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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Here's hoping ya all having a great day like i am ............#ideyhungryoh #lol


I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life today,I wish myself peace,grace and good health always...God is forever the greatest and to my lovely BVs I also want to use this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and patronage of the ISAACBABA DATA brand from the onset.......

May God keep blessing you all for me: Amen🏽.
As a little token of my appreciation I ask that this little shoki be accepted from me guys......

This is my son in whom I am well pleased!!!

Happy Birthday to you Dearest Isaacbaba...You look so good!!!.....Isnt it time for us to arrange wife for you?lol



Hy stellz.... Just want to thank this Good God oo.... Not been commenting for a while now ....Robbers trailed us home... Carted away with half of my properties nd money for goods.. tried to rape me but i was on my period... Guess that saved me.... fully recovered from the shocked though... So guys help me thank God.. Cus he said in his words """THERE SHALL BE NO LOSS"".. i will recover all i lost .... kisses darlings .. 

Do Have a pretty day and be careful out there!!!...

Thank God for you Dear....So sorry bout the things you lost,God will refill your store house in Jesus name...



Has any mum with borderline pelvic been able to deliver naturally.. God bless you. Will be reading comments.

Any Doctors in the house to enlighten us on this?



I just got married last DEC,my hubby and I keep arguing all the time that as I speak we are not talking to each hubby likes arguing a lot and always feel I want to control or tell him what to do...

I never saw these behaviour in him while I feel like he is a different person.i can’t be feeding his ego,I am already tired of everything sef.

Please advise a girl.i read that the first year is marriage is usually difficult And you tend to fight a lot. 

Any year of Marriage is difficult,you just need to find a G-spot together and work with it......You guys are not talking?LMAO..It happens,you both just need to find out what happened and end it quickly...

Madam learn to argue less and let him win if its not serious..what do you mean by feeding his ego?Maybe if you change your strategy things will fall into place...I dont even like arguing for anyone to know whats on my mind

If he is not talking to you,talk to him.....



Stella there is something bothering me, my husband works and earn pretty well , but we don't have the necessary things in our house e.g fridge, curtain, bed , wardrobe etc and he can afford it , our wedding just clocked a year, he is old fashioned and boring, I don't know what to do, is there a way I can milk money from him and do this things please advise me 

There is no bed?curtains?fridge?How do you cope?...Are you sure he has money to afford these things?Where do you both sleep?This has nothing to do with being old fashioned!!!

God knows i cant stand stingy people....I cant deal!!!



Bipolar Affective Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder is a mood disorder also known as manic-depressive illness. It is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (manic or hypomanic episode) and lows (depressive episode). Manic is a state of elevated mood characterised by increased activities, grandiosity, unusual talkativeness, decreased need for sleep, restlessness, impaired judgement.

 The mood swings are extreme and are accompanied by changes in sleep, energy level, and the ability to think clearly. People with bipolar disorder tend to show symptoms of mania when they are in manic episodes and symptoms of depression in depressive episodes. 

Depressive symptoms has been described in the previous article. Research suggests that hereditary factor, high stress and substance abuse could be predisposing factors. Bipolar disorder can be treated using medication with psychological intervention.

If you observe any of the symptoms above, see a mental health professional.

You didnt really state the signs of this thing...They display different character traits as well......

Bipolar people say one thing and mean something else..



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I'm looking for live in nanny here in Lagos. I know it risky but let me give it a try nd I pray God will lead the right person to me.
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May all your hustles pay in Jesus name.....
So this is how Omo mi pinky went on Sabbatical from this Blog.....
Hope he is OK and returns soon........



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This uncompleted building is a two flats(3bedroom each)located at Ajorosun Estate, Moniya, Ibadan after Kings College is for sale. The asking price is 4m, slightly negotiable and a plot of land beside it is also for sale at 1m. Call this number 07050879492 or email(



  1. Nigerians are so sentimental, so i take my clothes to you, you charge me, i pay you, you use a different lining on the dress insteaf of the crepe i brought, i asked for my crepe since you didn't use it, you kept turning me around, after a while you couldn't see the material.... By yourself you say make i send account deets for refund for the crepe, i did, no money, no chat, no call... Now, I'm mean/wicked for asking you?? i should have been a witch to know you were sick ba?? And you be designer?? Look

    Until we learn to be accountable without sentiments, e still remain far for us for Naija!!


