Stella Dimoko Nollywood Twin Actresses Tracy and Treasure Say It’s No Big Deal If Actresses Sleep Their Ways To The Top


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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nollywood Twin Actresses Tracy and Treasure Say It’s No Big Deal If Actresses Sleep Their Ways To The Top

In a Recent Interview with The Sun Newspaper, Nollywood Twin-Sisters Actresses, Tracy and Treasure Daniels say their minds about sleeping to the top of the ladder.....

Do you get sexual advances from married men who see you on screen?

It would be an obvious lie for any girl in our position to say no to this question. But remember these are not just admirers, but fans and fans are the ones who determine our ability to sell and how we are rated in our career. So, we have to make them remain loyal even if they don’t get through their wishes.

Do you believe that some actresses sleep their ways to the top?

Everything is possible and nothing is new or news. There are fair and foul means of achieving every set goals and each one comes with a price. Life is about choices and people are free to choose the one they can deal with. No one is better than another, so we don’t pay that any attention. We just follow the path we choose for ourselves; steady and focused till we get there.

Can both of you marry one man?

Why marry one man when many guys would be left heart-broken after our marriage? We can at least make it one guy less broken (laughter). Never, we can’t marry one man. Each of us would have her own husband. It doesn’t matter if they are strangers, brothers, friends or twin brothers.

How was your growing up?

I could say we were born with silver spoon, but I would rather say with golden spoon. Our parents are members of the clergy; we grew up in a parsonage which I consider a privilege because that’s what has shaped us into who we are today.

Whenever anybody attempted to separate us or if my twin sister was traveling without me, we would cry or take ill until we were reunited or allowed to go on the trip go together. Also, anytime our dad was traveling back to his pastoral work, we would cry and fall sick as well. That’s how much we cherish our father.

Growing up, our parents were like missionaries. They were always going on transfer or traveling from one state to another and that affected our stability as children.


  1. Replies
    1. So why haven't those men married them yet? They should be hitting 40 by now. The one where marry Indian nko? Since the divorce nothing for you???

  2. Never seen any of their movies though.

    1. They were acting mgbeke village scenes but that was years ago. Now that little fair mgbeke has taken over from them.

  3. These ones that are busy sleeping with all the men in ajah, i see them every other day. With their over bleached skin. One is already a baby mama yet no sense, still sleeping around and forming like super stars when you come across them

  4. Where dis ones cm frm agn?av evn 4gotten dey exist.ashawo ibeji

  5. Na wa o. Actress plenti for Naija sha

  6. Tracy is currently dating one ikeja married man called Wale Steven.

  7. Lol this one's that cannot Act,Abeg make Una face front....

  8. I didn't read where they said it was no big deal, they said everyone has the ability to make the choice they can live with, but for them they will go slow and steady on the path they have chosen. They actually answered the questions very well.


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