Stella Dimoko Actor Deyemi Okanlawon Narrates How He Met His WifeDamilola..


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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Actor Deyemi Okanlawon Narrates How He Met His WifeDamilola..

Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon shared a story of how he met his wife Damilola

He said;"So what happened was, I used to see her with girls that I know because they used to hang out. You know how girls used to hang out in cliques…So they’d be walking down the hallway and I’d be walking towards them and they would stop and I would say hello to every single one of them except my wife because she won’t say hello first.”

She get pride pass me, last last na me still go meet am. We got out of school and because we had the same circle of friends, people were getting married so we were always on bridal trains together. One day, I went to present a cake made by my mum at a wedding she was at; it was her cousin’s wedding.”
“And her cousin who was my friend said to her “can you please go get something for my friend to eat?” And she couldn’t say no and you could see the look on her face and I was basking in it.”
Then about a year later when I was single, we met again. I was working a 9-5 when we married, she got married to me as a working professional. But when we were dating I told her that I felt that there was something for me in acting and by that same year I got an acting gig. And she found herself married to an actor.”
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  1. Love is a beautiful thing and real Kings are not ashamed to display and defend their love,Its a God given opportunity and responsibility.

  2. Beautiful couple, congratulations on the new arrival of your bundle of joy.

  3. This is a very cute and funny story. I wish them a lifetime of joy and beauty in their marriage.

  4. Few lessons in this story:
    1. The "nice" girl may not necessarily be every man's choice. There are those who are drawn to the "tough/odd" one. Na the one wey get pride according to him, he later fall for.
    Lesson: Be your authentic self always. Say you dey open teeth too much or dey too nice no guarantee anything for relationship or marriage matter.

    2. He was not necessarily her 1st choice but since all their friends were getting married left and right and they were both single at the time they were "ready" for marriage, they connected and gave it an 'intentional" shot.
    Lesson: keywords are 'ready' and 'intentional'. Until someone is ready and intentional, they may not see or appreciate all the great qualities you possess.

    3. They knew each other's background and general stories. In addition to that, they had mutual friends and acquaintances they could ask for further details about each other.
    Lesson: when you know someone so well or have people you can ask about them, there's little room for black market purchases. There are exceptions to every rule or circumstances though.

    Congratulations to them on their latest bundle of joy. I really enjoy his bad belle banter with Kunle Remi on IG. Really good actor too👌.

  5. From the write up ✍️ I believe God has destined them to get married. Not because they were both single at that time when their circle of friends got married. Congrats once again Deyemi and wifey to your bundle of joy🎉


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