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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday In House News

Hailings!!!!....Dont let the sun go down on you!
Halings......No let Sun beat you till e return to e resting place!!!

Which one dont you Understand?There are so many ways to say something,choose wisely your words.....

Na so!!!!


All I get is insults for my dedication and taking care of my home. I get insulted for cleaning the house, washing the clothes and waking up early to attend to our five children..I get insulted for even sleeping by 11pm after all the stress I go through. 

My reward for loyalty is intimidation , harassment, mockery and threat since I lost my job. This is a man I was with when he didnt even have a place to lay his head. He is now a made man and now cheats to my face, doesnt hide it because there is nothing I can do about it. The girls he sleeps with know he is married. People no longer have conscience. 

My knees are on the ground day and night. Lord please bless my business. Side chicks, why do this to a fellow woman? when a married man spends time and money on you,the wife suffers for it. She gets abused or insulted for the slightest thing. I have handed everything to God.




12weeks gone and nausea has greatly subsided, my problem since about 5weeks is that any food I cook smell badly to me, as in like I’m choking and I won’t be able to eat it even though others finds it delicious. Whenever hubby cooks I must lock myself in the room so I don’t perceive the aroma at all till he finish cooking, that way I can manage to eat d food.

The only foods that interests me are those on TV or internet pictures, or those people post in WhatsApp status that I don’t know how it was prepared. I crave them badly coz I didn’t perceive any odor from them. Sometimes I will screenshot pictures of nicely garnished food and send to hubby to look for exact meal for me Nd he will move from eateries to eateries, some time he gets, other times he doesn’t. Pls will this ever stop?

It’s not as if I eat heavily o. My first pregnancy was not like this, infact, hubby practically begs me to put something in my tommy coz of babies. Pls help me

Yes,it will stop....



Hello Stellaristic Stella ( God bless you for your good works) and my beloved BVs. 

Please I need your input on this matter as it is driving me nuts. So, I moved into a house 3 months ago. My dealings the whole time were with the agent that got me the house and the caretaker in charge of the house( the landlord not being aware). 

The landlord,on realising about this development, shunned against it. He told the caretaker to refund my money because he has plans for my apartment. I feel cheated because nobody told me about this, I have done alot of repairs in the house and have moved in belongings that may be difficult or even be damaged in the course of my relocation.. .but then again, I am tired of arguing and being apprehensive over this issue( I can't pay rent and still be worried na) so I have resolved to move. 

 But I have drafted some terms and conditions and that is the reason for sending this:

- I want my rent refunded in full;

- I want all the money I used in fixing what was broken in the house refunded in full;

- I want the money for all the electrical fittings, installations, moving my belongings, etc to be paid in full;

- and I also want a financial compensation for the stress that I went through in setting up the place as I will have to start all over again.

Every expenses( rent exclusive amounts to about 90,000 naira. Are these terms and conditions do-able. I just need advise generally. Thank you anticipation. 

I dont think you will get all these things oh.not in Nigeria.please just leave quietly before they use juju to harm you or teach you a lesson...its your loss,take it and go!!!



Hi Stella,

I am writing to you as regards the lady who stole from her hubby, stealing is very wrong and their is nothing to justify it, but some men can be terrible, you are lucky to have a hustle that pays and married to a non Nigerian, you are beyond lucky.

I took all the money i saw in my hubby pocket last night, i almost died of guilt when he was looking for it, i wanted to return it but did not know how to go about it, i will never take his money again without asking.

Stella i look at myself and laugh, i laugh at myself because i refuse to be depressed, my life is pathetic! I don't take what does not belong to me, but this men can push someone to the wall. When he came back i checked his pocket and saw cash, i told him that i needed some money to get things for the house because i was out of cash, the meagre amount he gives me for upkeep he ends up borrowing it, its like he does not want me to have steady cash, if he sees that i have saved little cash, he will make sure he borrows it, he said he does not have meanwhile i had seen the money in his pocket, while leaving that morning he gave me only 2k while swearing that it the only money on him, the lies he tells because of money leaves me gobsmacked( he was traveling and wasn't sure when he would be back), when he left i was so angry, but i calmed downed and prayed that he won't be able to travel and luckily he came back, so i took the money that night, i took all the in his pocket, i got diaper for my baby and some other things needed at home

My hubby is what they call oka nma na ezi/iro, meaning he will rather give outsiders than his family, i have never met a human being more obsessed with his looks and what people have to say and is ready to spend his last dime to slay, even me that is a woman i am not that vain, i don't have a problem with his vanity but allow me to get a job, he refused, you don't want me to work but you wont give me money, Stella when you talk people will be like he is ur hubby, yen yen yen, you can only work when he gives permission.

