Stella Dimoko Thursday Morning Spontaneous Post


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Thursday, November 09, 2023

Thursday Morning Spontaneous Post

#stop #inhaleexhale #smile #neversaynever

Good Morning!

More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate is how today should be....

God bless you this new day....



  1. Faith Always Wins!!
    1 Timothy 6:12.


    "The Spirit, through the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:16, instructs us to use an amazing arsenal of the spirit—faith: "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." Your faith is a shield."

    "Observe the certainty of the Spirit’s communication: He says with the shield of faith, you shall be able to extinguish ALL the fiery darts of the wicked. So, don't say, “Lord, the trials became too much and I didn’t know what to do, so I gave up.” No! Don’t quit. Don’t cower. Use your faith. Faith always wins."

    "The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God from your lips. It doesn't matter the debilitating challenges in your life; don't be quiet. Keep affirming the Word. Just as the Word prevailed in Ephesus (Acts 19:20), it’ll prevail over that predicament."


    Dear Father, I refuse to be discouraged or overwhelmed by the challenges of life; rather, I see them as opportunities to exercise my faith and prove the power in the Word. My faith is the victory that overcomes the world. I neutralise, quench, put out, and extinguish the fiery dart of the adversary. The Word of God on my lips prevails in my life, family, city, and nation, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

    Further Study:
    1 Timothy 6:12; 2 Timothy 4:7; Acts 19:20; Acts 20:24

  2. Two days ago, a major soft drink company was selling off it's products in plastic bottles that normally sell for N250 for N120 using their lorry. It was odd. I called one of the sale's boys to ask why since it's obvious something was wrong. The boy dodged me repeatedly. I asked a woman nearest to me that bought to allow me check something. Finally, written on the plastic bottle is the expiry date of 5th Nov.

    Obvious that our people are so ignorant. There's believe that since the drink just expired 3 days ago, it's not yet bad to consume.

    It shows also the state of the country's economy. The biggest soft drink maker selling expired drinks probably from poor sales.

    1. Drinks even two weeks to expiration isn't healthy for consumption let alone the one already expired.

    2. Until the head is good, the rest of the body will remain rotten.

    3. It's the sad reality,the low sales witnessed this year,is unimaginable.

    4. The company need to be called out on social media, the quality control department should know better, why endangering people lives knowing that most of them don't care to check the necessary information about the product they're buying.

    5. Like seriously 😳 what a terrible thing

    6. This is very wrong from angle, even close to expire goods should be destroyed not sold by the company.
      Owerri is hot andon lockdown.

    7. This practice is quite common amongst beverage manufacturers. A pioneer beverage company did same for their sodas and fruit juices. In their own case they were giving the drinks out for free. You should have seen the royal rumble that erupted between residents and passersby in their scrambling for these beverages.

    8. Big Mama, if I mentioned the name, Stella might not have enabled the comment. It's the biggest soft drinks company in the land.

    9. Imagine!
      What a wicked thing to do.

    10. Some other companies are on this table

    11. This is why I always check the expiration date on any drink I'm buying. That's pure wickedness.
      A lot of things are just too good to be true, always verify eh!

  3. SDK Psychologist9 November 2023 at 08:00



    Emotional needs refer to the psychological necessities that contribute to a person's well-being and mental health. Here are examples of emotional needs:

    1.) Connection: The need to form and maintain meaningful relationships with others.
    2.) Affection: The desire for physical touch, hugs, and displays of affection.
    3.) Empathy: Feeling understood and supported by others in times of difficulty.
    4.) Validation: Receiving recognition and acknowledgment for one's feelings and experiences.
    5.) Security: Feeling safe and protected in one's environment.
    6.) Autonomy: Having a sense of control and independence in one's life choices.
    7.) Belonging: Feeling like a valued member of a community or social group.
    8.) Respect: Being treated with consideration and respect by others.
    9.) Understanding: Having others take the time to comprehend your thoughts and emotions.
    10.) Attention: Receiving focused time and attention from loved ones.
    11.) Acceptance: Feeling accepted for who you are, without judgment or criticism.
    12.) Trust: Believing in the reliability and honesty of those around you.
    13.) Support: Having a network of people who offer encouragement during tough times.
    14.) Encouragement: Receiving positive reinforcement and motivation from others.
    15.) Companionship: Having someone to share experiences and moments with.
    16.) Solitude: Having the freedom to spend time alone and recharge when needed.
    17.) Appreciation: Feeling valued and appreciated for your contributions and efforts.
    18.) Inspiration: Being exposed to ideas and experiences that ignite your creativity and passion.
    19.) Stability: Having a sense of predictability and routine in your life.
    20.) Expression: Being able to openly express your thoughts, feelings, and desires without fear.
    These emotional needs vary from person to person, and fulfilling them contributes to emotional well-being and overall happiness.