    1. Heya.....Calm down babe
      I tire for all them fashion designers

    2. While i was reading monday's IHN about the lady whose BF left her because he doesn't love her anymore i felt guilty honestly i dn't love my guy anymore we are 6yrs gone we started in UNI truly he cheated on me when we first started but he had and he is still making up for it. This guy truly loves me i can tell but i dn't feel the connection from my end anymore i dn't know if it is the distance or the 6yrs. i am just going on with the relationship maybe 1 day the love will b back but is that healthy? D mata tire me

    3. Cookie don't mind those Obioma calling themselves Fashion designers. @Blessed Princess

    4. Kpele Cookie.
      Sign out on point.
      Happy birthday Isaac Baba.

    5. Anon 14:30 don't be in that relationship out of pity!!!

    6. Happy Birthday Isaacson.

  2. Just because you're taking longer than others does not mean you're a failure. Keep going.

    1. i saw cake on ur name so i am guessing u are a baker.. i will b 23yrs by sept i work with a company that pays hourly the pay is cool(not less than 80k but can be more depends on the hours u work)and the town i stay is not too expensive but anytime i get to work i just work i dn't feel fulfilled i feel i can do more. Back in school i bake i didn't learn it, i helped my self through you tube videos but since i got a job i locked up with baking now i feel like going back but instead i want to learn how to make all this crazy designs first. part of the things i discover that even killed my moral for baking is that i noticed people tends to want to pay very less esp when u are not well known even if ur cake is good. How lucrative is cake business and is it worth leaving my job for?

    2. You see that poster of yesterday chronicle? If that guy brings oyinbo girl now, they will forget about all that first grandchild of his generation, tribe, race , everything....

      Our people, we no just like ourselves and yet we carry Christianity for head! God help us. Move us, poster, before they frustrate you or even kill you. Yes, I’ve seen it!

    3. Lmao i could have sworn i wrote the comment about arguing with hubby, we weren't like this during those years but immediately we got married things changed, is as if I'm dragging the head of the house with him. After talking with my mum in-law, she adviced i shouldn't argue with him rather keep quiet in someone issues but bring it up later when the whole thing must have died down, believe me it's been working like magic, i now have his new mumu button, uses my weakness as the greatest weapon while he licks my feet. So bv calm down, use your senses, pamper him and get what you want,argument won't take you anywhere.

    4. God bless the givers and the receivers

  3. What time of the year is airfare to the UK and US cheapest?

    1. UK? Winter time Or you can use skyscanner - after choosing your departure/ destination, instad of inputting a specific date click whole month then choose cheapest month. it will automatically choose the cheapest departure and return month then you can pick your dates from the month

    2. bvs pls come and answer i need to know too. country hard, man gats to spend wisely.

    3. Thanks anon, this was really helpful

  4. Are congratulations in order to the author of 'CERIAL BURYMONY' ? Subtract the 'onu nko' and the entire package is enviable (I mean it in a good way though)
    Jesus Christ! I cringe on behalf of those who fall victim.
    Singing 🎀🎢 Lord give me a sign 🎢🎀
    Am I wrong, am I right?
    Big Breast Pwesser, sing the second stanza.

    I am also REALLY PISSED at the 'Everywhere You Go' network provider. I used N500 to subscribe for 1.5gig but instead I got 750mb. When I called their customer care to complain, he told me I should have called to confirm before subscribing. Seriously? He told me the message on my account balance was misleading.

    Bunch of thieves.

    Stella Please,dont use it to drink cappuccino.

    1. wrong number she probably thought its one of her man friend

  5. Goodafteroon everyone.happy birthday to Isaac baba.

  6. My Abuja bvs holla at me today to change that bedsheet.
    It's about time.

    Good afternoon people

  7. I just came to mark register. Good day y'all.

  8. Even with my fastness today,couldn't load any of the cards. SDK bloggers i carry yanch for una. Good afternoon all

    1. Is that's the way you pronounce YANSH then I wonder how you will pronounce sheep.

    2. Oshofree master. Then forbid you to send your own card?

    3. Lol. So person can not even cum and make small mistake? Is day hw u use to do?


    5. Anon is that how to construct a proper English? Is in place of

  9. Good afternoon lovelies

    Happy birthday Isaac,God bless your new age ♥♥

    To the new Wify ,please learn to tolerate each other
    Men like submissive women,dont nag and shout
    That doesn't stop you from being in control of your home. Just know what works for your home. May God give you the wisdom needed.

    1. There's this phrase my husband use to quote when describing his mum: "she stoops to conquer". Madam new bride, please borrow a leaf & 'stoop to conquer'. I know how crazy it gets especially in the first 2-4 years of marriage but it is YOUR home & YOU have to make it work. You're now living with a NEW entity: one you never grew up with so he isn't your sibling nor a relative. He'll exhibit new traits & characters that are foreign to you but please learn to 'stoop to conquer'. Tolerate his excesses & correct him in love. Learn to be patient with him & teach yourself to understand him. Ignore some of the things he does: no be everything person dey take quarrel. Same goes for the husband too! married in December & quarreling in January isn't the kinda marriage you hoped for, i guess. take a pause, see the areas you've gone wrong, work on correcting it & rekindle the love again. Please 'feed his ego' if you have to as the ultimate goal is for PEACE to reign. it is well.

