Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists -Remembering The Good Old Nigeria


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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sunday In House Gists -Remembering The Good Old Nigeria

Today Nigeria Is 57 years old and this post is to remember the good times since the bad times refuse to go away...

There was a time flight ticket out of Nigeria was N176 naira....!!!

There was a time Education was free for forget schooling if your parents cannot pay for a good school,the public schools are so bad that you are allegedly taught to use past tense English in a present tense world.

Remember Okin Biscuit?

Remember Joy girl....?

Remember Curtina shoes?

What good old memories do you remember?
If you are too young to remember these things then simply tell us what you remember...

That Nigeria is gone but there is no harm remembering............

*Independence day giveaway for the most hilarious comment or comment that makes sense the most.

We will be the Judge and Jury..I will be watching.


SheriKoko said...

Hope this my comment follow shaπŸ™„

Firstlady blessing said...

Waoh, remember I use to fried fish, the head for either 1 or 5

Miss Ess said...

My good old planta butter, the bowl is used for food in school afterwards. Cortina bata, treetop juice, bigdip ice cream. Oh my days #chilhoodmemories

Flawlessbae❤❤ said...

I remember when during Jonathan regime 200# can cook family pot of beans .
Yes !!!


You remember, Sandalilly Sandalilly, Sandalilly Sandalilly song

You remember Kito sandals

You remember bathing inside rain with only pant

You remember speedy, coconut, digestive biscuits???

*Larry was here*

SheriKoko said...

I remember speedy biscuit coconut biscuit... ehm what else

Flawlessbae❤❤ said...

I remember sachet Milo was 25# now 60#
I remember peak milk sachet was #25 now 50#
Always pad was 180#
Now 450#
Nigeria which way Na...

SheriKoko said...

I remember buying 50kobo sweets and chingom from aboki at the junction... 50kobo ice water... my "komkom" piggy bank those days was full of 10kobos and 50kobos... biscuits den was "ibua one naira"πŸ™„ how did we get here so fast??😣...

MonkeyNoFineTheTafiaMama said...

The first pomade I bought with my money , this pomade made my younger siblings to start adding the title *sister* to my name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ during d days of harmattan 😍😍😍😍 oooh Stella pomade was bae.

Anonymous said...

Morgan hair cream (remember the smell of it). and sunday night soap opera tv show. Always pray to have electricity aka NEPA

kowmah said...

I remember pure water been 3 for N10 and now 1 is N10

esohjay said...

I remember "ekana Gowon" I.e Gowon nail, I remember operation sweep, I remember bathing in the rain
Good old memories


Did you remember basket sandals

Anonymous said...

All I remember is Goody Goody. I just want to feel that taste again

damilola oluwaseun said...

I remember how product wrappers be it biscuits, soaps are usually colourful and attractive such that you will have force you mind off it.
I remember how I virtually worshipped a bar soap (I think sunlight soap) it was so colourful, smell nice that my mind keeps tricking me its biscuit disguised in a soap wrapper as my mama can keep anything in anything to disguse its actual content if she doesn't want use to use it
I waited and waited for when she will call me for my own share of this 'biscuit'alas! I waited in vain.happy independence day!

Anonymous said...

I no be small pickin so ...

I remember Bata shoes every September for school
I remember Nasco biscuit and Goodie Goodie sweet
I remember Milo being milkier that Bournvita
I remember going to Bar Beach every Sunday after school
I remember Kingsway and Leventis when I was very little for Christmas dress
I remember relaxing at Federal Palace hotel with my dad
I remember all homes (mine and friends) having landline and that big black phone - with padlock to prevent the children making calls that led to high NITEL bills
Most of all I remember when NEPA rarely 'took light'. This I know because we hardly missed an episode or Cock Crow at Dawn or Mirror in the Sun or Hotel de Jordan
Yes, Nigeria was fantastic and we cannot kid ourselves that standards have fallen badly

Anonymous said...

Bata shoes, goody goody sweet, treble sweet, chopper bicycle, fan ice, was 5 kobo, even puff puff I use to buy back in the day was 5 kobo. I remember when tv use to come on at 4pm for children shows (clue club, atom ant etc) damn those where the good Ole days!! Girls guide, brownies etc. 10 naira could buy a big tin of bournvita, sugar and big tin of Nido milk and geisha sardine!!😒😒😒😒😒😒

Beloved said...

I remember curtina too.

Before I could get a pair of Jeans trousers for N500 but now even the one of N2000 is Abamade...wash and wearπŸ˜‚

What of when 5 naira can buy a sachet of pure and N50 can buy Eva small bottle water...Then Babes claimed they only drink bottled water because of one health reason or the other, but everyone drinks from the Tap water...That it contains minerals Especially Calcium which is good for their hair and nails...YIMU

Or when A 'paint' of Garri was 200-300
But now 900-1000k
Or is it when $1=N150
Or is it my favourite small noodles that I could get for below N1500,but now N2400
Or is it my daily Bread that I could get a medium loaf then for 150-200, but now 400-450
Don't even remind me of Sanitary pads.

All food stuffs increased in price, so everyone in the hostel now has the innocent excuse that she is watching her weight, whereas it is Hunger strike.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I am tired of typing o, Nigeria's former Glory will be returned more than the era of Groundnut Pyramid.πŸ™

Anonymous said...

Who remembers sulphur8 hair cream, is it still in the market?

Rappakatakata said...

Those days when Coldstone was coloured ice cream in santana leather.
Those days when J5 pants was our own Calvin Klein boxers.
Those days when ipad was our regular black&white slate.
Those days when Peugeot Evolution was our own Bugatti Veyron.
Those days when our ladies wore skirt-half shimi-pant.
Those days when Bobby Brown/MC Hammer/Kriss Kross were our own Don Jazzy/Olamide/Style Plus.
Those days when our Muslim neighbors would usually bring us Sallah rice laced with lots of rago meat as Sallah present.
Those days when Christmas meant we could visit as many neigbours as possible and expect to leave some N1 notes as 'Happy Christmas'.
Those days when we defiled 'akwule' order on the gates of our Muslim neighbors all for the love of Massa.