  4. I heard this quote yesterday and it pierced me mehn.....
    "When you learn how to sit at the same table with your own Judas, you'll understand the LOVE of Christ".
    Una Gud Morning...#ALiSpeaks

  5. Heavenly father, Thank you for your unfailing love towards us, your blessings, and goodness.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to guide us and see us through times of uncertainty, for lifting us up, and setting us on high.
    Thank you for scripture that comforts and reminds us of your promises, plan, and provision for us. Thank you for taking away our fears and worries.
    Thank you that when we weak, you are strong.
    Thank you Lord for answering our prayers in Jesus name πŸ™
    Thank you Lord for journey mercy.

    1. Amen πŸ™Œ
      Good morning Ma ❤️❣️ welcome back , thank God for safety and successful burial

    2. Amen.
      Welcome back big mama and thank God for journey mercies.

    3. Good morning Big Mama, welcome back. I have been looking forward to you prayers. How was the burial?

    4. Amen,Good morning Big mama welcome back.

    5. Thank you all.
      The burial was successful.
      Keep resting my prayer partner.

  6. As a man, that attention you get from women when you have money, do you really believe that is love?

    You people just never learn. From this infidelity series, the women were cheating on their rich lovers with random niggas whom they loved.

    Money brings attention not love.

    ~ Sir Dickson.

    Me: πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. Morning afternoon night, women matter. Don't go and look for money o πŸ™„

    2. Not really..
      I disagree with this..
      Are saying people with money can never find true love?
      Is it now a crime to have money?
      There are people that still loves genuinely, rich or not..

    3. Anon @08:25, Let your hatred for Teejay not be your undoing. why don't do you skedaddle out of here and go and make money, everyday, Teejay this, Teejay that!

    4. Anon 08:25,

      Pls any tips on where I will see this money? I want to make it.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    5. Don't use the same tar to paint all women just because you encountered a materialistic one. Besides, you have women too much on your head.

  7. This new day for you and all yours...

    May the Lord unlock and release every treasure in your life that has been held captive till now...

    May the peace of God reign over every turbulence in and around you today and always...

    In Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen.

    Blessed and exciting day, I wish you!!!

  8. Replies
    1. It's time to give up on Manchester United. Haven't you guys suffered this humiliation enough?

    2. Black, unburden your heart. Share your story anonymously.

      I pray for the light of God to reach your deepest of soul and bring peace upon you. πŸ’

    3. E- πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— hug. Please don't be hard on your self.

    4. I hope all is well with you Blacky?
      On a second thought, I hope it has nothing to do with last night UCL match with man UTD?

    5. Come here πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      But if it's about Man UTD match yesterday,I take the hugs back oh 🚢🏼‍♀️🚢🏼‍♀️🚢🏼‍♀️🚢🏼‍♀️

    6. E bo better my brother.

      Paris, why nau? Don't tell me you've given up on our team already. Let's learn from the gunners na.

  9. Amen @SDK prayers.
    Good morning everyone
    May today favour us all Amen πŸ™πŸ»

  10. I greet you all this beautiful morning. Stay blessed.

    United is now a joke! Na wa!

    1. Life is transient and fame comes to an end at some point in time. Could this be the end of the road for a once England Champion? The theatre of dreams have been shattered and the centre could no longer hold.

    2. Ekaaro Sis ❤️πŸ’“

      In as much as I know the team isn't in their best form, officiating hasn't really be kind to us as well! Too many errors and inconsistency from reds and VAR but in all, it's a phase,a process we must pass through to get can't be worse that this

      Keep the faith πŸ’ͺ

    3. My only anger yesterday was the data I wasted in streaming that match 😏😏

    4. Teejay, we will get better with time. You'll say I said so, bro.

      Paris Nwam, It was so annoying that I deprived myself of a good sleep when I know I'm working today just to watch the shambles of a match. We will get better, I'm not giving up eh!


