Stella Dimoko Actor Mr Ibu's Look Alike Estranged 1st Daughter Shows Up At His Burial


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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Actor Mr Ibu's Look Alike Estranged 1st Daughter Shows Up At His Burial

 Actor Mr Ibu was buried on Friday June 28, 2024 in his hometown and the event was attended by family, friends, well wishers and an estranged daughter no one knows about....
Amarachi is Mr Ibu's first daughter and she says that she set eyes on him for the first time when he was ill in hospital....

In her words:
"My name is Okafor Amarachi
I am Mr Ibu's first daughter
We had a lot of moments together but I didn't get to meet him in person until he was sick when I got to the hospital
That was the first and the last time we got to see each other
So that's the only time I got to be with him
I've been with my mum since then
Meeting him for the first time and on a sick bed, it was so devastating...
It's not something I would like to talk about
I just have to accept everything the way I've seen it
Am not happy that I didn't get to know him more
We didn't get to share that father and daughter relationship very well
But am sure wherever he is now, he will be happy that am here to support today's occasion"
video from bella c vlogs


  1. Damn! The man's life was even more of a movie on its own.

  2. Hmmm..nne na wa o.
    May he continue to rest in peace.

  3. The resemblance is much. Parents always try to be the lives of your children. See so much drama for one man life.

  4. So sad,Ibu obviously had many faults like we all do,but he was still a good man.

  5. Hnmmm, life shaa. It is well.

  6. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES30 June 2024 at 10:40

    It shows that the man lived a reckless life, I also saw a clip where the first wife was asked a question, didn't know that he was still married to his first and second wife before Stella Maris,
    I also have problems with those interviewing them when the burial was going on, ndi nta akuko.

    1. Very reckless life.

      When you tell Nigerian men to keep their p_nis is one place, they start grumbling like toddlers. 🚶‍♀️

    2. It is unfortunate how they don’t learn

    3. It is unfortunate how they don’t learn

    4. Very irresponsible man

  7. May God accept his soul

  8. See Resemblance nahhh
    Amarachi you look like your Papa ooo
    May his Soul Rest well

    Hello iya boys

  9. Mr Ibu female version, I wonder why he wasn't there for his other child (ren) from the first wife. May God rest his soul.

    Anne K

  10. Live a good life, they won't hear.. See how he end up with kids fighting each other for money..
    Rest in peace Mr ibu

  11. Mr Ibu was a great comedian and an irresponsible man. Let's appreciate those who can separate the two.

  12. What? this grown up lady just met the father recently. I would have looked for him so we relate better.

    1. What if he wasn't interested in meeting her?

  13. Hmmm na wa oo, may his soul rest in peace.

  14. Things that men do. Hmmmmm.... He has left behind confusion amongst his children. Too bad.😞

  15. One anonymous on this blog said Mr Ibu has so many baby mamas, now here is the confirmation. I raise my hands for our anonymous people on this blog 😜
    Ibu didn't live his life well, very reckless man!!

  16. I once worked as a chaperone for various actors,artistes....women practically throw themselves at these celebrities.
    Some of em', get carried away Ibu was no exception.
    Maynhis Soul Rest In Peace 🙏

    1. Women dash themselves out to them.

  17. The resemblance is much..
    It's well

  18. You shared many moments together.....then you got to meet him for the first time on his sick bed.....I'm confused....


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