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Thursday, February 14, 2019


Love's lane...
love's own way-----
If there is no one to love,love yourself and take yourself out for Lunch or Dinner!!!!

Have a great day and dont stop loving....


Good day Mrs Stella. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life!!!

Please help me celebrate my family,Pastor Jude and Barr (Mrs) Peace Jude-Chuks. David Kenechukwu Jude-Chuks. Wishing us happy Valentine.
My baby, I love you so much! Pls forgive me.....

Happy Valentine to you Both..I pray your wife forgives you for whatever you are asking for forgiveness for....


Eating Disorder- Pica Syndrome

Pica is an eating disorder typically defined as the persistent ingestion of non-nutritive substances for at least 1 month at an age for which this behavior is developmentally inappropriate. It may be benign or may have life-threatening consequences. Pica can affect children, adolescents, and adults of any gender.
Signs and symptoms of Pica include:

persistent eating over a period of at least one month, of substances that are not food and do not provide nutritional value, ingestion of the substance(s) is not a part of culturally supported or socially normative practice (e.g. some cultures promote eating clay as part of a medicinal practice), typical substances ingested tend to vary with age and availability. They may include paper, soap, cloth, hair, string, wool, soil, chalk, powder, paint, gum, plaster, pampers, metal, pebbles, charcoal, ash, clay, or bandage:

Pica syndrome is most commonly caused by a nutritional deficiency, such as iron or zinc, followed by pregnancy. This occurs because the body is trying to replenish its low nutrient levels through whatever means necessary. Other causes of pica syndrome relate to mental health conditions, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and
schizophrenia. People who are malnourished, in general, may turn to nonfood items out of desperation as well.

Risk factors for pica include: parental/child psychopathology, family disorganization, environmental deprivation, pregnancy, epilepsy, brain damage, mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders.

A multidisciplinary approach involving psychologists, social workers, and physicians is recommended for effective treatment.



Akudaya as we know means reincarnation I. E it is believed that when a person dies untimely (either he was murdered or committed suicide), he or she goes off to live in a far away place where they won't be known. It is even claimed that in that place, they bear names relating to the day they died (I.e Monday, Tuesday etc)

Although I've not witnessed this one on one but I've seen something similar to it. Growing up, we had this neighbour (4th house from ours). This man had no friends, families or any known one come to visit him. He stayed alone then, locked himself up and his house was always dark even where there was electricity. One day, he had and argument with a woman in the neighborhood and in the course of the argument, this woman said "no wonder you don't
have any close friends or family come to visit you, we all know the truth, you're an akudaya".

On saying this, everyone became quiet immediately and was waiting for his reaction. He just walked away and went inside the house. It wasn't up to a month, her mouth began to swell (I kid you not). Everywhere she was rushed to, they told her she used her mouth to implicate herself and she should beg the person (I was able to know all these as she's actually a friend of my mom and she would come to our house and as kids, we always eavesdropped. 

Anyway, in the course of their discussion, she remembered the man she had argued with and called an akudaya and said she'll go and apologize to him

It was then we realised that the man hadn't been seen for days. Everyone that had his line tried calling it and it wasn't going through, they had no friends or family to reach. That's how he was forgotten. Guess he just woke up one day and left. The house is still vacant till now as no one wants to rent the place based on the story they heard and has been on the market for
some years now with no buyer. As for the woman, she got healed but still never learnt to mind her business.

Looking back at this now, I still wonder if it was the claims made against him that made him to leave or if he truly is an akudaya and learnt about his secret being in the open.

Is the whole concept of akudaya real or is it just another myth that we'll have to pass to our children again?

Na wah oh....I would also love to know if this thing is a Myth....Any Bv that is one?



Sometimes, I imagine that before we all came to be on earth, God our father called each one of us for a tètè a tètè.

During the discussion, a questionnaire would be given to us detailing what our life on earth would entail and asking us questions on how we would impact the world and the areas we'll choose to make the impact. The questionnaire would show us the choices to make and how it will affect our lives either to make our stay on earth worthwhile and beautiful or terrible and bad.