    'The commands... [give] insight for living.' Psalm 19:8 NLT

    The marquee outside a little country church read: 'Jesus said...' That's it - nothing else! Perhaps the custodian was leaving the sentence incomplete for passing drivers to fill in the blank. Some would drive by giving it little thought. The more biblically-minded may search their memory for the right answer. Some may think the custodian missed a chance to proclaim words that can transform lives.

    Jesus said, 'It is the Spirit that gives life... The words I told you are spirit, and they give life' (John 6:63 NCV). Only the words of God can transform us.

    David understood the awesome benefits of God's word. In Psalm 19:7-11 NLT, he tells us it's essential for: (1) 'Reviving the soul.' God's word is inexhaustible, but we're not! We wear down with time and effort, and need restoration and revitalising. (2) 'Making wise the simple.' God's word gives you insights for crucial, everyday decision-making. A high IQ isn't required; the Bible is for regular and ordinary people. David said, 'I am wiser than all my teachers, because I think about your rules. I have more understanding than the elders, because I follow your orders' (Psalm 119:99-100 NCV). (3) 'Bringing joy to the heart' (Psalm 19:8 NLT). Happiness is dependent on having the right people and circumstances in your life. But 'joy' is different; it's an inside job that comes from living by the principles of Scripture. (4) 'Giving insight for living.' When you have a problem in your personal life, home life or working life, God's word offers you 'insight for living'. It's your handbook for life!
    Word For Today


    1. Word up πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Thanks for sharing Sis πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ©·❤️

    2. God's word is inexhaustible!
      Thanks for sharing Essa babe πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

  12. Good morning everyone
    May God bless and protect us today, Amen.

  13. Forth in thy name, O Lord I go my daily labour to pursue thee only thee resolved to know in all I think, or speak, or do

    2. The task thy wisdom hat assigned O let me cheerfully fulfill in all my works thy presence find and a prove thy acceptable will

    3. Thee may I set at my right hand whose eyes my inmost substance see and labour on at thy command and offer all my works to thee

    4. Give me to bear thy easy yoke and every moment watch and pray and still to things eternal look and hasten to Thy glorious day
    5. For thee delightfully employ whate'er thy bounteous grace hath giv'n and run my course with even joy and closely walk with thee to heaven.

  14. Good morning to y'all on this space.
    Hope you had a stress-free night rest?

    Word Of The Day
    1. Lackadaisical- (a) Lacking spirit or liveliness.

    A lackadaisical attempt.


    2. (a) Idle or indolent especially in a dreamy way.

    She was annoyingly lackadaisical and impractical.

    Its synonym is languorous.


  15. Thank you Jesus for another day πŸ™
    Good morning everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  16. Belated happy birthday Arike, God bless you
    Congratulations on your relocation Eka, greater heights

  17. AMEN..God bless u too Sdk. God bless us all.cheers.

  18. Want to use this medium to appreciate you all for ur well wishes. Thank you!

    Also, story time, epistle time. I’ve got a number of stories to share. Who’s ready?

    1. Congratulations joy.
      God's grace wil be with you and your new identity will be favour in Jesus name amen πŸ™

    2. Congratulations to you and your family


    3. we are all ready.
      i cannot wait to read your sweet gist.

    4. Lol..

      If we talk say we no ready, you no go still drop am🀷🏽

  19. So much struggling and suffering, for a life that can be taken any time without our consent.
    Alhamduillah Rabbil Al'amin🀲🀲

    Good morning everyone πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  20. Good morning people. Have an amazing day ahead!

    XP!!! I just read Spontaneous post of yesterday this morning and rushed to my mailbox. Honestly you too much. Will settle down and absorb everything you wrote line by line. I don’t know how to begin to appreciate you. Please expect my reply before the weekend. God bless you and your brains, I’m amazed! SDK thanks for this platform, you have no idea the number of ways you have touched my life. Money is the least of them. God bless you too.


    1. I swear, this blog is a life saver

    2. Real life changing. God bless you Stella for using this blog to bless lives. I love you StellaπŸ€—

    3. I tell you. The blessings that happens at the back is even more than what is done publicly.

    4. Our own ogbonge blog,1 and only.

    5. At your service Hajia.

      Patiently waiting.