Suwa Nen said...

Magic lipstick and Tony Montana powder.

Anonymous said...

Nku cream nko?? Chaii, life don change

Madam Fortune said...

Laide de de o! Tiwani. Perfumed Jelly O dara.
Big bite that was filled with chocolatey goodness
When gala had real beef
Fanta Chapman


Oh Mehnnn....stella pomade. My favourite body cream back as a child. Then they made "Jet" body cream when Stella pomade started fading away...white lotion in a transparent jar with red cover...

Imperial leather was my favourite soap. Then there is this other one I've forgotten the was like olay. Cant remember the name now

The days of Dr Pepper, Crush.
The days of Planta. Their jungle was out and made you wanna eat bread the whole time.
🎢children it's breakfast time...
Breakfast time is Planta time...planta...🎢
When it started fading away, we switched to summer county.

Who remembers licki licki sweet. It was brown and tied in a transparent nylon as a roll of 12 or more...usually like a chain or belt.

I ate ikara too. It has the shape of those round soft kuli kuli but ikara was hard and gritty.

I licked that ice cream made with water, flavor, sugar and color and tied in nylon like a shape of a heart.

Chocomilo? Okin biscuit? Cabin bisxuit...choi😁

I remember the days of bata footwear. Curtina shoes. When I started doing Sisi, I started rocking joca jellies sandal.(stylish rubber shoes with platforms) Mine was pinkish in color.


Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, aww we all have those memories of the good old Nigeria.. Well, my own Nigeria was good, is still wonderful, gets better every year, the universe bows to me and supplies all that I need to make me comfortable, Nigeria vomits great wealth into my palms, and my descendants will enjoy this great country... Long live Nigeria!! My personal great nation..
Brown sugar

Shirley said...

Imagine if flight ticket was still at that rate,I for don leave this country for ona tey tey!I remember when cocacocla was 12nira,when a cup of uncle Ben rice was 30nira that rice can smell nice for Africa especially when you dice onion put with drop of grpundnut oil,I remember when goody goody was 5nira na God say I no go get rotten teeth cause I over ate it
There are some product I never came across until I entered Lagos I think those who grew up Lagos had more varieties growing up

Anonymous said...

I was looking for admission for my lil cousin I go to one fine private school, on getting to the office where am to get details for the admission process. I met this young guy in the office he looked at me and said madam please sat down there lemme tell the principal is busy Chai I just told the guy not to worry that I'll have to come back next day Immediately I left there I went to another school the place was OK so I paid for d admission form took it home to fill and submit the next day, gave them my mobile line to call if I forget to bring it the next day. so I was home filling the form when my lil cousin brought my phone that it's ringing I picked the call what I heard was "madam sorry I forgot to told you to brought her birth certificate tomorrow" I said OK and that was it. I just vex go put the girl for one expensive school i no bargain for.

Princess Scheherazade said...

I remember...
Goody goody bar, chocomilo, elephant detergent. Malted milk biscuit ( the one in brown and transparent wrap) and Marie biscuit. Treetop juice ( I loved the lime cordial, don't know why ).
The days of watching Aunty Nkem in tales by moonlight on NTA, Sunday evenings and Olu Jacobs as a detective in The Third Eye.
Kiddies Vision 101 on weekday evenings, Kessingsheen hit show on Sunday afternoons.
Bassey and Company, Second Chance, Supple Blues, The New Masquerade.
Walls ice cream, Samco ice cream. Planta butter and bazooka chewing gum.
Tandi guarana and Fanta ginger ale. Nku body cream.
Cabin biscuit, Nasco wafers and Nasco sandwich cream biscuits...
Stella, weh done ma. You have successfully made me feel my age today. I agree say I don old.
Funny how I wanted to write just a few things and the rest came pouring out.
Will write more in another comment abeg, I'm feeling too nostalgic to continue right now.

becky naka said...

I remember when I went to buy N5 orange, was backing my younger brother and we had an accident, nothing happened to him but my leg was badly damaged, spent four months in the I no leak again..t'was a miracle.

Remember taking coins from my dad's bag to buy bread (round sweet bread, N1 each).

A3 cream was our family favourite. Remember when close up was packaged in a metallic tube and after using the paste, we'll use the metal to design our simbi hair.

I miss my childhood.

Anonymous said...

My older bros lived in Zik's flats UNN during undergraduate days
Free meal tickets and they couldn't finish the chicken;
half a whole chicken in a plate of jollof
Twice a week, the porters came in to change the bed sheets and
clean the rooms and return the washed and ironed bed sheets etc.
Same in all Federal universities then
You were wondering when he graduated?

Elastic said...

Memories upon memories..and we are stuck with some. I have quite a number of funny stories from my childhood, but let me share this one.

There was this day, I was about four or five years old then, my mum left the electric stove after using it. I don't know why she left it on. On getting to the kitchen, in my innocent, childish and helpful mind, I wanted to help put off the electric stove, even though of course, at that time, I knew nothing about switching off an electric stove.  I wasn't just comfortable with seeing the red hot rings . Okay, those times weren't like these days a four year old knows loads of things already.

Then, in a flash and in all foolishness, I didn't know what I was thinking, I went to our laundry basket, just by the kitchen and packed all the dirty clothes I found- and there were quite a number of them. Guess the next thing I did? I took the clothes and yours lovely threw them on to the electric stove, yes, on those red hot rings.  And like setting a bush on fire during the harmattan, the clothes caught fire straight-off.... I just stood there looking on and wondering why everything turned out that way and not how I intended. Thank God for the quick intervention of my parents in putting the fire πŸ”₯ off, and of course, I received a good beating that day.

