Stella Dimoko Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade Shares Cryptic Message


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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade Shares Cryptic Message

Hmmmm....Who knows what she means?


  1. I'm waiting for decoders

  2. To my knowledge... she means fighting temptation to collect person husband

  3. she is talking about Nicki and cardi b fight

  4. Oh! She is talking about females... please I need somewhere else to preach that men are scum..

  5. Interpretation:
    Prayer for females to resist the marriage and abroad temptations even when it is
    obvious that they are being tricked by married or unavailable men.
    Prayer for Females (artists etc.) to be saved from thinking with their cl*t
    and think with their brains. She was just being frank.

  6. Is this about Cardi's show of tantrum with Nicki??

  7. She is talking about Nigerian female artist not wanting to do collaboration like their male counterparts.

  8. Cardi B and Nicki

    Or Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage

  9. She's talking about how to react when a man cheats, that's why she used the word territorial

  10. Hahaha I think I know what she is talking about.

  11. Stella Kork o... hahahahaha .
    We are here na. We know something. Kikiki.

    Let me break it down.

    1.This post is about Tiwa Savage.
    The love Triangle between Tiwa, Wizkid and Naomi Campbell.

    2. Remember the "love gone awry" thingy between Tiwa and Wizkid? Tiwa is TERRITORIAL. Just like every good loving woman. I am one too, reason I always shout SAY NO TO NWUNYEDI. I mark my territory with clean white powder screaming STAY OFF THIS GUY.
    Wetin Naomi mean sef eh? Come like a thief in the night and be invading Tiwa's territory, making her look like a standby genset.

    3. Tiwa was quick to cut Wizkid personal runs and No they were not bedding (?), business-wise you don't have to reason with your 'cu*t'. She has money to make just smile along and don't rush to make "oestrogen-fueled decisons". Hahahahaha.

    This Yemi is street aswear. More like a Roughneck. Tiwa please ignore her jor.
    As for Naomi, revenge is like food to her. I bet Tiwa did her wrong and she has to DEAL WITH HER. And no again, she ain't bedding Wizkid.

    Welcome to Showbiz. Los Angeles style.

    1. She was talking about Cardi B and Nikki Minaj’s fight. Not about Tiwa, Wizzy or Naomi.

    2. Abeg shut up. See how u are sounding like u know them personally. Oversabi liar and talkative. Please take several seats because you sound demented. Afi "let me break it down" Looool mumus plenty for this world sha

    3. Yemi 's interview on the radio this morning she talked on it and other industry issues. She has personal beef with Tiwa so Xhlrted was right.


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