Stella Dimoko Pastor Allegedly The Reason Man Asked Court To Dissolve His 23 Year Old Marriage.


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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pastor Allegedly The Reason Man Asked Court To Dissolve His 23 Year Old Marriage.

Guess which Court...LMAO!

A fifty-two-year-old driver, Wasiu Oyedele, has sought the dissolution of his 23-year-old marriage, saying he could no longer tolerate the adulterous nature of his wife, Afusat.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), he told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that Afusat, with whom he had four children, had the habit of bringing her lovers into their matrimonial home.

“My wife brings her lovers into our home, and anytime I query her, she fights me.

“She used to come with a particular man into our matrimonial home and my children told me that the same man regularly visits her in her shop.

“On many occasions, I met her with her pastor in our room and whenever I asked of her pastor’s mission, she always said he came for spiritual matters,’’ Oyedele said.

The petitioner said that his wife got pregnant for another man after she had their first baby.

“My wife abandoned our 10-month-old baby for me and got pregnant for another man. She came back after some years and I accepted her,” he said.

According to him, his wife does not have any respect for his family.

“My wife used to call my father a wizard and always fought with my mother whenever she visited; my mother has stopped coming to my house,’’ he said.

Oyedele also accused Afusat of being fetish.

“I saw charms in my wife’s room and I called our children and neighbours attention to it.

“I believe the charms caused my illness, because anytime I go to the hospital for treatment, they always tell me to seek the help of a spiritualist,” he said.

The petitioner presented to the court pictures of the charms as evidence.

He also said his wife chased away his first wife who did not bear him any child by always mocking and calling her a barren woman.

The petitioner begged the court to terminate their marriage, saying he was no longer interested.

Afusat denied some of the allegations and pleaded with the court not grant her husband’s wish because she was still in love with him.

“Please do not grant my husband’s wish for the dissolution of our marriage; I am still in love with him, and besides, I don’t have anywhere to go, ”she begged.

She stated that she was not fetish and did not know how the charms got into her room.

The mother of four added that she did not just abandon their baby to get pregnant for another man, but it was her husband that chased her out of his house.

“My husband chased me out of his house after I had our first baby and that made me to get pregnant for another man,” she told the court.

The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case till June 27 for judgment.

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Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Only in Igando

Blackberry said...

Haaa! Afusaaaaatiiiii, u got pregnant for another.....? Guilty as charged.
*bangs gavel*

Teemah said...

Na wa...

Anonymous said...

Igando again!...issokay.
There no love among this couple jare . when she cheated the first time the man should have send her out then naw. Why with for 23year later?

@just Bella.

KIDJO said...

Igando court(hope I got the spelling right)

Cynthia Iyede said...

Igando noni

St.FranKooL.... said...

There are special people in Igando...

Sweet Mother said...

igando of course.

PL THE GREAT said...

You got pregnant for another man when you have a 10 month old baby? That says a lot about her character.

This madam is very strong!

smart move said...

Same ol story otu na amu matters. Bane of marriages these days.

cat eyes said...

Igando!!! Lol. Which kind adjournment, they should please dissolve the marriage immediately. I hate married women that cheat because there's no reason whatsoever to cheat,walk out of the marriage and fly like a bird.

Krix said...

Igando customary court! Hope I'm right. Side eyes.

Just Krix!

Amacastel said...

Loud it

Gbogbo bigz girlz said...

This woman Na badoo

sholetoga said...

Even before reading the post, I'm sure it's Igando customary court.......LMAO

Anonymous said...

We have two broke ass couple right here. Una try👎👎

Tayan Taylor said...

Stupid Igando again

Odus said...

Nah Igando now. Hahahahhahahha

Anonymous said...


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