  10. Stella thanks for your sign out post. Isaac Baba Happy birthday again, and thank you for the card I loaded one MTN. God will surely lift you high @Blessed Princess

  11. thanks Stella nwayioma, saw my advert up...

    I am actually a corp member serving in Lagos and funniest thing is, I used MS Publisher for that design... please patronise me ooo. help my ministry.

    thanks in advance.

  12. Stella baby nah so I hungry o,I come chop porridge noodles with enough crayfish,vegetables and oil......over sweetness wan kee me

    1. kwakwakwakwakwkawka i know that feeling. especially when u belleful and unble to wash the dishes bcoz u are to full and cant walk to the sink.

  13. Afternoon lovelie,this cold be doing me gbimgbim,happy birthday to our own isaacbaba,God bless ur new age,i sha load one glo,bless up guy

  14. Good afternoon my people.

    Happy birthday to you once again Isaac Baba. I wish you more years ahead. Fine boy enjoy your day.

    Ijeoma it is well with you and God will restore all you have lost.

  15. When problem starts, you come here to say "I didn't see all these during courting".. Stop the lies biko. You must have experienced it and decided to go ahead into marriage.

    Women always painting their husbands bad here while they themselves are innocent..

    1. I must become Mrs! Madam with stingy husband! Dnt lie that you did not see most of these tins. Sorry if you now find him boring but we ladies need to watch out well before jumping into marriage.

    2. You are the liar here cos it's possible that the man hid his character from her. Inexperienced being

  16. Some people are annoyingly stupid. In the morning, I missed a call and called back the number and one Igbo speaking woman( her voice sounded mature ) with her thick Owerri accent picked. (Conversation was in Igbo )
    She: how are you?
    Me: I'm fine. You?
    She: fine. I called but you didn't pick.
    Me: I wasn't with my phone and that's why I called back.
    She: ok. Do you know who is talking?
    Me: No. Please who are you?
    She: so you don't have my number.
    Me: please who are you?
    She: so you can't recognise my voice?
    Me: No
    She: Guess.
    Me: I can't guess
    She: guess, if you get it wrong I will tell you so you can guess again.
    Me: *I cut the call".
    In my mind( nonsense ! I should be guessing till I guess right as a voice recognition App that I is nau)

    Hbd IsaacBABA. live long and prosper.

    BC Nkiru Iwuchukwu anuru m ekene gi. ya gaziere gi. onye chetalu nwanne ya bu ya mekarisi

    1. Lol it just might be your grandmother's younger sister's sister-in-law

    2. @Chike
      YOu see ya life
      All those nyansh and atu wey you dey yarn say you dey fork don dey mature
      E bi like say you don score goal o . . .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Make you pick ya call come ready to buy diapers -congratulations.
      And make I warn you make you no play with nyanyi owerri if you no wan
      make ara yia gi n' efifie!

    3. Hahahahahaha.. Oke chance na enye di woman nsogbu

      Isaacson bro you look so good

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. hahahaahahahahahha @ voice recognition app that u is nau.

      i hate that nonsense too. the moment u tell me to guess i end the call.

    6. Haha haha πŸ˜€πŸ˜, you should have guessed now, maybe it's one of your exes πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜

    7. Hahahahaha
      It was probably a scam
      That is how they flow especially those that call with 'abroad' number

  17. Eka Joy, what you narrated in spon post was exactly what happened to me. Only difference is my mom never made it back. It hurts like hell. My mother was travelling back and a jinxed vehicle ran into them in Ogere Shagamu and killed them.

    My mother's body was in a state when I saw. Is it the deep cut on her head? Her body was fresh but so much impact on the head.

    Oh why did my mom have to die like that?

    After waiting endlessly , we called her sister and she confirmed her vehicle left the park. Later she called to tell us they said there was an accident. Infact, It is well. This was about 10 years ago but the pain never left me.

    1. Eya... I can imagine how painful. The lord is your strength dear.

    2. It's well with you and your family, God will continue to sustain you.

    3. So sorry my dear. It is well. @Blessed Princess

    4. 😒 It is well with her soul. May she continue to RIP

    5. such a sad way to die. may her soul continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.

    6. It is not easy but the Good Lord is your Strength...

    7. So sorry dear, God will continue to be with you and your family.

    8. Oh dear, so sorry for your loss. Very tragic.
      Eka Joy, I'm happy your dad was OK.

    9. ooooh my. so sorry dear.

