Stella Dimoko Pastor Isaac Oyedepo Talks About Being Delivered From A Strong Addiction


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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Pastor Isaac Oyedepo Talks About Being Delivered From A Strong Addiction

In an interview on the latest episode of 'Confession Box' hosted by Pastor Leke Adeboye, Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, the son of Bishop David Oyedepo opened up on his  struggle with p#rn and how he overcame it.

In his words:
"I struggled with p#rn#graphy before and I remember when it started, I forgot what country we traveled to and I was supposed to be in the room you know...I switched on the Tv and that's it but God brought me out if it very quickly and you know a lot of people still struggle.
I think if anybody who had struggled with it walked up to me and said look I've struggled with this, this is how to come out of it,maybe I would have come out faster so I think the lack of authenticity, there are things you are not supposed to talk about and today, there are pastors who struggle with it, there are members of church who struggle, remember taking you back to what we said, you may be anointed, seeing miracles, signs and wonders does not mean you are standing right so there is this old saying that if it is working, then i must be getting it right, I've found out in my little age that it's not always the case cause there are times I knew I was not right but grace and mercy still...and I think the reason is for the sake of someone who is genuine in the congregation, God can bypass you and meet the person, this is you at a messed up stage but there's someone who is sincerely crying for a touch from God so he can use...he used a donkey so he can use anybody...My Confession"


  1. Thank God for you Pastor


  2. That one thing Iike about Pastor Isaac, he will always say it as it is. God bless you sir

  3. I still struggle wit it and im a believer, may God deliver me from this Amen 🙏 pls if u knw how to overcome it tell me, I am a lonely housewife and my husband hardly touch me, I have high libido too, I need help

    1. The holy spirit can help you overcome it.just ask is well with you.

    2. Get busy. Distract yourself

    3. ChIka (hello iya boys)19 May 2024 at 19:17

      May holy spirit visits you and touch you with heavenly healing in Jesus mighty name 🙏🙏🙏
      ThankGod for his Faithfulness 🙏🙏

    4. Anon 16:04, may God come through for you.
      1. Get involved with helping someone in a group setting and start a formal job if you can regardless of the position relative to your qualification.
      2. Stop watching suggestive movies, most Nollywood and foreign movies are soft porn.
      3. Stop reading explicit stories online. Many Naija stories online contain man-woman stuff & always have comments that may be your trigger. Avoid them.
      3. Get busy with a very demanding hobby 5. Confess the word of God every time you feel the temptation (since “the Son has set you free you are free indeed”)
      Trust God for him to perform his word.👍🏾

    5. I struggled with it and can't say for sure if I have completely won the battle. However, I noticed that the urge to go to porn sites is strongest during my ovulation period and so I have learned to be more guarded and alert and prayerful at such time. Also, there are other triggers for me like watching movies with sex scenes. I have learned to bypass such movies.
      Finally, I have prayed to God to remove the urge to visit porn sites and He has been my helper. We will overcome.

    6. 16:04
      I know a woman who was into it and almost slipped from it to worse because of lack of husband touching. The main cure is finding out why your husband would not or does not touch you. That was the woman's own problem. Apparently, it is better for the woman now because her husband touch her though not as frequently as she may wish.

      If you and your husband are touching but it is still there, then you can do the spiritual, take your mind of it, and time filler stuffs.

      If you need to repair your marriage or tolerate some non adulterous habits of your husband for touching to resume, please do.

    7. Anon.16.04. Ask yourself why doesn't your hubby touch you.

    8. Touch your husband seduce him he will fall

  4. God's name be praised 🙏🏿

  5. How old is this man again?

  6. Thank God for you Pastor.
    You still did not explain how you got out of it , for those you mentioned in the congregation who may need it.

  7. Scam family!!! God will judge all of them and I believe the hottest part of hell is reserved for his father for all the money he extorted from the poor and the weak in the society.

    1. But still, that doesn't change the fact that this particular confession is a good one . He admitted to it but even you can never admit in public.

    2. Na you sabi

    3. Did his father force anyone to contribute??? You that is wishing someone burn in hell, where will you spend your own eternity?? Assistant God mtcheeeewwwwww.......long hiss for you

  8. Thank you Jesus for your mercy

  9. I recommend the moregasm . It ll change your life

  10. Mine was anger issue .

  11. It's a good one, I struggled with it and guess what it was through movies. It's not as if I watched it on pornsite. It's just me liking sex scenes in movies but as I got closer to God. He delivered me from the thorns, they were many other things. I am just grateful to God for His help because its a terrible things. This is what is affecting puff Diddy. It messes up your mind mhen and personality. Oluwa modupe, I can't shout. Thank You Lord for saving me. PASTOR Isaacs thank you for this

  12. Overcoming pornography, masturbation, anger, pride, and other ungodly habits or tendencies should not be difficult for believers in Christ Jesus.

    The primary cause of ungodliness is the law of sin and death, which, in a simple language is known as natural life or FLESH.

    Our natural life is inherited from the sin nature activated by the sin committed by Adam and Eve.

    All bad habits and ungodly tendencies are like different fruits produced by one tree. This tree (natural life) produces different fruits (ungodliness) in different people. To some, pride and anger may be prominent, while in some people fornication, pornography, madturbation may be prominent, and in others talkativeness, insatiable appetite for vanities, etc, may be a problem.

    Ungodly habit and behaviours can be stopped by several means BUT the authetntic methods to experience permanent victory are by private Holy Communion (John 6:57) and Words of Testimony (Affirmation - Galatians 2:20).

    Any other method may work for man, but it cannot and will never translate to divine power.

    Let me explain:

    Victory or freedom from the flesh should move the believer into the realm of supernatural power. If the believer overcomes any compulsive habits through any method apart from the two mentioned above, he or she may rejoice because of the victory but yet remain in the natural realm. The corresponding 'power with God' that should result from following God's mthods will be lacking.

    It takes the operation of 'the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus' to tame the flesh and walk in divine power.

    Google Keys to Purity on Selar or Amazon for more explanation.


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