Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gist -Baby Mama Versus Baby Daddy Tag


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Sunday, June 09, 2019

Sunday In House Gist -Baby Mama Versus Baby Daddy Tag

What is your view about Having a child/ children outside wedlock?

Why is it that in some Countries,the blame of becoming a parent outside of wedlock has more negative impact on the woman than on the man?

Do you see becoming a baby parent as a crime? Would you become a baby mama if you find out you are unmarried and pregnant or would you 'knock it off'?

 Considering your age or circumstances ,Can you become a baby mama?.

 Why are baby daddies not affected by this negative tag.....Men can easily move on after becoming a baby daddy but the woman is tagged all sorts of negative names...Do you think this is right?
For some,they make plans to become a baby mama to avoid the stress of a proper union,some it happens to them by mistake but the most important thing is that the baby was not aborted.

Do you know anyone whose life has come to a stand still because baby mama fell on them?Or any man who was rejected by another woman because he is a baby daddy.
Lets discuss without putting anyone down please!!!


  1. here to read comment,if you need plastic seats,come and take yours;this is a sensitive topic sha.I feel like tearing my bra and pants like Pastor's daughterπŸ€”

    1. It's been a while Pastors daughter commentedπŸ€”. Hope she's good πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

    2. It’s not pastor’s daughter that tears bra and pant, it’s Jobless house wife.

      Pastor’s daughter specializes in hanging legs, that reminds me I have not seen her comments for some time. Finny, hope you’re fine?

    3. Yes.My sister rejected a suitor because he is a baby daddy.And he had the child with his secondary school girlfriend.The child was about 10 or 9 years old.And the baby mama is not married yet.She loved the guy but she insisted her peace of mind in marriage was paramount.The guy pleaded and begged my sister and a point involved my parents.My sister still insisted she didn't want.This is a guy that was rich,handsome,e.t.c That was a deal breaker for her.She's married now and happy in her home.

    4. You made me remembered the blog visitor that tears bra and pants on IHN.

  2. Everyone has their stories to tell.
    Sometimes I envy my mates that took in back then in sec. School, their kids are all grown.

    1. You can still take in now,its not late

    2. @Aboki nyarinya

      But you dey "take in" chilled kai kai na?
      That one fit block every chance of ever taking in pikin ihotago?

    3. Nigeria a country where sinners Judge Sinners for sinning differently.....LOL
      You go for DandC, come out without a baby, another braves up gives birth and she is TAGGED , caused and condemned. Yet the 10commandments clearly states , don’t commit murder.
      Married man sleeping with a single girl, everybody condemns her ,Married woman sneaking ard ,sleeping ard with small boys and married men, but come out openly to throw stones? Yet 10commandments clearly says DO NOT CONVERT YOUR NEIGHBORS WIFE... clearly wife!!!!! Not husband
      Married man begs a single girl to have his child,love elapsed she gets pregnant for another, the same married man spreading rumor she is useless for getting knocked up by a married man which he is assuming in his head, cos he lost out.
      Do you but make sure u r πŸ’― happy doing it. Let pple talk the MOUTH IS MEANT FOR TALKING
      He who is without a sin shd cast d 1st stone

    4. Sometimes I wonder how people on this blog think! Do you have your brain in your anus? 'Do not covert your neighbour's wife...not husband'?!πŸ™„ You trying to play smart around God's commandments so you can say you are justified? Who raised you please?!

      The way its going, if Christ comes back today there might not be a world to take to heaven coz people like you go make am change e mind with your silly excuses and unreasonable conclusions on anything chaste!

      Your last statement though... So then what is wrong and sinful should continue and everyone should turn a blind eye okwa ya?! That is how we will see our society with bastards and people with misplaced identities by the next generation because there will be no role models and good mothers to teach the correct thing.

      I still stand by God's word and his commandments any day anytime because once humanity keeps running from divinity, destruction is inevitable!

    5. How i wish i kept all the babies i aborted. Now I can't even conceive. No Womb, lost it when trying to have a baby that never stayed.