I wanted to put off the electric stove by pouring clothes on


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Goody goody and horlicks

Anonymous said...

When I was in UNN in the early nineties,
A plate of rice and plantain, Rice and beans
Garri and Egusi soup was N 1.50k
Remember then Jubril Aminu said we couldn't enter
Universities with GCE if one hadn't done school cert.
He visited UNN and Aluta continued, he was smuggled out
on a helicopter from the irate lions and lionesses
who wanted to use him for breakfast
That was the year Germany had a united chancellor for the first time
Good days

Babalola Zumrat said...

D 5naira Dat Is Wortless Now. I Remember In D Gud In Gud Old Days.U Can Cook A Full Pot Of Soup With Dat Same 5naira Dat Is Wortless Now. Na Soup Wey Be Say Meat,fish,everythin Wey U Dey Find For Beta Soup Na Him Go Ful Am Wit Jst 5naira.Today Even Tied Sugar U Cannot Buy 4 5naira. Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!!!

Blue said...

Chai d days wen my sec sch fee waz 50naira,our fridge always had issues bc of constant lite,d days wen we gather at 8 to watch check mates,offcourse steady lite dey

Anonymous said...

I remember Choco milo for 50kobo,ice cream tied in white nylon for 1naira and above,coconut biscuit, milk candy that has milk on one side n chocolate on the other side with spoon for 5 naira, we use 50naira to make a pot of soup for a family of 4,using coin was not bad afterall...finally watercane was 10naira,my mama can flog ehhh

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

I remember back then when we used to go to the stadium today for match pass. Even the dirtiest student appear neat cos they always tell us the governor ll come.. I stopped goin when i entered Jss1. I miss the good old days. my favorite biscuit was Nasco. I also remember my school bag that has tyre, children are always flocking around me. I removed the tyre when i entered ss1.


I remember ambi cream used for bleaching.

I remember "oga put water" where a man draw pples attention and perm their hair but the supposed chemical becomes do painful that the ladies start shouting "oga put water"πŸ˜€

I remember our old English reader. Edet lives in calabar,Agbo lives in the town of lagoon😁

Old Rodger is dead and gone to his grave hmmmmmm,ha, gone to his grave. They planted an apple tree over his head,hmmmmmm, ha,over his head.........😁

I remember Christmas period where we stroll from house to house😁 my mum wouldn't want me going but I always insist. Then she says, don't eat anything. We get there and d food becomes so tempting😁. Some of our "colleagues" come home bare footed after d long trek.πŸ˜‚

Pls, let me quickly ask that student whose name is always at d front of waec script(chukwu something I can't remember d correct name now) has he/she finally passed waec? Or that name is still being used?πŸ˜€

I miss my old school novels
Twelfth night

god's are not to blame

The beautiful ones are not yet bornπŸ˜‚

Night fall in Soweto

Macbeth..."all hail Macbeth, tail of caudor ,tail of glamis. You shall be king there after"πŸ˜‚

I miss those old memories sha

THE OLD NATIONAL ANTHEM(Thanks to my mumπŸ˜€)


Benny Amadi said...

I used to take 50kobo to school and it would buy me Vip and biscuit. Who remembers Big Dip? That ice cream that is coated in chocolate, you have to eat the chocolate coating to get to the ice cream inside. Chai! This advert too- Super Visco Static; I'm not sure is the correct pronounciation oo! They used to the air the advert during 'Behind the clouds'- Efe and Nosa

Sally jayd said...

Growing up was fun . Who remembered Oxford cabin biscuit, Gold circle condom advert( go for goldooo Gold circle condon) and Dr Aladdin seven keys to power advert. How about Ben Bella that can cure all STD?

Black and white telly with legs , then you only watch television in the evening. Watching ABS and NTA with their chi chi chi sounds and unclear images and we didn’t even care.

I remember buying nylon ice cream made with sugar, colour and water very sweet then.

Plantan magarine for rich people. Then parents allowed their children to socialise not now that kids care so much about Tablet and IPad.

Sally jayd said...

Bathing inside with only pant was fun , we use to call it Okoko Miri.

redbotafly said...

"let me tel you what I am. I am a doctor in my country everybody knows me well.if you look at me up and down you will kno that it's true.
Chai I miss those days o.
How the hell did I get this old so soon 😜😜

redbotafly said...


DON™ said...

Remember Bata Shop ? I visited there almost every two terms with my Dad for school sandals.

Priceless Jewel said...

I remember when bread was #3.50k, I remember wearing "apoche" aso chair, aso ibinu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€☺, I remember Saturday night powder, Tony Montana powder etc I remember bata shoes, blue band butter, eleganza biro, OK in biscuit (short cake & round), I rember gogo sweet, baba dudu sweet & eyin alangba (locally made with coconut etc) I remember coconut biscuit & speedy! I remember ice water & the use of coins, hmmm... I remember some of these sweet spoiling my school uniform πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€☺☺, I will add as I remember

... Jesus is my worth!


*their jingle was lit

Iuleha virologist said...

We may choose to remember how cheap things were, but most of our parents had no money to buy them!
I remember when we only ate eggs during Christmas, inside the Christmas chin chin.
University staff were not paid during the abacha regime, so we did xmas with pigeon ontop of the sundried tomatoes and pepper parents could not afford chicken or meat. Please don't ask me how we got the pigeon!
Things are better now, especially for me, life was TOUGH for me while growing up, I didn't even think I'd be a graduate because of how tough life was during the babangida and abacha regime!

IJAY said...

