Stella Dimoko Inspector General Of Police Decries Killings By Police Men + Visits Families Of Victims


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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Inspector General Of Police Decries Killings By Police Men + Visits Families Of Victims

The IGP who is Concerned with the recurring incidence of unprofessional handling and misuse of firearms on Monday 15th April, 2019 paid an official visit to Lagos State to primarily, condole the families of the those who recently lost their lives due to Police shootings... ...

The IGP, in a private meeting with the family of the victims, Ada Ifeanyi and Emmanuel Akomafuwa, commiserated with them and assured them that justice will not only be done but will be manifestly seen to have been done in getting justice for the deceased and the injured.

The IGP, while addressing the over 1000 Officers and Men of the Command at the Police College, Ikeja, stated that the Nigeria Police Force, as a disciplined, transparent, responsible, responsive and accountable institution will never condone any form of abuse of power,and directed immediate refresher courses on weapon handling and musketry for all personnel of the Force.


  1. SMH! Anyhow, we are not safe in this,country.

  2. Useless and hopeless country, nothing good comes out of the country

  3. The Nigerian Police Force needs to undergo a total overhaul. The need to enforce discipline.

  4. Civilians will soon commence arresting policemen for unlawful killing of citizens, as this way police will focus on their primary responsibility.

  5. It's so annoying. I wonder if they screen this men at all or it's a man know man thing

  6. Police has failed in this country. is it thst they are not trained well, abi the right people are not being employed or it is just a show off?

  7. Oga go and restructure the Police Academy. That system is a big joke. You also need to re-evalute every serving police person and flush the rest outta the system

  8. Oga IGP, the problem of the police is much more than the mishandling and misuse of firearms, the problem is their wrong psychological orientation, lack of understanding of their job as service providers to the people and arrogance of power. They do not see themselves or their position as servants and protectors of the public, they see themselves as being superior and overlords of the people and that they can do whatever they like and get away with it. That is why the killings are deliberate and not accidental. Their mindset needs to be changed and they need to understand the essence of police work as a service and not domination or diktat. The words "Force" and "Command" used to describe the police formations should be removed because these words convey a very wrong impression of what the police should be. In the US they are referred to as "Police Departments" not "Police Force". In some other countries they are called "Police Services". The recruitment of school dropouts and semi illiterates into the police should stop, these are the set of people who mostly kill innocent people, there is no amount of training that can make such people understand the relationship of the police to the public.


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