Stella Dimoko Family Seeks Justice For UNIBEN Graduate Reportedly Tortured,Violated And Killed


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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Family Seeks Justice For UNIBEN Graduate Reportedly Tortured,Violated And Killed

 Adekolure Idowu Glory, A 22-year-old recent graduate of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), was reportedly attacked, raped, and killed in the Iyowa community area of Benin, Edo State..
The family say she had gone to the university for her clearance on June 13, 2024, but did not return home alive as her lifeless body was found close to her family’s home. The family is now seeking justice for their daughter and appealing to the public for help.


  1. Replies
    1. I’m so sad. I don’t know what’s happening in this country.
      Look at the other one that committed suicide after vigil.
      God, please protect our children.
      It will never be well with the guys that did that.


    2. The Original ShugarGirl18 June 2024 at 17:09

      This is horrible.

      How will this family get justice and ever adapt such a permanent change? How???

  2. Replies
    1. Oh this is really sad, God please comfort this family.

  3. Why resort to killing her? God pls comfort the family

  4. Some people really have mind to do evil without thinking of the consequences.How can you rape and kill someone's'daughter,source of joy and hope,and think you will get away with it.
    I only pity their generations unborn cos they will reap what their evil descendant sow.
    May God strengthen her parents and relations.
    Chi loving

    1. Too many male predatory animals in this country

  5. Young life just wasted like that. May GOD judge the people who did this. May GOD console her family and grant her eternal rest.

  6. So sad. May the perpetrators be apprehended and justice served.

  7. Onichabor Christopher18 June 2024 at 13:56

    This is sad

  8. What is going on nau? 😭💔

    This is too much to bear 😭

  9. The kind of heartless killings going on these days is crazy. See how this young lady's life has been cut short 😭

  10. Kai, this is not a good news at all.

  11. Oh no!😞
    What a sad end

  12. Kai😟
    This is sad😥

  13. Oh no
    This is heart breaking ooooo
    Ahhhhhh oluwa oooo
    Who did this to this girl will suffer and die kaiiii

    Hello iya boys

  14. So many sad news.
    Young girls and boys meeting an untimely death. God please have mercy.

  15. Very terrible tragedy.
    Such a young,vibrant girl.
    May her soul rest in peace🕊
    As for her killers,a worse fate awaits them.

  16. This is really sad 😭
    Her killers ll not know peace until justice is served

  17. Things dey happen for that school.i know what I saw when I was there as a student years ago.if not for God! they intimidate people especially females.As a beautiful young lady,them no born you well to walk alone whether at night or during the find females living off campus walking in groups.
    I remember a class mate of mine back then,we were going to school to read cos we lived off campus.two female and a male.a guy came towards us slapped this young guy walking with us to the school campus,for no reason.this guy felt embarrassed.he was dragged away from us and beaten.i later got to know from my girlfriend walking with me,that the guy asked her out and she has been avoiding him and giving conditions,that she will accept him,if only he attends a church program with her,but because he wasn't ready to accept Christ,he left her in peace.He was later jealous seeing the other guy walking with us and decided to humiliate him because the guy walking with us was a church brother.

  18. This is really heartbreaking 💔

  19. What could have happened?🤔
    This story left me concerned.

  20. So sad to read that this young lady did not live to see her dreams fulfilled. She went through the whole four years and it is after her fully completing and going for her clearance that this happens. And such a violent death. I can only conclude that it was a case of mistaken identity, someone who knew she was going set her up, or someone who had a grudge against her seeing her on that day to do what they did not get a chance to do before.

    RIP my dear. My heart breaks for your loved ones.

  21. This is really painful 😭😭

  22. Omg!
    This looks like a well organized act, there knew she was coming for her clearance and did this to her!

  23. This is really sad. May God console her family, and Grant her soul eternal rest.

  24. Don't even want to imagine the parents and family's pain. After struggling to send your child to school,then a promising life cut short.

    I pray justice prevail.May this wicked souls be brought to book.

  25. This is so sad

  26. So heart wrenching 😭😭😭

  27. The people that commit these kinds of crimes will never escape judgment from the Most High. Tomorrow when things are not going well with them, they'll start looking for whom to accuse, forgetting the evil they committed when they were young.

  28. This is so sad
    Why are people so heartless 😕 😔 😪 😞 💔 waste a waste. Lord please console her family.

  29. The wicked hearts of men. I wonder how a living soul that does not wish to die will snuff life out of a fellow human being. Indeed the world is wicked


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