    10. Eeh yah, so sorry dear, may her soul continue to rest in peace... Amen

    11. So sorry about ur mom..take heart

    12. sorry dearπŸ’œ

    13. So sorry for your loss dear. Mine left us 9 years ago. Mum's death ehee nothing Heart breaking like it πŸ’”πŸ˜₯.

  18. Happy birthday Isaac baba, may God continue to prosper you.

    Thank God Ijeoma, may God return every lost item in multiple folds. Pls, be strong.

    Comment section lady. Pls argue less with him. He may feel you are trying to contend authority with him and when he's calm you air your opinion.

    May customer locate all sellers.

    Ehn Olori, what happened to our yoruba column?
    Good afternoon everyone.

    1. Emmm, lemme settle down
      You know since Momsy left,I have been trying to be strong.

    2. Ijeoma may God replenish all you lost in Jesus name Amen.
      Happy birthday Isaac

  19. Happy Birthday to you, Isaac. May God perfect you. Congratulations.
    I bless God on your behalf, Ijeoma, to God alone be the glory forevermore.
    May more Customers patronise the sellers.

    Good afternoon to us all, may God bless our hustles.

  20. I need tips on how to earn legit money online.

  21. IHN is this you?
    Good afternoon beautiful people, hope you all are having a great day

    1. No, it's BEP

    2. Anon 14:40 I thought it was SP. bipolar idiotic human

  22. Happy birthday Isaac... More fruitful years...

    Ijeaom sorry about what happened to you, God will restore everything back..

    Good afternoon all

  23. Una see the ladies wey prepare for wedding but no prepare for marriage?
    1 month, as in 4 weeks, them don taya for them horseband them house.
    The other one be Tom and Jerry come dey do boxing with them mouth?
    That lady been sound like the one wey get ego (no be kudi o), she come dey
    proud like tolotolo.
    Make una sisi dey prepare for marriage o
    No come dey fork for every available hole and space including cyber space unu anugo?

    1. That Y when dating, take your time to see through the man , all these she listed was dere before but she didnt pay attention to it.

      Woman its too early yo have this mindset, remember you signed forever and it hasnt started, yet you are complaining.
      Just walk away from the argument and keep quiet bcs na like this slap they start ooooo.
      make your mind known and walk away , no need dragging with him and also let him know that this argument behavior is affecting you, tell him after one of those sex spree.

      If you dont tackle it well now, it will affect both of you love life.

    2. they are usually the ones that say you dont need to date before marriage. You ll often find them tapping into testimony of, i went home to visit my sick mother, our neigbours dogs sellers, rabbit friends breeders sponsor saw me, and recommended me for their pastor's older brother's inlaw, we met in December, by January we haff done intro and in February we did traditionally marriage, Praise Master chisos ayam now a married woman!! The people who said i will never marry are now ashamed

    3. Gudginas has already drawn conclusion as if you are living in the same house with them, poster please don't mind them, i pray you all sort out your issues with love.

    4. Anon, the problem now is that even when you're tryingto say something meaningful, your judgemental tone will just ruin it. It's like compassion is not part ofyour own christianity

  24. where are these BVS na abi dem change ID.
    olori Isis
    Rich Bee
    Ghana man
    money maker
    Portable Viv
    Quik silver
    white berry
    White Diamond
    Xoxo mystery
    Empress cho
    Sexiest mother of this blog
    Aunty Gwegzz
    Chi Exotic
    The general's wife
    Jobless house wife
    ed DREAMS
    IDEATO bride
    Nwa Amaka

    1. How I miss sexiest mother
      Olori Isis aka the fastest finger
      JHW always tearing bra and pant, need I add she met her husband from the first edition of SnM
      The generals wife
      Portable viv; my babe that year, the girl no dey gree for bullies

      Xoxomystery aka the jagaban of this blog is still very much here same as blogbrity

      Jagbanjantis pls show face now, you gave shoki a new meaning that year

      Happy birthday Isaac baba, more money fall on you

    2. Some changed their ID while others travelled to a remote village.

    3. Me sef follow you ask the whereabouts of them.

      The way galore writes and leave spaces makes her write up interesting.
      Bloglord show face last year towards ending.
      i think generals wife too commented some months ago.
      Jobless house wife , na another person on her own.

      you must be an old BV to list all these ppple.
      i dont comment then , just read and waka pass but i know all these pple and i love thier comment.
      Ideato bride hmmmmmmmm, show face oooo.

    4. Sexiest mum is on Facebook trying to be a blogger.. Mama 4 boys!!

      I don't know, but it feels there was a conspiracy to boycott the blog by some "known" ids

    5. Wey dat German juice

  25. Happy birthday Isaac. Many more years in good health.

  26. SDK BV's in the house please help wish my mum a safe trip as she journeys to Cameroon today for the burial of her only surviving elder sister who just passed on last Friday. I wish her an accident free journey cus I've been feeling some how since she left the house this morning.

