Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 99


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Sunday, February 04, 2018

International/London Tatafo Season 99

I salute una oh! 

Tatafo is back in grand style with the latest amebo in town. Just as I was settling back into the normal street scene, came this hot news that there's fire on the mountain again in london.

The Gist..

There's a controversial news going viral about the paternity of a young child whose mother has been entangled in a lot of social media fracas. This news hit the public days ago and one wonders who is asking to know the real father of this child.

According to the gist on the street, it was revealed that the mother of this child, whose paternity is being questioned, has traumatised quite a lot of people's marriages and homes, hence the reason some people have decided to reveal her topmost secrets to the world.


As a result, different platforms on social media have given series of versions to this story. But what we understand is that this lady has a partner of many years whom many assumed is the father of her child. Not until the recent paternity issue that is saying otherwise.

The insinuation is that her child may belong to another man whom she claimed was just her friend. And they even said that her partner is aware that the child doesn't belong to him.


Residents in london have been reacting to this issue in the last 24hours..Albeit divisive. While some people are begging that although the child's mother may have been cruel to many, that the child's interest must be protected and the true paternity result be silenced.

Meanwhile majority of londoners are excitedly requesting that the mother of the child be disgraced.. because they think her partner may not be the father of her child.

Na wah!!

It would seem as if the mother of this child is the main target and not really who fathered her child. Whether or not the child is with her real father, I dont think she should have to go through the public scrutiny and embarrassment. Quite alright, you can purnish the mother without having to involve a minor.

Having said that, what we gathered is that this lady herself has a history of traumatizing other people's children on social media by posting their pictures inappropriately. It was said that she once wrote RIP on the pictures of minors who are still alive on social media. This is the reason many will not spare mother and child after the alleged secret of the paternity was revealed.


Una see as london people don yamutu finish? They now use their kids as leverage to settle scores on social media. People no longer enjoy their privacy. But they are insisting that.. what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Do not do to others what you do not want done to you.

They'll be an update on this paternity issue and how it ended.

Biko, who come get pikin?

Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!!