Stella Dimoko Footballer Kayode Olarenwaju's Estranged Wife Ezinne Denies Dating Pastor Tobi Adebozega...


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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Footballer Kayode Olarenwaju's Estranged Wife Ezinne Denies Dating Pastor Tobi Adebozega...

 Footballer Kayode Olarenwaju's estranged wife Dora has addressed the allegations that Pastor Tobi Adegboyega is her boo.....

 I met Pastor Tobi Adegboyega last year because he had a lot of businesses going on in the community, It was a business thing
And like I said, I met him on the capacity of doing business not even as a pastor
My relationship with pastor Tobi is that he's a great person , he's a friend, he's my friend , he's my confidant, he's someone that listens to everybody, he motivates people ,he inspires me
So what kind of relationship will I have with pastor Tobi , am friends with his family, am friends with pastor Lucy that is his wife, I speak with the kids
I and the wife spoke like two weeks ago
The question of having anything s#xual with Pastor Tobi is not worth mentioning, it's unheard of
Pastor Tobi works with a group of people,We are like family
So for me it's insulting to even ask that kind of a question
I never cheated on Kayode
Not even a day
Kayode has cheated with one girl called Charlotte
Another called Derby
As a matter of fact, he sends money
It's on record
He said I refused to give the mother money for six months
Please can you bring the record where I didn't give your mother money
Then you preferred another girl to give your mum money
Sending 500k-600k every two days
Then when they stole from that girl,
You send the girl money to stock her boutique shop which she had somewhere in Lagos; that's for the Derby girl
She met the Charlotte girl in Ivory coast
And somewhere along the line the girl couldn't do enough for him
He was practically feeding them
Until he met me,So the girl comes to Kayode, Wears his cloth,Plays with our money and Put it on TikTok, That was where I found out at first
Go to my kitchen and cook,Go to Kayode's bedroom and and lie down on the bed
She puts it on TikTok making pictures and all of that
I've kept quiet,I never even told my Dad about all of these things
Kayode is so manipulative
And he's telling me that he didn't know all of that
He went for training and all of that
And you brought your ex in our home
Someone called me and told me they saw them in a hotel
And then I saw the girl on a business class
Coming to Nigeria
They wear same bangle
He can go back and tell the girl to put her TikTok and Instagram on private
But we have all these things
He said he wanted to commit suicide
But kayode was dancing,And the girl was videoing,And she put it in Instagram,He's happy
The first time I heard of Pastor Tobi was when he did a Hermes bag giveaway
But let's put all that away
And the G-Wagon
Can Dora fall for Pastor Tobi?It is only a mentally unstable person that can say something like that,I don't wanna talk about properties I share with Kayode because we've talked about ways to share them so I wouldn't want us to talk about that
I don't know what I want from Kayode now but I just wish him well
I want him to act more like a man, To act like he's coming from a home
We have kids
Act like it
There are people who once looked up to him
Act like that
You wanna deal with me? Deal with me directly".

Interview with OAP Freeze

It was too long so i had to take some off...


  1. As it should be, who wan read all that but Frz, let’s be careful, there is a God who judges over the affairs of men, and you ezinne, you go London to Tobi’s party without informing kayode, yes or no?

    1. I knew daddy Freeze was already setting up ring light for this story, smh.
      Has the DNA brouhaha been clarified? Does he own those kids? Na that one concern me pass.
      Inukwa pastor Tobi is a friend and confidante, na so e dey start, na una Sabi.

    2. That's the surprising part @Dainty. And she just met him a year ago. What kind of confidant and friend is that?

  2. all those voice notes were from African magic. Na wa o

  3. Proverbs 10:19- In the abundance of words transgression does not cease,...

    Too many words trying to prove innocence. She seems to be trying awfully hard to sidestep certain things. She has flung mud on practically everyone around her husband.

    Her husband has denied that any of those kids are his. One would expect that she would have brought out DNA tests to buttress her assertion that the kids actually belong to her husband. Not this rambling and meaningless stream of consciousness. Something stinks here.

    Anyways, I blame Kayode. I wonder what he saw in marrying a woman 10 years his senior and even making her his manager.

    1. Dog this your last paragraph no follow, are they not men married to a woman 10 years their senior living together in peace and in love?
      Nawa for this una mentality o😏
      Marriage no work be say marriage no work, they should move on!
      After all he saw all the younger Gen Z baddies and married her.
      Age no get anything to do with this issue.