Wao I remember my love for this Sella pomade, I will so rub it and my whole body will be shining, LMAO.
I remember agadi jellof with the briskit borne
I remember my basket sandal, lols
The good old days, happy birthday Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Correct anthem not the rubbish we have now, courtesy of objects!


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @redbotafly that song is dope mehnnn

@Sally jayd, honestly the fun is over the moon

*Larry was here*

Blackberry said...

I remember those colored icecream, one honey flavoured cone shaped sweet, cornmeal still dey? Plus the movie willi willi....haahahaa


You mean "chewing gum"???

*Larry was here*


Amara dan o Laide, perfumed jelly tiwani

Tolly soap and Mojes adverts?

Ose Kampala ti de ki gbogbo ose teeriba........

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

I remember tying magnet to a rope and dip it inside the gutter in search of 1 naija (coins) after it rains lol.I was always happy whenever it rains. lmao

ikechukwu benson said...

it is unfortunate that our beloved 5 naira note has joined the league of coins . it cannot even buy anything now on its own, 10 naira note please take dressing before u get consumed by the economy trend.

Na Me Biko! said...

Some good old adverts...Louissss, Louis Daniels...As an international hairstylist my clients rely on me to make them beautiful and I rely on Esteem, the one hair care range you can trust completely...(*don't let me cry biko)...

Elastic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justyswt said...

Funny enough, someone told me that the sandalilly sandalilly is actually standard living, standard living.

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...


Sassy Meruche said...

I remember speedy biscuits and coconut biscuits.Chocolate Oxford was my best.Pronto was the then Milo.Even bournvita.Tales by moonlight was a hit.Then tv stations used to start by 4pm.

jay urchy said...

Chai! Those good old days.. I remember then my dad gives I and my older sibs 10 naira to buy snacks during break time. My elder bro will take 4 naira and give I and my elder sis 3 naira,50 kobo each. What do I even buy! Those cheap ice cream with colourant (colouring lol,abi water,sugar and colourant mixture),gorogoro and kwilikwili. Sometimes I buy Nasco biscuit or agidi jollof that has bone inside.

Shell Camp Owerri days...

Justyswt said...

I remember when we use to play

Ten ten
Pito one
Change ur style

I remember basket rubber shoe,

beebee said...

I remember when I can buy suya (Ishan) for 20naira
I remember passions, sunset beach
I remember our black and white TV inside cupboard
I remember when we were kids during Christmas, all we had on was our white singlet and white pant
I remember Dat Jenifa movie I need to know
I remember the game we use to play, after round one
I remember papa luwe, baba suwe, papa
I remember coconut buscuit, speedy etc
Chioo I wanna go back

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...

Wow i remember gold spot... Limca... Parle soda and buying food for one naira... Rice one naira... Meat one naira... Yam one naira... And i remember when there was no cable... just DRTV filled with alot of funeral announcement that we all learnt the song THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME also watching binta and friends, i need to know... Papa ajasco etc..


peps rosepetra said...

Wooooow Stella pomade.. This product sell like indomie

Olori Orente said...

I remember playing table soccer with biro/bottle cover.
Flying kite made from paper and broomsticks
Rolling tyres with sticks on the street playing fire on the mountain and suwe with friends
I licked creamy part of cream coated biscuit
Love drinking colored water tied in nylon as ice cream
Can't forget Fi...sibi je,balewa,ekana gowon.
When you drink water directly from the tap.
Gold spot, Linda, Tandi gurana.
My kitos,divas with ankle socks
Buying of 1paint of gratitude for #150
Abacha stove and coal pot,Transportation for #5
Computer socks, travellers cream.
Too many abeg.
Choco Milo and eclairs,wafers,nido milk.
General hospital was the best then.
God Bless Nigeria

Justyswt said...

I tell u. I so love that sweet ehn. And also choco milo.

Anonymous said...

Stella pomade
Nku cream
Walls ice cream
Do man do ice cream
Nido milk ( the first powdered milk in Nigeria)
Milo ( grey plastic container)
The old national anthem
The love for head of fish in my boarding school. ( Give me the head, give me the head oooo, give the head before l die. I no want the tail neither the center ooooooo, give me the head before l die.
They days of bazooka Jo chewing gums.
They days children were treated treated for free in all teaching hospitals.


Olori Orente said...

I remember playing table soccer with biro/bottle cover.
Flying kite made from paper and broomsticks
Rolling tyres with sticks on the street playing fire on the mountain and suwe with friends
I licked creamy part of cream coated biscuit
Love drinking colored water tied in nylon as ice cream
Can't forget Fi...sibi je,balewa,ekana gowon.
When you drink water directly from the tap.
Gold spot, Linda, Tandi gurana.
My kitos,divas with ankle socks
Buying of 1paint of gratitude for #150
Abacha stove and coal pot,Transportation for #5
Computer socks, travellers cream.
Too many abeg.
Choco Milo and eclairs,wafers,nido milk.
General hospital was the best then.

God bless nigeria

AbaMade said...

These days people are too angry, suspicious paranoid even.then when we've not lost our sense of community, trust, humanity and empathy, it was totally okay to parent another's kid. Those days when the gap between the rich and poor wasn't this pronounced. Those days are dead and gone

covfefe said...

I remember when we use to buy milk and milo they tie in small nylon for #1,we go lick tire :-) anytime someone 'dash' us money,also those colored ice cream they tie in nylon,also water in nylon for #1. Basket shoe,akpola,etc..hmmm i use to save money those days,there was a time i saved up to #90 which was a very big money then lol,then one of my sis friend came to our house and stole it,chai my life savings,i cried that day and had a sleepless night,d nxt day mum had to give me 100 b4 i got myself lol ,she denied but later confessed but it was too late cox she don chop am,mum had to stop her frm coming to our house. Now #100 is nothing in dis economy.

May said...

