Stella Dimoko November 2011


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Actor Chinedu 'AKI' Ihedezie Pays Bride Price.

The pint sized actor married his sweetheart in a traditional ceremony today saturday november 26,2011 in eastern Naija!

Check out the very innocent looking shy bride.
I like how she looks and i pray that this union works out well for them.May they live happily together forever! of a short man having tall dreams and you are talking chinedu!

................More pictures as they come or make una check other websites!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Check Out Actress Empress 'Rapunzel' Njamah.

Empress the controversial nollywood actress was spotted in london on her way to primark a few months back.
The actress was so engrossed with her blackberry phone that she didnt notice when an olofofo fan took pictures of her.
Check out her concentration and how even from the front she still didnt notice she was in the eye of paparazzi.
This is what i call staunch blackberry addict!

........Now check out the overflow of 'oyibo' hair from behind,reminds me of the movie Rapunzel where the handsome prince cried out'rapunzel,rapunzel,let down your hair...'


No hating on her...or me!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Software Hijacks Online Polls at!

I am sorry but at this point i would have to call on the African film festival organisers/in conjunction with arik airline to take down their best actress awards segment and i am not joking.

I have been monitoring this voting since it started and it beats my imagination that actress Iniobong Edos votes rose from 2586 to 6693 votes in less than a fraction of a second.!
..I am definitely not implying anything but what happened speaks for itself and at this point i would say that the award is a sham,a big lie and a cotton over the eyes of innocent voters.

  They should Tear down the bloody polls and let us concentrate on something else!.....meanwhile please get your popcorn and coke and log on to the website to see miracles...if you are a christian,this might be one miracle that will change your live...directly from the internet!

Check out what Actress Rita Dominic who is one of the contenders for the best actress awards tweeted today november 23,2011.

''Rita Dominic
Ok I have to announce this o! INI EDO who had 200 votes last night has eclipsed the first place actress by 200 votes JEZUXXXX''

.............Please nobody should call Gods name in this case...excuse me!

Patience Ozokwor
Votes: 70
Joke Silva
Votes: 43
Rita Dominic
Votes: 150
Geneveive Nnaji
Votes: 4366
Omoni Oboli
Votes: 226
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
Votes: 481
Ini Edo
Votes: 6694
Chioma Chukwuka Akpota
Votes: 115
Tonto dike Dike
Votes: 99
Uche Jumbo
Votes: 4627
Monalisa Chinda
Votes: 2437
Mercy Johnson
Votes: 111
Funke Akindele
Votes: 1115
Kate Henshaw-Nuttal
Votes: 19
Stella Damascus Aboderin
Votes: 70

Oliver Don Twist-----Part 2



Munachi Abi VERSUS Eva Alordiah....Who Rocked It Better?

Munachi is an ex beauty queen who is still bautiful all the way whilst Eva is a Musician with an amazing voice that will defintely take her places.

Munachi rocked this hairstyle first and then Eva took it up.
They both look hot and great with the hairstyles and i think they both pulled it off nicely...i kinda prefer Evas versions though.....totally DEF!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nollywood Battle Of The Stars.....Who Will Be The First Amongst Equals?

Before you read further note that the organisers of this award either by omission or bad belle did not include the name of Actress Stephanie Okereke!.....totally wicked!

.....And to those spreading tales by moonlight that the awards online poll has been hacked by some actresses,please shut up and get on all social network to canvass for anyone you are managing on this list.dont sit your ass somewhere and run your diarhea mouth...people are voting,stop spreading lies!!

This is an online poll in conjunction with ARIK AIR called '
'fly arik prize for african movie stars.the winners will be chosen by the general public for their favourite nollywood stars-
As prize Arik is providing a free return ticket to the 2012 tribeca film festival in New York for the winners!