      BTW...It's not only giveaway that's happening here,open your eyes guys,while reading comments,you'll see something.
      Many have become "gurus" without moving a muscle.

      Be wise!
      Use your internet time wisely.

  21. Hf_beddings/fiber-pillows/honey/English-fabrics 090723003919 November 2023 at 08:05

    In the midst of it all, ...And the most high showed up and showed forth His might on that matter.
    Carry your evidence..


  22. Ekaaro gbogbo ile

    God bless you too Stella

  23. Good morning everyone
    Nice day ahead.

  24. Goodmorning everyone,for the past two days have been trying to draft a financial plan and my head is so hot, although I have no knowledge in accounting,I thought it is simple maths(profit,loss and interest).E choke,I have dropped it till further notice before my head would explode.I keep checking for the meaning of accounting terms,however, I learnt alot in the process.
    Ire ooooo

    1. I think accounting is a great and sweet course. The first thing you need to know to progress successfully in financial accounting is to know the principles and treatment of each transaction. If you miss it, then your account won't balance.

      If I take you on accounting, so effortlessly you will learn very well in less than a month..

    2. uncle Teejay wanna take you on free accounting lol.

    3. @Teejay,thank you,I will calm down and practice it more.
      @EC,it's a nice gesture nah but we dey different state.

  25. breath...
    it is going to be alright soon❤️
    goodmorning stellz n bvsπŸ₯°

  26. Beautiful morning to you all πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

  27. Good morning SDKville,may our going out and coming in today be blessed and highly favored.Today is a good day for us all,one love❤❤❤

  28. Good morning SDKville Fam

    I remembered back then when short bread biscuits used to be a thing while in secondary school. Saw the price yesterday and the small size is #1,550,to think the taste is no longer the same. Pure bliss ti takeover πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    1. You're right,the taste is not the same

    2. do people still buy that biscuit? the taste is not making sense anymore. The price is something else, those days short bread is the best biscuit.

    3. I bought 1600, true the taste has been watered down

    4. I buy it once in a while especially when I crave for it

    5. The taste is still the same if you buy it from say UK.

  29. Good morning everyone. Once again I missed being the first to comment. No sweat, one day I go make am. Have a hate free day everyoneπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  30. Goodmorning my blog family

  31. Good morning everyone 😍😍😍

    When you want better, you do better, you attract better, and better comes. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

    Y'all have a wonderful day ahead 😘

  32. happy thursday great fam
    Hope everyone is doing great
    this week is moving so fast
    wishing we all a great day.

  33. Good morning Stella and blogfam. Thank God for the gift of this day. We pray for open doors . Wishing us a lovely day ahead. Stay safe

  34. God bless you too Stella.
    Good morning everyone

  35. Good morning people of SDK. Martins and anyone who has the idea of how I can make purchases on Aliexpress should please tell me. I do use my bank Mastercard Atm before but it's not been working for sometimes now. Thanks.

    1. you can no longer use Mastercard for such payment. You need to open a dom account and get a dollar card to make your payment.

      Your best option is chipper account, you get a dollar card for 3k and use it to make your payment.

    2. Hi Anon, so I saw a TikTok video where a lady said you can open ALAT account with Wema bank. Then request for virtual card in naira. When purchasing on Aliexpress, input details of the virtual card and you good to go. You babe try it.

  36. It's how today should go indeed if we make conscious and deliberate effort .
    The anger in the Lord is on another level . A little provocation turns to fight which can lead to unplanned event.
    Saw a video yesterday of a group of girls sharing a flat. One thing led to another and one of them mistakenly stabs another with a knife. See the flow of blood from that injury eehn and instead of applying first aid or rushing her to a hospital, within a space of few Minutes the lady collapsed someone was busy recording ooo , another video I saw was the lifeless body of the young lady in the kitchen !!!
    What a waste of precious life 😞

    1. heard it happened in Dubai and the girl survived

  37. Good morning all.
    Have a nice today and remember to bear one another burden, don't just pray for yourself alone,pray for others.Look around for the singles who are yet to be settled maritally, financially etc, look for the TTC , look for the sick, the broken hearted who needs healing and take up their issues in prayer as if your life depends on it.i have come to see that our prayers can make a difference, that person might have been praying without no result but when someone takes up the case as their own, Heaven sees it as a heart of compassion.Bcos it really takes a lot to put aside your cares and focus on another, praying for others means you have stepped out of selfishness and that is something heaven is looking for.

