Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 260


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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Labour Room Drama 260

Drama Indeed!!!

I was TTC for 5 to 6 years before God showed me mercy and I became pregnant without even knowing because I was diagnosed with PCOS, 

My pregnancy dealt with me from 1st Month to the 9th abi 10 months period.

My colour was something else, abeg make I leave the journey and fast forward to the "D"day.

My EDD was 30th August , I will not put the full details before village people go decode me .

My last check up was on 20th of August (by the way I live Abroad) in the place I registered.Here the place you go for antenatal is different from where u go born, (That is, I have appointment with my Doctor on 21st of August then with the Hospital where I go birth my baby on 20th) ....

After my check up on 20th , they said everything was okay and that they will see me on 30th if labour did not start before then. Then the next day I went to my Doc for last check up before he will finally transfer me and on getting there he found out that my water had dried up and that the placenta was no longer sufficient for the baby, so he gave me a letter to go Immediately to the hospital, that the baby must be born within 3 to 4 days...

That was the beginning of the drama. 

When I got to the hospital i was transferred to another place because there was no space (the same hospital but another of their branch )when I got there, inducement started , first with the one that looks like Vaginal gel, after 4 hours I started having small pains, the inducement started around 4pm local time, by 2am I was just 2cm dilated and by then the pains had reached another level....

The next morning which was on 24th because I didn't go that 21st that my doctor referred me, I went on 23rd, as of 24th it was the same 2cm, I just told the mid-wife and the Doctor that I wanted Cs but they said No and that everything was going on well .

The inducement gel was changed to drip and heeeeeey I told my hubby he had to take  off from work and meet me in the hospital that my waist was on fire, (permit me a little time to crush on my husband🤩🤩🤩....My hubby is my God sent, one in a million , Odogwu Nwoke, the only man that knows that what turns me on is Money, Money , Money and Money, I LOVE you Obim)

My husband quickly came and resumed the work of waist rubbing.....

Fast forward to 25th, it was 6cm and by then i was already running mad, I disconnected everything that was fixed on me and ran to the toilet, I was just sitting on the toilet floor... 🤩my husband begged me to come out but i refused , I told him that i was communicating with God ...which God?did I even know what I was doing?

O then 26th it was 8cm, I remember my brother in law came visiting, as he just wanted to start hailing me Madam as he used to do, I burst out crying, I was crying and shouting that I wanted to die ooo.....

 I was shouting  and the nurses and Doctors and everybody else gathered round me , I was shouting that it was the 3rd day in labour,but they said everything was going on well but the cervix was not opening fast..

Every body was pleading that i should take it easy, Immediately I came out from the toilet after all the pleading,i ran out of my room to the main hospital road and lay down without putting on anything... did I even know that i was completely naked? My husband ran after me with the delivery gown, the securities ,the doctors , infact people just came out from their various wards, and everyone had pity for me..

My husband ran after me with the hospital gown , my friend ran after me with the so everybody just they run they follow me, honestly the pain was out of this world  ....

I was running mad already but they met me and carried me back...

 3 days of Labour but still in 2am 8cm and that was when they called my hubby and decided for Cs,but i had already signed for Cs the 2nd day of the labour....when they told me that they had settled for Cs I began shouting at the Doctors and midwives -story for another day!!!
My anger was that after 4 days they finally agreed to the CS i had initially asked for...

By 3:22am they brought out my Son and brought him to me,but I just told them to pls take him to his father because my brain never correct finish, but   I was happy that it was over but i had not connected with my Son till after 2 to 3 months ..
Now my darling Son is everything to me...

 Shout out to all mothers,it is not easy at all!!!.

To all women trying to conceive, from my heart I pray for you all, the God that wiped away my tears will surely visit you all.
The stigma I faced in Nigeria before relocating abroad is topic for another day, plus all the Amebos , specially among my fellow women was something else.

Abeg I no study English in University +baby no allow me concentrate, keep your corrections and enjoy the drama
Love you all.

Congrats....Really dramatic


  1. Why did they make or allow you stay days in labour? Which kind of hospital is that?

    1. i'm pretty sure that abroad is not the US. we don't do that by force hebrew woman labor here. after 12-18 hours they will cut you open no time.