 We would be reminded that there would be high and low points during the course of our lives, moments of uncertainties, doubts and fears but not to worry, our guardian angels would help us scale through.

At the end of the questions, we would be assured by God that regardless of what comes our way, as long as we stayed strong and undeterred we would have a home with Him when our life on earth is over.

The bottom page would have the big question on whether to make the choice of journeying through the earth or decline.

I sincerely would decline to come to earth. I am not depressed per se or suicidal and I have a personal relationship with God that has helped me greatly. It's just that life can sometimes be frustrating. The outcome of your life is not solely determined by you alone but by your predecessors. Whatever evil they have laid down will affect you one way or the other.

The struggle to be successful in all areas and the amount of work you put to make it a reality can be wearying when it doesn't turn out the way you envisioned.

I am always plagued with the constant thought of there is no ABSOLUTE guarantee that you'll make it to heaven after life on earth and I always beseech God not to let me live life on earth in vain by missing heaven.



Hello Stella,

Ever since I read the LRD 245 I've been drawn to reach out and give something to the lady.

I want to give her 5000 naira to use as she wants.
Kindly send me an account to transfer the money to.

Please keep me anonymous and just tell her it is from a lady whose birthday is this month and has been drawn to give as much as she can.

Please the poster of the above mentioned Labour room drama should contact me for her money.....Rhoda Rex you were also gifted,please contact me...Thank you!



I was overwhelmed by the bv's comments on my sis demise,ur words of prayers had gone a long way,to the bv who called Aunty Oby(mummy califo)she really know my sis,God bless u.

May God give us every reason to celebrate and not to mourn,and may God give my family the strength to take care of the three kids(all girls)she left behind,Amen.

God bless..........



Pls I need your candid advice bvs.I met a guy recently and he has been all I want in a man,caring,generous, tolerant nd all good traits but the clause dere is dat he is a divorcee with 3 young kids.I told my bestie about him but she was so against it asking me if I knew why the wife left,he is dis,he is dat and bla bla bla.

I made my own research keeping emotions aside then I found out that the wife is a terrible person,cheats,lies and do all sorts of unthinkable things of which his neighbors can testify to but kept away from him so as not to come in btw them as couples.He told me that he got her pregnant while she was 18 and felt he has to be responsible so he married her but ever since then he didnt enjoy d marriage but endured it notwithstanding bcos he doesnt want to have 2 wives.

About few months ago,she left with the kids claiming that she wasnt interested in the marriage again,he told me he pleaded and begged but all fell on deaf ears.My own dilemma now is that I'm scared for the future

So someone who has been married before does not deserve a second chance at love??You have done your investigations but you still it lack of self confidence in taking what you want or do you let people push you around and decide for you?if your man is who you want why not go for it?If you dont want oh,please drop his contact here for those who do not mind you hear?*tongue click*


Vacancy!! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!

A fashion house is in need of an experienced tailor. All you have to do is cut and sew or just sew alone (for the ones that requires patterns). You will be provided with all the required equipment and tools. Payment is per cloth e.g if a gown is 1000 naira without cutting and you sew up to 5 in a day, you have made 5000naira that day.
Location: Owerri, IMO state.
Phone number: 08133491087



I want to use this platform to wish my very own personal person a very special birthday package my day one paddy of life fareedah, fari baby, oluwa yi o fi o se apere nla fun orile ede. Happy birthday sweetie

lol.......Happy Birthday Fareehdah...God bless you!!



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Ankara for Asoebi Wedding.

Order for your exclusive Ankara at wholesale price of #2000 for your weddings, parties and other ceremonies.

We deliver up to 50 pieces to individuals and cooperate bodies.

We also collect contract on the stocking of your shops and boutiques for wholesale Ankara in bulk.

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  1. You're about to overcome something you've been dealing with. Your mind and heart will soon be at peace again. The weight is being lifted off of you right now. Breathe. Be patient. Everything will be okay. _sunshine pino

    1. Let me perch here please.

      Bvs I am so excited.