    6. Judge sinners for sinning differently cracked me intact I was laughing like popcorn.

      Chinwe Uba

    7. 16;44 I bet with the last drop of my blood u haven’t achieved ANYTHING in ur life!
      Living to please society , a society u will leave behind wen u died and dey will forget u
      You r a bloody loser ! Look at Americans and there achievements. Pple like u shd move back to where u belong. VILLAGE and go please society. He is very correct there, Bastard is a name u tag pple. Obama was one, in ur class of tagging pple , where is he today ? Who r u even in the street u live? A BLOODY NOBODY . Leave him to his opinion if it works for him

  3. These days that guys are pulling and afraid of long term commitment, it's baby mama to the rescue so babes won't men o pause without a child mbok. Being a yeyebrity baby mama is another yeye common in Naija, na dem know why dem dey rush dem biko

  4. First of all...
    The bible condemns premarital sex!
    So if you claim to be a christian, you've already failed in that dept.
    Let me stop there.

    1. Where in the Bible

    2. So what if premarital sex happens and period is missed,what is your advice christiana

    3. 14;12 Jesus Pa. what if d woman was raped?

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. @14:37
      1 Cor. 6:18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body;
      but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

  5. Shiii happens Stella...Like u said..The most important thing is that the baby was not aborted.
    As for me i dont have a problem with that,i can aswell wife a baby ma'ma as long as she the woman my dream...Ride & Die kinda of shiiii we can hit the road..!!

    1. Sound mind , interesting.

    2. This your accent is confusing me sir

    3. You are a real man. God bless you.

  6. I think the world has advanced past the age of shaming a woman who decides to have a child irrespective of age, marriage ready or not.

    I am not married yet but if I get pregnant right now, I'm definitely having the baby whether the man responsible is ready or not.

    Las Las, no be everybody go marry.
    Live & let live.

  7. What if they are gonna cohabit forever, and they have a kid, does the baby mama/ baby daddy tag still apply to them? I am asking for some fellow BV's

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi(Stellz Cousin)

  8. I have always said it on this platform,
    the woman is worst hit because:
    1. she is the one that decides if sex should take place.
    2. Her life is paused because of pregnancy. You think it is easy to birth a child?

    So my advice to us is, do everything to avoid sexual immorality. Ask Jesus to be your Lord and his grace to help you.
    But if you ever get pregnant? Don't
    shoot off 🀷‍♀️
    Don't strangulate. Have nothing to do
    with shedding an innocent blood
    because it is a graver weight of iniquity. It will destroy you.
    Live and learn from the mistake and
    you will be better for it.

    A lot of people have had a fulfilled married life after being a baby mama.
    My cousin married her heartthrob after such -she was raped. Her baby is a graduate and the most successful among all her
    kids for her husband.
    Naija girls aga anukwanu -especially when abroadina says open legs?
    Ajuju ajuoo


    1. ANG food don land,you sound so sensible today

    2. You sound so calm today
      Abi na the Sunday weather?

    3. ANG πŸ€πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’‹
      God Bless you, see how you passed this beautiful message without attacking 9ja girls?

    4. Ang if a woman clicks 50 and still hasn’t married but desire children nko?

    5. I love you today πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    6. Mbok what is the meaning of this ANG?

    7. God's Standard would never be reduced for anyone.

    8. @15:28
      1. Adoption -any baby you raise knows you as mommy and no other.
      2. sill ovulating/menstruating -Artificial insemination from a sperm donor (or sperm bank)

      If she can afford number 2, and she is a Christian who attends church, please do your best
      to involve the women leaders of the church and know that some may not understand her and might
      persecute/ridicule her etc. Resign from every post in the church 1 Timothy 3:2 etc.

    9. Like one anon said. Some of u lack intelligence, so Ang is better she waits till 50 and her artificial insegimates?????? Pls what’s d difference bw her conceiving with whom she prop loves but is not ready for marriage? Just look at ur left sick brain justification, sickening
      It’s ok to buy a sperm of prop a criminal, adopt a child even wen u want ur own biological kids , adopted child from d same source u all r condemning from a BABY MAMA ? Than to b an actual babe mama. Sick much. Just sick. Pleasing society hasn’t helped anyone.
      Please yourself 1st

    10. Like one anon said. Some of u lack intelligence, so Ang is better she waits till 50 and get artificial insertion?????? Pls what’s d difference bw her conceiving with whom she prob loves but is not ready for marriage? Just look at ur left sick brain justification, sickening!
      It’s ok to buy a sperm of prob a criminal, adopt a child even wen u want ur own biological kids , adopted child from d same source u all r condemning from a BABY MAMA ? Than to b an actual Mother?Sick much. Just sick. Pleasing society hasn’t helped anyone.
      Please yourself 1st

    11. 15:37 it means, Another Nuisance is Grinning.

