Stella Dimoko Reality Star Beverly Osu Says She Was Threatened Over Nun Photos She Posted Online


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Reality Star Beverly Osu Says She Was Threatened Over Nun Photos She Posted Online

Big Brother Africa Reality star Beverly Osu released some pictures in which she wore Nun's outfit and was seen smoking a cigarette . Many people , especially Catholics , considered it as an insult to their Faith but Beverly feel otherwise...

In a WhatsApp chat with Saturday Beats , Osu revealed that she was the creative director of the photo shoot but did not expect the backlash Nigerians meted on her .

She said , “ I received a lot of death threats in my direct message on social media . I also received phone calls , saying I shouldn ’ t come out . People called my mother to threaten her life but I felt that they were all bluffing .

Sincerely , I didn ’ t expect it , and there was nothing to cope with because I wasn ’ t bothered . I was not scared because I ’ m not afraid of anybody .
“ If the Christians always claim they are Christlike ; with the number of Christians in the world , the world should have become a better place since the 90 s . I always say this , forget religion and find God . ”

For the single guys who have been drooling and fantasising about the model turned actress , Osu hinted that she was not in a relationship . She also spoke about the qualities she wants in a man . 

She said , “ I didn ’ t see this coming but no , I ’ m not in a relationship. I have never been on the lookout for a man but I would love a strong man , one with wisdom that has the capacity to teach me and nurture me . I ’ m a fairytale lover . ”

*Beautiful Beverly those Nun photos were provocative!!!...I love her quiet strength...Love will come at the appointed time Darling!


  1. This one brain don travel

  2. Beautiful Beverly

    She no send person

  3. I loved her person despite her weakness, who doesn't have one. Until that show of disrespect. Can she try that with the Muslims. She would be 6 feet low now. Nonetheless threaten her will not reset her derailed psyche. Ignoring her is the best, as it was for attention she trolled this sicken path.

    1. Everyday muslims this, muslims that. Anybody who cannot be tolerant is sick. So those moslims who cant accept that everybody cannot be like them are SICK.

  4. Beautiful babe. She's always trying to be controversial though through her works as expected from a reality star.

  5. Beautiful babe. She's always trying to be controversial though through her works as expected from a reality star. I see no reason why she should threatened.

  6. at d end of the day if u check well,no body threatened her na talk dy always hungry dem

  7. So when a man come marry you, na ganja you go carry fill pikin lungs for ya womb?
    And when you come born pikin na ganja you go dey carry do egusi soup?
    No be mama ganja scatter-heads be that one?

  8. My own be sey make she wear the hijab in a funky way oh. I just want to see something. That’s all. I don’t claim anything oh but just step out to collect fresh air in your area wearing a hijab torn in this manner. Uka agwula.

  9. Why didn't she try that nonsense with the Hijab and then follow it up with a scheduled visit to Borno or Kano the following week? She's not scared my foot! Please tell me a different lie.

    One reason I respect the Moslems home and abroad is they NEVER tolerate any disrespect to their religion and every aspect of it. Catholics don't like wahala especially here in Naija. She should try the Catholics in Italy and South America. It's like 2short melted her brain with that beating she claimed he gave her. Radarada.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  10. The truth is that I was disappointed when Beverly did this shoot.
    Common,what does it take people to respect other people's doctrines? That was disrespectful to the Catholic church.
    Or was it when the statue of Mary was burnt and some people applauded the act? Wow,It left me puzzled on when Christianity became a competition.
    Everyone sees their practice better,ah ah!
    If nuns had their 'loopholes' you're in no position to be the judge.
    Life can be so simple if you learn to respect people's choice of worship.
    There are Muslims who stood for me when I needed help. Generalizing an act from a'judas' should not be fair.

    1. Well said πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  11. Doesn't common sense tell you to give him out to whom honour is due?
    If what you love or admire or cherish is thrown to the swine, how would you feel.


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