Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 203


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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Labour Room Drama 203

Labour room drama after six years of TTC....

Good afternoon Stella, the lord has done it oh, my Prince Charming is here. I sent a msg to you sometime in April when I celebrated my sixth year anniversary, for you and fellow bvs to pray for us which u did and i promised to send my story when my miracle arrives. Well he is here now and this is my LRD.

I had a very smooth sail throughout my pregnancy, the day I turned 38th weeks was when mummy arrived Atlanta from naija, started telling me many things to do for baby to come out quick quick, like eating lots of pineapple, sex, walking etc. of which none of them worked, I past my 40 weeks no show, at 41 weeks went for my appointment the doctor checked and said my cervix had not even dilated the baby was checked and everything seemed fine......

 I was told to go but if he don't come by 42 weeks I will get induced. 

At 42 weeks still nothing my doctor booked me to get induced that evening, checked into the hospital that evening and they started the whole process oh all through the night I was contracting badly and the nurses kept monitoring my progress till the next morning at about 9am when the doctor came and checked again they said I was only two cm dilated, I was mad after all the medication that was administered and contractions still 2cm, while we where talking about it there with the doctor the baby's heart beat monitor started beeping they had to do a scan and noticed the baby was not in a good position that they will have to do a C section or we wait to see if his position will change in the next few hours but if it doesn't then we still go for the c section.

 I started crying oh called my sister who is a nurse practitioner told her the situation she advised I go ahead with c-section immediately cause even if I wait and go through more labour pains and his position don't change I will still do the c section. I told the Doctor ok and they started preparing me for the surgery, the anesthesian came introduced himself brought a video to show me the procedure for the epidural and common side effects and all, I was so scared he kept assuring me everything will be fine he has been doing it for over 20yrs and will take good care of me and will make the process painless as possible. 

When we went into the theatre I saw all the equipment for the c section I started crying again oh my husband, the doctors and nurses were consoling me I refused to stop, the doctor now said they have to stop and do it tomorrow, i had to borrow my self sense oh calmed down and they started the surgery, the nurses were so kind and sweet the anesthesian was true to his word before he gave me the epidural told me to expect and what he was about to do and all. 

Finally my doctor came in was about to start and asked me to chose a song they will play for me during the surgery to usher my baby into the world , I chose if by Davido which is my best song, my husband now gave them my play list which has other of Davido song as well we were jamming the songs inside the theatre.

 My husband was by my side all through the procedure held my hands and was encouraging me to stay strong few mins later our little miracle was brought out into the world I held him in my arms with tears of joy flowing down my eyes. I didn't want to let go of him so the paediatric nurse could clean him up. He came out 7lbs and 13oz, very fair and handsome. God was too faithful and I bless his name everyday I hold my son in my arms. 

To all those looking on the lord for a child he will do it for you just as he did it for me after 6 years of marriage. Stella attached are some pictures of my miracle for your eyes only. he will be 6weeks old today Tuesday.

*Baby is so cute and so light skinned compared to you and your hubby oh....
I just knew it had to be diaspora with the hospital bed you laid

Congratulations babe.


  1. Congratulations to you darling, I'm happy for you. Baby dust to all trying mums

    *Larry was here*

  2. Congrats poster, a big hug to your boy...lord protect him.

  3. Congratulations!!! May the Lord be praised....

  4. Congratulations to you.
    My miracle on the way.

  5. sweet. God be praised.

  6. Congratulations had a ball in the delivery room... Jamming to davido songs.. That is nice and cute... May your son grow up great and make you and your hubby proud parents amen

  7. Congrats madam, kisses to your Prince Charming

  8. Congrats and amen,Almighty God,please open up my womb for conception

  9. Congrats... davido song? Fear won't allow me to play that kind song. I rather play gospel song.

  10. Lwkmd Akudo as if u dey my mind lol congrats madam....

  11. @Sharon before the end of this year,the lord would have put your baby in your womb and you will surely sing a new song in Jesus name

  12. Awww...congratulations Madam. I key into your blessing

  13. Congratulations dear.

  14. Congratulations dear

  15. Congratulations to you, I have been reading so many testimonies, a lot of people have been praying for all of us in the waiting room. Oluwa when will you do it for me?

    1. Soon dear.keep the hope alive and enough red wine to celebrate that day.
      You will testify soonest


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