Stella how can a man come marry someone's daughter and dictate her life! How? Its like jumping from frying pan to fire, the only problem is that you are no longer a little girl taking instructions from your parent but an adult, a 29 years full blown woman with three children, this can not be my life now, shitting babies every other year, i'm more than just a vagina abeg, so i'm going to the hospital soon to do family planning behind his back, i have spoken to him concerning family planning and he refused, but if i remember how i almost joined my ancestors during the birth of my last child eh, you will understand why i am telling you that i'm done, do you hear me? I'm done, me and my uterus are taking a looooooooooooooooong break! I'm more than just a pussy! I need a job!

I could go on and on but no need to bore you with the story of my life!

I also want to sound a warning to single ladies, to talk and agree concerning a lot of things before they say i do, you see ANG though her comment can be head ache inducing(lol) but the truth, agree on how many kids you want, career path, discuss everything discussable, and let him know how serious you are with your choices, truth is these men are always willing at the beginning but once you enter story changes, they say marriage is a compromise, but women compromise more, you will so compromise eh, you won't believe yourself.

 these men want you to put in all the work while they are married but living single! As for those that are working, don't quit your job please, if he promise to open a business for you, till you recieve the cash and you are sure its want you want to do, do not quit your job. Its easy for you to fall into mummy mode and put yourself last, please do not be trapped into doing this, love yourself, take care of yourself sometimes, be selfish too, its OK. 

Everybody will adjust! oh women! We are more than just a cunt(excuse my french) see eh i use to carry my hair for months on end without getting it did, but i put my foot down now and i make it at least every month with fight o, you see a lot of married women looking tired and worn out, young girls looking like old women! Childbirth did not send my body to hell, i look as if i have not even dropped one, hallelujah! My hubby is always whining about how i don't look like a married woman, i am not adding weight, blah blah blah, how i wan use add weight na with all my problems? I am broke and he also wants me to be a fat shapeless cow too, mbanu! It won't happen, Γ³ ma mme inugo! (No offense to fat people please).

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but my parents taught me to be contented, i am not entitled at all, i admire women that can hold their own, doing business or have a career, i just want to be like you, (no offense to those who wants to be a house wife by choice, achorom o) i had dreams that after i graduate i work to take care of myself and my family, but i see that dream about to be taken away from me because of marriage. I married at the age of 24, after i wrote my degree exams and took in immediately, people of God you would not believe that i have not finished my clearance talk more going for service, i have an Ond result before i proceeded to the university, but my life have been put on hold, i don't have a life, i love my kids to death but i need to get my life back for the sake of my sanity, i hate sitting at home doing nothing but look after my family, God knows i am grateful to have a family to call my own but i need more! Is it bad that i want more out of life? I want to be somebody, affect people in my own way not just be a wife and mother.

Even if this man gives me one million naira every month now eh, i just want to be leaving this house daily, i just want to do something! I told this man last year that i need to go finish my clearance and get something doing, he told me never to bring up that topic again, can you imagine? How can i not bring this up? How? I didn't drag it further because i was heavy, i made up my mind to delay further discussions till i put to bed, we will be taking our child to church soon and i intend to bring up the matter again, i want to thread carefully because this man is a manipulator and can tell lies that can put the devil to shame, and even if i have to leave this marriage i don't want to leave my children behind. 

He keeps saying that he wonders how i will behave if i have my money, how i wan behave again if no be to dey use am solve my problem na? This man just want me to be a door mat, docile as a lamb while saying yes sir, yes sir upandan, breeding like a chicken! but you know i am not a push over, why did you marry me? You don't want me to work but you don't give me money, how can someone who earns well give you feeding allowance but end up borrowing it? He just needs me cash trapped and dependable on him. I could go on and on but i am tired of writing eh

I intend bringing up the matter before the month runs out so i need advice on how to go about it. Help me with sound advise please, i need to get my life back

Please singles ladies shine you eyes before you use your hand cause wahala for yourself.

Forgive my typos biko!

*i dont know what to say......................I pray this too shall pass for you...nah wah oooooooooooooo



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OMG i intend to buy oooooooooooooh,lemme see what will come out...this is evn scary...Has anyone tried this on the blog and saw strange things?



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  1. Colour me happy!! So, Lashana will next play 007!? A black woman! O ma loud gan. Over-correct is worrying these people's brains o. I hope she kills it. Go gurrrl!

    1. Go lashana πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ

    2. Pls I am not trying to destroy someone’s biz but the VEEGJE is self wash.

    3. Good afternoon bvs
      Stella a gynaecologist adviced we should not insert anything into our virginal in the name of cleansing, the virginal cleans itself.
      You can only insert what is prescribed by your doctor. He kicked against using this Yoni pearls.
      Personally, their pictures for advert are scary please.
      Good afternoon bvs.