I remember kito sandals,tandi drink and oh my dearest Cadbury tv shows...i remember those days we'd bath outside the house and not be ashamed. We used canters to make tyre for wooden barrows and they'd make plenty of noise. We used to jump our neighbours gate just to climb their tree to pluck their apples (not this green foreign one o),those small white ones. I remember we'd sit together at night outside our block in festac almost naked listening to folktales and watching the sun,we stayed into the night and our parents didn't really bother cause they felt we were safe. See me smiling,I know I miss my childhood somehow,I had a good one. Hey,is it the tortoise car that I forgot to mention and oh,My neighbour was the first to buy a black wnd white tv before my dad got the open and close and they got the coloured tv first too and we were so excited to always go there to watch and guess what,when they notice we are at their window watching (of course they won't invite us in)and they would tell us to be quiet or leave and if we dare make a sound that's the end o cause they'd just close their curtain lol. Choi! Who remembers that show the main character was Steve who didn't have sense and was in love with a very beautiful lady. Wo Stella let's me stop here.

Lady j said...

I remember d days of using box television, where u HV to change channel by using dat thing dat looks like a tuner,making kpa kpa sound while at it..,or u go to d back of d tv to change it,only black and white TV existed then.
I remember my cousins always bragging to me then dat they now HV coloured TV,only for me to go visiting one day,I discovered dat it was dat coloured paper at d back of old lucozade bottle their dad removed to gum on d screen of d TV so dat it can show yellow..hhehehehehehehe

I remember long life
I remember timberland shoe those days which was d in thing then for school

I remember arisco disco,GbE nata

I remember tiko tiko,tiko koko ti

Hehehehehehe..abeg I don tire to type.


Yes o, it's actually Standard living o

*Larry was here*

May said...

Who remembers when abacha died,kai i cant forget that neighbour celebrated it as though it was his child's naming,he bought drinks for us as if he won a jackpot. You really didn't need to know him,just come and say'my brother you hear news abacha Don die and he would say 'my brother just sitdon follow us celebrate. Well, we were excited after all we drank coke at home only on Easter or Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I remember...

Tree Top

Nasco biscuit, king of biscuits, nasco biscuit, oh the flavour, nasco biscuit, king of biscuits nourishing nacso king of biscuits... N! A! S! C! O! NASCO!!!

Saturday Night Powder




Hotel de Jordan

Tales by Moonlight

Wise men bank with UBA, and women too, with UBA. Start a savings account today, with UBA UBA.

All the old jingles and rhymes playing in my head.

Let me come and be going...

May said...

Baba dudu was it for me,lol. I remember we used to put milk in water and put it in nylon,then leave it in freezer to block (That's our ice cream o) after adding plenty of sugar. Or we'd put Milo too if we have. We were big then,don't try to beg

May said...

Bloggie licki licki was lit,Choi!

I used to take plenty chocomilo from my mamas shop,she would complain of not seeing gain and it reducing everyday,what's my own I would just be looking at her like an innocent

Anonymous said...

You are totally right!! Back then neighbors watched over each other's kids!! Kindness, generosity was abundance. No rituals like today or kidnapping. I loved my youth so much! Kids played outside till moms called us to come inside. No pure water but water straight from the taps!! Nepal Hadley took light!! My sis use to go to lits on Saturday. My dad's salary in the late 70's was 2 thousand naira a month. I weep for nigeria!!!

May said...

I miss Sunday Oliseh of NTA News hour Sunday by Ten (can't remember what it was called). Even though it was usually sad news and unbelievable things they showed,My dad made sure we never miss it. And that guy was cute.

Anonymous said...

Bazoka chewing gum. Then that sweet oko mallam okin biscuit. But deep ice cream Kingsway. Apapa club for the big men kids then. Wazobia hotel bata cortina. Ice water with cup, then selling with nylon then the pure water. Who remembers ajegunle then their was a canoe to cross to malu rd side. Chei i miss those days.

May said...

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even you would have been roasted. Kai! The mind of kids

Anonymous said...

Yes oh. Still in the market small one 1k2.

Spirit said...

I remember a lot...

Behind the clouds
Willy Willy
Tales by moonlight
The third eye (I wonder, I just wonder)
Wild Rose
No one but you
Fortunes and Mega Fortunes
Voltron the defender of the universe
Ice water in nylon
Pitagna (a fruit I use to pick in trees)
African apple
Knock out
Cataport and Kite
Papalewa (fat man that dances around in costumes).

In fact they are plenty, both good and bad memories.

Who remembers teargas during the military regime?

Anonymous said...

I remember, Bugle Boy jeans and Bazooka Joe chewing gum, kai

Sassy Meruche said...

Did you actually write 'chingom?' Homaigawd!

Anonymous said...

Things that survived, Milo, Bournvita, Closeup, Blueband margarine, Cabin biscuits, Lipton tea, Nescafe, Nasco cornflakes, Titus sardin, pomo...emmm the list long sha...

OMEHE Nnamdi said...

You are right.

Anonymous said...

We rant about how cheap things were in the so called golden days(those days) we forget the money was not really there. A bag of cement was 5 naira, how many people had houses, after 35 years in the federal civil service my father's monthly pay was 500 naira. 120 naira became the minimum wage in 1981. Believe me there were people who couldn't pay rent, send their children to secondary school and couldn't feed their family. As at 1984 people were talking of the good old days. My elder sister as director of information in a federal institution was on 3,000 per month in 1995. My boarding school fee was 30 naira a term, most parents couldn't pay. There were less than 13 secondary schools in Benin city. Things have always been very difficult for the majority of nigerians. How many people had 3, 000 to buy Volkswagen cars, 5,000 to Peugeot cars. There were very few cars on our roads, so our roads lasted longer. Buses were not used for transport until about the middle of 1981 in Benin city, students in my school were ashamed to be seen in them. The minimum wage became 3,000 in 1998/99.

