Stella Dimoko Wedding Night Brouhaha 83


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Monday, January 16, 2017

Wedding Night Brouhaha 83


I have longed anticipated my sending in this mail. Finally decided to.

Pardon the long epistle and any gbagaun because as i type,I picture every moment again.

My traditional marriage was a day before the white and it was an occasion well attended by friends and family . My dad is late so we held it in my uncle's house.

After the trad,we all went home(hubby and his family to his and mine to mum's)

My friends made sure we(hubby and I)didn't communicate that night ad they practically stole my phone on purpose.
Wedding day came and it was awesome. We danced out our strength. Mum cried all through.

After the pool side reception,my family and his insisted I must be escorted home.. unfortunately,that day fell on eken day and in our place,it's forbidden to take a wife home on that day.
Hmmmm meaning,I had to go back home. No worries,(my hubby is usually a calm person)he didn't argue with any body,(let me state here that he's a spirokoko).We were driven home(mums house). He dropped me and my chief brides maid who happened to be his sister.He asked her to take good care of me.

Next day was thanksgiving,he came early to pick me up,went to church and my uncle's insisted I went back home with them that I would join him latter that evening (lol. Not their fault though,I be only pikin).

Hubby was getting mad but he knows how to be unnecessary calm.
So he dropped me off. Do note that all this drop offs didn't go with any sort of making out o as the house was always full.

4pm came and I became uneasy. I went to have my bath,dressed well and started waiting for uncles to arrive as my friends were all with me.

At about 6pm,we set off. Few houses to his house,I was asked to step out of the car and my properties (mortal,boxes,broom,refrigerator,pots,etc)were carried by some cousins of mine,on the head and my people started singing. Jesus!!!! They never told me it was going to be a grand entrance into my hubbys house. See shame and joy at the same time.
Meanwhile,my mum was crying her eyes out at home as she didn't go with me.

My people will take a few steps and ask my husband's people to bring money,which they were obliging to but it became too much and my hubby was getting really mad. When they now saw his attitude,they hastened it and I entered the compound.(see everybody outside even street people were perplexed)

MIL came and washed my feet with a brand new headtie which is now mine.
(Do note that hubby is the first seed of his family)

Food and drinks were served and I went straight into the room to offload my belongings. His friends made mockery of me that they didn't know I knew the way to the bedroom lol.

Cut story short,our family and friends were leaving and I fought so hard to hold back tears.
One came and looked into my eyes as he said his farewell,then I started my drama. See cry,every body's pet was out of the family,married.

Hubby took me in to calm me then he went and saw his friends off.

I went to shower and went into a short red satin night wear .(meanwhile,the bed was wearing a new look. He had bought a new lemon sheet unknown to me. And he romantically decorated the room with candles)I went into the bed to rest

Just as I was resting,I felt a had on my ass,I turned over and we kissed.
It was so refreshing,we've been married for the past three days but nothing has happened.
He lifted up my dress,there were no panties,he kissed my Vijay,came up and descended on my boos like a hungry baby......

I couldn't hold my self. He rolled him over and went down on him. I liked him in,out,handled his tool well in my mouth.

He asked me to relax then his tongue went from my lips to my vijay. He was sucking and dipping his finger at same time. The feeling was out of this world.
Then I had the big O.

He turned me over,I laid flat on my tommy,lifted my left leg towards my left boobs and he went in holding my ass. It was heavenly.
I loved every bit of it.It was worth the wait too.

He was firm,slow,and faster then he "landed" with a loud shout.
It was/is still awesome.

We cleaned up,cuddled and slept off in each others arms till morning as we were both tired. Next morning we continued.
There were no visitors as we live alone in the house. The main gate was locked and that was all we were doing and we sabi shout lol(even till now)and I know neighbours in the next compound go de hear,na dem sabi lol.

It's been 10yrs with a 9ry old daughter and a 2yr old son.
God bless SDK and SDKers

Thanks for sharing your story Dear!


  1. Replies
    1. Awww so romantic and sweet...more love and big O to your marriage poster

  2. Replies
    1. Were you able virgin? You skipped that part. Spirikoko

  3. Hot hot hot!!! I love this story, you almost didn't spare any details in the sex part!! Carry go jare!!

  4. Amazing. 10 years no be beans. Keep loving and glowing dear.

  5. Wow....i don't want to be spoiled in jan come back feb....
    Good story btw, enjoy your marriage.

  6. Wow may God continue to blessing ur marriage....

  7. Lol u even knew the color of the former bedsheet sef...issorait

  8. Hmmmmmmm.
    Poster,I raise hand for you.I was spoilt by ur

  9. Replies
    1. I'm still trying to picture the position. How did u raise ur leg to ur left boob?

    2. Me sef dey reason am too..chai this story sweet me die

  10. Your story is interesting! Well detailed and very romantic.

    May God continue to bless and keep your home.

  11. Awwwwwwww, I love love this!!!!!,was picturing the scenarios as I read ur story...

    *Faithful bv*

  12. wow,nice story God continue to keep your home.

  13. wow,nice story God continue to keep your home.

  14. wow,nice story God continue to keep your home.

  15. wow,nice story God continue to keep your home.

  16. This story is very descriptive, yet precise and brief. I love it!

  17. May God continue to bless and keep your home, now I feel like making out.

  18. Naize mehn. May God continue to bless your home. Choiii and I haven't had sex for a year even though I have a so called horseband. It is well. Sex is not food.

    1. Same here o my dear. God dey. Mine is 4 months

  19. I skipped d sex part don't wnt 2 spoil but do pple keep details of overten years it's sex and

  20. Beautiful story.... My p is sour from overdoing d do last night so I didn't feel anything­čśé thanks for sharing though I wish u happi more years together.......

  21. Awwwwww, so sweet! I love love, your story deflowered me... Lol, enjoy your marriage with joy, peace & fulfilment all through!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  22. Wow!* Mind blowing *

  23. Wow! *mind blowing*

  24. Chai. Your spirokoko husband sabi work o.

  25. Beautiful.
    Now I'm The Big H.

  26. Abeg I dey fast biko nu. Lol I enjoyed it sha. I just refuse to paint pictures

  27. Awww nice story. Marital bliss for u and ur household.

  28. Hehehehehe....

    Spirikoko wey sabi "get down"...issorait #lips-sealed

  29. Madam you badt gan. lool! Very romantic story. I enjoyed it and wish you guys more bliss..

  30. I hope you guys don't shout so loud now cos of the kids, lool. ......

  31. My Benin sister, I raise holy hands for you. Keep possessing your possession.

  32. Wow!
    Stella, more wedding night brouhaha stories ooo

  33. Exactly how stories should be told..... With no expense spared....God bless your home.


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