    1. She will get there safely and return safely IJN.

      When the accident tot comes to your mind,just rebuke it

    2. Your mum will get to Ghana safely. @Blessed Princess

    3. safe trip to your mom.please don't feel somehow trust God she'll arrive safely. don't fear like Eka joy

    4. It is well dear with your mummy..
      God has already gone ahead of her...
      Safe journey to your mummy..

    5. Journey mercies to her in Jesus'Name.

    6. Nothing bad will happen to her in Jesus name Amen

    7. She will come back safe and sound in Jesus Name

    8. I wish her journey mercies.

  27. Good afternoon house

    Happy birthday Issac

  28. Wow! Happy birthday Isaac, you look good; all grown and handsome.. God bless your hustle...

    Madam that is always arguing with her husband, don't worry, it's all part of it... Since he likes to argue, don't argue with him, let him win. In the end, you'll find a formula that suits him, follow it!

  29. Happy birthday Isaac. God will grant you long life and abundant prosperity.
    Thank God for your life Ijeoma. God will restore all that was lost.


    The truth be told, Justice ONNOGHEN should have been removed before the breakout of the asset declaration saga. Intelligence report had captured the role he played with Justice Mary Odili in the Rivers State gubernatorial election tribunal. Wike is the husband of Mary Odili a justice of the Supreme court of Nigeria.

    Intelligence report has it that millions of dollars exchanged hands between Wike and some justices of the Supreme Court of which ONNOGHEN was chief. The supreme Court at that time reversed the judgements of the election tribunal and the appeal court in a very dubious manner. The senate president Dr Bukola Saraki also bought his acquittal at the supreme with a lot of dollars. The payments were made using fronts with different companies' account. Nyesom Wike is the link man for the PDP with the justices of the supreme court. He was also the one who secured their support for Fayose at the supreme court. President Buhari got this report but declined to move drastically against the justices involved. It was after this that justices of the supreme came under close monitoring and scrutiny. Of course it wasn't long before their dirty acts were exposed. If Nigerians know a quarter of the corruption these justices are involved in, nobody will bother to approach the supreme Court for redress except their partners in crime - a few corrupt SANs.

    Onnoghen was just unfortunate to have mistakenly allowed deposits to be made into his bank accounts. Many judges and justices collect dollars in cash through fronts. This way, it is almost impossible to trace the bribes. Many store them in secret safes at home. The DSS knows this. Reason the residences of some judges and Justices were raided last year. I led the operation to Ngwuta's (JSC) properties. I know what we found. It was alarming and mind boggling. If all his salaries and allowances since he started his legal career were summed up it could never have purchased what we found in his houses even if he had worked for 100yrs. They were charged to court to fulfil all righteousness but we weren't stupid. We knew their colleagues will let them go. And they sure did. Today, the same Ngwuta JSC still sits at the Supreme Court dispensing justice. What justice?

    1. Wike is not Mary Odili's husband. stop writing rubbish.

    2. Just say you know.... Mary Odili is the wife of Peter Odili (former governor of Rivers state).

    3. Wike is the husband of Justice Odili? Boy you are drunk

    4. Are you minding the drunk idiot, if it was teejay that made a statement like this the goat would have been insulting him...

    5. Next time, put copied after a write up you lifted from somewhere else.

    6. My bad, I just saw the concluding part after this.

  31. Now to the issue of pact between Onnoghen and the PDP. Atiku knows it is very unlikely that Buhari will be defeated in February. But his plan B is to use the judiciary. Again, Wike is the go-between. That is why Atiku was desperate to have him support his candidacy. The crux of the pact is to rule against PMB at the election tribunal and order that Atiku be sworn in. They need just three justices to do this. Mary Odili will not be involved so as not give any room for suspicion. But Bode-Rhodes Vivour and Ngwuta JSC are on stand by. For your information, Bode-Rhodes Vivour is a well known PDP sympathiser. In fact, his son is a PDP house of representative aspirant in Lagos State. Ngwuta has an axe to grind with the federal government. So you can see it's almost a done deal. There is no way Buhari would have survived an election tribunal with Onnoghen being the CJN. The CJN is the one who will constitute the panel to try the case.

    The judicial option is a major game plan of the PDP. They are not depending on it for the the presidential election alone but for the barring of APC candidates in Zamfara and Rivers states. They also depend on it for Ogun state where Ladi Adebutu and Buruji Kashamu are laying claim to the governorship ticket of the party. The supreme court is set to pronounce Ladi Adebutu as the party's candidate if PDP wins in Ogun. And by the way, the DSS has copious evidence that Chief Secondus, the PDP chairman got a cash gift of N250m from Ladi to lay claim to PdP's ticket in Ogun.