    12. @20:41 aka 20:43 aka 21:26

      I no fully understand these ya yarns but please criminality is learned okay.
      Train up a child in the way he will go and when he grows, he will not depart from it -Prov. 22:6
      The child will be trained by "a supposedly godly" adoptive mother and will not turn out a criminal
      like you insinuated okay?
      If you do not like artificial insermination, adopt. I have never (and even in my comment above,did not)
      derided baby mamas. They are better of not killing an innocent child/children.
      My cousin still thanks me till date for advising her not to "shoot off" her baby. And he made the
      young man know that I am one person that made her keep him and he doesn't joke with that.

      But if you visit this blog and you don't learn to close legs and refuse to indulge in
      sexual immorality and become a baby mama or a killer of kids, then you are on your own.
      You have foolishly refused to learn.

      Be free to call me any name you like okay?

  9. Sometimes being a babymama/daddy isn't by choice. I'm not against them, you never know what exactly they passed through or still passing through until you work in their exact shoes. So whatever happens let it be. Who are we to Judge again? I can only pray that God sends everyone their life partner.
    Again that name babymama /daddy sounds sort of cool to me ..smiles... No big deal. I still prefer it to any other tag they put on a single mother or Happy Sunday you all.

  10. The society we live in is backwards in terms of Intellegence, pple have a certain way they want everyone to do things named #RUBBISH#
    Am a non conformist, societal pressure is NOT FOR ME ,I have a mind of my own , my basic principle ,follow the 10commandent,
    From d get go as early as 20 I told myself marriage is not for me, the stress , the pain, d Inlaw’s, so called society expectations of u, the envy amongst them. Nanannaana. Not me pls , although I almost caved in at some point,my parents didn’t have d best of marriage and I felt staying alone away from Wahala is d best.
    Them wey dey tag pple, look there lives well, Na surface gragra,most marriages r just holding on to “ the children “ nothing more. Zero happiness, everyday chronicles, not to say some pple r not enjoying it but hey it’s not for everyone
    Tagging pple for there choices shows how shallow ur tot process is. Simple.

  11. I have Neva seen a man get rejected, but I have lost relationships, the moment I mention my child things begin to regress, am not happy about it, but I don't regret birthing dat boy, y'all need to see him, hez so sweet and cute. right now I am practically manless. and I am so not in a hurry.

    1. E-hugs sweetheart,dont ever regret that choice you made.The society is not just fair to women but don't worry,someday you will meet that man that will love you without caring about whether or not you have a child.Just take care of your baby and build yourself

    2. You have not met the man that loves you. He will come, just stay cool.

    3. Babe girl how much do u love ur son? Start from there, the love u show him will draw d man 2 u
      Mine is 1yr6, 2 suitors so far but I insist till she gets to 5!
      Never met wealthy selfless men while dating,now am meeting the kinds of men I wished to marry b4 my baby came but yet, u gotta b careful b4 dey abuse ur kid.
      Show him all d love in u, forget men, dey will come in dozens

    4. Your man will locate you soon.
      Relax and keep living a happy life.
      πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ to your son.

    5. 15:35, are you me? You just described my decision and experiences. God bless you and your daughter.

    6. E-hugs to u n your Cutie...The right man will come at the right time...U did the right thing...

    7. Your man never come. I have 2 people close to me that had a child each and they are both married now. Don't will laugh last. Hugs

    8. Castle I have said it many times over, we drop similar comments, donno y, I stated how my girl has refused potty training, u complete it with the rest. We r 2 alike Nne. One love ❤️ girl

  12. It boils down to choice.

    The choice of becoming a BM relies solely on d woman, she has a choice to keep it or stop its progress.

    The man sometimes encourages the woman to keep it n later marry her or vamoose..but if he doesn't, the choice again falls on you.