The stars have been canvassing for votes via all social networks especially the blackberry and the cache is you can vote once from your phone (and)or from your laptop or computer.

voting started on october 27th and ends on 30th november 2011

 CLICK HERE if you want to vote your favourite star,do not sit there and do nothing!..I don vote oooooh.By the time you check the votes would certainly have upped.


The contenders for best actress in Nollywood are-
Patience Ozokwor
Votes: 38
Joke Silva
Votes: 26
Rita Dominic
Votes: 124
Geneveive Nnaji
Votes: 1500
Omoni Oboli
Votes: 206
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
Votes: 269
Ini Edo
Votes: 150
Chioma Chukwuka Akpota
Votes: 77
Tonto dike Dike
Votes: 71
Uche Jumbo
Votes: 1115
Monalisa Chinda
Votes: 823
Mercy Johnson
Votes: 79
Funke Akindele
Votes: 126
Kate Henshaw-Nuttal
Votes: 10
Stella Damascus Aboderin
Votes: 49

The contenders for movie producer in nollywood are-
Kunle Afolayan
Votes: 239
Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun
Votes: 19
Mahmud Ali Balogun
Votes: 687
Tunde Kelani
Votes: 18
Tchidi Chikere
Votes: 62
Jeta Amata
Votes: 15
Emem Isong
Votes: 569
Sani Muazu
Votes: 10
Teco Benson
Votes: 8
Bond Emeruwa
Votes: 4
Zeb Ejiro
Votes: 8
Tade Ogidan
Votes: 6
Said Balogun
Votes: 3
Fash Lanso
Votes: 5
Daniel Ademinokan
Votes: 9

The contender for best actor in Nollywood are-

Ramsey Noah
Votes: 62
Jim Iyke
Votes: 22
Desmond Elliot
Votes: 565
Mike Ezuruonye
Votes: 300
Nonso Diobi
Votes: 15
Osita Iheme (paw-paw)
Votes: 8
Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki)
Votes: 2
Chiwetalu Agu
Votes: 6
Nkem Owoh
Votes: 17
Olu Jacobs
Votes: 32
Nuhu Ali
Votes: 98
Said Balogun
Votes: 4
Jide Kosoko
Votes: 10
Femi Adebayo
Votes: 30
Francis Duru


      The duo of Actress Funke Akindele and her marketer Olasco must indeed be smiling to the bank as you read this.
The reason is that that the sequel movie TROJ(the return of jenifa)which hit the cinemas a few weeks back hit the ten million naira mark in its first week of showing at the cinemas and is still showing till december 2011.
According to those who were recently at the movies TROJ is a good movie if you have the ribs to laugh and be educated at the same time.
Please this message is not for the armed robbers who browse blogs/websites to pick out their next victims to rob..any thief who reads here that Stella wrote that TROJ  raked in ten million should please respect themselves and pray to God for a miracle .
This is not in anyway an avenue for thieves;anybody who robs anyone due to what i wrote will be caught on the day they try it........awon olosi ole!
Congratulations to Funke Akindele,the mastermind behind the movie Jenifa and The Return of Jenifa (TROJ).congrats also goes to the marketer olasco!.
Godbless Naija!

Actor Prince James Uche Abandons Family!

The actor who was ill a while back and has recovered fully has taken to his heels and abandoned his wife
and two children in a face- me- I- face- you room on yetunde brown street in ifako.

According to the merchant parambulating the gist"the tall and well endowed wife who hails from ishan is still in shock over his behaviour and disapperance. When he left them he informed the woman that he had paid house rent for a year but after he left the landlord came to collect money and the wife fainted but she eventually regained consciousness and borrowed the rent money from a reverend father in the church opposite their tattered white and brown brick one bedroom face me I face you building but the problem is that the man she used to share the one room with has taken to his heels since he got beter and is yet to return,infact he is not returning to the slum he abandoned'
'.....I dont know what made him run but God please touch the heart of this actor to know that in this life,the only riches a man has are the children he procreated!.....any man who abandons his responsibility as a husband and father deserves the thumb down.please pass my message to the actor if you know him!