    So the suspension of the CJN is a major set back for Atiku and the PDP. It has thrown a spanner in the works for their plans. One is not surprised the party cancelled it's presidential campaign because of the CJN's suspension. They have no choice but to return to the drawing board. Let's see how far they can go with less than 30days to the election.

    If Nigeria must win this war against corruption, the judiciary must be sanitised. This includes lawyers and justices. Nigeria's judiciary remains the weakest link in this fight. Unfortunately, Buhari is not doing enough. With what we have heard from his close aides at the Villa, he is always afraid of what people will say. He seems confined by the fear of being referred to as a dictator. But no one achieves anything worthwhile by being afraid of what people will say. There was enough evidence not to have confirmed Onnoghen as CJN. But he gave consent to Osinbajo after a lot of pressure. The fight must be frontal not minding whose ox is gored. That is what Lew Kuan Yew did in Singapore. He said " I had to do some nasty things, locking fellows up without trial". That was a Cambridge trained lawyer.

    And to those who argue this fight is one-sided. As persuasive as this position is the question they should be bordered with is are the accused innocent or not. If APC is after thieves in PDP, as long as they are thieves it is fine. When PDP gets into government they should endeavor too to go after the thieves in APC. By so doing the number of thieves in our midst will be reduced. But till then,let every caught thief face judgement.

    Director at DSS
    (PhD Criminology, University of Hull)

    NB...Yes, I am a director at DSS but Chris MADUKA is a pseudonym. I'm not that stupid to reveal my real identity.

    1. Tee jay will soon come and menstruate under your post now.

    2. we know you are a black faced;head-slaming, gworo chewing homo erectus. It is an Igbo name you would chose to write your trash. we will get you; you have foolishly given yourself away with your tirade and biased write up.

  32. Welcome IHN... Happy birthday Isaac..

  33. Happy birthday @ Isacc baba
    God bless your new age..

    I loaded 2 Airtel.
    God bless you real good..

    1. you should have load 1 and let other people load the rest...You are selfish!!!

    2. Thank you @ 16:51

      Anonymous 16:51,,Receive sense in Jesus name. Amen

    3. She is a Nigerian.
      Happy birthday Isaac. Too busy to check blog early these days.

  34. INH is here. madam black soap, no pix attached? ok ooo. God bless you isaacbaba, more graceful years. God bless the sellers and buyers

  35. I want to bear my heart out this afternoon may be it would ease the pain.
    I work with a financial institution as a Marketer yet am not happy why??? Since I discovered my company won't give these clients their full money With interest in fact its better off not operating with us.
    Then I relaxed my sales while lokking for another job.
    Now its pressure and query for non performance. My conscience won't let me continue yet 2yrs now I have just 18k savings no new job yet.
    Most tyms I feel like Dying while Waiting for God to answer my prayer.
    Please pray for me. I need a new job without compromising my integrity. I didn't knw this was how the company operate. God have mercy na!!!

    1. If is with SA Life insurance abeg find your way out cos Bode is still on the run Ortega is chilling at Hilton Abuja, Bolaji and Kadiri can't help their life not to talk of paying your client.

  36. Anon@ 09:12 this morning,El O el to you too! You shall continue to grind corn with your oversize pant all the days of your life Amen! Nasty insensitive bunch of animals in human skin! You talk to me nasty I give you back πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. On a lighter note Isaac Baba happy birthday to you! Wishing you all the best in life! Olori How business?

    1. You really are not as nice as you pretend to be. Roll caller

    2. So Stella did not post my comment to you?
      Lie down and thank your stars.
      This one you dey do is small, you for begin convulse sef.
      El O El.

  37. Ehen, I have time today. Madam that posted in the comment section of IHN yesterday about her husband that have E D I put it to you that it's either your husband is wicked or you are a liar!!
    Why do I say so??? Let me give you a little story about me first before I tell you how I got to that conclusion.

    I am in my early 30s and met this great TDH dude in his early 40s that was based Abroad and relocated back to Nigeria 2yrs ago.
    I fell for him because he's everything I want in a man, gentle, wealthy, generous etc but still I and everyone around me still felt it was too good to be true. How can a man with all these qualities not have a baggage and still remain single at this age when he travels all over the world and see different species of beautiful women???

    So I kept pressing harder to find out more about why he's still single, do you have a wife abroad? Do you have kids? ASOASF... Until he opened up to me that he has Erectile Dysfunction and low sperm count!!! How??? I don't understand!!! Because when my friends suggested that might be the case I personally started initiating romance and when we make out, this guy has big strong D**k and go on for over 40mins ha �� so where did ED matter suddenly come from???

    Guy man opened up to me that he's on Viagra!!! Wow.
    He said that when he noticed he just concentrate on his education and making money that it will be sorted out when he's ready to settle down and he had not met any woman he likes so much and could trust with the issue until he met me and fell in love with me. Hmmm

    According to him, he's on treatment and asked me to please be patient if I need to take my and think about it before getting married, that we can be Trying To Conceive blah blah blah...