    Its not wise to be one when u know u can't take care of a baby.

    But if u can care for it without complain just incasee the man Japa, then its your choice...again.

    My opinion.

  13. There are men that are rejected for marriage cos they're baby daddies, oh. No woman likes problem. A woman will prefer to marry a widower with children than baby daddy, nobody gast time for baby mama baggage that baby daddies carry.

    And that you don't see a baby daddy suffering doesn't mean they don't suffer. You've not seen where baby mama swear is following a man that hurt her. Lol.

  14. I wish I kept my child.i did an abortion in secondary school. I've been sleeping with my bf without protection because I want a child, but it's not forth coming. I'm so scared to run tests because I don't know what the results will be. Pls don't shame baby parents.

    1. Be positive....when it’s time,you will have your children.

    2. Be positive dear. Some men shoot Akamu instead of real sperm.

    3. Nothing is wrong with you, no be here people said they aborted 9 and still had children? But I hope you're ready to keep it if it comes this month.

    4. Repent, mourn the child you killed by fasting and stop fornication
      In marriage, you'd have children.
      You aren't honoring God yet with your body and that is your problem.

    5. 19,52 u r a big FOO

  15. I commend those babes who chose to have their babies than abort them.
    If I find out I am pregnant, I’ll keep my baby irrespective of what people would have to say.
    The way baby mamas are condemned is not right because they are honorable enough to want to preserve a life. Mind you, you cannot create one.
    I hail πŸ™‹πŸΏ‍♂️πŸ™‹πŸΏ‍♂️every single mother in this blog, your glory lies ahead in the future.

    1. God bless you SluttyChic. Your husband, children and everyone around you shall call you blessed.

    2. Amen love ❤️❤️ and yours too.

  16. I think being a baby mama is not a good thing to aspire for, I see it as a situation people find themselves, and when you find yourself in that situation, you should make the most of it. Co-parent if possible, but if not, train your child to the best of your ability.
    People become baby mama’s for a lot of reasons, everyone’s story is unique. I think there are people who loved and made a mistake, some deliberately tried and succeeded in getting pregnant for their man, some were raped, etc.
    for those who loved and made a mistake, I really commend their bravery in keeping the child, I don’t support abortion, but there was a time I almost thought I was pregnant and till today, I ask myself, ‘would you have been brave enough to have had the baby if indeed you were pregnant’? I don’t know. It gave me a glimpse of how difficult it is. I see keeping the baby as taking responsibility for the action, and not everyone has the liver.
    On why it has more impact on the woman, I think it’s not far-fetched. Men are not forced to take responsibility for their actions in our country. A woman can’t run away from a pregnancy she is carrying, except she aborts or gives the baby up for adoption.
    I know a number of people whose lives were derailed because of pregnancy out of wedlock. But it’s arguable; one can also say they could have picked up thier lives after the setback. Well, who knows.
    One thing I am sure of, I would support aborting a baby conceived out of rape or incest. I don’t know if I am morally right, but that’s what I will do.

  17. Well what can i say , guess im a baby mama.let me make my story short. was celibate for a year then i Bumped into an ex and then boom it happened, didnt know i was pregnant till 4 months after, my jaws dropped and yes some of us ladies dont bother to count or keep our periods.gave birth and till date the man hasnt since his child. I accepted it in good faith. Not how i planned my life .it has not been easy to say the least but it is ,what it is.

    1. I pray God gives you the strength to be an awesome mother to your baby

    2. Did u see ur period the 1st 4 months??

  18. I remember how TeddyA kept chanting about his babymama and son in the house, until the whole story changed. Honestly, I really feel for her, probably at some point she'd might have been looking forward to a good union between herself ,Teddy and her son. It is what is it though ,I'm only thinking out loud,now lemme face my biz.

    Some women didn't become babymama by choice.

  19. Y'all should know the world is always against the women.

    A man can get away with anything but a woman can't. That's why we need to be twice as smart.

    Any smart, disciplined woman is seen as stubborn, bitter and full of herself.
    She would be condemned by her fellow women even.

    Only women have insulted me on this blog because of my opinions.

