Stella Dimoko Edo Gov Signs Into Law 2 Years Jail Term For Wife Beaters And Life Jail Term For Female Gen. Mutilators


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Friday, February 15, 2019

Edo Gov Signs Into Law 2 Years Jail Term For Wife Beaters And Life Jail Term For Female Gen. Mutilators

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has signed the Violence Against Persons (VAP) Bill into law, to address all forms of violence and protect vulnerable members of the society.

Edo State First Lady, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki (middle); wife of the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Mrs. Maryann Shaibu (right); and Edo state commissioner for Budget and Planning, Hajia Mariam Abubakar,

Obaseki, who signed the bill in Government House, Benin City, on Tuesday, said he was aware that the bill touches on fundamental practices among the people, assuring that he was not only signing the bill as a formality, but will ensure it is implemented to the letter.

 “We will not stop here by just signing the bill into law, but will commence the much difficult work of implementing it to the letter. It must be noted that this bill has been in consideration for over six to eight years but the time has come for us to have a law like this VAP Law, to protect the most vulnerable and weak in our society. “As a government, we have aligned with the Federation of Women Lawyer (FIDA)’s purpose and objective and therefore have no hesitation in signing the bill into law,” he said. 

Addressing protesters on violence against women, the governor commended them and stressed that the time to change the way society responds to violence against the weak has come. He added that his administration was not afraid of change and will embrace it to the fullest. “I want to appreciate FIDA for their doggedness, leadership and commitment to this cause. I am not sure many other states in the nation have such bills. 

This bill goes to the core of some of the most pressing issues in society particularly violence against women and other persons.”
 Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly (EDHA), Hon. Kabiru Adjoto, told the governor that the newly signed VAP law will eliminate violence in private and public life. “This bill prohibits violence against all persons and provides maximum protection and effective remedy for victims and punishment for offenders and other related matters,” he said.

 “This bill was sent to the EDHA in the fourth Assembly but suffered a setback. It also suffered a setback in the fifth Assembly but it was passed in the sixth Assembly.” Adjoto commended the wife of Edo State Governor, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki for her doggedness, dedication, and commitment in ensuring that the bill is passed into law. 

He said rape is properly defined in the bill and a rapist will now spend his or her life in prison, adding, “If a man beats his wife, he risks two years in prison if the case is proven. It is now an offense for men to abandon their duties of upbringing as the responsibility is not for women alone. Female genital mutilation now attracts life imprisonment without an option of fine.”

Wife of Edo State Governor, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki, commended the Edo State Governor for assenting to the VAP bill, stressing that the government is gender-sensitive. She thanked the speaker of the sixth Assembly, Hon. Kabiru Adjoto for ensuring the passage of the bill and that all important sections are intact. “This bill takes care of everything related to violence against persons,” she noted. Earlier, FIDA, the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of the state, Prof. Yinka Omorogbe, CSOs, and other stakeholders protested against violence against women. They marched through major streets in Benin metropolis, Police headquarters and Edo State Government House, where the governor addressed them.
from Vanguard

*I hope husband beaters will also be jailed!!!


  1. I congratulate the governor for these. Nice one.

  2. praise God.. men should learn how to work out issues in marriage. your wife is not your daughter you can correct with force and authority. I pray more women use the law to deal with wife beaters. don't let any man intimidate and bully you in the name of marriage. we women tolerate the excesses and short comings of our husbands for years but men think every time a woman makes mistakes or has shortcomings she must be beaten or he goes out to have an affair to teach her a lesson.

  3. God bless you Mr governor. I wish pant stealers and paedophiles will be included.

  4. Let the law stand oh. That's a great move

  5. I almost screamed for joy cause of these new laws but then i remembered"this is Nigeria"
    State of lawlessness and instability!
    I hope it works this time.

  6. Replies
    1. Why now? Is it because of his face?

  7. Good news, other States should emulate

  8. "I hope husband beaters will also be jailed!!!"

    Yes, Stella. The VAPP Act signed in 2015 by then President, Jonathan, totally prohibits violence against any person, irrespective of gender.

  9. good but they should look for better punishment for paedophiles asap as e dey hot

  10. Well i think the law is baised. Men also suffer violence so it should be both ways.

  11. Godwin Nogheghase repair road for us..raining season is coming

  12. Great news!...

    They should increase the years to like 5 years so that when the wife beaters will raise hand to hit and they remember say their children fit no recognize them again after 5 years that hand go drop...

  13. Nice one. Hope when its time to make an example of offenders, they won't forget where they kept the paper that was signed, cos the word law is becoming meaningless in Naija...

  14. Even if they send wife beaters to jail, after a month, d wife will Cook better jollof rice n go visit him n ask for forgiveness.

  15. Well, husbands will stop beating wives when wives learn to control their mouths. Until then, keep building the prisons and making stupid unenforceable new laws. How many gays have they imprisoned for 14yrs while Bobrinsky is prancing about?


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