    So, you see why I said it's either you knew the while you were dating but feigned ignorance cos;
    1. Age was not on your side
    2. Pressure to settle down from family and friends
    3. Monetary gain
    4. You're in the association of "pepper dem gang"
    5. Infatuation
    6. Desperation to get married at all costs
    7. Overlooking the signs that God showed you and having "faith" and hoping for a "miracle"
    This is the reason why you stated that you've been TTC just after few weeks of wedding cos it didn't just start you guys knew and have been TTC even before the wedding.

    Now to your hubby;
    1. He knew all along but was hiding it from you by using Viagra or whatever sex enhancer.
    That's why you said his D**k used to be so hard and can go on nonstop
    2. He deceived you to marry him cos he knew if he told you, you might not accept his proposal
    3. He's proud as an African man that he is, admitting to ED will bruise his ego and manhood
    4. He's probably on treatment and hoping to get better soon and never saw a need to open up to you
    5. He noticed the signs and overlooked it thinking continuous usage of Viagra will treat it.
    6. He knew once you guys are married you're in it with him and will stand by him till there's a solution.

    I tell you that result that certified him okay is fake!!! The doctor is probably aware as he might have been the one who diagnosed and has been treating him.

    Why just few weeks after wedding, he suddenly developed ED? I laughed at the comments that were suggesting stress. How stress in just few weeks for a man that normally has a hard on that can last long?? That man is pretending!!!

    1. dear Anon, how can i hug you.

      you spoke the right word, they have been TTC before getting married, hence the use of tht word in few weeks after the ceremny bcs they had been a lived in lover.

  38. Please can someone help with an answer..

    I got a number from a distant friend and she said I should call the person for a job offer.. Immediately the guy picked the call he called me "mama Smart" Smart is my son's name but even the friend that gave me the number doesn't even know the name of my child so I've been wondering how did this man know I'm mama Smart? Please who can explain to me

    1. He uses "TRUECALLER" app on his device..

      You arent registered yet on truecaller but some few persons who Know you personally saved your contact as "Mama Smart" on their device and that was the name truecaller was able to pick-up when you called him..

      If you use an android device,you can download the app from playstore and register,you can also know who owns an unknown number whenever they call you too..its that easy

      Hope this helps..


    2. truecaller app; A must have

    3. Martins the real MVP. Bless you my brother

    4. It could be truecaller, no need to be afraid.

  39. Happy married life to the beeves getting married.. That's how it's supposed to be, hit us up with news not the ones that have been disturbing our peace because of common engagement.. Mtcheeeeew

  40. Good afternoon beeveeleons😍😍😍
    How's the sun and the rain..

    Isaac happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

    Abeg if una wan withdraw online oo


  41. My advice is for you to stop compounding issues by taking things that can be detrimental to your health as there's nothing clearly wrong with you the woman. You two should be true to yourselves, and seek medical help together. Since it seems you're in a hurry to have children, if you have the money you can opt for; 1. Artificial Insemination/IVF if you have the money
    2. Learn how to pleasure each other very well with your tongues, fingers and toys like vibrator etc

    Above all always pray about it cos there's nothing God cannot do but I will advise against going to spiritual houses and "churches" cos this is more medical than spiritual and it's only God that can do all things no matter the cause of it.

    "Ehen back to me and my honest boo we are still dating as he is too sweet to let go for another woman BUT the reason I can't say I do yet is, am hoping the treatment works out and whilst we are at it, am still single and searching.... Because am one of the people with the opinion that S*X is food!!!

  42. HBD Isaac, see as you fresh like today breadπŸ˜… I almost be wan toast you.

    Princess YoriYori , Miss Aboki and Mimi Love,Saw your comment on SP this morning thanks gals...I was referring to one archaic monkey that has been on my case nonstop.

  43. Happy birthday isaac God bless your new age, it is well with you Ijeoma, may God fill and replenish your house whatever you have lost God will give you double.

  44. Is it weird that I always celebrate Valentine's Day and even my birthdays every year all by myself without bae because they always seem to disappear for like a month or two before then. We'll somehow have an argument or something and months later they start begging .. Lol... Who go spoil me this Val na make I know the feeling... Welcome IHN

  45. IHN on point.

    HBD to Isaac

    Bv Ijeoma it is well with you IJN

  46. This message is for the lady that is having issues with her husband. My dear It was like that for me the first year of my marriage that I almost gave up hmmm, trust me the best thing for u to do is ignore him wen he wants to start and do things that makes u happy cos he will only crush ur self esteem for u if u allow him and make u feel less of urself,I can totally relate to ur ish cos mine tried same with me but I dished him his own share. I'm not saying we don't quarrel o but it's not as serious like it used to be, jst try and talk less and if he want to start an argument walk away it doesn't mean u are stupid but u know what u are trying to avoid ,jst know more will come but pray God gives u the wisdom to handle and keep ur home.I wish u all the best.

