Stella Dimoko Singer Seun Kuti Says Women Cheat More Than Men


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Monday, May 27, 2024

Singer Seun Kuti Says Women Cheat More Than Men

Do you agree with this school of thought? With one side of his mouth he says men are allowed to have more than one woman and now he says women cheat more than men.. 

“The society made it seem like it’s only men that cheat. Women cheat more than men
“Okay, this propaganda out there… The truth is that women cheat more than men. Even in the bible, Joseph’s master’s wife tried to cheat on her husband with him and because he refused, she framed him for rape.
“Which man did they write in the bible that he cheated on his wife?
“We [men and women] are all equally bad. Let’s just accept that. And men that are out there thinking that you are the only unfaithful one in your marriage or relationship, you are living in a fantasy.
“If she is not stepping out of the house, you’re sure she is in that compound 24 hours, start looking at everybody in the compound.”

-Seun on the ‘Bahd & Boujee’ Podcast  


  1. Hmmmmm be like these days na so

    1. I think men will start respecting themselves when they find out that women can cheat too

  2. Yes oh, we are all ‘polygamous’ in nature abi how dem dey talk am again?

  3. So because of Portiphar's wife, you have concluded that women cheat more than men. Really Seun, really??? Sense is sha very far from you.

  4. Aren't musicians supposed to be known What's with all the cho cho cho cho they all seem to be afflicted with lately? I may like your music but do damn well to keep your fu(c)king opinion on anything to yourself.

  5. .

    1. Uncles, cousins that are not related by blood= nack mates. add male family friends
    2. Male Colleague that are friends= nack mates
    3. Male Bestie= nack mates
    4. Male friend (married and single) nack mates or potential nack mates.
    5. Church brothers that they're friends with= nack mates
    6. Pastor= nack mates
    7. Boss that they visit his home= nack mates
    8. Personal Assistant= nack mates
    9. Facebook/IG/ Snapchat or SDK male friends= nack mates..
    The list goes on and and.

    Dear kings, don't be played. There's nothing like he is just my friend. Na lie. Be firm with your decision. Don't be a s!mp.

    I have done my bits here on this blog, and I think it's time to take a bow.

    My words would live forever.

    Read, learn and be liberated.

    God bless you all

  6. He is damn right
    Na all gender dey cheat now

  7. I agree with him on this one.

  8. Men cheat mostly with women.
    Women cheat mostly with men.
    It is in the social media and women hair salons that men are reported as greater cheats.
    Just as women are reported as greater cheats in beer lounges and podcasts.
    And there is no need for any woman to present it that women cheating arose from revenge. Human history does not support that alibi. The Bible debunks it.


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