    2. Exactly my thoughts. It cant be US. No epidural, just did like Nigerian hospitals

    3. I had my baby in the US too and they refused CS cos they said I cld av him naturally until after 2days when my baby wasnt tolerating labour. Most big/teaching hospitals in US are like dat.

  2. Oh dear!!! I actually shed a tear amidst smiling like a fool at this
    'i ran out of my room to the main hospital road and lay down without putting on anything... did I even know that i was completely naked? My husband ran after me with the delivery gown, the securities ,the doctors , infact people just came out from their various wards, and everyone had pity for me..'
    Thank God for safe delivery and once again,congrats mama

  3. Congratulations madam, nawa for this your hospital oo, so it's easy for a patient to just take off to the streets just like that?

  4. Wow!!!! The pain was on another level. Congrats and kisses to your son

  5. Congratulations, may your son be all and more you wished for.
    I live in Canada, they tried to induce me and I disagreed.
    The drs were surprised and made me sign a discharge against medical advice.
    Two days later I walked in to have an elective CS, I am against induction, cos it fails most times for first time mothers, and results in CS.
    Why go through the trauma to be opened up in an emergency CS.

    I am sorry for the rant, you just opened up what I went through in March.

    PS Stella: I don't know if my birth story would qualify for this series as I never fell into labor. It would only be peripartum, I had some medical concerns and drama too, and CS and recovery.
    Thank you.

    1. Please share. After all it is called labour room DRAMA!

    2. Please share. We can learn one or two things from your story.

  6. Thank God it ended in praise. Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful son. My prayer is ythat his presence will wipe out all iota of sorrow that you have ever experienced

  7. What a journey congratulations to you and Amen to your prayer.

  8. OH!! Nne congratulations, I wonder the essence of going abroad when they cannot know a pregnant lady that is due for CS. I delivered in Nigeria, They put the drip on me, from morning till night, only slight pain, the Doctor asked me severally how I felt, with my gum in d mouth, I told him I was feeling pains. He said with the chewing gum in your mouth.He waited till 2.00am no serious pain, he brought out the notebook for me to sign for CS, I signed immediately, after some minutes, I was given my baby. My husband and the family came ranting, i turned a deaf ear because I carried my baby for 11 months. If you see the baby now, a giant and so so intelligent.

  9. Haahahaha you made me laugh. Thank God for safe delivery. I pray for safe,quick,easy and supernatural delivery for myself and all expectant moms in Jesus'name. Amen

  10. Amen!God biko help us.septemner us by the corner.

  11. See drama 😂😂 congratulations

  12. Congrats on your safe delivery but why did they allow you go through so much pain? I'm not happy at all. Imagine you running out naked in pains! Sounds like something that can happen in our public hospitals here. Well, thank God for everything. You're and baby are alive. Bless God.

  13. Tha hospitsl no try at all. 24hours labour and yet nothing considering the PCOS,na CS be that na. why waste so much time?

  14. Aren't they heartless in that hospital? Thank Heavens for safe delivery.

  15. Stop scaring us with all these stories

    A babe

  16. Thats how my friend had surgery in a German hospital and was given only ibuprofen to recover. According to him the doctor said pain is part of life.

  17. Thank God i did not allow the doctor to exhaust his option, i screamed for CS and no regret till tomorrow.

  18. Poster, I wish we could shout at them together, after they allowed the world see your nakedness they now agreed to a CS??????

    Thank God for the safe delivery.

    Having a child is grace. Don't look down on those with difficulty.

  19. Congrats for your safe delivery and thank God it ended in praise!! But that hospital no try at all,why allow a woman labour for that long?

  20. This is the real labor room drama! Congratulations

  21. So bad of the Hospital. Thank God for the survival of mother and child

    Chinwe Uba

  22. God is supreme, I can't imagine what you Passed through, mine was 16Hrs and I mad I nor Fit type The story.

  23. Chaiii congratulations madam may God keep and protect your baby Amen

  24. Thank God for safe delivery , but the hospital no try at all.


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