  47. Atheist/Oxygen/Yaba left escapee, you really inspire me. I don't mean to be mad like you though but I love your intelligence. Will you be my tutor???

  48. Happy birthday to the young face behinde the data giveaway.

    but errrm take it easy o Stella, na small boi e be , dont get wife for him yet bcs this young chop will just chop and discard ooo

  49. Isaac don fresh oh. Wow,whata snack!
    *Smack lips*

    These people that keep saying I 'sale'....I sale....I sale...wee you keep qwayet!!

  50. Thank God for @ Ijeoma..
    It is well dear..
    May God visit you dear..

  51. Point of correction @EESAH. Mary Odili is not Wike's wife though His wife is also a Lawyer.

    Justice Mary Odili is Former governor of Rivers State, Peter Odili's wife.

    1. She's my dad's cousin. She's from Mbaise. Jukwa'se

    2. 15:44 udonminit!!!!

  52. sdk do u know u crack me up most times? which one is where do u guys sleep? they sleep on the mattress na. dont u know there is a difference between bed and beeeeeeed? beeeeeeeeed is mattress on the ground but a bed is a frame work of either wood or steel or even bamboo sef lol with a matress on top. basically wat i am saying is a bed is sometin u put mattress on it for comfort inugo? me sef i confuse at this point. madam that ur hubby needs deliverance from the spirit of backwardness kini.

    what else did i read? let me go back and read more.

    meanwhile over feeding is bad biko. i just swallowed better fufu with vegetable soup and now i cant breath. i tried to go on a zero carb diet and heaven almost got a visitor this afternoon. i no do again let me fat my fat in peace biko.

    1. hahahahaah finny, you're something else! hahahahahaha!

    2. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bia finny be very very careful πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ na fat you fat jare you no kill person

  53. Happy birthday Isaac baba,wish you long life and prosperity.. More customers fall on you.

  54. Happy Birthday IsaacBaba.
    Sorry for what happened to you, Ijeoma. The Good Lord will give you double for your loss.

  55. stella, where have you been the last 5 days? It has been going down on IG.....apparently madam TTTfashionfreak (aka Arashow, aramide, araski) has been defrauding people of over 6Million naira. She borrowed monies and didnt return, when they tried to get their monies she blocked them and maligned their names.
    She sold laces for x5 the usual aliexpress costs and never delivered the goods. She allegedly sold laces of $1000 to Chioma Assurance and didnt deliver. So many people called her out.
    Its very messy!! they claim her 1st child isnt for her husband
    Check Larrittshoevillage because that one too chook mouth for the matter, check @ffashionfreak78_scammer2347, check @mysparklediva
    check pene pene tv on FB

    its so so messy, people from Dubai, nigeria, US, UK have all called her out for duping them. Apparently the call outs started back in September 2018 and infact her hubby has ran from IG.

    1. ehen *grabs seat amd sits down* biko come and tell us more.

    2. I just Googled the name and the first thing Google offered was 'TTTfashionfreak fight'!!!

  56. Good afternoon everyone
    Happy birthday to you Isaacson,may heaven continue to bless you... Amen

  57. These are the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder.
    Mood: mood swings, sadness, elevated mood, anger, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, or loss of interest or pleasure in activities

    Behavioural: irritability, risk-taking behaviours, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, crying, excess desire for sex, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, or self-harm

    Cognitive: unwanted thoughts, delusion, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority

    Psychological: depression, manic episode, agitated depression, or paranoia

    Sleep: difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepiness

    Weight: weight gain or weight loss
    Fatigue or rapid and frenzied speaking

  58. Marriage is not a bed of roses. It requires a lot of patience

  59. Happy Birthday IsaacBaba, wishing you God's blessings always.

    BV Ijeoma, thank God for His mercies upon you and your family, may He restore all that was taken from you in Jesus mighty name... Amen

  60. Happy birthday isaacbaba u look so cute.@ijeoma thank God for your life he will sure restore all that you lost.

  61. Happy birthday, Isaac. You look really good. Really good. The Lord who has brought you this far, will see you through to the end.

    Ije, sorry about what happened to you.

  62. Good day my yard people
    This rain is disturbing too much eh. To think some places in Nigeria have not smelled rain this year

  63. HBD Isaacbaba...handsome guy,may God continue to bless you and make ur business fluorish

  64. Happy birthday Isacc baba!
    God bless your new age.

  65. Happy birthday Isaac baba, Greater height always

  66. Happy birthday Isaac baba. I wish you Haven's best.


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