    Women will always be at the losing end. It's not changing anytime soon.
    Go and ask states of Alabama, Georgia and CO.

    Make SMART choices women!

    1. 'Women will always be at the loosing end'
      It's something many ladies still don't understand, a guy will always be pardoned over so many things
      Be wise ladies, do not get into something you're not ready for because of empty promises

  20. It’s all in ur mind babe .. change ur mindset and build urself up .I have a child with my ex and the relationship did not work out and we went our separate ways but I’ve never been short of suitors , in fact I get more suitors now than I did before , u know why? because I’ve never seen myself as a Victim and I don’t depend on anyone apart from God .
    I ended the relationship because he was just a difficult person and I didn’t want to subject myself to a miserable life ,could i have ended it sooner before the pregnancy ? Absolutely! But I didn’t . Well I quickly adjusted to the reality of having a child on my own and to God be the glory , I stepped up .
    I have a good job , I take care of my child and I look good doing it.

    1. A i also get FAR better guys now than i did when single infact i have 4 guys currently on my case and i dunno who to choose o. My son will be 5 in 2 months.

    2. True! Am fulfilled with mine not minding what pple r saying and suitors r coming

  21. Pleaseeeee stop getting pregnant when your life is not structured to bring a baby into. By that I mean family unit. Getting pregnant is solely the woman's choice. If you choose to have premarital sex without protection then by all means take contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Where you dont, it means you wilfully got pregnant without agreement from your man. It is wrong!!! My main issue is the Children we are choosing to bring into this world just to satisfy our selfish desires. Children from non-structured homes are the ones that suffer things like low self-esteem and are likely to end up in street life. I have so many friends raised in single parent homes who have confessed that they would not wish it on another. Nor be all western world lifestyle we suppose copy abegooo...

  22. Stella

    A. A baby mamma is that girl who decides to punish either her close friend turned enemy or perceived enemy.

    B.A baby mamma is that girl who sleeps with another woman's HUSBAND younger brother to smuggle herself into a family setting, by the way who
    she knows is HAPPILY MARRIED to spite his wife or relations.

    C.A baby mamma is that girl who sleeps with another woman's HUSBAND who she knows is HAPPILY MARRIED to spite his wife.

    D. A baby mamma is that girl who decides to have a baby for her Business Manager or Agent handling her contracts to enhance her move in SECURING THE BAG that way she continues to enjoy the largesse in the Company.

    E.A baby mamma is that girl who decides to punish either the church authority or A Pastor by keeping his baby to ridicule the church.

    F.A baby mamma is that shrewd girl
    who decides to RULE over other STAFF in an establishment, keep all under her wraps by having a baby for The Boss.

    F. A baby mamma is that unforgiven girl who has a baby for the next door neighbour because so called married neighbour's wife has decided to mock her endlessly for being BARREN.

    Those above are babymammas who SET A GOAL then achieved it.
    A Single mother is a term used to differentiate the two. Those are
    A Widow raising a kid
    A divorcee raising a kid
    A young girl who got raped and left with a kid.
    A kid who was taken advantage of and left with a kid.
    A homeless girl whose benefactor used and left with a kid.
    An (adult - financially capable) who decided to raise a kid through a sperm donor.
    An ex spiritual leader or ex reverend sister who quit The Missionary then decides to raise a kid.
    Then a teenager who got overwhelmed by juvenile delinquency and left with a kid.

    The society frowns at the set up mainly because it draws badblood.
    The men are in a better position to explain who a BABDADDY is if the term it exists.

    #copied from a fellow bv's email discussions.
    Sdk bvs know things.

  23. Dont know weather you permit the 2nd part in which she took out time to give instances of the babymammas
    For A is rosy meu + tohtoh
    + hill
    B Caro + M Danj
    C Sand nj + klit da
    D wizzy + jda
    E Pst ginl + Stel zim
    F Viko qua + Ben bubu
    It is turning to a disease due to some families standing behind their daughters to extract monies from fathers of their babies

  24. People make mistake go astray many times, but God standard remains the same and unchangeable. Centuries may advance as the years go by, but God's laws changeth not.