Believe me some of you will describe the last 5 years as part of the good old days in the years ahead.

When uzopo ( bowl) of garri in benin city became 4 naira in 1983, people shouted,cried, sang, insulted the government in power nobody died.

IBB devaluted the Naira for the first time in the mid 80s, there were subsequent devaluation before he left off in 93. Before the devaluation it was 65k to one dollar.


Lipstickalley said...

I remember when TV started @ 4pm with the National Anthem

When sweet colored water was packed in santana nylon, frozen and christened condense

When Baba Dudu was considered regular sweet

When Ghana Bread was the isshhh back then

When amusement park made sense

Ten-Ten, Swe and catching grasshopper kept us busy as kids

When we used to put green leave or flower on our car anytime their is a looming protest

I remember when Hakeem Olajuwon used to be my neighbour

How designer rice started way back with one tiny pot for Rice and Stew opp Mainland Preparatory Pry School

When we had Ghanaian's as teachers.

Oh my Beautiful Nigeria, What happened to you? Who made you look this wretched, hopeless and tired?

**shakes head**

ChyAda adajesus said...

Oh my my good old planta butter. Even if the bread is getting bad once you put on some planta you finish a loaf of bread. Choi uto!

AbaMade said...

πŸ˜‚ @ This world is not my home, then the presenter will open with 'the family of... regret to announce the passing of our beloved..... Lol that song was universal men!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to school with my four corner plywood called slate after writing nonsense on it my teacher will still mark a very big good for me with either green or pink chalk and I will carry it on my head previously without allowing anybody cleaning it until I get home to show my grandparents lol

Aidearest said...

I remember balewa, very sweet. Baba dude, sisi pelebe, samco,big dip, tenten, suwe, walls ice-cream. I Believe in a better Nigeria someday.


I miss those old good days alot, is it the user or ten ten we played all day long...... Climbing of trees to pluck fruits and do janglova,sitting on mats at night to listen to moonlight story... I miss tales by moonlight and francoliseh show.....
I miss the era of baba dudu, ekana Gowon, KULIKULI, lolly( iced tea in nylon), eyin Alanna, join biscuit,......

I remember we'd go to Iya yinkas house to watch films...
Xmas period was always magical, I'd stand and gaze people's houses just to watch their Xmas lights and listen to jungle bells song......

I miss those days when all the kids in the compound will cook food into Milo tins and eat, some would bring pepper, others Maggi,salt ,rice etc from their various homes and we go cook inside pangolo...

I miss the good old days and wish it could return....
# nostalgic

queen hadassah said...

I remember ice water 1 naira, planta bread spread, sprintz chewing gum,m&k, go-go, okin biscuits and TV shows like tales by moonlight, wild rose, secrets of the sand, voltron etc and That NTA 2 channel 5 advert that featured the late Tom west


I miss throwing of Bangas!!!!

SheriKoko said...

@starry Larry... orbit is chewing gumπŸ˜…... but u see banana and chingom be dat

SheriKoko said...

I remember "the masquerade" sitcom den... zebudaya n "Ovleria"πŸ˜…
Chai who watched "the rich also cry"


I follow you remember dem o


Remember dem all

xristybabes said...

Oh I remember when we retouch our hair only on Christmas day with this kind of relaxer they sell in nylon which usually burns the hairπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ because my school then don't plait hair.
I remember again when those people buying old/worn clothes in the east then,they tricked me into giving them all our clothes both new and old that my Mom instructed them to come over and buy all.folish me was so happy that am going to make money, clothes filled in a 2 big Ghana must go bag was sold at #120 or there about.when my mom came back,I told her how I was able to bargain well with those people she sent to Mom was confused and ran to the room to check for her clothes,that's when she realized that I have sold all.chai....the kind beating I received that day memory was automatically reset to factory settings πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

I remember St soaps
Ose ST mare o eeee
Ikan Dara fun we lasan eeee
Okan Dara Faso fifo etc
That soap that turns all our cloths to green, even your sponge self go turn green.
Who remembers that kolawole olawuyi program on radio, every Friday night, after the program na fear.
Mummy love the planta taste, planta.
Stay tuned to family circle, every Saturday, at 8:30 pm on AIT.
Koforolola baker, are you having fun down there, hi daddy wanna join me, no princess (palace).
Fido diddle on one drink like that, I can't remember again, they were the sponsor of that channel 8 school program.
Mums Jollof rice during Christmas, very yummy something.

olly bobson said...

Children it's breakfast time!!
Breakfast time is planta time, p-l-a-n-t-a!
I remember how we used to call iced coloured water... Ice cream, before Uncle Soyo came and saved our lives...Walls ice cream na big man dey buy am that time, I also remember when my mom bought a generator for her new salon but didn't get to use it because light was always constant,then one day she decided to check it in the store house only to discover that it has become a maternity home for the rats in house..
Baby rat everywhere..Lol

Nnukwu Nwanyi said...

The late Jaguar (the best comedy series then) Soul train dance(every Friday n Saturday nights) Mobile barbers that roam the streets then with that stainless clipper hanging their small signboard, we normally stand in front of the house to wait for them on Saturdays.


Haaa! Isaac and Abamade, you got it @those obituary public service announcementπŸ˜‚ was somewhat scary though...

Who remembers Flamingo shoes?πŸ˜‚

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

who remembers Saturday night powder. The song everybody loves Saturday night. Every body loves Saturday night. Everybody everybody everybody loves Saturday night.


@tv starting by 4,They usually start by showing rainbow colors on the screen. Once we see the rainbow colors, we begin to rush our chores so we can gum the sofa to watch πŸ˜‚

Welcome to my World said...