    4. Daniel Craig will play Bond in his final bond role
      Lashana is playing Nomi

      I think Sam Claflin should be the next Bond

    5. Please how will something inserted in your vagina get rid of fibroid which are like tumours in your womb? Does it change your hormonal level which causes the fibroid to shrink? When one drug is listed as cure for multiple, I always wonder how it knows which issue its to heal when these illnesses do not ordinarily have same treatment. The vagina does not even need to be washed as it cleans itself. You only need to wash your private part and butt area but don't insert soapy fingers and whatnot into your vagina as this will change it's pH.

    6. Stella,I'm begging you. Don't buy that yorni pearl. It will mess up ur system real bad.
      Please, please,please

  2. some wise folks are still here

    the rest are bluff


  3. Good rainy day

    God bless you Stellz.... I really appreciate you 😘😘

    Customers fall on every seller in Jesus name....Amen

    1. Today made it exactly a year I shot my shot on IHN post.πŸ‘€πŸ˜…
      No regrets whatsoever cos dude is all shades of awesome.πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜
      God continue to make our bond/love for each other stronger.πŸ™
      Good day blog fam.

    2. Awwwwww... Amen Sandy ❤❤❤
      So happy for you.... Your home is blessed

    3. Amen Sandy, let love spoke for you guys!!

    4. @ Sandy yoπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      See me smiling here reading your lovely comment..
      Amen to your prayer..
      Akachukwu di ya oooo
      Enjoy nne..

    5. Yayyy! Sandy Yo. Happy shoot yo shot anniversary. I love love, mahn. 😍😍

    6. May God continued to bless your union with good things of life..

    7. Awwww Sandy correct shot at that o 😘😘

    8. Happy anniversary sandy.
      Wishing you lots of love and happiness ❤️❤️

    9. Happy 'shot shooting' anniversary. may God bless your age

    10. Lmao @Perxian. No be small happy shoot your shot anniversary.🀣 I honestly dont even know what to call it.πŸ™ˆ
      Yes ooo @Beloved.*wink*
      Thanks dearies.πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  4. Yoni pearls is scam, Stella pls don’t insert anything inside your Vijay unless prescribed by your doc.

    1. Yea... What is seen coming out of the vagina are the linings of the uterus. This is what a health practioner told me.

  5. Replies
    1. How are you dear πŸ‘‹πŸΏ

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sincerely, marriage isn't for the faint hearted. I laugh and look at those saying why didn't you see this before marrying him or her,wait till you get there,you hear. Some people don't have only sex during courtship (as people say when there an issue in marriage) but pray,fast and do many good things in courtship,yet,the marriage isnt what its supposed to be,why? Maybe in law wahala,death of a spouse can change everything, loss of a job from either spouse,loss of a child,unforseen circumstances and lots more can change a faint hearted spouse. May God bless all marriages in turmoil and bring peace and succor to individuals affected!

    1. Indeed, marriage is not for the faint hearted. Marriage is lots of Hardwork. I don't know how many people who enter marriage with the intention of crashing out the next minute. Marriage is an eye opener. You cannot say you Know someone until you are married to that person. You don't even know yourself. Marriage reveals who you are and what you are capable of(positive and negative).

    2. Most of those who say that "didnt u see all that before marrying him" are still single. I laugh also when i see it, like you can really see 'all' before marriage

    3. I totally agree with you and in my few years in marriage i have come to realize that Marriage is NOT only work but you must be determined to stay married .Everything God holds dear is a threat to the devil,Every thing God loves,the devil hates passionately.Which is why God MUST be the foundation of your home so HE can defend that home.Take a peep at the salvation of souls,the devil will go to any extent to see a soul is destroyed,killed,exterminated for no cause..simply because he knows how precious that soul is to God. God however has principles,one of which is CHOICE ,HE never forces nor compells anyone to love and follow HIM despite how much HE loves that one.
      To every genuiely married couple here fighting battles,know you are not alone,stay determined to win as the war had being won on your behalf already...we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers...the devil is the arch enemy of the church and marriage!

    4. You have said it all,is it how little things turn into arguments sometimes?or how one of you can bend under "pressure" and take it out on the other?being determined while renewing the love often is KEY

  7. What's the difference between the mini laptop and a big one apart from the CD slot?

    1. They are the same just the CD as u just said and the size of the screen, but the same configuration u have on a big one can equally be gotten on the mini one. Thanks

  8. Madam poster, sorry about your husbands cheating ways. Were you once a side chick?
    Could this be karma? It’s well with you dear.

    1. That's very insensitive of you to say. very very.

    2. Some woman never dated another person husband yet their cheat like dogs

    3. So karma is meant for women alone.

    4. Very true anon. Some women married as virgins yet their husbands cheat like dogs. While some dated married men and have faithful husbands. So which karma do you people always call here?

    5. That is the annoying part, most women married as virgins yet their husbands cheat. And you find a former prostitute married to a man who stays loyal to her...Thats life huh? But im super sure there are some principles that cant be over looked...whatsoever a man sows ...that he would reap. So just incase you married as a virgin and your husband is cheating do not regret keeping your body because surly that man will reap his seeds unfailingly...