Rapper Naeto-C Set to Wed Girlfriend Nicole Chukwueke.

   Kini big deal crooner Naeto-c is in love and the apple of his eyes is none other than his model girlfriend Nicole Chukwueke.

According to the well informed informants
''Naeto C in company of his parents and music producer obi asika and a few family members went to nicoles fathers house in lagos to inform the family that a ripe fruit has been spotted in their compund.
The introduction was a quiet one and took place on monday octoberr 31,2011.
Date for the proper ceremony has been fixed for sometime in 2012.
        Both Naeto and Nicole attended the same high school, atlantic hall but only began dating about a year ago and their first major appearance as a couple was at the MAMA awards where they walked the red carpet holding hands.
Nicole is 5ft11 part time model and Her dad owns Germaine Motors.
She parades a B.Sc degree in Economics from the University of Birmingham, UK and She also has a post graduate Business Accounting qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting.
Heres wishing this beautiful couple all the best as they take the decision to be united as man and wife.........hopefully they will look up to God to guide them!
.....Naeto-C and his Nicole-C!.......Yes boss......

Memo To Actress Iyabo Ojo.

The actress needs a professional hand to manage her website as it reeks of unprofessionalism for one who is tagged as a celebrity via movies.

I quote from her 'about me' page where we are informed of how it all started.

''Like every other kids of her age, Iyabo was a handful. Many at times she would organize shows and event in school for her colleagues where they would dance, Rap as rap music was the in thing then and also debate on issues bothering student and children. That is why you will find her name on the marble of National College.''

Our first lady Dame Patience Jonathan is not the only one who shoots missiles oh...i am also guilty of what i accuse Iyabo of but i no be star!
Please pass on this memo.thank ya!

MakeUp Crime:Check Out Actress Oge Okoye.

Oge is pretty no doubt but this picture looks two cents though.
her eyebrow and her lips look like she touched both with the same pencil and her cheeks are pink.....meaning she goes pink in the cheek!

I am not an expert so i am leaving this open for you make up experts to highlight her make up crime.
If i am wrong,i will shut up,if not someone will let the actress know she got it wrong and hopefully get it right next time.

Actress Ebube Nwagbo:A Safety Hazard On Wheels.


  This is coming from an angry lagosian who had a one on one encounter with actress ebube nwagbo. The lady is really miffed that instead of getting an apology from ebube who almost ran her into oncoming cars,ebube rather gave her the shoulder attitude and drove off!

This is coming from
Frances Ononuju

"I was saved !. I was at the Allen Avenue Branch of UBA on 9 Nov 2011 and I parked behind a Wine coloured SUV, awaiting my niece who was in the Bank to pick up some money. In an instant I noticed the rear light of the SUV on and almost immediately the reverse light came on. At that point I honked to alert the driver there was a vehicle behind,but the driver kept reversing. In order to save my life I kept reversing into the busy Allen Avenue road but the SUV kept reversing and the driver did not look back.
It took the almost late intervention of the security guards who literally banged on the window to stop the driver of the SUV.
            After my desperate struggle to save my life, the driver of the SUV rolled down the window And alas it was the Nollywood actress Ebube Nwagbo who had on very dark sunglasses at about 4pm.
I asked her "ebube do you not use the mirrors in your vehicleh"?, she just eyed me, rolled up the window and drove away without any apology or remorse. Her atttitude was like that of someone on cheap drugs".

 Stella I believe you have access to virtually all of these public persons. Apart from driving dangerously, Ms Nwagbo capped it with a rude-finish. I thank God for saving my life.

if I wasn't in that car,she would have probably crashed into it and driven away.
Please I am thanking God for saving my life,I am still badly shaken but I have to cry out for people to beware. If I was abroad I would report her at once to be tested for driving under the influence.

Stella thank God with me".
This memo speaks for itself,i hope ebube gets to read this and thanks God that she didnt kill this lady.if it is to diffuclt for any celebrity to drive safe,then please get a driver and do your business quietly at the back seat...nonsense and sunglasses!