I remember shuttle school bag, nasco biscuit, tales by moon light, things fall apart, suwe, sandalili sandalili, ojukwu wanted to scatter NiNigeria, gowon say Nigeria must be one, in Nigeria west AfAfrica there was something terrible in 19 of October when they killed our journalist, the masquerade, Willi Willi, checkmate. I can go on and on... childhood was bae

Honey said...

I remember those days when our money had value. My dad brought in some packs of #20 notes and kept them in an empty pack of Bournvita, you all remember that Bournvita which was packed in a square shaped carton. He wrapped it with a black nylon and kept it under his bed. I bumped on it one Saturday morning while cleaning under the bed. So every morning, before leaving home for school I will randomly pull out two notes of #20 and take to school. I was a big girl for the few days this lasted. With #20, I will buy bread and akara or bread and sardines, I will then wash it down with a bottle of soft drinks. At closing time, on our way home, I would buy ice-cream for myself and my three friends with the remaining #20. Fan yogo ice cream was #5 then. Unfortunately, it's like dad discovered that something was happening to the money, he removed it from under the bed and I couldn't locate it's new position anymore. Those days were good. My school fees was #255 during this period.

Lacey Love said...

Nku cream was my dad's fav cream. I remember Dan Fulani cream, cabin biscuits, Nasco biscuits, chai, Dem plenty.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. We had a tenant who never pay rent. He was there before my older ones were born so at a point we all told my dad to leave him alone. The man lives like a family member till he passed on.The good old days when all neighbours were every child's parents.

Sweetness said...

Stella pomade! I remember it though I was little. I remember jaguar comedy,mike Olife di mma. Then I used to like pingu cartoon. Our black and white TV open and close. Agidi jollof with soft bone and marrow. Coconut biscuit, chocomilo. That time eeh,i and my immediate elder brother would buy Agidi jollof after school and I would eat all of my own there and then hoping to get some from him when we get home, hmmm, he'd make me drool and tell me to wait and be patient for when he'd give me.. Chai
Then, my love for dolls,daddy gave big brother 20 naira to buy a small doll for me, he took me with him to make a choice then I jammed that toy water gun and chose it instead of doll. Hmm It got stolen by one of our play mates then I took my brother to go fight for it but for where,never got it back. Good old days. I miss growing up with my siblings.

stella dimokokorkus said...

from inbox

Goodday and happy independence day to you stella and your blog visitors. I don't mind if you can post this, your sunday in the house gist brought tears to my eyes apart from the memories. I realized that we nigerians are really humane and united. It seems our politicians and religious leaders are the ones dividing us, imagin all the comments posted by non yoruba speakers singing yoruba adverts. You blog visitors are the best and civilized so far. Thanks sweet stella. -femi anthony's.

I am the queen and the boss of this blog(CHIEF) said...

Sherikoko you are an aje kpako like me...
Lmao at chingom...
It's like you grow up in the east...
Zebudaya and ovleria..

I am the queen and the boss of this blog(CHIEF) said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! For you to know designer rice and mainland, u be correct lere girl

Anonymous said...

Me too! Back then was FUN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you jare...and that was just two years ago. Since then increment here and there, only non increment in salary


OMG!!! I remember when I and my sisters used to hide inside culvert in Ikoyi,lagos and throw stones at cars driving pass.
On this Particular evening Baba Elemu( Palm wine tapper) was busy riding his rickety bicycle/ We didn't take time 2 see who was driving pass,we just threw Stones,
The stones didn't just hit d Baba Elemu on his body,d stones hit his iron bicycle's true, Baba Elemu fell from his bicycle, pulled his slippers,left his wooden climber,his already tapped wine in those long mouthed plastic jerrycans/ his curving knife and started screaming "Aje ti de ooo" ebami oooooo" me o fe ti Ku leni"
Olowu ma je "
We struggled out of d Culvert,laughing like deranged children, unfortunately we didn't know our parents had seen us.
Mumsy now said we should go/ bathe but she will bathe us seeing that we were all looking dirty.
My elder sister went in2 d bathroom/ came out, I was d 2nd daughter, so I went in Naked,d next tin,I felt this stinging pain on my bumbum,and a Pin,hold ur mouth,if I hear or c u cry choiiiii,Mumsy can b Mean like that,after plenty beating,she bathe me/ told me not 2 tell my other sister,
You guys can imagine wat went down for her.
Thanks Stells,for making me remember this incidence

Posh said...

who remembers Kampala, Akwete, Bongo trouser with Akpula n afro hair? Saturday Nite powder- nice scent, chai- original dormitory setup with garri and geisha. Gowon, then head of state attended my parents wedding cos mumsy was working with military. Popsy owned Citron Car with very long radio antenna always blasting Abba tracks or James Last nusic. Omg! I remember using big bowl of water to dilute just 2 bottles of 'tree top' juice and it will be enough for all in my birthday party. Those good old days. Where did we get it wrong! Where did we miss it? God will punish all those that put us in this mess.

chinenye baby said...

My dear u try no be small thing

Beloved said...

I am really enjoying this post. Plenty gist

Beloved said...

Wow Ada Jesus..Are you kidding?

Priceless Jewel said...

I remember "Checkmate" too, one of the first & the best sitcoms in Nigeria!

... Jesus is my worth!

Beloved said...

But it won't sweet again if you sing it as "Standard living, Standard living 😁😁

Beloved said...

I met Speedy, it's still in the market o... But I don't think it's still the same, quality reduced...i loved the chocolate taste abi Milo taste

Benny Amadi said...

Lipstickalley, did u attend Mainland Preparatory School?

Beloved said...

Tessa's... But I hated it. Don't know why. I hate curtina too but I prefer courtina to basket sandal

Beloved said...

Is goody goody not that one they usually pour Milo one side and milk one side?

mary shine said...