    6. honestly i dont think you consult your brain most times before is it only people who dated married men that their husbands cheat? not all women are slutty like you. very stupid question. karma my arse

  9. I will rather go to ijebu to tame my man spiritually than have him treat me like trash...shove your opinion into your stinking ass pls

    1. I am with you on this. NO MAN will treat me like this and get away.

  10. Biko who read that long novel to the stealing wife of yesterday IHN? Come and summarise eh!

    1. Don't read and learn from other women's experience inugo? Continue to trivialize life issues and look for who will summarize for you.
      One thing about this blog is that unless one have decided to be deliberately foolish or hard headed, one can't help but learn and improve/apply lessons shown here. So where do you fall?

  11. Aww my heart goes out to the two women in the comment section, the lady that a side chick is going out with your hubby, there is always karma. The other lady that her hubby is choking her, take a hug.

  12. Chai! this music video by Perruzi featuring Reality star Ceecee is very fine o. 'Majesty' is the title. Ceecee looks so good in a wedding gown

    1. She looks darker in the video. i saw it on youtube. Is that her real colour?

  13. The is nothing like toilet infection.
    Let's be guided please

    1. Thank you.
      I'm not trying to spoil someone's business but I have serious reservations towards this yoni pearls. Let me not talk as I'm a business person too but please do adequate due diligence before putting anything in your body. Especially when its for internal use. Seller,I'm sorry please.

  14. The relocation sales with the tv, please where is your location? I desperately need a fairly used TV in abuja.

  15. What is KPI please?

    1. Key Performance Indicator.

    2. KPI stands for Key performance Indicator.

    3. You would have seen the answer on Google in 1/2 the time it took you to do this.

  16. Foreign object in my lady part..

    No bueno.

  17. Some men sha, very wicked set of humans, how will you marry someone's daughter and tell her not to work, yet you won't provide all her needs. God forbid bad thing. Madam maybe you have to involve your people if he refuses, tell them he does not cater for his family

    1. No she should stand her ground n damn d consequences and in the process tell him everything she just said here. He will succumb. But before she does dat she should source for d money she needs for her clearance so dat after d whole gbege u can take action immediately.

  18. Good afternoon everyone. Olori I sight you, Lumiere you don come again with your tempting meals . May God bless everyone's hustle.

  19. Lovely goods here

    Customers fall on every seller and buyer here.

    God bless all the marriages that are havung issues and give them peace of mind

  20. Glossymart, no IG Handle?

    1. Hello @Sassychicnaija,please Kindly contact us on WhatsApp for more info and for this comment to get posted..Thanks


  21. Hi, FAM. Thanks for the love, wishes and prayers shown earlier on SP. I really felt elatedπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚. Shuga girl,Mummy J,Anne K,Hey boo,Blessed Princess,Olori Orente,Omosexy,Ms.A,Beloved,goodviveonly,Rainbow,Goodness,CutestPat,Jessi,CherishD,Mimi love,Stella Maris baby,Na Godwin,IJAY,Prudent Tabitha and You You and You. God will celebrate you all for me!

  22. Lovely goods here

    Customers fall on every seller and buyer here.

    God bless all the marriages that are havung issues and give them peace of mind...

    It is well @ all the posters on ihn
    Jesus is Lord

    It must surely end in praise...

  23. Chai!!!I pity the woman that steals from her husband..I pray every thing works out well for you..

  24. Vagina detox: I wish you well in your hustle but please confirm that this is not the same vagina tablet from Asia that is said to make women bleed profusely after insertion. Thank you nne.

  25. @memo to a stealing wife...madam i feel your pains, in as much as some men are selfish,you are behind your present situation...what happen to going for your youth service immediately you had your first child,you dont wait for a man to make decision for you at all times..its time to take a bold step and see him(ur hubby) adjust.

    1. @ms tee Please read again,getting the clearance done is not free. You will need money. Since oga is not giving her money, what would she do.

  26. Vagina detox that cures everything? Be careful ladies

    Some men and money eh
    Married to a very stingy man that even used his mouth this morning to say that he doesn't use eyes to see money. Someone that will be dragging 50 change anyhow

    1. Hope you have something doing πŸ’πŸΏ‍♂️
      You will be fine.

    2. dragging #50 change? madam pls work hard o. this kind of man is not reliable

  27. I used to envy my mates who got married immediately we graduated. Part of the reasons I deactivated my Facebook because I felt I wasn't doing something right in my relationship.

    Madam, you're married to a full blown narcissist. He doesn't want you to amount to anything. He wants to always be in charge of everything that has to do with you. How can a normal man not allow his wife finish her clearance, graduate & have a source of finance??

    I pity you ooh & pray you receive strengt to walk away from that sham of a marriage because that man you're married is something else.

