Stella Dimoko Relationship Expert Amara Nwosu's Estranged Hubby Shades Her On Facebook


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Friday, September 29, 2017

Relationship Expert Amara Nwosu's Estranged Hubby Shades Her On Facebook

Francis Van-Lare the Estranged Hubby of Amara Nwosu Took to his Facebook page to shade her
Ms Amara Nwosu Blessing,a self-acclaimed Relationship expert and two-time divorcee, and also runs a Singles Group On Facebook. 

The couple made news recently when Ms Amara announced her Marriage Crash on facebook and said they would be fully divorced by October 16th, 2017.


  1. He's on point

    Why I don't take advice from these end time relationship experts.

    1. People won't learn from Tokes issue, she was busy advising people and her home was also busy collapsing.
      People, shine your eyes and be wise.

    2. Yes oh!
      Imagine a hungry or broke ass person offering u food?
      Common sense should tell u there is no chance of any leftover food coming out of a hungry or broke person.

      All these types of desperado women will only scam u, set u up for shame & disaster like how their own lives r messed up. Crazy bunch of witches, manipulative & very cunning women.

      Nowadays I always block them on social media or delete their messages immediately i see it without even reading anything they send.

  2. I don't follow any relationship pattern or advice at all, anyway it deems fit for both of us, that is how we roll and i have never had cause to regret.

  3. Lol
    Oga I like you.
    Gbam!!! Iji okwu👍👍

  4. The man has been throwing shade since this week. There is one a girl was kick boxing a guy and anotjer whete the girl crying, with the caption of this what really happens but this is what people think, I can't remember again though. Even the comment section he was just spilling. The man can spill any moment from now lol.

  5. Eziokwu. I wonder the advise she will be giving out if twice she failed.

  6. May be she will teach us how to catch a man since we have not been able to get one and she has gotten 2

  7. Mentors are meant to be people who have passed through the challenge you are facing and succeeded. i dont get all this end time teachers. he is so on point biko!!!!

  8. Please help me to tell Toke.

    1. No Toke is weirdest of dem all.
      Before when she was in a fake marriage & living dysfunctional life with her ex, she was doing daily podcast on social media & everywhere advising other girls about love & marriage & relationship. Meanwhile she's sick in the head & her fake husband is using & treating like like a cheap trash that she is!!!

      Awon fakes!!! Many naija desperado girls & witches everywhere nowadays doing relationship expert work on social media. Looking for who to deceive & pull into their ways full of wickedness.

  9. One lesson I have learnt in this world is that sometimes you look beyond the preacher and take the message. That they do not abide by what they say does not make their words less truth.
    BE WISE..

    1. Don't I just love u already?Most times, the fact that they have failed at it gives them an upper hand to advise others from threading their path. They know the decisions they regret taking and are in a better position to advise others

  10. That is why i choose the type of mentors i follow. people who cannot stay in marraige will be giving advice how to handle difficulties in marraiges.

    anyway goodluck to others who look up to them

  11. Her nyash must be exposed completely this 2017.I 'm surprised that Francis didnt know he was married to a ho and a prstentious and wicked one at that.
    Having affairs with married men and claiming to be holy.
    You have succeeded in poisining ur children's minds against their dad for now, but Wait forthe future- they will stone you.


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