Stella Dimoko Marriage Diaries -The Conclusion...


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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Marriage Diaries -The Conclusion...

I have been mute for a while. The last feedback shook me. 

You guys never disappoint. A lot of suggestions came from the comments section. I have applied them and I am seeing results.
Thank you so much.

The plates did not break. I allowed him fulfil his intention. He carried one of the tray, I carried the other and we served our distinguished guests with the two meat.

Immediately I presented the one I carried, I disappeared into the room and didn't even come out to bid them farewell. Shame would not let me even show my face.

For the good people of this blog who are advising I get a job.You are very right that it would solve most of the problems in the house.
However, the offers I have been getting are not financially rewarding enough when compared to the risks.

They are jobs that I would leave the house before my child wakes up and I will not be home even before her bedtime. My salary cannot even pay for a decent daycare after removing logistics and tithe. The thoughts of paedophiles is also another case.(one of my aunts used to finger me and also request I suck her breast when I was in primary school).

So I have decided to be an entrepreneur. I will be starting training soon.

I stay in a very remote area far from the Island and Mainland.I also cannot take her to my mum. She attends all these "Prophet Jeroboam" churches.Their teachings and doctrines are totally different from the contents of the Bible. She is so deep in it that she practically lives in the church premises. Her shop is usually closed because they are always saying the Lord wants to shield her from danger so she should be in the church premises for some periods of time.

 If she minds her, she will definitely be taking her to the church. Before I say Jack, they will say my child must have natural dread locks or might even prophesy that he must be in the church premises for months before he can succeed in life.

My mother in law is a busy bee.

Many asked why am still in the marriage. Oga has many good sides too. I will discuss a few.
One of the reasons why am still in this union is because of Gods promise to me concerning it. It will still materialise. His word says his word will not go back to him unfulfilled.

Also, we signed to death do us part, for better for worse.

Another reason is that Oga can be very caring. He can volunteer to Cook for the whole week if I'm on my monthly flow. I usually have very terrible cramps all through. He will even serve me in bed.

Dear Hubby can decide to take me to a clinic if I say I have headache.
He takes me out whenever he can afford to. I know how much he earns and we both plan how to spend it. 

The s3xual in compatibility is what is giving Oga the headache. He becomes something else when his Manhood thinks for him. But with God on our side, we will overcome.

Most of you advised we see a counsellor. Please suggest some in the comments section. Please someone who is not too secular nor religious.
I think I also confused you when I wrote about Ogas eating habit. Dear hubby does not eat heavily in the night. He eats heavily during breakfast and lunch instead. He eats every morning before setting out to work.

I have communicated my feelings and all to Oga before sharing with you all but most of you still insisted I did So I DID.


And No Oga is not aware of these posts. So he is not reading comments. But the reason for the changes suddenly?Am still surprised as you, don't know too.
Keep praying for us, from your mouths to God's ears.

I will give updates when there is need to but presently am enjoying this Honeymoon


*I guess that what happened is that you healed somewhat from talking about it and instead of negative energy,you began to give positive and it impacted on both of you...Congrats Dear....


  1. Good one. That is what marriage is all about. No perfect couple out there. But some joy killers will come here and pretend like they got married to Jesus himself, who is all round perfect. And will advice others to divorce their husband. Ndi ochu. Stella why na? The Saturday in house gist come to an end when i have not won any price. Haba, my village people have vow that i wont win any give away On this blog abi ?

    1. Is it this plastic blog id that you wanted to use and win? Even your blog id does not qualify to be counted for votes. How do you want to prove it? Anybody can type Bubul. Go and get a Google id if you want to participate in giveaways

    2. Bubul and anon's comment got me LMAO.

      POSTER you have done well. For many the marriage would have ended by now.

      Nice one. Keep it up. God's guidance upon your marriage always. Amen

  2. I thank God for you but it is not right to right off a church you don't know simply because you don't like their doctrine.