      My relationship isn't looking promising and I'm tempted to let him go.

      Well, I'm at work and Valentine's day celebration isn't for me.

      Wait for the great news!!!!!!!!!

      My company is sending me on an all expense paid trip to London this summer and I'm legit above the stars.

      For one I don't even have a passport and the God of the fatherless chose me in just one year of working with this establishment.

      This is in addition to a 20% upward review of my salary...
      My colleagues are wondering how it happened and I'm totally gobsmacked as well..

      Doesn't this God deserve some praise? To think that my first flight will be an international flight!!!!

      Jeso nwa David !!!!!!!!

      Join me to praise him my fellow BVs and I've got two questions please.

      1. How do I get an international passport in Enugu and how soon can it be done?

      2. What do I need for the trip to London?

      I don't have much but I'll try to purchase the relevant ones.


      Me!! Noni being asked to choose between London and Paris.....
      Make I no die from over excitement oooo.

      Stella please forgive me but this local girl is going international.

      I promise to send pix once I leave..

      Happy Val people, I will go for Cherokee much later with an old friend.

    2. Amen. Happy Valentine's Day to you BV Fluffy.

    3. Congrats dear. If you can afford express, it will be ready in 3days. You'll have to pay extra say 40k or ao

    4. Akuda my left ass. That is how dey kept making snare at me for over 6yrs,I don't keep friends and no family comes ard,my choice, am a 100% loner, I go to pple instead but neighbours kept saying trash in Yoruba, had my baby, came back with so much joy and testimony, didn't know d neighbor I told my story was worst than a betrayal, she ran to my home state ( coincidentally our streets r 5mins apart) but because that's my nature naturally I didn't know her but she knew my siblings,she came back broadcasting shyt. Anyways to some point I was relived they all blved am a human. Nonsense, some pple r born extreme introverts biko. Although I blv in recantation but don't just assume any quiet, introverted person is an Ekundayo or whatever. Hisssss

    5. For the passport once you are captured and the booklets are available you can get it same day. It worked out for me like that in December. Just make sure you don't fall into wrong hands

    6. congrats,na d kind news person wan day hear

    7. Our God is always faithful.May the happiness never depart from you (amen)Enjoy your trip and more great news to come in Jesus name.Amen

    8. Congrats Noni.. if you want to link up when you are in london enable your email on your profile or drop your contact and we'll link up. P.s i am a female o

    9. Wow. Noni, this is nothing short than the mighty hand of the Almighty God, the Olowogbogboro Himself performing this miracle.
      A big congratulations to you.

      I tap into this kind of job ooo.
      I have the qualifications and experiences already... waiting for my opportunity to come and I will definitely testify this year.

    10. Congrats Noni, I'm so happy for you

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Noni nwa 042.... May this b d beginning to more greater things.

    13. Congrats Noni, please greet the Queen for us.

    14. Congratulations is in order Noni

    15. Congratulations Noni.

      Awesome God!!

      Her Green Pastures.

    16. Castle Windsor, please can you direct me to the lady who makes your hair? The one you mentioned in your write up.
      Looking for a place to do big braids in Abj, big braids that will not be more that 50 o my head.
      Salon I went to was calling 9k!! Imagine!

    17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    18. Noni my 042 sista, I am so happy for you darling. May this kind of of news locate me Amen.

    19. Congrats dear, greater testimonies in Jesus name, Amen. I tap into this

    20. Congratulations Noni... It can only be God- Miracle worker!

    21. Congratulations, Noni. May God perfect all that concerns you.

    22. Congratulations Noni. God has started His good works in your life;you will never come down again. I will testify to the goodness of the Lord too soonest.