  38. Good morning wonderful people πŸ₯°

  39. Good morning wonderful BVs.
    My network has been fluctuating all through yesterday and I've to switched on and off my phone on a steady for up to 10times before I became tired.
    Pinky your iyawo is so beautiful and calm, God grant you all your heart desires.

  40. Good morning SDK and BVs. Tremendous Thursday.

  41. Take each day as it comes and know that God always got your back. Good morning.

  42. You all remember Mr Bigg’s ?
    This place used to be the best place in town.It used to be the biggest restaurant back in the day.
    The perfect place for a Sunday hangout.I remember mom used to take my siblings and i here most Sundays.
    From what i recall, they make the best ice cream and fried rice.Mr Bigg’s used to be the perfect spot for a date.
    You didn’t need a Lexus to impress a lady back then.All you needed was to carry a Mr Bigg’s nylon and she’s already falling for you.It doesn’t matter whether you’re carrying a crayfish inside.Just carry the nylon and she’s all yours.I miss the good old days of Mr Bigg’s.
    I wonder how. I wonder why. I wonder where they are.
    Good morning everyoneπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ❤πŸ’ŸπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

    1. Good ol' days, I don't know if it's the franchise problem or poor management. There's one at Abule Egba BTW.

    2. i cannot forget, i used to work in Mr Bigg's those days. I was in the creamy inn section, their popcorn hear am for me cos i don't like ice cream. I ate enough popcorn and my salary was deducted enough from all the popcorn i ate lol.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good old days of Mr Biggs chai story plenty oπŸ˜‚

    4. The one close to us here was closed down, another restaurant to took over.

    5. I remember back then I used to work in a boutique after my secondary school. This customer was toasting me. He tried all he could but I did not say yes. Then Mr Biggs opened in the town, the very first of its kind, brother now changed tactics, he started promising to take me to Mr Biggs. I still did not agree. He got tired and moved on 😁

  43. A blessed morning to everyone..
    So yesterday I made a comment about the Yoruba Lady who test confirmed that her husband not the biological father of her children..
    And think some Yoruba bvs were offended..
    I am really sorry about that..
    It is bcs of what I have seen.. before
    I was born in Yoruba land..
    And I have seen alot of cases like that .
    Some Yoruba doesn't see it as a taboo..
    They think is actually a solution to help men who can't impregnate there wives to also have children..
    I am really sorry if anyone feel offended by my comment..
    I do not need to generalise...
    Bcs they are still some decipline and God fearing Yoruba people out there..
    Thank you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  44. It's a beautiful day, good morning fam πŸ˜πŸ’–.

  45. Good morning everyone πŸ˜˜πŸ’ž
    It's a beautiful thursday morning here and the sun is sunning already.

    Shout out to you my Big Paree nwa oma πŸ˜˜πŸ’• my odogwuress with the sweetest soul πŸ’•

    Bvs have a beautiful day ahead ❤️
    E go surely be ✌️

  46. Words on Marble.9 November 2023 at 10:03

    I just saw the post where Mr Freeze talked about being relegated to the back seat because he was divorced. This is one of the reasons why most people die in marriages rather than get out even when it is not working out or their mental health is at stake.

    This was why the late osinachi refused to get a divorce and rather died in the marriage because she knew she would not be allowed to minister and looked upon like the worst sinner. Then after the person dies fake love will be shown and the victim blamed for not leaving on time.

    I even watch a movie where a divorced woman was not allowed to teach in the children's department because her husband left her to marry her friend.

    I wonder what they are preaching or which Bible they are reading from. Even Christ said "I desire Mercy and not Sacrifice".

  47. Good morning boos

    May God continue to protect and guide us all while we are toyline through the day to make ends meet in Jesus mighty name I prayed Amen

  48. Good morning all! I am tired and exhausted plus the economy is not making it easy. How can 30k not be enough for family of six in one week ehen? All this unbudgeted expense paining me to my bone marrow.

  49. Good morning everyone.

  50. Good morning BVs of SDK blog


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