    1. Walk away kwa. Babe it's not that easy o. Poster get your older bro to talk to your hubby. I trust my brother. He won't allow any man to mistreat me. Laye

    2. He is an enemy of progress.
      He wants to ruin her life. I hope she’s smart enough to walk away.

    3. How will she survive with the kids if she walks away? school fees and feeding is hard let alone house rent andd other bills

    4. Beloved, you have no idea how narcissistic men behave., they don't listen to anybody. They love being in control of people especially their spouses.

      That man will beat her up for reporting him to anyone. What she needs is to take the bull by the horn, gather herself together, take charge of her life (finish her clearance, get her cert., get a job/business) except she enjoys being 'married' broke, bitter & unhappy.

      That man does not love her. A man who loves you will support your hustle no matter how little.
      Are your parents even aware you haven't graduated?
      I'm passionate about young women finding a purpose, being independent (married or not).
      It pains me walahi

    5. Walk away? That is like using a sledgehammer to kill an ant.
      Poster you sound smart and sharp and I love that about you.
      Go do your family planning first, then go to your school and meet any admin staff with a token to help you fast track your clearance. Beg her to help you send it via any of the transport companies once done(tell her your issues with your husband and see how diligently she will help you)then return back to your base.
      Apply for NYSC exemption and start looking for a job. Once you have the job, call him in the night and with a straight uncompromising mien tell him you have found a job because you have decided not to continue to be a complete housewife because you have so much more to do in life.
      Stand your ground, heaven will not fall and do not disclose the full amount you are being paid. I don't advice this but for people with the mindset of your husband, it will backfire on you. Don't keep your credentials at home, scan to your email and send it down to your parents.
      He has an inferiority complex and He's scared of the confidence you will get once you start working. Give him his respect and face your children. Never you allow any man diminish you under the guise of marriage. As long as the home front is not suffering, while should you be turned into a dormant person?

    6. Walk away because? Get married first ,have children,then face marriage problems...fiam..pack your bags and vamoose..leave the children behind ooo...abi you want to take them before??
      See eeh! poster what you are facing is not new,it is tough, very, very, tough but trust me as long as you are determined on the way out,patiently plan to execute same. Ten years from now your children will be happier that they have a family, later on in life you will tell the story of your sacrifice(s). Why do you think we celebrate our mothers ten times in a given year? How many times is fathers day celebrated? My dear,work the work,howbeit in love ,patience and wisdom,you will reap the fruit later.

    7. Gbam! Ralu m. You have said it all. She needs to take the bull by the horn and stop sitting at home ranting

    8. Ralu m, you have said it all,poster pls act fast on this

  28. Haaa make God help us!!....married bv that wants to work and make something out of her life,you are an adult do what you want to do,go and do your clearance and serve break yourself free,you are the only one holding yourself down dear
    Those plum shoes are beautiful
    The bv with house ish,all you stated there can't happen in Nigeria with that tone of voice you have,explain to the landlord calmly!!
    Pregnant bv,you will be fine,just eat out since that's the only way you get satisfied!!!

  29. Rain rain go away, come again another day biggie want to go out

  30. The mum of 3 whose hubby Ian choking her. Take your life back and live for yourself. Your life does not depend in any man. Go and do your school clearance, find a job/business, be firm yet wise, this will Pass too.
    All the best wishes

    1. Some things are easier said than done. "take your life back, your life does not depend on any man".....Right now she does not have a source of income, Has children between the ages of 3months and 5 years. She has to thread carefully or might end up losing everything. A man who doesn't have someone he listens o is a very dangerous one. Keep talking to him about it, get both parents involved, if they will be ale to prevail on him, because I don't see how someone will go to school for all the years and not collect certificate, not to mention working with it. Unless you choose not to. In the meantime, you can try your hand on business and handwork that is flexible so that you can engage your mind and not fall into depression. God help you.

    2. I tell you anon. a man that does not listen to anyone is very hard to live with.

  31. The married lady and the side chicks

    Madam do not lose hope in reclaiming your husband and be patient.
    Here are the things to understand.

    I do hope we realize that no man in his right senses wakes up to abandon his family?
    SOME side chicks use Jazz, witchcraft spells, and multiple other instruments of the
    kingdom of darkness to snatch and control these men'
    Proverbs 6:25 Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids
    Most of these things are concentrated in their eyes.
    But if the married woman/the men knows Christ and are alert in the spirit; praying, fasting and
    studying the word together, those spells won't work. This is my advice to the writer up there.
    If your husband is behaving in a stereotypical manner, that is the case and you are the only one
    that can mount the rescue. He is taken (with these ladies eyes) captive. The word you read above
    says, "do not let her take...". It means that you have the power to do it. Your husband could have
    had this power if he hasn't been taken.

    Ndi side chicks on this blog, do you also "take with your eyes?" 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    1. Abeg, let madam check herself well , they will not take good care of their husbands, when I help them care for their hubby(s) they begin to cry wolve. Long hisssssssssssssssss
      You think we too doesn't pray to God ? Deal with your problem and stop involving side chick, abii after doing your duty for you, I should not get paid.