    23. Congrats cool companies like this dey this our 042? Am really happy for you. Am next in line to testify

    24. Congratulations Noni.... I tap to this testimony

    25. Congrats Noni.
      But next time try and contain the news. Then comment with excitement when you are chilling in your hotel room in London. You hear? Not saying much but me i sha like ripe announcemen😁😁😁


  2. This is for the Bv who asked in the morning for the true caller app on how to go about it.

    Uninstall the old Caller app on you phone and download a new one through play store. You will see different types of caller app, some are low in megabytes size. Go for the one of 17mb, for it has Caller ID, Call Blocker, and Call Recorder.

    After installing,  click open or launch it. It will take you to the registration page. That page has three options. 1. Using phone number
    2. Using Facebook
    3. Using Google.

    Go with the option of phone number. When you click on it, a page will come up requiring your phone number. Type in the number you want to register. A six numerical code will be sent to that line. Type that code for the column provided, and then click on confirm. It is done.
    A new page comes up requesting you to add all your social network account. It is optional. Click done after that whether you enable it or not. A welcome page will display saying it will take few minutes to synchronized your contact data. Click on 'START USING CALLAPP'. It will take you to your phone contact list via true caller app. Look at the top left side of that contact directory, you will see a three horizontal lines. Click on it, it will lead you to the setting page.

    Click on the blank circle like space for picture to get to the next page. At that page, upload your picture you want to use there. Tap at the pen like icon after your phone number and a column pop outs to type the name you want to be seen on the caller app. Type the name then click submit.

    That's all to be done.

  3. Happy Valentine's day blog visitors..

    Good afternoon blog visitors.

    1. Today i decided to let someone i've been seeing for about a month now go. I've been forcing myself to feel something for him, the more i try the more i feel drained. I truly want to love someone and be loved in return. How do people find love again? cause me i'm tired and i want to settle down.

    2. Jesus is love....if u ain't careful, u will just be looking like an old woman all in d name of love.

    3. Anon 14:46,be pleasant/positive and go about your day-to-day,u will know when love finds u

  4. My (beautiful, Pharisee) Naija babes; how una dey?
    How many of una dey "choir practice, gospel crusade, villa . . ." (wey dey hold for hotels)
    How many babes don get drilled today? raise ya hands
    How many babes (wey open tohtoh, "shoot of for him") don get dumped like dustbins? raise ya hands . . .1, 2, 3, 4 .......😒😒😒😒😒🀒
    How many sisis (wey them chop raw) don collect pikins today? Okay them go do the test (and miss red show)
    How many Sisi's don swallow after mor mor tabullets?
    How many don catch nyama nyama (HIV, gonowhere?") Okay them go do test; 1 months, 3 and 6 months.
    How many don transform to (side) chickens? (wey dem go still chop?)
    Ndi Pharisee na Saducees I salute ooo!

    1. ANG na only happy Valentine's you fit send to my inbox ? You no fit send me cake and flower ni? 😏

    2. Seriously you need help. Who do you this kind thing? Tell us make we beg the person.

    3. Will you stop this shit. Its obvious a babe dealt with you. Man up and stop littering this place. Haba!

    4. May God forgive whoever offended you.

    5. All these people wey dey shut (me) up, una don read today chronicle? 😒😒
      Okay, go on, carry ya Virginia and Enternia scatter am everywhere, give am to dogs unu anugo?

      Mmmmhhh, babe deal with me?
      That thing wey I dey write na real woman up I woman o.
      You think say e dey easy to dey warn my sisters them like this everyday?
      You no sabi the kin pressure wey women like us dey face for this life,if you sabi
      you for know say na every minute, fork boys they follow, dey promise marriage but na
      to collect fork vamoose them dey come. I been get daughters and I sabi wetin dey inugo?

    6. @Chi-squared (nee irritant!Ewu Abraka)

      Hope say I write am well?
      Wetin dey irritate you chi?
      You be Pharisee, you lie go collect fork?
      Make you cool down o, no dey read wetin dey irritate you abeg.
      If ya conscience clear, you no go irritate inugo?

