Stella Dimoko EedrisGATE -OAP Freeze Replies To Eedris With A Rap To Being Called A Fool Who Cills With Fraudsters


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Saturday, February 24, 2024

EedrisGATE -OAP Freeze Replies To Eedris With A Rap To Being Called A Fool Who Cills With Fraudsters

Rapper Eeeris Abdulkareem who has been in a war of words with colleague Burna boy and who promised to respond with a rap memo has released a snippet of the rap he promised and a stray bullet caught on air personality freeze..

Eedris said
“Nigerians, we dey live as slaves in our country because of fools wey dey defend politicians and some Daddy Freezers wey dey always insult pastors later in the night go chill with fraudsters,”

Freeze replied
“What’s up, OG? This is the new era. These are new times, those are real crimes. Your talent on life support, too weak for me to even rethought. No one is listening, bro. So pass the message IV, because your career is in vain. I feel your pain, you were a star once, now it’s all in your brain,once bold now your styles getting old, smoking hot once but now we chill drinks in your bar cos they are cold''

Check for the Rap video on Officialstelladimokokorkus on Instagram


  1. Eedris is like a drowning man,make this second chance count and stop being petty 😬😬😬

  2. Freezer got rhymes. But left the topic (issue) for the person. Typically Nigerian.

    Freeze shaming a person as a former star when he himself has never been a star?

    1. Once upon a time for freeze too. He was once a popular radio presenter but not anymore

    2. 13:30
      Meaning say Freeze is now a Daddy in the Freezer too.

    3. I don't think you realise that Freeze's new gig as an internet personality had opened more doors, made him far wealthier and given him more clout. Eedris is the one still using one corner of his mouth to pretend to be an activist and the other to ask politicians for money.

      This is the same way he betrayed Nigerian artistes on pay rise during the 50 cents concert then wanted the same artistes to defend him when he was put in economy class with them. He is now claiming that that selfish move fueled by foolish ego was a fight for the industry and deceiving no smart person with the comical claim.

      This is the same way he defrauded Tony Tetuila's mum and went away with her money, only to by trick, introduce Tony to Eddy Remedies since he had squandered Tony's mother's money and had no plans of doing any project with him.

      This is the same way he was rolling with Eddy Remedies who had 5k dollars at the time for relocation to the USA and put it into his career, financing pipe dreams sold to him by Eedris.

      God so good, Tony ended up having the best career musically and is still financially buoyant and comfortable till today due to his mother's tutelage in business and politics. Eddy seems to be recovering from betrayal, hurts and his demons but Saviour and Judge Eedris is being dragged by kittens of the industry for being a d*@k.

      Soso explained it best: Eedris spent his time backstabbing anyone foolish enough to trust him and ensured that rather than help others, he actively stole from them or pulled them down. He would invest in hooligans before a show to beat up and chase away his colleagues trying to rise or in the limelight forgetting that he met people there. Today, he is the abandoned one dragging flowers he didn't plant or water with no disciples to point at.

      Freeze merely responded to help him with a slight boost to his ego and career. Gbogbo aja KO ni a n da lohun.

  3. Don't know much about them but this is a genius way to beef. Not meaningless curses and swear words fighting to show the most vulgar bitterleaf.

  4. Na who don chop get time and energy to dey fight up and down.

  5. Eedris 1 - 1 Freeze
    Eh-hen! This is original beef wey person fit take cook Ogunfe stew.πŸ‘Œ

  6. *those are weak lines not real crimes.

  7. Eedris and black face needs our help that’s all I can say


  8. The Freezer and chilling with fraudsters line from Eedris was nice as well as Freezes 'pass your message i.v cos your career is IN VEIN.... However Daddy Freeze shot himself in the foot saying 'your bars is cold'.... That's not a diss but a praise. He obviously doesn't know rap lingo .
    Own goal...2:1 score

  9. Chika(hello iya boys)25 February 2024 at 01:56

    Mr Musician the Indian hemp you is smoking is too much
    Shaa he done stop am becos of the health wahala
    Yeye dey smellπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


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