Stella Dimoko Senator Natasha Akpoti Rejects Gov Bello's Congratulatory Message


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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Senator Natasha Akpoti Rejects Gov Bello's Congratulatory Message

Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, has rejected Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello’s congratulatory message to her on her victory affirming her as the Senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial District...

Bello congratulated Natasha and described her as his sister, and said it was necessary for him to accept the court verdict on her victory to avoid a breakdown of law and order in the state.
 Natasha, who appeared on Channels Television on Tuesday evening October 31, 2023, accused the governor attempting to kill her on different occasions....

“I would pretty much wish you had not played the Governor’s message here because I’m just getting to watch it now,” she said on Channels Television.
“He said this is the beauty of politics, this is not the beauty of politics. You don’t endanger yourself, set out to kill people, destroy property and frustrate the electoral process because you want your candidate to win and call it the beauty of democracy.

“I heard guns, I had his hunchmen shoot at my vehicle. I have video evidence of that. They wore APC shirts and one of them was Amoka, he was actually a Returning Officer… he led the group of 10 men to shoot at me. I have the videos capturing that.
“And apart from that, a day to the election, the governor dug five gullies, cutting off five roads and that was just to prevent election from going on and probably endangering my life.”

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  1. I’m not condoning nor supporting the governor for all the nonsense that he did but Natasha is not an innocent person either.This wkman is nothing but an evil and an home wrecker. She NEVER allow her now husband ex wife to live peace with her husband. She is an home wrecker and she did everything evil and also sue the man when the man refused to leave his wife for her. Now that she got him, is a matter of time as Karma never forgets to pay back evil doers. One thing i know for a fact, you lose him same way you got him. I’m sure she will do her 4 years and lost next time she run for reelection.

    1. Please we are talking politics focus

    2. All of these people supporting this present government reason anyhow. Imagine this comment. God forbid. When will you people start wishing this country good?

    3. At Anon 11:43

      The marriage is a political one. She really needed a husband to help her career as a politician, especially here that they abuse women for not being married. Honestly Natasha was the first case I'll see a woman sue a man for not marrying her, in Nigeria. A rich man at that not a poor person that we will say okay maybe she invested on him.

    4. Anon 11:33, blame the man too. What was a married man looking for outside? Did Natasha use rope to drag him to her?
      Any man that doesn't face his wife and children but starts looking for whatever outside, anything his eyes see, let him take it like that.
      They both wrecked the marriage.
      Leave her personal life and face her businness, which is politics.

    5. Dear Anonymous 11:33, you just acted a script that has always held us back. No one in Nigerian politics is innocent of a crime directly nor indirectly.
      And it's arguments like this that distract and misguide us from doing what is right. Did she contest and won? Why steal someone's mandate just to punish them for their private life, tribe or affiliation?

  2. Nice one. That failed governor should stuff his congratulations down his an*s.

  3. Thug governor. Kogi state has never gotten it right in terms of governor. Very useless men.
    Natasha is a big man's wife, well connected and rich, she don show am power. Ewu

  4. Reject his silly message, medicine after death. Natasha really suffered during their election. Thank God she's alive today

  5. Thank God for her life.

  6. Chika(Hello Iya Boys)1 November 2023 at 13:32


  7. Replies
    1. Even his subject Vincent is not in his support, he must really be a handful 🤣

  8. Politics in Kogi is on another level

  9. Lol, good, she went through a lot during the election from what I saw on her IG page.

  10. Hmmmmm what a big risk congratulation to her

  11. Mr governor,if all she is accusing you is true,why the congratulations?

  12. The type of politics oga Bello dey practice for kogi dey very terrible


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