Actress Mercy Johnson Pregnant?

The newly married controversial actress who has been jumping from one location to another is
rumoured to be pregannt with her first child and has been reportedly confirming it by word of mouth.

Hear the olofofos"Stella,she must have stopped toning because she looks darker but has put on some weight on her lower and upper region.
Her tummy is not showing yet but she is eating a lot and when asked she agreeed she had eaten the proverbial fat frog.''.
Abeg Mercy speaks from both sides of her mouth so until she starts showing,i will take this news with a pinch of the salt!.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Actress Stephanie Okereke Et Al Conferred With MFR.

Actress Stephanie Okereke has done herself proud....yes!!!

She was one of those conferred with the title of MFR today November 14,2011 in Abuja.
The very proud actress was escorted to the event by her heart throb linus idahosa and both stepped into the venue looking excited.
here are the pictures of Stephanie from todays event.
This is also a big congratulations to everyone else who got the honour today,e no easy.
To those who did not get it,no hating please,everyone has their time to excel...yours is coming,una hear?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Check Out Actor Osita Iheme!

Do you know this actor?.....just in case you miss 'her' face...this is none other than your household face 'pawpaw' of the popular 'aki n pawpaw' fame,otherwise known as Osita iheme.

 Yes.....I mean NO!......he has not changed sex!

The actor is pictured here in a movie role interpreting the role of a woman.....a short one.

So,what do you think?does pawpaw look better as a he or as a she?

STELLAS*gossip*GROOVE thinks he is really pretty!

Check 'her' out please!

Actress Halima Abubakar Spotted.

     Petite Actress Halima was recently in the Uk where she attended an award ceremony.
The excited actress tweeted her arrival in the Uk on her twitter handle and then she is spotted with ear warmers,hand gloves and sleeves top.

.Check out the pictures of the spotting.

Well what do you know,London is cold already and Halima looks great.........but whats with the sleeveless top and eskimo boots?..warm..cold...warm...cold...!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Toyosi Oni Youngest Nigerian Human Rights Activist Needs Your Votes.

Oluwatoyosi (Toyosi) grew up in Nigeria, where she became aware of human rights before many young people. Aged 14, before moving to Britain, she founded her first charity; raising money for a local orphanage and educating girls who would otherwise have been sent to work in kitchens. She has also been involved in supporting those affected by the Haitian earthquake and Rwandan genocide.

Now, in Britain, Toyosi is her school’s ‘Deputy Head Girl in charge of Charities and Community Outreach’, and has organised fundraising events for various charities. She won ‘Best Business Woman, Cambridge’ in this year’s Young Enterprise competition. She has also organised ‘Hunger Lunches’, where schoolchildren forfeit their usual lunch for a bowl of soup and a morsel of bread.

Her charity work is about helping others, but is also part of Toyosi’s long-term goal of becoming a Human Rights Lawyer. Someday she dreams of becoming President of Nigeria, with a view to ending the injustice and hardship there.

Toyosi wants to continue to speak up for those without a voice. Winning the Ambition AXA Award would help her fund her own ambitions of changing the world.


you can also follow her on her twitter handle @Toyosi_Oni

Quote from teacher / trainer:
“...Toyosi is a wonderful student. She has grit and determination, but has a good heart and caring personality. Toyosi is a well-respected member of the sixth form at St Mary’s School, where she is involved in a variety of charity enterprises. She is confident in public speaking, where she is persuasive, passionate and articulate...

“...Underneath Toyosi’s very bubbly and enthusiastic exterior there is a very sensitive and humble young woman who genuinely wants to change the world for the better. She has seen injustice in her home country and this has inspired her to want to read law at university and use her qualification as a way of fighting such injustice...”

Mrs Karole Lewis – Housemistress and Assistant Head of Sixth Form, St Mary’s School