  5. Valentine's day chronicle14 February 2019 at 14:01

    Little Valentine day rant (not that I care). I honestly hate this statement" everyday is Valentine's day"!!! Oh pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!! Everyday is ok to love but Valentine's day is the day you go extra as F!!! My Lover doesnt celebrate Valentine's day!!!! To think of it, I am a mushymushy too romantic kinda girl, how I ended up with the opposite of me, it's a wonderful story. Off to pretend my back hurts so I can at least get a massage.

    1. lol my husband is like that. i was just telling his niece when she asked what i was getting. I have just learnt to live with it. He shows he cares in other ways i tried changing him at the beginning but couldnt so i just adjusted now i see it as no big deal. If i feel the need to give gifts i give him. if i want dinner i tell him to dress up lets go out. I have learnt not to sweat the small stuffs !

    2. I like how you have to be dramatic to get extra attention

    3. na long distance relationship but at least boo should have sent me a valentine sms rather a WhatsApp message around 11 came in "happy Valentine's day darlyn". I have just been angry since today.
      He later called and i am glad he could sense from my voice that i was angry.

  6. You're about to overcome something you've been dealing with. Your mind and heart will soon be at peace again. The weight is being lifted off of you right now. Breathe. Be patient. Everything will be okay. _sunshine pino

    1. Even with the weight of the problem we still dey breath.

  7. Replies
    1. Ola hi,you have nice and unique fabrics.hope to get some from you soon.Good job you are doing.


  8. Baby Fire13 February 2019 at 19:39
    Yes she can resign and start business..I have seen so many women do that..Is their kidney attached to that particular job? Must she work 9 to 5? Is it not bcos of salary that they are working? If u can get the same money from side business why won't u resign? Dem take work swear for u..

    Babyfire this your comment is insensitive. Not everyone works for the money alone. Some women work for.personal fulfilment and you have no right to force your personal convictions on any woman.
    Not everyone can and will be an entrepreneur.
    That it worked for you doesnt mean it will work for everyone.

    Happy Valentine's day everyone

  9. Replies
    1. @ your sign out meme Stella,
      I need each one of you to buy from me atleast a bedsheet; including you Stella.
      Nobody should tell me NO ooo.
      I have asked, and I know I will receive.

    2. Ha, Sealord, when was that pls?
      If it's a thought, kindly actualise it pls.
      I am waitinggggggg.

    3. Aunty, whose business have you patronised here?
      Abeg shift.
      Afi 'each and every one'.
      Oya come put hand for my pocket na.

  10. Ahahann Stella! Why the thing short like this? e supposed dey long.

    Ihn shorty

  11. A popular comedian from the south is expecting a baby soon with his long time girlfriend. Just know you heard it here first.

    1. Tatafo people say he no accept the Belle na.


    Those are familiar spirits that appear and not the real person. Read about the witch of endor (1 Samuel 28) who called up "samuel" and understand:

  13. Happy birthday to the celebrant.

    Why do I feel so lonely and moody today. Maybe its because of the red cakes and red raped gifts that are flying up and down around me.. This too shall pass away.
    Enjoy your day. Stay safe.

    1. Didn't get anything for Valentine yet, and I am still very happy.
      Gifts and seasons don't define me.
      I define them.
      My life does not consist in what I see, feel, hear or touch, but by the word of God.
      Your happiness is in Your hands.
      Own it and use it lavishly always.

  14. I love me some realistic looking makeup.
    Those sharp lines hurt my eyes.
    The eyelashes nko.
    Fareedah is a beautiful girl but that makeup didn't do her justice.

    1. @ wait what thought of the exact same thing

    2. Lol scary looking. Had to scroll quickly make I no blind

    3. I wanted to type something similar to this..
      Faridah you are a beautiful girl but please use shorter lashes when you re carrying an all-back hairstyle.these long lashes normally go well with weavons(full hair) , that your eyebrows re too bold, lil makeup is all you need dear.

    4. Sincerely some makeup artist are devil,how on earth will you do such a thing on somebody's face. Madam that makeup there is not fine.

    5. You read my mind. The mua is wicked. How can you do that rubbish on somebody's face and call it make up. Kai.
      See the eyebrows want enter her eyes. Very black too. See lashes like fan. Odiegwu!

