitlement..

      You should also show your siblings love too, if the money is there..

      The strangers you ball and the people you do giveaway to, are they better than your immediate family who would be there for you in thick and thin, abi na chasing clout and fake life Don block some people sense

    2. Dante, that your family is nice doesn’t mean everyone else’s is.
      Stop this one size fits all advice.

    3. 16.50

      You saw where I wrote "and they're the ones who trained you" right?

      I don't support irresponsibility from parents. I don't support reaping where you didn't sow

  3. Resolve these issues in private nau.

  4. Poor child 🤗🤗🤗. No parents,should throw their child/ren,under the bus.

  5. Next time no go do pass yourself.
    How I'm not sure, she settled the mum more and left the dad. That's where this problem came from. For the man to come online and say those things about his own child, I doubt with the Phyna I saw on the show that's razz and uncouth, she will not send or even help the father again.

  6. Phyna, you need to set the record straight for your family and your personal brand. You need to grow the hell up!!! I’m not a BBN fan but if you don’t use this opportunity well, you will weep. You know why? Because people don’t like you. Even your family doesn’t really like you. But God does, so you’re good…. We plenty wey world people no like but we dey on steady rise.

    1. BUY A HOUSE FOR YOURSELF. If that N100m finish and you no buy house, you go suffer ooooh! Family don dey wait make you cry make them laugh.

    2. Retrieve the 2 SUVs you for for your parents. Sell them! Even if you loose, sell them! Use some of the money to buy back your father’s buses. Use the balance to get them a functional Toyota Corolla. Thank God he has renovated his house, abi no be so e talk? Good. Let him use the proceeds of his buses to pay his daily bills and maintain his car. This should be okay for the next 5 years. No vacations or fancy gifts. Send the usual stuff home for Easter and Christmas. If your belle no sweet you, don’t visit. But honour them because na so bible talk.

    3. Send ANY relative living with you back to your parents house. You see those live-in relatives? They are key informants. They know when you go grocery shopping for N200k. They know your electricity bill and your estate dues. They will call home and share, forgetting that Lagos is a different ball game. Send them back home and seal your business. Maintain privacy.

    4. Stop making promises and set some boundaries. Do what you can and decline when you can’t. Family will drain you if you don’t have sense. No dey call house to share your business. Grow up girl!

    5. You are the one God chose to bless with money and He has His reasons. Sometimes we want to carry people along when they are not as prepared for the journey as we are and that’s when we dey see wahala. Drop drop drop! Lay aside EVERY weight that easily besets you (the bible says this). If not, you will be unable to run towards the mark that is set ahead of you. There is a price to pay for everything. “New levels, new devils”… no be so they talk?

    6. Lastly or most importantly, get a therapist and/or life coach. Get a good mentor in the entertainment industry, too. Let these people counsel you out of childhood trauma, coach you to stay focused on goals and support you to grow into a better woman. Leave all these twitter fights, they won’t pay your bills or help you build your brand beyond this point. Read books about money and financial behaviour, understand emotional intelligence and personal branding. Equip yourself!!

    I like to see people rise from the bottom to the top. But most of you don’t even know how to apply wisdom when your opportunities visit. Ask Tacha how she is doing it. They say she no get character yet she’s steady on her bag. Receive sense my dear!!

    1. In other words, she should fight her family because she is now rich..

      Typical woman reasoning!

    2. God bless you Anon 15:05. How someone will read all that wisdom and say "typical woman reasoning" is very concerning. You made very salient points. I actually wish a fan of this Phyna person will screenshot this and send it to her. But alas said fan will undoubtedly be rewarded with insults. I saw her responding to people on Twitter and she is extremely uncouth.

    3. 15:05 I like people like you. People who not just criticize others, but proffer the solutions they have.

  7. No matter what you do for family,it will never be enough..Put that at the back of your mind when you make decisions.periodt

    1. do or an entitled family o.
      For an entitled family.
      For a family that maybe many of you come from or related to some how somehow.
      Small 20k that I sent to my aunty, she wanted to finish my life with prayers.
      If I call her during the week, just to say hello, if we use 10 minutes to talk, 9 minutes and 30 seconds in prayers over me and my siblings.
      The same thing when my sibling calls her to check up on her.
      I'm hoping to do more during Christmas.
      Please o, it's not every family that is entitled o, I know those that every pin you give them is recieved with genuine gratitude and they do not ASK.
      They do not make demands.
      At least we on our own as the 'children' of our family know what our responsibilities are.
      Abeg this entitlement e mo reach my side of the family, and I am forever grateful.

  8. Whatever you say is useless because you encouraged the man to sell his cars, his source of making a living. Even if they were junk, he was surviving with them, you swooped in trying to play saviour which you didn't even attempt. The least you can do is give him a car so he can earn. He is not asking you to support him, he is seeking a way to make his living that you encouraged him to give up.

    Even if you are ashamed, do the right thing! Take your long mouth and do something useful with it for a change, apologise to the man and make amends.

  9. Very uncouth being!
    Beautiful but razz


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