Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -When Your Boo Has A Boo...


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series -When Your Boo Has A Boo...

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you did everything you could but you still didn't get it?

There is this lady I know, she is a single mom and very rich. ...

Looking at her ,you would think marriage was the last on her mind, because she looked very confident and independent but she had a boo (who also had a boo) and she really wanted to marry him.

She took a huge seed (money)to her boo's pastor, maybe to get him to approve. But the pastor told her that he had already prayed and that they were not meant to be together.

The pastor is my husband's friend so she mounted pressure on my husband to talk to the pastor because she believed the pastor could influence her boo.

 Beyonce has nothing on this babe beauty wise......

Anyway her boo married his boo and in less than 3 months we started hearing stories and then after 7 months they separated and the wife filed for Divorce...

 According to the guys wife, the guy was temperamental and always hitting her that's why she ran for her dear life. Imagine if it were the single mom.

I know she would have endured the domestic violence more, because that would have been her second marriage and she would have wanted it to work. Kai she bought gifts and stuff for this guy just for him to marry. She was ready to go the whole mile for him.

Her story taught me that when you have done all you know how to do and it isn't working then maybe it isn't meant to be. Stop forcing it, stop thinking you can get it by spending more money. If it's zapping too much of your energy then it's probably not yours.

Did you learn anything from this story?


  1. Sounds like a money miss road story that thinks she can get a man because she has money!!! Unfortunately money can't buy love

  2. This leaves me to wonder if the woman he married was destined to be his wife. It also leaves me to wonder if the authenticity of the pastor's revelations.

    1. *to wonder the authenticity

    2. Maybe she manipulated the man spiritually. Ever heard of if i can't have it, then nobody will

      What do I know? I may be wrong,the Pastor may be wrong 🚢🚢🚢🚢

  3. I learnt that the other lady was hotter than Beyonce and the Single Mom! put together! Dayuuuuum!!!!! what a sight *Naso*

    Kelvin DAT Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  4. Yes i learnt something. I am in a place where if any guy man do anyhow i runnnn without looking back. Love isnt stressful its easy and it shouldnt come with plenty unnecessary drama.

  5. Choosing a life partner is much more than money, beauty or class. Commit your ways to the Lord. Before going into any relationship, ask God. Know what you're getting into, remember it shouldn't always lead to marriage. It could be to connect you, relieve you or help you but if you don't know what lies in the relationship you'll come out hurt and empty than you were because you'll have raised the whole thing above what it's meant to be.

  6. Eeyah...she really needed a man in her life

  7. Lol,i learnt to run from domestic violence.the rich lady has very low self esteem,to do everything possible just to get the man to marry her.

  8. What I understand is that , it has come to a time when women should start marrying men too, so that men in turn will be spending everything they have on women for them to propose and also marry them. @Blessed Princess

  9. The story is kind of familiar. Na wa!!!

  10. Of course most times, our need/ want may not necessarily be 'good' for us. Reason we need to pray for God's will to be done at all times and the grace to hold on till it's done.

    This plays out in our life's in several ways and it only takes patience and strong character to pull through.

    BVs please remember my family in your prayers. My lil cousin of about 3 was kidnapped in his school yesterday afternoon.

    No news till now.
    God help us as the impression is that he was picked by ritualists since no call has been received.

  11. I learned from my own story. Because it was taking so much of my energy and turning me into something else, I have to leave for my sanity sake.

  12. "zapping [sic.]too much of your energy"
    Mmmmh, I no dey do sic. spanner for sweet tori
    but this one confuse me no be small.
    It was really SAPPING my energy to read.

    As for Naija girls wey you dey tell this yarn, whosai
    if the guyman no gree wed, them go make am gree by force.

    E get one barrister wey no gree wed one sisi for my town because of im boo.
    She come waka for the guy. The guy rush her compound go pay bride price
    quick quick -no dating, no courtship. Sisi give am palmie, im drink come dance azonto finish come commot
    return to im "boo" as say nothing happen. When Sisi, come remind am say them don
    become husband and wife, im ask "when?" She come show am photo, the man come weak
    come dey tell im boo say na photoshop. Mmmmmhhh, im friends and family wey follow am
    do wine carrying tell am say na true. The man begin cry.
    Finally, im marry im boo, but na mopol come colonize wedding ceremony o.
    As Sisi dey threaten fire and sulfur.

    1. LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      See gist. ANG!
      This should enter comment stress relief

    2. @Gnm
      You don dey laugh ya nyansh commot again?
      So wetin my bros go take jolly na?

  13. If he doesn't want you, he will never want no matter what you do.

  14. Enter your comment...Reminds me of me. My ex was very temperamental. Always ready to hit me so I left the relationship. The funny part is that we are both married to different people now but we meet steadily to fuck(don't blame me, the dick is huge) . After one of our fuck sessions, something happened and he hit me. We didn't fuck for more than 2 months. He came back begging. That was the last time he hit me anyway.

  15. I learnt not to force a relationship or friendship.

  16. I needed to read this, Stella. I'm in love with a close friend of mine for over to years.I even asked him out but he would say he doesn't know why he can't date me. Ironically,he met a girl in camp and told me he asked her out and really wanted to date her. Something I was praying for. Last week he asked me out and changed his mind the next day. I cried but I realised that maybe we are not meant to be. Let me just work hard and make me money. One day, I know I would get a man whom I wouldn't have to beg for his love.

  17. Hmm! So true. I learnt a lot from this story.


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