    6. Eyelashes looking like bat wings

  15. He wants to go see his grandmum on the 13th??? LMAO!!!!

    Y'all spoke 12th night, he didn't say anything about this trip and then on the 13th, he says he is going to see his grandmum??? SISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, What else do you wanna hear???

    Happy Val's day people !!!

    1. Yimu!
      Grand mum wey don die before independence. Mtsheww

  16. Happy valentine's day everyone. More customers to all the sellers.

  17. Pastor Jude and family, happy val's day and I hope your wife forgives you and don't do that again ooo. We learn everyday at that pics eating disorder. Is AKUDAYA real? I don't think the bible supports it becos the spirit has gone back to God while the soul is unconscious, hope I am correct. The dead knows nothing agai until resurrection day. At the bv that lost her sister through child birth,may she and the baby continue to rest in God's bossom. I pray God bless those people with businesses up there......Happy Valentine's day to you all.
    Chikito, hope you are good?

  18. Beautiful family up there. Madam pls forgive your husband he has apologised.

  19. Madam Divorcee lover, the ex wife left because the man wasnt in love with her. He married her out of pity not because he loved her. When a woman is loved, she knows and does everything within her power to keep that love, but when she is tolerated, she seeks solace elsewhere.....

  20. Happy val bvs. Why do grannies see nothing wrong when kids misbehave? I'm beginning to get passed at my mil she allows my daughter get away with so many vices. Rant of a mom of two.

    1. Many of them feel this generation is rotten, they look at you and imagine if their son slept with you before marriage, some will even ask you, I am saying this because I have heard someone say this.

    2. Anon aw does your response correlate with her rant? Still trying to connect it.

  21. Eyelashes of life.

    Errrm, madam that wanna marry divorcee, they too deserve a second chance at love, the thing is, you that is a new person will discover why the divorce happened, u can't know d real truth from hearsay, u will get first hand experience, good luck, God be with u.

    1. I love you @bb.

      That's what I wanted to tell madam divorcee.

      He and some people around him would definitely tarnish the ex-wife's image before you.

      So, calm down, experience is the best teacher.

  22. People help me ooo. What kind of disorder do I call dis one? I’m always pulling my natural hair with my hands. As in it give me so much pleasure when I can uproot the hair from d root. I’m on low cut and I don’t wanna fix my hair. My only saving grace is when I’m fixing a weave that can cover all my natural hair.
    Even when I braid, within a week I would have pulled out all d braids from d bottom lol.
    Each time I sweep my house I see so many strands of my natural hair.
    Wetin I do my village people now? .... lol

    1. Until u become bald like a beginning witch na day time u go sabiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh), also called hair-pulling disorder, is a mental disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body, despite trying to stop.

      Hair pulling from the scalp often leaves patchy bald spots, which causes significant distress and can interfere with social or work functioning. People with trichotillomania may go to great lengths to disguise the loss of hair.

      The rest of the article is there

    3. Don't stop till you get that vulture look,don't forget to send in your pic by then as bv vulture...goodluck in your journey to becoming a vulture

    4. Hahahahah, yabaleft pls do n come back.

    5. There's a medical term for this and no its not a laughing matter.
      Ignore the ignorant people croaking above and seek help.

    6. It is called trichotillomania. Google it. It is a mental disorder and you can be medically helped.

    7. Trichotillomania...that is the name of the disorder. Google and read about it. Someone has posted the same issue here as a chronicle.

    8. Hahahahahahahahaahahah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, this one off me hahahahah

    9. hahahahaa @GnM... hillarious indeed. Pls pity the hair small before you take your hand bab yasef kodo

    10. Anon 15:51 thanks .... to everyone else wit a meaningful input God bless u all

    11. Your situation is a bit common Dan u think.but bcos d awareness is not dt much in Nigeria and d shame associated with it.u won't really know dose it AV it.u can Google up Mayo clinic and for ways u can manage it.