    As clearly stated in the bible severally,fornication is a sin. (Not the only though, by I am concentrating on d subject matter). So, if you are a believer in Christ, u have no business of fornicating, talk more of getting pregnant.
    But, God Is ever loving and forgiving. But He doesn't want us to continue sinning & expecting him to forgive.
    He said inHis word, "If you love me, keep my commandment" let this be your motivation to live a Christ-like life.

    But if you become pregnant as a result of fornicating, it will be a deadly crime to abort the baby. If you weren't Ashamed to commit the act, you should be bold to bear the child. Abortion is WICKEDNESS AND CRIME AGAINST A SOUL THAT DESERVED TO LIVE, JUST LIKE YOU.

    If you got pregnant by rape, pls still keep the child. God will vindicate you and make that child a saviour for you in future. If he permitted the pregnancy, he will work it out for your good.

    Now, whatever reason made you a baby mama, don't hide behind it and justify your act. Would you advice your child to tow the Same path? Become a baby mama/daddy like you? So, why encourage it?
    Some people have decided to be armed robbers, thieves etc, does it make it right? And should they now be used as examples because they chose to be these?

    No matter your situation, STAND FOR THE TRUTH. God's standards hasn't change.
    If you say you are a believer in Christ, this is for you. Live by it, God's grace is sufficient.

  25. marrying a baby mama is not a crime or have a a baby is neither a disease but the most important thing is have a mutual understanding about the baby in question. like where to live and how to make the baby have the father and mother care is the most important thing. love and understanding shld be the priority

  26. Enter your comment...I can't marry after 1.ayanma

    1. Shut up... see your mouth like ayanma!!

    2. 17:30 who wants to marry you? Fool like you, I am after one by choice and I've got suitors like mad but waiting for my baby to get to the age of 5 then I can get married. The society I live even married women are claiming single just to grab the mouth watering benefit sef, shame no dey for am here o. Oyinbo no get time, if you like born 20 if they want to come for you they will.

  27. If you know you are a baby mama, please don't repeat the same mistake again and later start looking for who to blame. If you must gbensh use condom and stop breeding children with different men.

  28. Stella, hope you are not confusing babymama with single mum?
    Baby mamas or papas don't become one by mistake, they plan it most times. Single mums on the other hand is as a result of circumstances most times.
    Becoming a babymama is not the main issue here but the welfare of the child in question. Adequate arrangement should be made for the child before one sets out to be one.

    Most of us did not set out in life to live as a single mum but life happened and death took our partners away.
    I'm even scared of remarrying now. What will become of my kids and my little niece?
    Let me keep pushing till they grow up. Maybe then, I may remarry just for companionship.

    1. You and 15:36 are of same opinion

    2. Mrs Gee you are right.
      I'm a divorcee. I am scared of remarry in because of my 2 young kids. I don't want divided attention. They need me. Maybe when they are grown in their final year at the university then I can reconsider. The thought of even having children for different men self puts me off. Let God lead.

    3. We are in the same shoes Mrs Gee. Death took my dearest husband away four months into our marraige and I was two months gone. I cried every night till I gave birth. The day I saw her face, I stopped crying every night, she was very beautiful. Despite all the warning from my family to abort the pregnancy, I refused. They said how will I take care of the baby alone? My child will not know her father, I will tie myself down at my young age with the tag of widow and single mum etc. I refused. They too refused to give me any support since then till now, not even calls. Only my sister pick my calls and not allowed to visit me, our mum is dead. My stepmum turned my dad against me totally. he is an old pensioner. I am scared of what will happen if I get married and I start giving birth in my new husband house. Some men will pretend to be good until the woman give them a child or two, they will tell her to choose between her first child/ children and the marriage. They don't want to see the child again.
      I once read a chronicle here of how they treat the first girl who does not belong to the husband. She lives like a slave, eats in the kitchen, get beaten by the man of the house at any slight mistake, etc. Even the mum cannot do anything to save her, she prefers her new family. I don't want my little girl to suffer like that in future. May God keep me alive to continue protecting her and caring for her.

    4. Eniola,
      I pray that God who is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, will give you strength, provide for your needs and surprise you beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations in Jesus name. It is surely well with you.

    5. Eniola,
      I pray that God who is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, will give you strength, provide for your needs and surprise you beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations in Jesus name. It is surely well with you.


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