Stella Dimoko Actress Amanda Ebeye Talks About Her Career And Having More Kids


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Monday, March 11, 2019

Actress Amanda Ebeye Talks About Her Career And Having More Kids

Nollywood Amanda Ebeye, says she’s ready to do anything to protect her son.
The Delta State-born filmmaker also shares her worries and challenges on film production, child adoption and lots more.

It’s A Crazy World, why did you opt for that title for your TV series?

That’s because of the content. It’s A Crazy World is a comedy series. It x-rays the competition women face alongside their struggles. It’s funny and at the same time, there’s much to learn from it because it touches every aspect of life. At first, I wanted to call it The Wives but there are lots of movies with similar titles.

What’s It’s A Crazy World all about?

It’s A Crazy World tackles issues revolving around social media. We are trying to expose the vices on social media. It’s unarguable that it has made people rich, changed lives and connected people. However, there is a flip side. It has destroyed lots of people. People get intimidated and depressed over the fine pictures they see on social media.

So, It’s A Crazy World is designed to expose what happens on social media. It reveals the sad truth behind all those lovely and smiling faces you see on social media.

Why did you decide to go into production?

I told myself a long time ago that I didn’t just want to be an actress and that’s because no matter how much you act, you can’t be richer than your producer. So, I went back to the drawing board. That’s why I’m now an actress, producer and filmmaker.

Now that you’ve taken a huge step into film making, is it over for you for Asaba movie roles?

Well, its not over for me. I just like following my life step by step. I plan my life but sometimes. you see yourself doing what you had planned never to do again. But right now, I have the right to tell my own stories the way I want them to be. I still like Asaba so I’m not saying never to anything; that’s still where the money is made.

What are the challenges of being a first time TV producer?

Budget, that’s my biggest challenge. And then we also have the light situation. We’re shooting for 30 days and when I went to make enquiries to rent cameras and lights, the amount I was told was so shocking I had to start buying my own equipment to add to the ones I already had. Feeding was also a challenge. Feeding the cast and crew for that number of days was not easy.

What of your son, how do you create time for him?

My son is not here. My mom went to Canada to stay with him.

What would you say is the proudest thing you have done for yourself?

My son is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. That’s the only thing I can’t regret. The only person I can’t trade-off for anything in the world. I can trade this production if push comes to shove (laughter). But my son? never!

What is that one thing you can’t wait to tell your son

I tell him I love him everyday. But on a deeper level, I can’t wait to tell him that no matter what he does, he would get married someday so he should always have a place in his heart for me. I pray everyday that my daughter-in-law would be good to me. I just don’t want anyone to turn my son away from me.

Are you scared that one day, a lady would come and take your son away?

I get scared of that all the time but people tell me that I should try having another child.

So, when are you having more kids?

I’m not a regular everyday girl. My dreams and aspirations are different. What other women may be aspiring to may not be what I’d want to become. Talking about kids, I really don’t think I want all my children to come from me. However, let’s see what happens in the nearest future. I want to adopt. Right from when I was much younger, I dreamt of the day I’d be able to say this; that I want to adopt kids. I look at those kids that don’t have parents and I keep wondering why we have to keep making kids when there are already lots of kids out there to take care of. Adoption is more of a priority than giving birth to my biological children.

What kind of roles do you play now at this stage of your career?

I play all roles but I can’t go nude; I can’t bare it all.

Any regrets regarding some roles you played at the beginning of your career?

There are lots of them; I can count. Back then we all wanted to be popular so we could pay our bills hence we just picked any role that came along.

That’s why I tell people, don’t let this industry pressurise you into doing what you don’t want to do...There are movies I did back then that if you bring the same scripts to me now, I’ll turn them down out rightly!

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  1. I liked her in clinic matters....d real nurse Abigail

  2. I agree with her. I have a son too and I sometimes worry that when he gets married, he will no longer have a place in his heart for me

  3. This one no be aturess at all
    Na real ACTRESS.
    My Sisis alway talk about them pikin as the 'greatest thing" wey ever happen to them. I don hear this line taya.
    But make I ask o (NO BE about this beautiful sisi at all).
    Why im be say when the pikin been dey inside belle na to shoot am off dey hungry most sisis eh?

    Onye ajuju adighi efe uzo;
    Abeg na only question I ask o.

    1. You dey mind them, when them never find man dem go say a child Is the best thing to happen to me, yet loads of ladies abort daily then they later remb they need someone to take care of them at old age but when old age come many will still be disappointed.

  4. I dont know her.All the best to her

  5. dis girl sleeps around with anything in trousers.

    1. You say this so authoritatively?
      How would you feel if you read a comment like yours about yourself from someone who most likely has never even met you before!
      Please people should take it easy with the way they slander others...

  6. shame on you madam. wht are you not with your son what is more important than him? did you need to mention canada shior!

    1. I was thinking same thing. Thats rubbish, u love him but apart from him? How old is he? Maybe 10 at most and he's seperated already. Obviously he wont love you that much, a woman will take your place as soon as he starts falling in love. Dont really get we mothers these days. Same thing my sister does, she can live her kids for d ex hubby for 2 weeks at a time, partying away. How una dey do am? These kids are your sole responsibilities, dont have them if you aint ready. It pisses me off, bcos the kids yearn for thier mothers naturally and being seperate disturbs that course of nature. #Feministforlife

    2. Hope you foolish lots know that some people send their kids abroad for high school

    3. It's very hard for a mother to leave her child, except for some recklessly irresponsible women.
      The separation might be because she is working hard for money in Nigeria and she feels abroad is a better environment for her son. Or maybe the boy's father is in Canada. I'm just saying let's not be so quick to call her a bad mother

    4. Face your perfect lives. Leave others to make their choices and figure out their lives.

    5. Whether she mentioned Canada or not . It is your insecurity disturbing you. Do you know how many kids my age were sent to boarding school in London, separated from our biological parents at such young age. Does it mean they did not love us or were irresponsible parents well with school fees running in thousands of pounds & flight tickets every break we had. There was so much love excess at that. But at the time, they had to do what they thought was best!

      Let people do whatever they are comfortable with . What works for A doesn’t always work for B!! Everyone’s circumstance is different, you don’t know what options people had to make.

      Now i believe you’ll ignore all I’ve said and focus on me mentioning pounds. 🙄

  7. All the best Amanda
    the world is big enough for everybody to succeed

  8. Pls what is d better life here in Nigeria that u want her son to stay n enjoy or on another note maybe she is taking him far from her baby daddy so pls stop all this judgemental attitude she sounds like someone who has learn greatly from her mistakes

    1. What is anyone enjoying in canada away from his mother. You think abroad is heaven, boring indoor life. For kids, nigeria is more fun. No reason is good enough.

    2. Lies. For kids abroad is better might not be heaven but it is definitely better than Nigeria.

      Lots of kids Activities to do, education system is better, lots of engaging after school activities. let’s not speak of socialising because we wouldn’t finish ... when In Nigeria cousins can’t even visit each other in most homes due to some superstitious believe.

      Let me tell you! Most Kids do not like vacationing in Nigeria, except they know they’ll have friends who will be returning same time. If not they dread it and count down to their return. “Mum when we going back” I know I did this & my cousin, sisters still do so nothings changed.

    3. Well I understand your experience was different, when my kids came home, they loved it. Outdoors all the time and having fun, not the usual mummy cant take you out cos its cold for most of the year.


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