Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 206


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Monday, November 13, 2017

Labour Room Drama 206


Hi Stella,I adore ur blog especially your addicted to it that I read virtually all stories of d blog to enable me know when and how to give birth since am a first time mum.once more I say kudos!!!!. 

I got married Nov last year,took in immediately though at first I wasn't prepared for the challenges of childbirth but I needed to accept the pregnancy wasn't a smooth one From headache,swollen legs,heartburn,chest pain etc.I attended my antenatal classes,awaiting my EDD date which was august 23.I encountered false labour severally. finally I met my doctor a week to my EDD at 40 weeks. I got tired of been pregnant. 

I didn't Want to be induced so I went for a long walks,climbing the staircase,even I had lesser s§x(all tanxs to my heartbeat who understands my body system).I was advised to take Castro oil which I did a night to my labour pains that's on a Sunday.

After a long walk on the following day being Monday,I sat down ate hot rice,took a cup of Lipton,and then I felt some a 1st time mum,I didn't know what it was but I held on to it.i coodnt sleep nor lie down all through the nights till day break on Tuesday.I couldnt walk anymore.heartbeat told me to visit the hospital.Hurriedly I left.Got to the hospital was checked and told I was in labour that I should go bring my bags.

Stella that was the beginning of my tale.I taught it was what I will pass through sharp sharp but alas!!

 I was dreaming.went into labour all that Tuesday all thanks to mumsy who I bundled to the hospital. I was mad when a woman who came in deliver immediately. Prayer became a hymn,aah!! Mumsy hand became a massaging machine.I was checked more than 10 times yet I was still 3cm all throughout on Tuesday till heartbeat and mumsy became enraged and screamed at the doctor who ordered the nurse to insert Castro tablet.

Stella come and see madness.but finally,I was taken into the labour room,was told to push,I did yet the baby wasn't coming.these kindhearted nurses told me to pray cos its my last chance afterwards i will be booked for CS.

Stella i screamed and asked God why after all these pains and hours,why waste them.i was injected,drip inserted and was ask to push again,no way,finally a vacuum was used to insert inside my pussy and i pushed holding my knees and alas her head came through and then her body.after all the drama,tales ,tears,prayers , and insults received from a particular nurse who got tired of checking when am dilated I gave birth to my ada ada on Wednesday at exactly 7:15am.

Hmm,the linear tear no be here ooh.story for another day. Help me welcome my pretty tell her I will cherish her forever....we are 10 weeks today. 

Nb: ST,pictures for your eyes only

*EXCUSE ME OH....They used Vacuum to suck out the baby?ARE YOU KIDDING ME?Is that allowed?
OMG OMG OMG!!!...Sorry that freaked me out!!


  1. This was not an easy one. God bless you and your ada.

  2. congrats dear, can't wait to send mine soon. God all i need is ur Grace.

  3. Thought that vacuum thing is outdated... n not good for baby.

    1. Exactly, I heard it's not too good for d baby. Anyways, what do I know?

      Congrats poster. Kisses to ur Ada Ada๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. I only saw that vacuum stuff In the movie "3idiots"... ddnt know it happens in real life

  5. Yes Stella. It's called vacuum delivery. There's also forceps delivery.

  6. Father.... Please bless the women of this blog using my Dearest Sharon Aminu as a point of contact to those women Trying to conceive so that they'd enter 2018 with so much happiness and satisfaction as they look forward to bringing their bundle of Joy to the world. Congratulations Poster. Your Child will fulfill her Destiny on earth. She is destined for greatness.

  7. The vacuum stuff is cup like. It was also used during my delivery and my baby is 7 weeks old

  8. Yea, have seen the vacuum stuff online. Congrats o.

  9. Madam congratulations....God bless the new addition to your family

  10. Wow.... Thank God for safe delivery. I'll be due in a couple of months time too, I pray for a smooth and stressfree delivery for myself & every other expectant mum.

  11. Yes Stella it is under instrumental delivery.

  12. D vaรงum was a life saver.if not forit,who knows what next. Its good for d nanny and mother at least it did saved our lives.if ur an expectant mum and it calls for that,pls!!!! Do not say no.I pray and hope all the nurses/doctors knows how to use it.


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