    2. @Side Chikito
      E good as you answer roll call o
      Abeg, which "god" una dey pray to make im help una scatter families eh?
      Na the drilling ATM "gods", Baal or god of this world -Ekwensu?
      God almighty -Jesus no dey scatter ma ncha. He is the creator and repairer/restorer of
      broken and snatched souls like yours inugo?
      But you come dodge my ajuju expertly; una dey carry eyes snatch?

    3. Side chick,common English you can't type... What have you been using the akwuna money to do?
      Madam caretaker,keep taking care of peoples husbands o,no go help your life. Same you will come here and lament.
      I laugh

  32. Stella and BV'S egbami ooo.. I'm chatting with one of my ex, she's a student and I was part of her admission story when she was complaining bitterly about aw she's been treated at home.. She's schooling in AAUA Adekule ajasin and we met this weekend cos I came to see a friend in akure, she left for lag on Sunday and now shes telling me on fb messenger that she wants to end it, she has shared everything she's gone through since we broke up and hmm I don't know what to say, I don't wantu go into details yet, she was a lesbian at early age b4 I met and changed her, now she's returning to sch next week and I guess that's where she wants to end it abeg I've been trying to make her see reason why she shouldn't oo and even still telling her I still care for her but she's not ready to listen.. Please aw can I stop this or should I just publicize her cos she's not the girl that has been receiving love from her parent or families.. Egbami oo

    1. Egbami oo
      Repent. You need to be changed before you can change someone else
      Only Jesus can save and change your life.

    2. Pls tell her relatives and friends. chai

  33. I love the shoes but my legs can be really funny, sometimes i wear 39 other times i wear 40., you didn't include the price.

    About the woman who's looking for a way to earn a living, I think you need to calm down and see how you can turn your lemons to lemonades, have you tried free online courses, you can also apply for the position of a social media assistant. The money may seem small, but you'll be busy and you'll also meet people especially if you good at creating catchy contents to keep your followers engaged.

    You can also bake and supply to stores around or get someone to sell to kids after school; But you need to lay low for sometime, act stupid, rob his ego, don't make it seem obvious and plan very well look for ways you can inflate prices, and see if you can manage an account without sms, and atm. I don't know if I'm making sense but don't let his actions get to you cos that's his main aim, you need to be as wise as a serpent.

    I don't want to imagine what you going through right now, (I'm igbo by the way) and i know they can be very difficult to manage, especially the ones with serious inferiority complex; they love to marry educated and sophisticated ladies but hate to support them, they just see such women as trophies that should be hanged on a shelf.

  34. I hope the yoni pearls is original

  35. The Relocation sales person where are you located and why did you not state the price? I guess because of the bashing from BV on most items posted here where the owner put the price as same as brand new items.

  36. Finally got an ID after trying for a long time and after many years on this blog. Thanks bv Martins.Although I tried for a long time because I was using opera mini instead of chrome.

  37. Hello bvs!
    How is your day going?
    I'm in a very happy mood today
    There is this pregnant woman on my street. Her husband is an okada rider who is currently cooling off in police detention. SARS operatives arrested him because he allegedly carried an armed robber on his motorcycle. He said he didn't know the guy was an armed robber, he just picked him like any other passenger. The guy(passenger) was in possession of a gun. The Police said they both work together. Only God knows the truth.
    So his wife was 3months pregnant then. She rallied round to get him released, her shop became empty after she spent all she had on her husband's police case. Oh, may we not have problem with SARS and Police generally.
    People told her to forget the man and abort her pregnancy so she will start her life all over since it was her first pregnancy. My humble self and a few other women warned her against aborting the pregnancy. I also promised to be giving her free food every morning till she delivers.
    I have been feeding her every morning and I encourage her to remain strong and hustle hard. I have her confidant and gist partner. She too has been doing menial jobs and all sorts to get by.
    The joyous news now is that she delivered a baby boy yesterday. Everyone is so happy for her. Her mother inlaw and sister inlaw arrived this morning to take care of her and the baby. The old woman is so happy, she said the whole family is so proud of the new mum for her loyalty and love towards their son and that they will never abandon her. To me, this means they will hopefully start reaching out to her. They abandoned her all through her pregnancy.
    It gives me joy anytime I contribute to someone's success story like this. I hate it when a pregnant woman or nursing mother is suffering or hungry. I always make sure I reach out if they are within my reach. Seeing beggars on the road and in the sun with new born babies always bring tears to my eyes.

    1. Wow nice one Mrs Gee you seem like a nice person. how is that your neighbour that delivered two years ago or last year or so?. the one that they did not have money to buy kerosene and boil bathing water?

    2. So nice of you Mrs Gee
      God bless your kind heart and congratulations to the new mother. May the husband find favour.