  4. Lol..

    Dadda freeze?
    Abegi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    He is always the one "these people" rush to.. same way he was was with hush puppy and running his mouth because of free foodπŸ˜‚, telling people that hush puppy's driver is earning more than them lol..

    Was it not these same 'pastor' Tobi he was defending after that one participated in Kizz Daniel's "My G challenge " Lol


    If you people are serious, you'll do this interview with a blogger that's not one way affiliated with one of the parties..

    Until then, no need wasting time to read the 'interview'.

  5. But really she would never accept dating him publicly. Whatever it is. I see a marriage that has broken down completely
    Na God in heaven fit help them

    I think Kayode just wants to shame her by saying she slept with the guy. That’s what majority men do when they are doing reverse psychology on you. Kayode abeg go and rest

    DNA issues nko?

  6. She is not convincing enough,all I read here is only accusations of him cheating and the right to those properties in your care because he wasn't paying you as his manager....
    It is well!

  7. This is just a case of :

    You accused me of cheating, you too cheated.

  8. Lagos Mainland Girl30 June 2024 at 13:46

    Too many issues.
    God go give una wisdom.

  9. This woman body dey hot oo!

    Do we expect her to agree that she's dating the pastor? DNA nko?? Please!!😏😏😏

  10. Stella, good that you published this here.

    Last time people were calling her out on unpublished DNA testing, a BV repeatedly asked where the result was. Another Bv commented on the photograph and another replied that she knew her partner, and should not have let him catch her as he did in the photograph. .

    There are always three faces of a coin (every story). The head, the tail, and the middle. The truth is in the middle of their stories.

    The only sure middle truth is that the marriage is done. They should share the properties with sense, in accordance with their marriage, free of greed, and recognising that they have three children to jointly cater for. Each person's share of property must go with responsibilities for the children.

    Once a married man starts making mistakes with external women. The wife should be wiser going forward if she wants to stay on or even leave. She should have learned from Mr. Emmanuel Eboue's wife and get her interest well documented. If she did not, they have to share the properties as the laws of their type of marriage and the laws where the properties say.

    Her main mistake was her relationship with Mr. Tobi. The marriage was already rocky before she hitched with that man at the levels she claims. That was a big bad move. A lot of us think only gbensh is marital unfaithfulness. Whatever she says, it would be very hard to rub that man off her. Calling Mr. Tobi's wife's familiarity with her into this matter does nothing. Plenty of wives know what their husbands do and support them for whatever reasons. Did she not stay with her own husband knowing what he was doing as enumerated by her?

    Our fathers always say to sons to avoid close one-on-one interactions with a married woman in marital crisis. Even the Bible warns against it. So, in some well-grounded churches, the job is handled by age and faith matured women only. A man is allowed to accompany them only for physical restraint if necessary.

    Lesson for all men and women as for Mr. Tobi:
    When a married person is facing challenges in marital crisis, direct him/her to the professionals - lawyers, therapists, counsellors, etc. Do not get involved and be bathing the person with affectionate words or telephoning/messaging to the person's matrimonial home or be giving them bed/pillow comfort saying you are counselling, encouraging and hedging the person.

    How good and pleasant it would be that the Nigerian matrimonial laws be amended to clearly recognise pre-nuptial agreements. Till then, know your partner (in any type of relationship) and seek legal advice on property rights.

    And Yes! Business between spouses should be run as business.

  11. Who do we believe now? Abeg Ezinne you guys should separate in peace, leave his properties alone, let him give you what he's supposed to give you after divorce bcos this marriage is dead already.. Pastor Tobi i just hope you don't have a hand in this, God is watching o

  12. Na waoooo
    Too much wahala

    Hello iya boys

  13. But madam eh, why were you mad at pastor Tobi on your birthday for not giving you full attention on your birthday.

    1. She was angry her "bestie" forgot her special day.

  14. Damage control. 🀨🀨🀨

  15. A sorry case of

    You accused me of cheating, you too cheated.

    You say I am an age cheat? You too reduced your age.

    DNA tests say the kids arent yours?. Then you have mental problem.

    Both of them will only tell the side that favors them.

    IMO, they should both get lost

  16. Looking at her silhouette, this woman is old old. even with Olanrewaju's genuine age, she will still be much older.

  17. Hmmmm

    What an Epistle

    Only God really knows what happened in their Relationship

  18. Married ppl have too much drama. And way too many marriages are for appearance purposes. What an exhausting bunchπŸ™„

  19. Make una try sort una differences out of social media

  20. Return his properties to him, and meet your bestie to get properties for you.


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