I remember phensic and Sunday Sunday rice

Beloved said...

Hahahaha never a fan of those

Ours was Enchanteur powder that reigned.

Beloved said...

Hahahaha I remember Imperial Lather. When going back to school, I buy one roll for washing my pinafore,white and
I loved the smell then, abi it was because of the advertisement I saw one day, can't really remember

Beloved said...

The old Cabin biscuit with their teeth on display right?

Beloved said...

I just remembered the Venus mum's fave


Who remembers these songs and musicians
...Ifeoma ifeoma ifeoma
I want to marry you
Give me your love....

Felix liberty
Tunde omonode
Blackie- can I have a dance Rosie
Mike okri
Raw kimoni- under pressure
Chaka Chaka
Shina Peter's afro juju
Edna-jealousy, jealousy jealousy is the root of hatred.

So many mehnn😁


We see you sir @ Femi Anthony
Happy independence to you.
Nigeria go better...

Beloved said...

Chaaii See Me laughing as...

Beloved said...

Wow so emotional...

Neks Neks said...

Frank Olize " NewsLine"

Priceless Jewel said...

@anon 17:01, I remember, Campala & S. Tiamiyu (ST), Duck green soap & Canoe soap too! You must have grown up in Yoruba land too, woooow! I remember Kola Olawuyi (Iriri Aye)
I no go fit sleep for fear! "Eyin ko yi' & hmmmm, mon bo! Chai! I remember using candle to iron our school uniform & it will be shinning like something else! I also remember putting designs like star & squares with very hot iron (charcoal/iron)... The list is long mehn! The days of Christy Omoge, Essien Igbokwe etc

... Jesus is my worth!

Alhaja said...

I could remember the days of "wara", condense.

Lipstickalley said...

Yelzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Benny, I did.

BIZ said...

I remba laide cream!laide de tiwa ni gbawo niyi laide de oge ara a ma ra don de o laide de perfume jelly oge ara..u kw d song rite? jet cream elephant detergent kampala soap...also remba speak out n doctor who on NTA 2 channel5.I remba cartoon on DBN evry 4pm n nite shift evry thurday nite.I remba d first tym I retouched my hair wt ose hair be lik rat wey fall inside water(over done)I remba me n my siblings alws fall fOr gutter wella wey dem go dey sing aluwe oja si gutter ewa wo koto lo lolzzz..I remba agbara nla by pastor bamgboye on NTA channel 7.a lot sef wey I no fit talk.

BIZ said...

I remba laide cream!*laide de tiwa ni perfume jelly oge ara ma ra don de o laide de gbawo niyi oge ra*..u kw d song rite? jet cream elephant detergent kampala soap...also remba speak out n doctor who on NTA 2 channel5.I remba cartoon on DBN evry 4pm n nite shift evry thurday nite.I remba d first tym I retouched my hair wt ose hair be lik rat wey fall inside water(over done)I remba me n my siblings alws fall fOr gutter wella wey dem go dey sing aluwe oja si gutter ewa wo koto lo lolzzz..I remba agbara nla by pastor bamgboye on NTA channel 7.a lot sef wey I no fit talk.

CEO Empress said...

Who remembers this jingle ....Nutri C, Nutri C
My favorite drink, My only drink.
Another name for vitamin C and hmmmm
Satisfying hmmm, Nourishing hmmmm
My Best friend Nutri C
Always drink Nutri C🎼🎢🎡

I remember watching the sit -com JAGUAR.... my belle oooo, my head ooooo.🎡🎼🎢🎼

I was so little but the lyrics were so catchy, it's hard to forget.

Who remembers pant 7 colors....... Chai...... I can't forget this one, I was in primary 1 or 2, my mom bought it for me..... My yard people hear am..... once am back from school, I will rock my pant and stand in front of our gate and start greeting my school mate going home. To me, I was wearing Gucci ooooo, childhood rocks biko. I will even wear it to buy something across the mainroad.

If you live in the east, you might relate to this.

Some men will stuff their bom-bom and belly with clothes giving the bombom and belly a 3D exaggerated look, they were selling items- once we children sight them, we will start singing...

Papa lolo, Onye ike ranger, pipi. .. Okirika welcome..... (repeat as many times possible)🎼🎢🎡🎢🎼🎢🎼🎼🎢🎡

I remember going for birthday party, I love to dance. If I don't win, I will start crying from the venue to our house... I will be inconsolable chaiiiπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Children of nowadays can't relate to us waiting for the Tv stations to open by 4 pm.. ... blasting the National anthem and closing by 12 am daily. Things com change.

So many of them shaaa, lemme just stop here

Mehn...... Childhood was fun

Stella thanks for resurrecting all this nostalgic feelingsπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Kai, good memories

Moncoeur's behbeh said...

Why are you in my head, lol.I have a feeling we grew up together, except you didn’t mention you go to streams and cashew/ orange tree climbing.

Moncoeur's behbeh said...

Lol. It was as if my dad’s placenta was buried in morgan hair cream, he could angrily suspend his journey if he doesn’t find his Morgan and tahoe for men perf.πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

I remember how we use to run around wit our panties,was fun

Anonymous said...


BIZ said...

Anon 17:1 I remba wen we went to d village for my grandma's burial,dat nite I con hear d progrm o I no fit sleep @all na so so fear fear dey catch me

Irrational_paul said...

The everlasting combination of Speedy, Coconut biscuit with Pepper snacks in my mouth. I can't forget that

BIZ said...

Anon 17:1 d fido diddle na 7up..I also remba one progm lik dat but av 4gotten d name where dey dance disco n after dancin dey wld giv lik 3peep limca n gospot to drink d first persn to finish it wld b d winner..I also remba charly boy n TWO progm where dey do prank on peep lolzzz very funny progm.

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