    3. Thanks fresh petals. She is doing fine now. It was two years ago. She moved to another area but we still communicate.
      Amen to your prayers @Olori

  38. Stella thanks for posting.

    Marriage isnt easy rara...onr thing I hv realized is dat, if u dnt hv what to do as a woman, n u carry ur 2left legs enter marriage only God go help u cos....some men are just looking for maids not wives.

  39. Poster with the side chick ish,pls don't bother your pretty head. It's just a matter of time,the whole madness will wear off soonest , while you get vindicated. Obviously its a terrible situation, but keep you head high,dress well, create time for fun e.g cinemas,beach and other interesting places. Associate with people that makes you laugh, concentrate more on your business,maintain a good relationship with God. In no time,he will be humbled by will or force. I know someone crazier than him,infact he was shuttling between London and Nigeria, he talks down on his wife at slightest provocation. To make matter worse,the woman is TTC,the whole thing was so intense, crazy and whatever you could think of... Let me not bore you with long story, as I speak life has humbled him.His currently in a big mess financially. .. Sis ,don't despair be strong.

    Pregnant poster, sorry about that ok. You'd be fine afterall.

    I wish all sellers in the house massive sales.

    1. This is quite revealing. Like someone already said you must surly reap what you sow. Incidentally women are naturally built to absorb shock ,pain better than men,a man's dwindling finance is enough to make him suicidal but definitely not so for a woman. So poster,cheer up,chin up, not because your husband will suffer later,but that if you stay positive and focused ,all things will work out fine.

  40. My heart goes to the two married bv up there, your story broke me.
    It's gonna be alright.

    Dear Nigeria married women
    Side chics are not always the problem.

    1. But why do women enjoy to see a fellow woman hurt.
      Even if the man is a dog can u not because of morals say no?.
      Who are raising all these men..
      It irritates me to hear "a man will always cheat"
      Is it a right??
      Women are suffering ooo.
      A woman will write he has a side chick..
      So I saw the side chick cheating...
      I told him his side chick was cheating..
      A man will cheat and some women can not even confront him...
      They will say they want peace...
      When I see people insult ANG.
      I just laugh because some people have so lost their self worth and value that they feel a man will never be faithful and good to them.
      They choose to follow the crowd.

  41. Married women up there. Hmmmm. Be strong and keep pushing. Re-strategize, add to your business even if it's online business. SAVE

  42. That social media assistant to manage Instagram handles job, you should have written out the meaning of the KPI part properly so people would know what they are signing for. So if after managing the accounts for a month and the company doesn't achieve key business objectives, no pay be that? See osho free jobs for this Nigeria fa


    1. If you dont know the meaning of KPI its invariably an indicator the vacancy isnt for you.

    2. l don't know the meaning of KPl and l dropped this comment. Issokay

  43. hello poster, KPI means key performance indicators. its kind of appraisal . mainly used by clients to identify areas that you as the service provider needs to improve on.

  44. Is this not the same yoni pearls that was recently called out on Instagram???

    1. Leave them let them be inserting all sorts in their 'itid'.
      These days it is 'ayoni piyehs' every corner on the internet, 'ayu mba ise' have faded.

    2. I thought so too.
      Forgotten where I saw it...
      Was thinking about it when I saw ur comment.

  45. Hello house. No face of in house news today? warapin?

  46. So I decided to watch bbnaija today. Who are these three people gisting here since? Who is the choco girl with the natural hair? Who is that guy in camo?

    OK, in other news, what is it with these schools that add party bill to normal school bills? Is it by force to do party?
    My daughter is not interested in your end of session party, na by force? I paid all the bills and tactfully left out the party bill, thank God for the Secretary who gave me a breakdown of the bill. Now they kept giving my poor girl memo as if I'm owing them. They won't allow her concentrate on her exams. How can I be owing for a party that have not been held?
    What if I am a Jehovah Witness that do not attend 'unbiblical parties'?
    Izz like they want to see madness.

    *Let me go and practice the 'accent' I will use and confront that their British-English speaking proprietor tomorrow*

    1. Hehehehehe, Party no be by force. Longest time

    2. Drororoyalty is this your face?
      biko pay for the party let our girl go have some fun. btw how is her accent now? I guess its the same school you talked about last year. the one where children acquire compulsory British accent. ikwakwakwawakwakwa
      I miss your gists o

    3. lolz @ THE LAST LINE.

      Sha take it easy wit the confrontation .

      Children also like parties ooooo, are you sure your daughter too isnt interested.

    4. Blessed Princess na so oo
      Na hustle cause my absence o.
      How are you?
      Fresh Petals, I am not paying jare.
      The last one they did, the things they gave them was not up to half of the money they paid. Na tiff dem be jare.
      That is the same school o. The 'phoneh' school I talked about.
      Her accent is developing small small. You know say Nigerian English don enter her body well well before I took her there.
      Chai! That accent will complete her. Beautiful, light skinned, slim, tall, smart and intelligent girl, complete ajebutter appearance with pink lips. Choi!