  23. Life is like a game..we find ourselves playing it and the rules guiding it are moral principles ,we can't leave on our own( except suicide).we just have to keep living..sad thou.

  24. Eku valentine to you all ❤ πŸ’‹ πŸ’– πŸ’ž πŸ’ πŸ’— πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ πŸ’“ πŸ’–

  25. Love is only a word until someone comes around and gives it a meaning.


  26. Is there anyone into nylon production profitable is it.done my research it's capital intensive but does it equate the profitability.which is the best to go into when it comes to nylon production?


  27. I don't believe in Akudaya.
    I believe familiar spirits take up the personality of the dead and try to live as them.
    The bible says "it is appointed unto man to die once, and after that judgement.
    Hebrews 9v27

    1. How do they get the bodies?

    2. Anon 15:58, they get the bodies from the grave.

  28. Happy Birthday Fareeda and a Happy Valentine to all da lovers out there. Make unna take am easy wo to avoid 9 months packages and STDs.

  29. Replies
    1. It came like Friday to me.Happy vals day everyone.

  30. Happy birthday fareedah. That reincarnation thing is really scary, I've heard stories just like every other person not never had a personal encounter.

  31. Happy valentine's day to Pst Jude and family, may the peace of God reign in your home.
    Happy birthday Fareedah.
    Please bvs,who can recommend a good face cleanser as I use skineal on my face and anytime I don't use it, I see rashes on my face. Thanks as I await your responses.
    Do have a blessed day everyone.

  32. Happy valentine's day to all those celebrating valentine. Na sidon dey look I dey.

  33. Happy vals day everyone .
    Freedah. Happy birthday to you.
    Akudayah tales ,na so so hear I dey hear. Haven't seen with my eyes,though am indifferent about it,but y can't they travel out and live happily ,abi it doesn't work DAT way?
    Those advertising, customers come ur way, may God bless our hustles and grant us a peaceful election, amen.

  34. people like titles 2 Much.Hon,Excellency, pst,PhD holder na wah o


    No plans today jare.Just chilling with grilled catfish and Zobo.Thank God there’s light.Life’s good.


  36. Happy 'alentine's 'ay to people who won't get the V or D today..

  37. Happy birthday Fareeda. Nice family photo up there.

  38. Happy ihe ha n'gba agba today

  39. Bv with a man interest that has 3 kids with a terrible wife, biko your description of this man sounds so familiar? Is the first child of this man within the age of 6 and 7, is the man in question from Enugu and does he live in A state? If yes! Then, we are both are in serious talk with the same man at the same. If no! Then, i will advise you make your own decisions and not allow your friend decided for you.
    I am accepting this one on my case cos we all deserve a second chance at love and happiness.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is getting interesting.. please update us both.

    3. @beryl, he is not a medical doctor and also not Canada based.

  40. Val is well enjoyed when you are single and searching, some married folks like me has forgotten everything about val. If you are wished, thank God but if you are not wished or gifted, endure and forgive.

    Rip to the dead sis and baby. may the family be consoled by the Almighty.
    The reincarnation stuff is something I find hard to believe.

    The babe that God elevated within a year of working, congratulations to you and I tap from that Oil of Grace you have. I wish you a successful and fulfill trip ahead.

    Happy birthday to the birthday girl, may God answer all you secret prayers.

  41. I'm not understanding this my pregnancy o. I'm always horny unlike my first

  42. Grateful heart πŸ™πŸ™... thanks a lot Stella.

  43. Happy Valentine's day to everyone celebrating it.

    No celebration for me,tooth ache no free me see road.

  44. Happy birthday to the celebrant. Some people will still not learn their lesson to watch their tongue.

  45. This is for the lady that spoke about the divorced guy. I have been with my husband for over 9 years. He was divorced and also has a child. My story is just like yours, the ex-wife was a serious runs girl that didn't hang her boots. Their marriage didn't last up to a year.I did my findings and found out the truth myself which corroborated with his story. Today, we are happily married and getting stronger


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