    1. Poster pls work on his hygiene too.
      How do you cope with all the smell and grim when he doesn't bath at night before coming to join you on the bed? Even his d#ck will feel sticky. Also encourage him to clean-up after defecation. He can start with toilet tissue. Buy tissue and put in the toilet and encourage him to use it. It's better than not cleaning it at all. Remember a baby will use join you and babies hate 'dorty'. You can't stop him from touching his child even if he stinks

  3. Am confused is there a part one,two or three somewhere?

    1. Click on those links u see up there

      Thank God for u poster......a whole lot happens in marriage n what we need most is wisdom (after prayers sha),patience and understanding.

  4. God bless your home Poster...........It shall be news of rejoicing forever for your family

  5. May God bless your marriage.
    I think people on this blog are quick to judge married women, they think married women are lazy and do not want to work.
    Who does not want a good life? We all want to be independent.
    I got a job last year, if I was to be single I would have taken it sharply, but with children I have to plan.
    A job that can't pay for a good after school care, is that one a job?
    I stay in a place where you might not even see your neighbors in months, where will the bus drop the the children after school?
    As a married woman if you don't get a good job, business is better, this business requires money and also the environment you stay matters.
    You have to be careful to invest wisely, and above all be prayerful.
    May God help us all to make the right decision.

    1. Thanks a lot for this. So many people don't understand that you can't just jump on any job of biz if you are married, so many things come into play
      As for me I have resigned my fate on white colAR jobs am now planning on starting my own thing, I have to learn the trade, beg hubby to support, all these takea processes plus having a baby too, my God, marriage is not child's play at all.
      Am not suffering in this marriage but men, I need money, he gvs me money but I need my own, gosh!!!

    2. You are right.

      Especially these days that evil seem to be lurking at all corners. Trust is difficult and everyone is a suspect; one has to be careful especial when you have children.

      Many women take on jobs that allows them have time to cater to family. It may not be their dream job or where they really want to be, but it is part of the sacrifice they make for the sake of the children and their homes.

  6. Awwwwwn so happy about your positive results. The honeymoon will last forever this time around. The changes you seek that's all you will see.

  7. Thank God for your positive feedback..Merry the more poster.

  8. Weldone. From your write up, I am sure you are better than when you started writing part onw. Now I know the saying that a problem shared is half solved is true.

    I wish you every good thing marriage will offer.

    God bless you for opening up. May all the positive comments here work for your good.

  9. Ok o! Good 4 una. The cleanliness part nko?? Thats d part that bothers more puhlease.

  10. Am happy is working out. I just got a reminder and will like to share with you, The two must important thing in a man's life is respect and sex. I respect my husband but sometimes am too tired to have sex. I read a book that has helped me reset my brain. It explained the importance of sex to men. And I had to up my game. And well, I see changes already. To all married women out there married to good men , up your sex game, Beside your husband's mistress, be his lover girl and be his sex doll😊😊 that he can come to any time.

  11. I'm happy for you. May your joy continue. I wish you marital bliss

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. From the final conclusion of your story, it is obvious you guys are just going through the storm that comes with the first few years of marriage which is; understanding each other totally and making compromises in different areas for your marriage to work.

    From your write up also, it is very obvious you and your husband love each other so much just some misunderstandings and "hot headedness" here and there.

    You guys will be fine.
    I wish you all the best poster and I pray your marriage weathers through every storm big or small.

    BTW, you are a fantastic writer. You could take up free lance writing jobs online. You will do well and make money from it

  14. Eeeeeyaaaa!
    And I sincerely pray that your home will continue to be peaceful, lovely and filled with happiness.

    Problems/challenges shared is indeed half solved.

  15. I'm glad I didn't miss this post. Had to go back and read the previous ones. Your husband's hygiene though very disturbing. Who washes on themselves if you are not taking a shower? There are guys you meet and you want to die on the matter and people wonder why. HYGIENE!!! Very scarce these days. Anyway poster I hope all works out well for you and you get a job real soon. I enjoyed your write up except well.... your husband isn't totally bad you know he is caring which is another thing lacking in relationships. Good luck to you guys.


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