      @Ever bubbling, she likes parties o but she is ready to forgo the school party in exchange for a treat at Shoprite. Which child does not like parties? Non!!

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. Yes Stella i have used yoni pearls, it cleanses

  49. This must be Mike, Uknowamean?

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Olori to sure bam bam
      Bawo ni?

    3. mowapa 😘😘😘

  50. Ok
    Let me come and be goingπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
    School don close

    1. Please come and give us feedback oh πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Is it by force to pay for party? You are in the same WhatsApp group with a colleague of mine... End of the year parties, swimming classes, no head or tail excursions etc he doesn't pay. They've known him in the school so nobody cares send any letter to himπŸ˜‚

    2. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

      @Ralu M, that your colleague na akagum abeg. Me I pay for excursion and music classes and also practicals. I didn't gbadun their last party that is why I don't want to pay it.
      I will surely bring the follow-up story here. I just pray I survive his grammar tomorrow.

  51. To the poster who wrote about her hubby .
    Truth be told marriage is God,'s grace.
    A man may even give u money for business.
    Open it for u and when u say I do he will say he does not want u going there...
    The only thing I see here pray to God for grace.
    Bring up topic sponatoenously and watch his response and reactions.
    When he is angry watch how he handles things...
    Watch his comments on movies...
    How does he see women..
    I think men who had a good fatherly figure in their lives also adds.
    wat men who respect family unit...
    Pls no offense to anyone.
    Just my observation...

    1. @Tenth you are very correct @ fatherly figure,it is very important. There is a reason it takes male and female to reproduce, every child takes balance from both parents. Even when the father is present but not contributing to character training of his children it reveals as a defect down the line...let alone when the father or a father figure is absent...

  52. Marriage isn’t easy at all o!
    Been having issues with my husband and we even had to involve extended family, it got to a point of trying to make peace with him only for me to hear the things he said about me to his mom! Like this dude practically reports our day to day activities to her, lied against me, painted me as a very bad person to the mom,told the mom I brought him bad luck and plenty nasty things he didn’t know that I’d hear.. I’m soo pained right now but I have made up my mind not to go back to the marriage.
    To think I even settled for less by marrying him and he wasn’t even taking care of me.. Nonsense

    1. My dear marriage is NOT for weaklings no its not. Challenges of different types and shades spring up in marriages,the best response to them is NOT to walk away,that is a defeatist attitude. Imagine you took up a job, they got you upset,you quit,you take up the fifth job ,they get you upset you quit? Really? How many are you going to quit. My point is youve married thais man,make up your mind on how best you can live with him in peace...Dont be a quiter...

    2. @anony 15:46 I thought I wrote this. I'm in the exact same situation. Its been really tough with mother and son ganged together against me. Everyday I pray for strength to leave to live. How a man can turn his back on his wife and child beats me.

  53. chai marriage is hard. the Lord is your strength.

  54. I saw someone mention beautiful throw pillows, I'm also looking for o.

    My location is in Abuja though. I can also pick up from Kano.

  55. Stealing wife memo. I hope others will learn a thing or two from this. One thing I know its not a written rule on stone that one has to get pregnant straight after wedding. I cant tell you how to handle your husband but whatever you have been doing doesnt seem to work! So try things differently. Try talking to him firmly and let him know your stance but make sure your home front doesnt suffer. Make sure your kids are well taken care off and there is food at home to avoid him having leverage to talk

  56. When will women stop blaming side chicks for their husband's hostility?
    Face your damn hubby and stop the pity party.No one gives a fuck!
    If your husband prefers his side chick over you then leave or ignore!

    1. 50million likes for this comment.

    2. like by veteran side chick and all other hoes on this blog....make una marry first then come back to comment. stupid bitches. if all hoes say no to married men then they wont have a choice but to stay home

  57. Lady that needs to take clearance exam. Can I find a way to buy the form without tellhim him and study when he’s not home? Maybe stop trying to eat his permission
    Just start small small

    1. See yourself @clearance exam because you're not paying attention. It's not easy to do clearance in higher institutions this days cos they will try to frustrate you in every office you go to. It involves a whole lot of money and time. I went to collect my original Certificate in Imsu those pple will not make heaven. They must collect money from you even to correct mistakes made (in the name of students) on their statement of results that one is 2k

  58. Madam pls start by going to your school for your clearance etc and get your certificate. It will be difficult to get a job without a certificate. You have three children so pause for now and do something for yourself. Don't let him continue to suppress you but be wise.

    1. You can use your parents to fight the battle. Tell your husband that your parents are not happy you are wasting away after painstakingly putting you through. That your dad or mum has developed high blood pressure. That they want you to do something work or business.

      Connive with your parents abeg, pele.

  59. Really learning a lot from this blog


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